It’s Tuesdaaaaaaaay! Which for the next few weeks means Scream Queens which means a sh*t ton of screaming and laughing. If you haven’t already seen the first episode of AHS creators Scream Queens on FOX, you’re missing out on some great TV. It’s sort of like Glee meets American Horror Story, and although I was never a fan of Glee, I trusted that those two shows blended into one would be a firecracker. Not only has the Twitter world accepted their new Queens, (move over Pretty Little Liars), but reviews have been raving abuot the new show that premiered back to back episodes with a star studded cast. Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, Niecy Nash, along with many others are bringing it on Tuesday nights. Those of us who have work in the morning, this is the most turnt up your Tuesday is going to get.

Check out the recap podcast by Recap Rewind, it’s actually hilarious and a good time. Check them out.

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