The Affair Season 2!

So one of my favourite shows of last season Showtime’s The Affair premiered its second season on Sunday and it was super exciting because we were going to see a whole new perspective from our characters. If you don’t know about this show, it’s about two people having an affair and the entire show gets split into different fragments that convey different perspectives. So for the first season it followed the two people that were having the affair Noah and Alison. The episode would split into two perspectives, and you would see things that would be different in each story. Much like how the world works, we all see things differently and that shapes so much of how the story is told.


Now the second season is going to include the perspectives of the husband and wife of the two people that had the affair. Following? Helen played by Maura Tierney and Cole played by Joshua Jackson. Although Noah was our central character last season, I was still rooting for Helen all while enjoying what Noah and Alison were experiencing. Which doesn’t happen that often especially with a story like the affair, you always seem to take one side. Regardless, I’m super excited for the spotlight to be on Helen this season, and there’s an interesting point I read that I never really thought much of. The season last year we see Helen through Noah’s perspective, so much of what we see of her this season is going to be her, and not the way Noah wants us to see her. How cool does that sound? I really appreciate the talent that’s behind this show it’s a pretty basic story, but the way they’ve decided to tell it makes it one of the best shows out right now.

While all the drama is happening between Helen and Noah’s divorce, there’s also a murder case happening and Noah is the prime suspect. Just to bring you in the loop and intrigue you a little more.

So all we’ve seen from the first episode is Noah and Helen’s perspectives, and maybe next week we’ll get to see more of Joshua Jackson, yay!

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