Last night Breaking Bad fans around the world got to experience a finale that will surely go down in TV history. The AMC hit show which stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman went out with a bang…just as we expected.

I don’t think anyone doubted Vince Gilligan’s final showdown, especially after the main cast revealed that the ending was exactly how it should end, and that every character would have a conclusion. Very exciting news…but how in the hell were they supposed to wrap up the tragedy that is Walter White and Jesse Pinkman???


I’m not even going to recap this episode. If anyone even bothers to read this article…they’ve probably already seen the finale. Honestly what else were you doing last night?

Everything ended off exactly how it was supposed to. Walt securing the money with his old billionaire friends. Walt killing Lidia with the risin. That damn risin!!


I really didn’t want an uber sad finale…I just didn’t want it to be 60 minutes of infinite tears. We still had a few major questions to be answered…and the thought of a prolonged goodbye would’ve been too much.

And this is why this show is so well done…that one scene with Skyler had it all. It was the goodbye we needed to see…it was the goodbye our characters needed…and it felt so right even without the sad indie music or cheesy montage flashbacks. It was very emotional…but it was just the right amount. The only flashback we saw was of the entire fam in the White house. It was the first time Hank asked Walt to join him on one of the DEA meth lab raids. I loved that flashback…it was the right moment to play it…it was the right flashback to have…and it really hit you in the face like holy S*** nothing is the same anymore…everything is gone.


The ending was the best 10 minutes of TV we’ll probably get all year. All season we were wondering what he was going to do with that machine gun and of course he finds a way to take out an army of trailer trash all by himself.

I wasn’t sure if Walt was dead in the end or he was drifting away as the cops arrived on the scene. Later on The Talking Bad, they confirmed that he did die on the floor of the meth lab. It was the perfect ending…I can’t imagine any other way for Walt to go out. He came back…he didn’t just save Jesse…he gave him the freedom he’s always looked for. He found a way to give his family the money he worked so hard for. It was also the first time Walt was able to be completely honest with Skyler, he admitted that he enjoyed it all…he was good at cooking…and it really made him feel alive. Skyler was able to say goodbye to the real W.W.


Such a good ending. What are your thoughts?



It is Sunday September 29th 2013 which means in a few hours we will finally get to see the end of one of TV’s most talked about shows- Breaking Bad. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, two characters that will surely live on in the TV galaxy as two of the greatest characters ever created. They will hopefully get the ending they each deserve. It’s something TV fans around the world hope for…we all want to see our favourite characters have an ending they truly deserve.

walter White

With the disappointment of Dexter’s finale last week, I’m assuming everyone is on edge praying for a brilliant and well deserved outcome for our two meth cooks. At least I am. I never in a million years expected to be let down like I was last Sunday…especially because the writers had done such a good job with Dexter’s story up until that point. Of course there were some seasons and plot twists that were a little questionable (Deb thinking she was in love with Dex?)…but for the last season they absolutely killed it every week.

Then there was the finale…and Dexter fans everywhere expressed their anger and disappointment after the finale aired. It just wasn’t the ending we wanted…and it wasn’t an ending that made sense. Everything in the final season was leading up to his new life, a new side of Dexter…and I get it…there point is that nobody really changes…but he did…and that should have been the outcome of the entire show!! A serial killer changes for the good!…hello! Isn’t that a better message for humanity?

Okay…enough Dexter. I finally had closure this morning when I deleted the show from my TV Show Tracker App. Yes…it’s one of the few apps that actually makes a difference in my life.

Back to Breaking Bad…I literally have no idea where the show is headed. All we know for sure is Saul Goodman will survive everything (because of his spin-off show)…but I mean that doesn’t really count for a juicy spoiler. I really thought Jesse would be dead by this point. I love him but I think his character has exhausted his time…either he needs to be shot or he needs to kill himself…or in a perfect world he needs to find Walter so they can ride off into the sunset together. Wouldn’t that be something?


