The Vampire Diares: RECAP

A lot of death went down in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries . Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of our main characters- but we finally got to see the end of Silas and his really annoying triangle of love. First off, I found it odd that a supernatural being like Silas could have a true love? He’s cold hearted and pure evil…he doesn’t get to have a soulmate! Second, I found it even more weird that his one true love was the original doppleganger of Elena (there’s 3 of her)…could they not create another character? It got really weird and boring.

Having said that, I was super happy with the ending of last night’s episode. Silas died,  his lover Amara (Elena doppleganger) died…and the evil witch bitch Tessa.


Stefan has his memory back, which is a good thing for us because an angry Stefan is a really sexy Stefan. He remembers everything, but mostly he remembers the pain Silas caused him by locking him up in the container. He can’t get Silas out of his head which makes Stefan more eager to track him down and kill him. But it’s not that easy to kill a super male witch…and Elena’s scared that Stefan’s going to do something and get himself killed. Elena’s all lovey dovey towards Stefan- she obviously feels guilty because she was the biggest bi****, she totally had the best summer of her life while her ‘one true love’ was dying at the bottom of a quarry. Not a river, not a lake…a quarry.

Stefan opens up to Elena and tells her he really wanted it to be her, the one that found him. He wanted her to be the one that was looking for him…he wanted both of them to find him (Elena and Damon). They’re the 2 most important people and they didn’t save him…because they were too busy getting it on. It’s time for Stefan to really express how he feels, he has such a great love for his brother and Elena but they did a really mean and f***** up thing to him. I want to see him get mad, I want to see Delena feel guilty because Stefan’s been miserable for too long. Also he needs to get with Caroline already!


Oh and they find a way to transfer the anchor spell that was on Amara to Bonnie. So basically Bonnie has a foot on each side of the universe, Jeremy and everyone else can see and feel Bonnie, but Bonnie can also see people on the other side. And the worst part- Bonnie gets to feel every supernatural being dying…because they have to go through her to get to the other side. And boy it isn’t pretty. I think it’s obvious now that no spell comes without consequences.

In Memorium:

Tessa (the crazy ex girlfriend witch)

Amara (the crazy original Elena doppleganger & one true love of Silas)

Silas (the craziest man witch that ever lived)

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