THE WEEKND: Kiss Land Concert

“Toronto, can I get on top of you tonight? Toronto, can I make you come tonight? How about three times? Four times?” He’s really got love for his Toronto fans.


Last night was The Weeknd’s final show from a 3-night series for his fall tour- Kiss Land. Super impressed by the album Kissland and I’m blown away by the show last night, I’ve been a fan of The Weeknd before the radio started playing his music and before most people knew who he was. I think most people heard about him through Drake, although their music is completely different, they’re both brilliant in what they do. And what they do sounds amazing. The Weeknd’s opening act was by BANKS, an artist I became familiar with through The Weeknd’s Twitter feed. It’s amazing how far word of mouth reaches, and I have to admit I was just as excited to hear BANKS as I was to hear The Weeknd. They have the same kind of music, both hypnotic and mellow, and I think her opening up for him was absolutely perfect. I just wish they performed on a song or two together.

Her name is BANKS and her name you better get used to because she’s a f****** Queen. I love her music, love her voice, and I love what she stands for. She got the crowd live last night and it was absolutely amazing. When an artist can entertain a crowd with a simple backdrop, no lighting fx,no dance moves…that’s when you got something special, and that goes for both acts last night.


By the time The Weeknd came on everybody was just cray. He played all the songs I wanted him to play, started off with a few new ones from Kissland…and then he had a section where he played a bunch of oldies, ‘High for This’.

Okay so the entire time I was praying to the Gods that my Drizzy Drake would grace the stage and have me on the floor crying. The Weeknd (I didn’t realize everyone calls him Abel) performed ‘Live For’ which features Drake. This had to be the time when Drake comes on, and with Drake having a free night from his tour Would You Like a Tour? we literally thought we were going to see Drake.

Drake didn’t show up but that didn’t stop The Weeknd from closing the show out properly. He performed ‘Waunderlust’ my favourite off the new album…it was the best song to go out to.

No Drake…no special guests and it didn’t really matter…The Weeknd was all we needed.


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