As for Walter…Mr W.W….we saw him at the beginning of the season with a mega gun in the trunk of his car. He’s obviously prepared to wipe out some trailer trash. We’ll see  how that goes down…will his family even forgive him? Will Skylar make it out alive? I think two people are going to die tonight…aside from the trailer park crew…I feel like Walter has to lose someone and I think it might be Skylar.

My bets are on…

Jesse Pinkman: Suicide

Skylar White: Caught in the crossfires.

Let me know what you guys think…the possibilities are not endless as some characters are past the point of no return. There is no coming back for Jesse after he watched his woman get shot in the head.

And for Walter…he has completely discarded the Walter White chem teacher figure…he is utterly and eternally Heisenberg.



Sunday Night Madness!

Too  much too handle. This week’s Sunday night line up was so next level I needed a few days to process all the drama. It was Emmy night, but it was also Dexter night, Breaking Bad night, and Ray Donovan night. Might I add that two of those shows were airing their finales…which made it even harder to decide which one to watch first.

Primetime Emmy’s had my early on in the evening with their live coverage of the red carpet. I mean who wants to miss that? There were some gorgeous ensembles…but like any other red carpet it’s more fun to spot the worst dressed. Right when I saw her, I knew she would be on Fashion Police…and girl did she deserve to be locked up! Zosia Mamet of HBO’s Girls had the worst dressed outfit of the night…she looked horrendous. The cops on FP didn’t disagree….the worst dressd of the night was Mamet with the awkward black plating over her breasts…and the fact that she claimed her dress was custom but Georgey proved she was wrong by showing us a runway picture! Oooh girl.


Overall, the show was the usual bore. Neil Patrick Harris was funny…at times…but I would’ve enjoyed a Tina Fey/Amy Phoeler combo instead. Speaking of the two crazies, they literally stole the openng monologue when they started heckling from the two front seats at NPH! Love those two! It would get awkward every 20 minutes when they had a memorial moment for some of the people that we lost this year (James Gandolfini,Cory Monteith). My fave shows didn’t even end up winning…I love Clair Danes but does she really need another award for playing a crazy b****?? Khaleesi!!! Khaleesi needs an Emmy!!

Anna Gunn who plays Skylar White on AMCs Breaking Bad deserved her Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Award. She absolutely killed this last season of BB…glad she got that one!

Speaking of Breaking Bad…there’s only one more episode left…last Sunday was absolutely cray cray. Things are starting to wrap up…but surprisingly we still have no idea what’s going to happen to Walter White or Jesse Pinkman. Walter is hiding out in a cabin in Nebraska. He’s freezing his meth balls off but needs to get his cash to his family. He finds out from the guy that’s bringing him supplies that Skylar had to pick up a job to pay for the bills. Walter decides to wrap the cash in an “Ensure” box and mail it to Walt Jr’s friend Louis. Walt Jr gets a call at school from what he thinks is his aunt. He gets to the phone and we find out Walter is on the other end in some dingy dark bar. Walter asks his son to accept the money and tells him how much he misses the family. He tells him where he’ll ship it to…but in the end Walt Jr freaks out and yells at his father for killing Hank. The teachers come to Walt Jr’s rescue…Walter then reaches for the phone and calls the DEA offices. He tells them he’s Walter White and he wants to speak to the office in charge of his case. Within minutes agents swarm the local bar…the camera pans over to Walter’s seat with his glass half full…but Walt is nowhere to be found.


