Sons of Anarchy SERIES FINALE!

So I’m not going to recap the Sons of Anarchy 75-minute series finale, but I will write about what I learned from the episode. I think the first question to answer is whether or not I enjoyed the finale. Read on readers, but be warned this post contains spoilers!


I know a lot of people were disappointed with Kurt Sutters ending, but I think it’s important to remember how difficult it is to wrap up an entire series while staying true to the characters arcs, and also giving fans what they want. Right after the episode finished, I was a little disappointed with how things ended for Jax, I felt like that entire highway montage was ruined by that awkward cut to the ravens eating bread shot. At the end of the day, I didn’t like where Jax ended up, as a person. It wasn’t just that he killed himself, but that he even went through with killing Gemma. I always wanted Jax to metaphorically or literally, walk off into the sunset with his boys. So when he killed Gemma and Unser (in Episode 12) I knew that his happy ending could never be. Which is always upsetting because he was our main protagonist and you want him to have the best ending. But throughout the episode, there were all these clues leading up to his death, but I thought if it was too obvious than they wouldn’t kill him? Then he just started going ham on everyone, and I figured there was no coming back from all that so he was definitely going to die, it was just a matter of how.

Side note: Any finale compared to the Dexter finale will be a million times better.

Let’s talk about Chibbs and the greatest break up of all time

So in the midst of all this anticipation of death, officer Jarry decides to visit Chibbs, ask him some questions and bluntly break up with him. Well girl, you chose the wrong day. She’s all like ‘we can’t be together anymore’ and he was all like ‘well bi@!#’ I don’t care anymore I’ll fuc!?&! kill you!’ So there’s that.

Who is Ghost Girl?

The biggest question of the night goes to homeless girl with the baby carriage. Kurt Sutter admitted he doesn’t want to answer this question, instead leave it to the audience to decide who she is (or whose ghost she is). After watching it for the second time, I feel like it could be Tara, after all she is pushing a baby carriage, and she hands Jax the blanket and tells him ‘it’s time’. So maybe it’s her encouraging him to finish it all or ‘end’ everything with the club before he reunites with her? The first thing that came to mind was Gemma but why would she be pushing a stroller? There has to be meaning behind that. Or maybe there doesn’t, would love to hear more about this. Let’s discuss later.

Goodbye Jax Teller – Hello cheesy CGI

First off, Jackson Teller that was the weakest goodbye with your sons! It literally sounded like he was saying goodbye because they were going away for the weekend. He doesn’t even tell Wendy what’s going on, and she doesn’t really beg him for answers. But I guess that’s their relationship? Still would’ve liked to see Wendy’s reaction to all of this.

Jax TellerFast forward 45 minutes, Jax has said his last goodbyes to his brothers and is on his dad’s old bike cruisin’ down the highway. He has over 20 police cruisers chasing him (by this point there’s an APB out for his arrest) he just keeps driving, ravens are flying above him (Gemma,Clay?) Jax smiles when he sees a truck round the corner (driven by Michael Chiklis) He slowly let goes of the handles (beautiful shot) his bike veers into the oncoming lane, the truck doesn’t stop in time and they crash. Except we don’t see a crash, we just hear it, and it cuts to a really awkward and cheesy looking shot of two ravens eating the bread with the police cruisers behind them. Blood (Jax’s body offscreen) slowly drips closer to the bread and the SOA logo burns in and that’s it! Okay I loved that entire sequence on the highway, beautiful shots, the music was perfect, but WTF? was that last shot?!? Those Ravens looked terrible, the CGI was definitely not on point, and for such a powerful scene it really ruined the moment.

That’s all I have to say. What did you guys think of the finale?

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