The Walking Dead: ‘Thank You’ RECAP

We haven’t done a Walking Dead recap so far this season, but I think last night’s episode is where we’re going to start, and let’s be clear, there will be major spoilers.

I think it’s fair to say at this point that Rick’s plan of herding the zombies was an epic fail. That’s not to say that another person’s plan was going to work better, but let’s all get on the same page and agree that a complete pile of sh** has hit the fan for our characters.


This week’s episode was titled “Thank You” and it was the third episode of this season, and like the first two episodes we’re still following our gang on the day of the ‘herding’ mission. The episode didn’t have any Alexandria scenes,so we got to see a whole lot of Glenn, Michonne and Rick. And a whole lot of talking, like holy-moly these guys were ready to talk their faces off! I can say that the first 35 minutes of the episode was all talk, characters having heart to hearts with one another, Rick advising Glenn and Michonne to ditch the group if they felt like they were in danger, and then Glenn ‘volunteering as tribute’ which basically hinted that something crazy was going to happen to Glenn. And it’s not to say that Glenn hasn’t had his fair share of close calls. From having his head almost chopped off at Terminus, to the rotating door incident last season, he’s come pretty close to his demise.

But back to the episode real quick, nothing crazy happens throughout the episode. Rick splits up with the group to go grab the RV and then meet up with them down the road. While he’s on his run he slices his hand (is this a nod to what happens to him in the comics?) pretty badly, like he’s bleeding all over, which realistically is a Rick Grimes staple look. He’s always covered in sweat, blood and dirt. So yeah Rick’s hand – that happens. But they show it a few times so I feel like something’s going to happen because of it.

But back to the main group, they literally start dropping like flies. Two minutes into the episode one of the girls sprains her ankle running, bye girl. She needs to be carried around for the remainder of her 24 minutes. Then the gang comes up to a gang of zombies, one of the idiots shoots off his gun except the bullet flies into one of the Alexandrians’ legs, so he’s down now, the idiot shooter runs off. And then once all the zombies are gone, the group huddles together and then a zombie out of nowhere comes and bites another Alexandrian on the back. He takes it like a champ but wtf did nobody see that?? (It’s also annoying how things like this keep happening, like did nobody see or hear that zombie approaching he was literally a step from everyone else. It’s a little too obvious, and I feel like our main characters Glenn and Michonne would’ve noticed a zombie walking up to them)

So okay we are left with Glenn, Michonne, Male Michonne, Nicholas , back eaten guy, ankle girl, and guy with a shot leg. Do you see how useless these people are? So then they run into a town, which I don’t even understand why they’re going there at this point. Why aren’t they running back to Alexandria? Anyways, they lock themselves inside a pet store, Nicholas mentions there’s a store nearby that they can light on fire and distract the zombies, that will be their getaway plan. Why isn’t your getaway plan to just getaway? Why are you doing like 2 other missions and then your getaway plan? As you can tell, this was a very frustrating episode.

So Glenn volunteers as tribute to go with Nicholas to set this store on fire and then run off. Michonne looks at Glenn like are you serious? You’re going to pull off this mission with a guy who A. Looks batsh** crazy and B. Tried to kill you. But Glenn is Glenn and he loves pizza and people, so he trusts everyone and wants to believe people are good. So him and Nicholas run off after Glenn spends a few seconds polishing Hershel’s pocket watch (and now you know Glenn’s about to die).

A few minutes later, and a few long conversations later (I never realized how talkative Michonne can be) Michonne looks out the window and she sees an entire mob of zombies approaching the town/pet store. But hold on things get even better, because just at that moment, not a second before, not 20 minutes ago when there wasn’t a herd of zombies approaching, they hear a banging coming from the back of the store. Michonne investigates and finds two zombies hidden, so a struggle ensues and apparently those zombies outside have like 20/20 hearing so now their attention is on the pet store. The gang decide to leave the store immediately and as they’re running out ankle girl takes a tumble and yells out ‘just go!!’, nobody thinks twice about saving her, and she wastes all her bullets on the herd of zombies instead of killing herself. (Idiota)

Glenn and Nicholas realize the herd is getting closer so they have no time, and apparently there is a surplus of alleyways that have no exits in this small town. They approach the store but realize it’s already been set on fire, so Glenn and Nick run to find another building to burn. But time’s running out and they get cornered in an alleyway (I told you they’re everywhere) Now here it is, I love this show, it’s the biggest show on television right now, but this season has had a lot of holes that I don’t appreciate.

Hole #1 – Glenn is an experienced survivor and let’s say Nick is like, medium but mentally unstable. Regardless, you’re approaching an alleyway, and you know there is a herd of zombies chasing you. Why do you think running into a closed off alleyway is the best option? Yes they’re cornered, but there must be another way around this. They definitely had a enough time to assess the fact they were running into a no exit alleyway. Okay, but let’s say there isn’t another option, let’s imagine the only option they had was to run there.