Moving to Dexter….WTF Dexter!!! Dexter’s series finale was on Sunday and it was absolutely terrible. Some people were satisfied with the endng, some people were left wondering what the hell happened to Dexter and why would the story end this way? First off, I always had a feeling Deb was going to die. It’s totally understandable, someone needed to die, I mean it’s the series finale, something epic is supposed to go down. And it did, in the second last episode Deb gets shot down. Nothing life threatening, well it was serious, but once Deb got to the hospital, the doctors told her she was fine and it would only take some time before she was back to normal. Dexter visits her at the hospital and all is well, she begs him to return to Harrison and Hannah…and he promises her he will. Here’s the thing with Deb…everything happened so quickly in the last episode there wasn’t enough time to process what just happened. After doctors said she was stable…and after she told Joey she loved him…she ended up having a brain anneurism and was put on life support. The doctors said she would never recover. Like what!? Why wouldn’t they just kill her when she was shot…why take her through all that to put her on life support? It just didn’t flow and it didn’t hit me that she was actually gone. There’s a huge storm about to hit Miami…and Dexter decides to kidnap Deb from the hospital and take her to his boat. Which was a really weird thing for him to do because that’s how he killed all those people. He throws her off the side of the boat and then the storm hits and everyone assumes Dexter is dead to. Like it just sounds so incredibly stupid…it’s like a soap opera death. From the other side of the world, Hannah googles Dexter and reads that he’s missing and presumed dead. So now she just has to take care of her crazy ass and a 4 year old. I just expected so much more from the Dexter writers…and I really wanted a happy ending for Dexter. Not because I’m a softy…I get it, he’s a killer, but this entire season was about Dexter finding the other side of his life…and he found love…and he raised a cool kid…and then he just leaves it all again to work at a log factory in Alaska? It just didn’t work with me.


Personally I wanted a different ending.

What do you guys think? I love my TV finale debates!! Comment below or Tweet us!

TV’s Sunday Night Line Up!

Everyone knows Sunday night is the biggest night for TV, and if you don’t believe me just take a look at my PVR recordings. There was so much going on last night I had to make a list and decide which one was worth watching first.


Breaking Bad TourismI’ll admit, I’ve been on a Breaking Bad binge diet. I started the entire series last month, because I was determined to catch up with everyone else. Watching the premiere with the rest of the world was insane, people were going crazy because they waited so long to see how Hank was going to react to Walter. I on the other hand, had just finished the last episode a few days before, thankfully I didn’t have to wait as long as everyone else. Anyways, getting back to the episode…Jesse doesn’t end up saying anything to Hank…which is a relief for Walt, but Walt’s determined to get Jesse out of town…either that or he’s going to kill him. Jesse is ready to start his new life with his new money…but when he realizes that Walter was the one who poisoned Brock..all hell breaks loose. Personally, I would’ve liked to see Jesse find happiness somewhere else, start a new life with his money…but of course he had to find out the truth. I have absolutely no idea what  Jesse’s going to do now that he knows. Well we know he drives over to Walt’s and starts pouring gasoline in his house…but what’s going to happen!! Also, if anyone could confirm. How did Jesse know Walt poisoned Brock. Was it because Saul’s guy took the weed out of Jesse’s pocket? Was really confused at that.

MTV Video Music Awards

MileyThe MTV VMA’s has to be one of my favourite award shows, it always has the best performances and most often boasts a special ‘reveal’. Last night was no different, with rumours swirling around a possible NSYNC reunion…every girl’s teenage dream was about to come true- again. Okay so I didn’t watch the VMA’s during the live broadcast…but I still made time to catch up on the performances…which were totally overrated. Yes, it’s true, I was surprisingly disappointed with the Miley Cyrus performance…like really…I did not expect her to twerk the entire time. Yes, I’m exaggerating…that performance was AWFUL! What was even more heartbreaking was the fact that Robin Thicke had to share the stage with her! Let the man sing his summer hit without the bald white girl twerking in front of him! I wasn’t sure what the consensus was…like did people enjoy her performance? Did they think she was a good dancer? Was her costume(s) or lack there of necessary…? It was a total train wreck…my favourite shot was when Miley started twerking for the 5000000th time and Drake just looks down at the floor. Amazing.


Lady Gaga who opened the show had an amazing performance. She is a brilliant entertainer and last night was no different. She did look a little more normal…which is a good thing, people were commenting on her beautiful bod and how nobody ever gets to see it. Flaunt it girl!

Kanye “Yeezus” West took time off from baby daddy duty to perform his hit ‘Blood On The Leaves’. I was so excited for this performance, it’s one of my fave songs off his album…also Kim announced he was her favourite performer of the night, so I totally believed it. Eh, it was alright. He was in front of this old rustic looking photograph of trees…and all you could see was his silhouette…his crazy arms were flailing all over the place while he rapped…it was average.


