G I R L S: Hannah’s 25th!

1024px-Girls_logoSo what did you guys think of last night’s episode of Girls? I’m not really sure what to think, I sort of feel like it was a waste of 25 minutes. It was Hannah’s 25th birthday party, Adam’s crazy sister moves in, and Marnie is haunted by an old music video she did with Charlie that is still on YouTube.

First, are we ever going to find out what happened between Marnie and Charlie? She keeps crying at the thought of him and we don’t have any idea why. Second,  Adam’s sister is legit crazy. Adam looks normal compared to her. Jessa barely spoke this episode. We only saw Shosh when Ray approached her outside, he tells her he can’t just be friends with her and then awkwardly walks away. Later at the bar, Ray introduces himself to a dude who turns out to be Shosh’s date (of course).

Once again Marnie finds a way to get on stage and start singing. She invites (or forces) Hannah to join her so they can sing together- a tradition on Hannah’s birthday. In the other room Ray gets into a fight with Hannah’s editor- someone screams ‘fight!’ and everyone starts leaving the Marnie Hannah performance.

In the end, Hannah and Adam get home, the moment is interrupted when Hannah finds Adams sister in the bathroom with bloody hands.

Either these episodes are too short to form an actual story to develop or there’s just not enough happening.

Check out our slideshow from last night’s episode.

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