GIRLS: ‘Incidentals’ RECAP

The girls are back in the city for a brand new episode of HBO’s Girls. Hannah has an interview with Patti Lupone (last seen in American Horror Story:Coven), Marnie makes two new friends, and Adam lands his gig on Broadway. Overall, it was a good episode, I mean nothing can top last week’s ‘Beach House’ episode when Shosh went ham and confessed she hated everyone.



While she waits for Patti at some fancy lunch spot in NYC she gets a phone call from Patti’s people telling her that Patti will not be able to make it. Hannah convinces the publicist to tell her where Patti is because she will hunt her down until she gets her interview. Hannah shows up at the recording session and pleads with Patti, the interview will only take 15minutes- she has to get it done or her boss will kill her. Patti agrees and Hannah starts off the interview by asking a few warm up questions. After a few second Hannah gets a call, assuming it’s someone extremely important like her boss, she answers it mid interview! It’s Adam- which okay he’s her boyfriend it’s important, but hello you’re in an interview with Patti Lupone! Another example of Hannah and her weird life choices. Adam tells her he got the part, and when Hannah admits to Patti that she’s so proud of her boyfriend, Patti tells her she shouldn’t get too excited because Adam’s likely to change now that he’s reached Broadway stardom.  Back at work, Hannah has another assignment. Her boss tells her she needs to do a review one a swanky hotel and she has to stay there tonight. She gets her first pay check from GQ and is ecstatic when she realizes how much spending money she has. She wants to make it rain and she does by buying a dress she sees in a store window.



During his audition he meets another actor Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) whose playing the part of another character. As soon as they realize they’re not competing for the same role, they start chatting and eventually leave the audition together on Desi’s motorcycle.  Both Adam and Desi land their parts in the Broadway production. It’s important to notice that Desi’s probably Adam’s first real friend- ever.



Jessa seemed to be doing alright, last week’s episode she didn’t have a drink of alcohol. This week, she’s super bored at her job which is a sales clerk at an upscale kids store. She doesn’t know what to do with her days- she begs the mailman to sit and talk to her about his life. Then, out of nowhere her friend from rehab shows up. The old guy with the British accent. He reminds Jessa that they had a ‘thing’ in rehab and she was attracted to him once, Jessa says she had ‘rehab goggles’ on and didn’t know what she was thinking. Later, at Hannah’s hotel room the two show up completely high, and even return to her shop to steal money and buy more coke. Oh Jessa.



While at the yogurt shop Marnie runs into Soojin (Booth Jonathan’s ex assistant). They start chatting and Soojin admits the smartest thing she ever did was leave Booth and start her own career. She’s starting up her own art gallery and is super excited. Marnie uses this as a chance to swoop in and offer her help, an art gallery can be a lot of work. Either Soojin doesn’t get the obvious suggestion or she just doesn’t like Marnie enough to give her a job, she finishes their conversation by inviting Marnie to her gallery opening. As she’s walking away, Marnie awkwardly sticks her arm out in an attempt to hug Soojin goodbye. She tells her how proud she is of her which is completely awkward because they’re not even friends! Before she heads over to Hannah’s hotel room, she stops by Ray’s place with a box of pizza. She sits down in front of him with a slice in her hand, Ray tells her they need to talk. He wants to be a real boyfriend to a real girlfriend, he wants a relationship and basically tells Marnie he’s breaking up with her. They’re not even really together. Marnie plays it off like she doesn’t even care, she tells him she would never be eating a slice of pizza in front of him if she liked him! She storms out of his apartment.



At the swanky hotel Hannah is super excited to surprise Adam by inviting all her friends over for pizza and booze. Adam decides to bring Desi along, Hannah is not so impressed with this ‘new friend’ of Adam’s. When Marnie shows up she’s acting all weird, like super weird, she runs into the closet…and then finally finds the bathroom. Hannah chases after her and asks her what’s wrong. They hug it out but Marnie tells her she can’t say. Nobody knows about Ray and Marnie’s sex capade. If you want to call it that. They return to the crowd just in time to hear Desi on the guitar serenading Shoshana and Adam. Marnie steps in and sings with Desi. You can tell he’s super impressed by her, when everyone else walks away Marnie and him have a deep conversation. She admits she’s not that good of a singer, he tells her she needs to be more confident, she writes her email on the side of his arm, and he promises to contact her. I kind of like him, and I like them together! Let’s see what happens with that.

Then, Jessa and her man show up to do more coke…Hannah reminds everyone that ‘we probably should’ve kept her in rehab’.


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