With only two episodes left in the final season of Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy, the end is near and we can probably narrow down the ending to a few solid versions.


I always had a feeling Juice would be the one to tell Jax that Gemma killed Tara. There wasn’t anyone else that knew this secret, and Jax would need a true confession from an adult, having his son tell him wouldn’t be enough. Also, they wouldn’t keep Theo Rossi around this long if he wasn’t going to play an essential role in the unveiling of the biggest secret of the entire series. Having said that, with a little help from 5-year old Abel, Juice was ready to lay it all out for Jax. If he had any hope of surviving his sentence and making it back into the club for killing Henry Lin, all that’s gone out the window now and he’ll most likely be meeting his demise next episode.

So where does this leave Gemma? The three most popular outcomes for Gemma (and I love how this is the only ending people care about not the actual fate of SAMCRO) are these;

  1. Jax will kill Gemma
  2. Gemma will go to jail for killing Tara
  3. Gemma will run away and live a life of seclusion and never see her sons/grandons ever again

Over this season, I warmed up to the idea of having Gemma pay for her mistakes- the legal way. Since this show is all law breakers, it would be nice to end the show off with someone paying for their sins through the court of law. She deserves a long and painful punishment, she doesn’t deserve to be killed and set free! Come on people! But after watching last night’s episode, I don’t think sending Gemma to prison will be in the cards for her. It doesn’t seem like the writers are taking her in that direction, literally she was seen driving to Portento, Eureka and Fortuna. Which is in Northern California, so maybe she’s heading all the way up to Canada? In which case- we don’t even want you Gemma! So that narrows it down to 2 possible outcomes.

Tara death
When Gemma killed her sons wife with a turkey fork


At the end of the episode, Jax breaks down beside Nero and admits that he still loves Gemma after all she’s done, she’s still his mother. Nero brings up the elephant in the room which is will Jax kill his own mother? Nero doesn’t want him to, he doesn’t think Jax could ever come back from something like that. Jax believes this to, which opens the idea that if Jax killed his own mother will we [as the audience] stand by him completely? He doesn’t even think he can kill his own mother. Yes, he’s a cold hearted killer, but I think going through something like that and actually killing her himself, I don’t know if I would want Jax to get to that level. But, on the other hand he’s done all this killing thus far, will one more really change the way we perceive our main hero? Does this even make him a hero in the end? Also, trying to imagine that scene of him killing her (in a filmmaker way not a serial killer way) I don’t think it would ever live up to our expectations on how punishing Gemma’s death or ‘banishment’ will be.

Which leads us to one final outcome, if Gemma escapes and never returns to her old life. I think I’m okay with this ending, but how will they show that? How would we know that she’s never going to come back? Or that down the line Jax has not forgiven her? I don’t know if this plotline can be portrayed accurately enough for us to feel like we got the ending we wanted. On the other hand, if she drives away, which she already is, and maybe kills herself?. I almost thought she was going to drive her car off the road at the end of last night’s episode and end it all there. It didn’t happen, which leads me to believe she doesn’t think she deserves to die? Also, her giving Abel John’s ring at the end made me hate her even more. Like she doesn’t even understand that all of this [her family being torn a apart], is because of that [SAMCRO life]. Why would she want her grandkids to continue on with this mayhem? Which means she doesn’t get it, and she never will.

Somewhere in there is the ending I think I want, but it doesn’t really matter because there’s only two weeks to go and I’m hoping Kurt Sutter has the ending we’ll be satisfied with. In the meantime it’s just exciting to make up our own endings and bounce ideas off each other.

Here! Here! Let’s Vote.

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