Fear the Walking Dead REVIEW

AMC’s prequel offering Fear the Walking Dead ended its first season on Sunday, and by season I really mean 6 episode run. Obviously, we knew Fear would be a prequel, or a somewhat ‘what happened to the world before Rick woke up in the hospital minus Rick and the others’, and that’s definitely what we got. Was it everything you expected? Did they check everything off your list? Let’s get into it.

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Los Angeles:

The city of Angels, or as we call it now the City of Zombies. But was it really? I love the idea of having Los Angeles as the backdrop to the start of the outbreak, who doesn’t like to see palm trees and beautiful sunsets. And I have to say, the first episode perfectly captured the chaos that was about to ensue. There were helicopters flying overhead and sirens in the distance, and although our characters didn’t seem to pay attention, as the viewer we were already in panic mode. This pre-apocalypse feeling and early stages of anxiety doesn’t really happen in The Walking Dead. We wake up with Rick months after, in rural quiet Georgia, the chaos and confusion of a city outbreak is insanely different. The turning point for our LA peeps was really the riot that starts downtown. People all over the place beating each other up, all while there are zombies eating people but everybody’s too crazy to realize! It’s like hello go to Costco and get your sh** in order people! Then when they escape the downtown core and drive by that hospital, it’s like all the elements of a city that are supposed to protect you and are supposed to endure something like this, have fallen apart and it is so, so discomforting. Seeing the city fall apart, that to me was what I wanted to see, because I knew it would be so different from The Walking Dead.


Let’s just say this now, there is no comparison to our original TWD characters but it’s important to remember that this show shouldn’t be a comparison. Take it for what it is, even though it is a prequel, it is a very different show. Having said that, there were some characters that I didn’t care for (I’m looking at you Travis aka Pablo Escobar from Blow) I did really like how Nick’s storyline pulls you into the world, and him and his sister were my two favourite characters this season. I loved Nick’s final monologue at the end of episode six where he tells his mom, “It’s like I’ve been living this life for a long time, and now everybody’s catching up with me” which is really amazing because he finally seems to belong in a world, no matter how messed up it is. I knew from the beginning that it would be so entertaining to watch him as a character change as the world changes. There is an amazing arc in there somewhere and I can’t wait to see what happens to him in season two. Also, his new zillionaire friend Strand seems to think Nick’s got what it takes to survive in their new world. “You’re not just an addict, you’re a heroin addict don’t sell yourself short”

One of my favourite scenes is with Alicia aka Felicia! (I was hoping all season her name would be Felicia and every time she would exit a scene they would call out ‘Bye Felicia!’) But seriously, one of my favourite scenes of the season happens when Alicia and Chris start breaking sh** in that random house. It was like they finally realized the world that they knew wasn’t coming back, and it was powerful because the kids somehow understood that before the adults did.


I thought we would have way more deaths than we did in six episodes, but I get it, not everything is about killing off characters. What can I say, when you watch Game of Thrones, ya just prepare yourself for the worst all the time! Rest in peace to Liza who made it until the final moments of the season, but soon realized she had been bitten during the kitchen fight. I’m not really sure how I feel about this death and how it went down. I wanted a major character to die, and sorry Griselda didn’t count. I knew that b**** was dead the moment she left the barber shop. That scene by the cliff just seemed very rushed and almost forced, like it had to happen before the end of the season. And I guess it had to, but it felt like they could’ve done it in a less cheesy way. Also, it made sense that it was Liza, since actress Elizabeth Rodriguez didn’t sign on for more seasons as she’s a series regular on Orange Is the New Black.

Season 2:

So we’ve definitely learned a lot from season one, it was amazing to see what went on in the world from the beginning moments of the outbreak. Nobody even knew what was going on, people thought it was a virus that would pass within a few days. Characters had a hard time accepting that once people turned into zombies, they weren’t coming back. Having them accept this new world was definitely one of the biggest challenges our characters had to face, and each one in a very different way. There were so many times where I found myself yelling at my screen because the characters were being so, so stupid. Which I think is half the experience of watching this show. We as the audience know more about their world than they do, and it’s just something we have to accept.

It has a very different feel than TWD where everyone has already accepted the world and is sort of just getting by in it. Moving forward in season two, Strand invites everyone to his beautiful home on the cliffs of Malibu? The Palisades? Anyone know where he’s supposed to be? Does it really matter? No, but he does seem excited about Abigail which is his pimped out yacht that’s already anchored out at sea. I’ve always said the safest place to be during a zombie apocalypse is on the water, and obviously Rick is never going to get a boat, so I’m super excited that Fear will be exploring that concept further . What we do know for sure is that they will definitely be on the water in season two, but they won’t be the only ones with a boat. Considering he has the sexiest yacht ever, other people are going to want in on that luxury.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first season, some people have said that the pacing was super slow but I disagree. I almost wish there were more scenes before the outbreak started, because having it takes place was one of the biggest differences between the two shows. I’m also excited for more information about the outbreak, answering some more questions, and hopefully minor links to the original show.

So what did you guys think of Fear the Walking Dead? Will you be tuning in next season? Also, don’t miss the premiere of The Walking Dead Sunday October 11th on AMC.

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