Then there was the Justin Timberlake performance. Everyone was waiting for Justin to bring sexy back. I absolutely love JT, he is one of my favourite performers, everyone loves his music but damn JT  wouldn’t even let the song finish before he was moving on to the next! I think he performed 6 or 7 of his songs (old and new)…but he would breeze through it so quickly I couldn’t even savour the moment. I get it, he can’t sing an entire song…but still it’s all about quality not quantity. And then….there were 5. Okay so 2 of them couldn’t really move, but seeing all 5 of them on stage again definitely brought back memories. Literally Joey couldn’t move, he was behind on all the dance moves…which is totally fine. Nobody expects Joey to be JT, I would’ve liked to see them just sing…without all the fancy failed dance moves. JC tried stealing the spotlight…but thankfully his mic was on low…really low. Then it was all over, after a short performance, the other 4 guys were sucked back down into oblivion while the man of the night continued on his performance. JT went on to a sing a few more songs…and the he finally finished off with ‘Mirrors’…and then Jimmy Fallon met him on stage to award him with the Vanguard award. Yay!


Drake’s performance was sexy as hell. I mean could we expect any different? I’ve seen better performances from Driz, but I was happy to hear him sing his latest track ‘Just Hold On We’re Going Home’. After that he sang ‘Started From the Bottom’…we saw a quick glimpse of RiRi…she wasn’t even standing! She looked PISSED.


Those were the most memorable performances…I was absolutely shocked that Robin Thicke didn’t win song of the summer? That is some b@!$%!!


dexter-season-8-make-your-own-kind-of-musicI’ve been saying it all season and I’ll say it again. This season of Dexter has been the best one of all. Super impressed with what the writers have done with our favourite serial killer. With this being the final season, it all comes down to a few more episodes…and I can’t wait to see how this is going to finish. Hannah’s back in Dexter’s life which is a good thing, I like her character, and I think Dexter’s ending has to include someone he can share his life with. Last night we found out that Dr.Vogul had a son that was a psychopath, after she put him in a mental asylum at the age of 14…he ended up ‘dying’ in a hospital fire that would kill several more people.  Dexter finds traces of DNA that are related to Vogul…that’s why he questions her about her family. She assures him her son is dead, but Dexter doesn’t believe it, especially when Vogul tells him her son was a genius. Anyways, it turns out the guy that killed Cassie was the guy who she was dating..and that guy is actually Vogul’s real son. Dexter is determined to put him on his table…and then start the rest of his life with Hannah. That doesn’t happen because Daniel is just as smart as Dexter. Dexter rushes back to Vogul to warn her…but she just tells him to back off and leave her alone. Dexter leaves, and then we see Vogul with her long lost son Daniel.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians

I’ve been trying to follow along this season, but I have to say I’m getting a little bored with these fake story lines. Rob learning how to carve wood sculptures? Really…this guy can’t even figure his s*** out and he’s going to learn how to use a saw to sculpt? They couldn’t think of anything else? And then Kim and Kourtney decide to feed the entire family placenta…like a human placenta…as a joke. In the end we find out it really isn’t placenta…it’s actually just beef brisket. Also the family chef is totally hot…and Rob is totally not. What is up with my man? He’s looking grimier and sweatier with each episode…I really hope he gets out of this funk and becomes the hunk I fell in love with. Speaking of funks, there has been reports going on all day that Lamar Odom is addicted to crack? He’s apparently had a drug problem for the last two years, and it’s coming out now that Khloe has had enough. Lamar has apparently left the house he shares with Khlo-Money and is staying in a hotel. I don’t know what to think of this…I am totally Team Khloe and Lamar….anytime anyone says anything about these two I’m the first to defend them. I hope someone can get the real story….or Khloe comes out on Twitter and says something!

Here’s what Khloe Tweeted yesterday:


Okay, I think that’s all for my Sunday night recap. There are so many shows starting up in the fall…let’s all enjoy the time we have now because we haven’t even seen crazy yet!

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