Hole #2 – So you run into the alleyway, and for what seems like a good 1- 2 minutes you are shooting your handgun at a pack of 50 zombies, what do you think you’re handgun is going to do? You got maybe 5-8 bullets in that thing and there is a HERD of zombies approaching you in a no exit alleyway. (Rule #1 in Call of Duty:Zombies, never back yourself into a corner even if you have the ray gun!!) Maybe instead of wasting bullets you can try to find a way out, like pile things on top of the garbage bin and jump over that barbed wire? I don’t know what else there was, but wasting your time shooting at a herd is just stupid and pointless. Glenn should’ve been able to think faster.

Hole #3 – So you’re in this alleyway and now the zombies are about close on you, but there’s a big garbage bin behind with a working lid. You decide to jump on the garbage bin? And do what? Stand up there like you’re protesting, you don’t even have enough bullets to shoot them! Like really? Why wasn’t your first thought to jump into the garbage bin and get inside and close the top!! That thing is pretty secure if you can get the top nice and secure from the inside. They could’ve waited it out, okay even if Nick blew his brains out at least Glenn would’ve been safe inside.

Unfortunately I’m not a writer on The Walking Dead and our characters are not as smart as we thought – so here’s what really happened. Glenn and Nick get stuck in an alleyway all while the other gang is trying to escape the town as well. They also get stuck in an alleyway but are able to climb the fence. Something Glenn couldn’t do, is barbed wire really that scary? Really because there’s a herd of zombies chasing you -a few scratches won’t kill you. Everyone makes it over the fence except back bitten guy and he dies and Michonne eventually climbs over the top. That scene wasted a good 4 minutes and was dragged out way too long. As if they were going to kill Michonne, come on. I know I’m hating on this episode but for good reason. So now, there’s basically three of them left, Michonne, Male Michonne and the guy that got shot in the leg.

But Glenn and Nicholas are still stuck, and to be honest it really looked like this was the end for both of them. Like I said before Glenn’s had a few close calls, but this one had to top them all. I was like there’s no way this guys getting out of this. And then Nick loses it, grabs his gun, thanks Glenn (for what I don’t know), and then shoots himself in the head. When he falls off the garbage bin he brings Glenn down with him into the herd, but he sort of falls on top of Glenn. And then the next shot is all the zombies bending down for dinner at what looks to be Glenn’s body, but is probably Nick’s on top of his. And they had some nice aerial shots in there of the herd just covering up Nick and Glenn and now you’re just mentally preparing yourself for Maggie’s suicide.

But the episode still has another 10 minutes to go so you’re wondering how they’re going to fill this up. It cuts back to Rick who finally reaches the RV, drives it to their meetup destination and turns off the engine. He has a few minutes to just take it all in, it was a really emotional scene as he’s talking over the walkie telling Daryl and Sasha and maybe Glenn that he hears shots from back home but it would be selfish of them to go back now and help them out. He hopes that they’re doing okay but deep down he is freaking out. It was like he was trying to convince himself. He radioes Glenn but it’s just silent, and it was a really gut wrenching few seconds as you’re waiting to hear Glenn’s voice but it never comes. And then the action starts, two Wolf people enter the RV but Rick is so turnt up he literally takes both of them down within seconds.


It’s absolute silence in the moments after, but Rick sees the reflection of more Wolf’s outside the RV, he grabs the AK-47 and starts ripping it into the side of the van where they are until he’s sure they’re all dead. He’s just a maniac, and after he finds a jar of carrot baby food in one of their pockets, he knows he needs to get back home. But obviously this piece of sh** car doesn’t start and he’s stuck in the middle of the road, with a herd of zombies approaching him. See Rick this is why you don’t fu** with a herd of zombies. With a few more aerial shots of the lonely RV in the middle of the road, and Michonne and Male Michonne walking back to Alexandria the episode fades out.


But the talk of the night was all about Glenn and whether or not this was the last we’ve seen of him. There were no producers or actors on The Talking Dead, although it is tradition to have a killed off actor appear on the show. This probably means Glenn’s death is going to be a sort of ‘Jon Snow’ situation, where nobody really wants to discuss the outcome. Scott M. Gimple admitted that we will see Glenn one more time, whether it be in flashbacks, or in any other form, we will definitely get a resolution to that story. It’s just a matter of when. I think either way I’m okay with what happened. I think if this is how Glenn dies, I’ll be okay with it. I mean what happened was pretty stupid, whether you blame Nick for leading them into a messed up situation, or your blame Glenn for trusting an idiot, bad choices were made and it ultimately got them killed. I think it really validates who Glenn is as a person, he wants to see the good in people even if that leads them into bad situations. Logically, there’s no way he could’ve made it out of there untouched, it’s just way too close, and especially with Glenn he’s already come close to dying so many times, it just makes it unbelievable that he could get out of there alive. If he comes back as a zombie, that would be cray cray. Glenn, I’ma let you have your moment, but Beth had the worst death of all time.

What did you guys think of the episode? Is Glenn really dead? How is Rick going to survive that herd? Let’s discuss.

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