Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 8!

Last night was the season eight premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and from what we witnessed, we obviously ‘didn’t know the half of it’ like the promos promised. First off, there was way too much sex talk for a 60-minute reality show, I don’t need to know how many girls Rob has done the ‘back door Betty’ with…and I really don’t need to see Kourtney in a strap on.


The episode starts off with a little Kris/Bruce Jenner drama, Bruce invites a bunch of his helicopter buddies over…most of them Armenian (how ironic?). They spend the night laughing and chatting away while Kris is trying to sleep upstairs. She is furious with Bruce for bringing his friends over and making so much noise, Bruce decides on renting his own place…so he can get time and space for himself. It’s understandable…really who wouldn’t need extra space after living in a huge mansion like the one they have? Obviously you would drive down the coast to Malibu and rent out a more suitable living arrangement…obviously.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to these kind of stories…I take everything with a grain of salt…most of it is set up- like really why would Bruce bring someone into their bedroom when Kris is trying to sleep? It’s just weird.

Then we head over to Khloe’s house, everyone is over, Scott is talking about sex as usual and he brings up the whole idea of ‘back door Betty’. Rob explains he’s only done it with two different girls…thanks for that little fun fact Rob. Scott admits he wants to do it with Kourtney…he brings up Khloe and Lamar and how they probably do it in 200 different positions…and now this conversation has gotten too weird. I’m all for the Kardashian clan being open with their lives, but this scene was so awkward to watch it’s obvious they’ve run out of topics to talk about. Why is this an issue we all need to hear about? Just play with Mason he’s more fun to watch.

Kim is pregnant…she admits to Kris that she’s not that excited for the baby. She never imagined she would be pregnant…and be married to someone else. It is stressful, with all her court appearances, I’m sure she is running out of conservative things to wear. Kim and Kanye buy a beautiful home…it’s really a mega mansion. It looks absolutely over the top…none of the other sisters have a house that large. Kourtney’s house is super cute, traditional and cozy…Khloe’s house looks a bit bigger but it still has that homey feel. Kim’s mansion is on a next level…I guess Kanye really needs all that space. Kim brings Khloe along to check out the house, Kim explains she wants to gut everything and build her dream house. Kim shows Khloe the yard and explains how they want to move the pool to the other side….because right now an infinity pool and gorgeous yard aren’t ‘liveable’. Khloe reminds Kim that the renovations won’t be done until after Kim gives birth which stresses Kim out even more. Either way Kim will have a place to sleep…don’t worry Kim you’re not going be homeless and pregnant. I really just want to see the house remodeled, if it looks anything like Kris’ home…it’s going to look fab. HGTV should do a special on it!

Bruce moves into a Malibu home, now he’s closer to Brody and Brandon who are now officially cast members of the show. Khloe questions her mothers motives for this ‘separation’ she worries that things might be worse than she thought between Kris and Bruce. Kris explains that unless Khloe has been married for 23 years…she shouldn’t voice her opinion. Everyone in the family agrees it’s not healthy for the couple to be living separate lives. Kris enjoys a few nights alone…but while watching The Bachelor realizes she misses him. Her and Kylie drive to Malibu to get Bruce to come back home.

After Scott begs Kourtney to try other positions in bed…Kourtney has a brilliant idea to wear a strap on and use it on Scott…only then will she agree to the ‘back door Betty’. Scott freaks out when he hears this proposition, Kourtney busts out her strap on and it was actually the funniest scene ever. In the end, Scott admits he will never ask for the ‘back door Betty’ again, he’s absolutely traumatized.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris meet for Kim’s doctor appointment. It was a really special episode because the family let us in on a little secret…Kim is having a baby girl! Yay!

Glad to have the fam back!

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KUWTK Season Finale!

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians we got to see Bruce Jenner finally reclaiming the spotlight, and Kourtney getting ready to give birth to baby Nelly.

Since it was the season finale episode, they combined Kourtney’s baby shower as well as her pregnancy into one jam packed episode…and things got very emotional! Khloe and Kim had a consultation with the baby doctor, Khloe found out that she wasn’t ovulating, and she had to start taking hormones immediately. Kim on the other hand wanted to know more about freezing her eggs, since she didn’t have a child with Kris…she’s keeping an eye out for her next possible baby daddy. In the meantime, she decides to freeze her eggs, which isn’t as easy as it seems. Kim has to inject herself with hormones for a week straight….but really she couldn’t even get to sticking the needle inside her! She obviously calls Momager Kris (who is now certified)…and is also apparently a doctor. She slams the needle into Kim but instead of going into her stomach…it goes into Kim’s finger! WTF!!?? After putting on her eye glasses…maybe she should’ve thought of that before…she finally gets the needle into Kim, and apparently it doesn’t hurt as bad as a bloody finger.

Kourtney’s baby shower seemed like a good time, everyone was there including Kanye and Kim. Khloe has a heart to heart (something she never experienced with Kris) and talks about his relationship with Kim. Obviously, their relationship has lasted longer than her marriage to Kris, and Kim admits it ‘feels right’…and that timing is everything. Khloe talks about how Kanye and Kim were always just friends…which will help things now that they’re in an actual relationship. It seems like Kanye is head over heels for Kim as well, he’s been through some rough waters, and I think the relationship with Kim is opening up another side of him.

In the end, Kourtney is ready for the baby, as they’re packing up Kourtney gets really emotional at the thought of the next few hours. Since it is the last night Mason will ever only be an only child, Kourtney bursts into tears and Mason has no idea why. At the hospital, family members slowly start trickling in as Kourtney is about to give birth. I love that every single family member is in the delivery room…well I didn’t see Bruce. But Rob? Really? It’s such an amazing moment for the entire fam, and I think Khloe was video taping with a hand held camera the entire time. She pops the baby out and right away grabs her and pulls her up! She did the same thing with Mason!

After a quick clean up baby Penelope is looking dolled up and ready to meet her older bro. When Mason arrives at the hospital, Kourtney has a gift waiting for him (she’s such a good mother). He doesn’t really understand what’s going on, but he obviously loves his present, and all he wants to do is sit with his mommy.

The next season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami begins in January…obviously we’ll be watching but I don’t know how good it’ll be because really without Khloe there’s nobody to make us laugh.


Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s NEW SEASON

Last night was another season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s and it was definitely a preview of what’s to come this season. Be prepared to see a lot more of Mama Kris, she seems to be in more control these days except maybe not when it comes to Bruce who doesn’t really know his purpose in life anymore- other than being Brody Jenner’s weird looking dad.

Okay definitely, something happened to Bruce’s face between last season and now, because I literally couldn’t stop laughing on the camera close ups last night. I don’t know what it is, at the end of the day you just feel so bad for this man- he’s had any ounce of manliness stripped away from him, he’s not even allowed to enjoy a snack on the 3000th sofa that’s in their home. By the way, lovin’ the house, always have always will, every season it just looks even nicer, great job Kris.

One house that definitely needs some sprucing up, and maybe a housewives touch is Rob’s house…and the house he keeps searching for. Look, if you need me to come and take care of our home, I’m totally okay with that, just let me know.

Kourtney is on baby #2…Khloe is back from Dallas…and Kris keeps bringing up Khloe’s paternity test. The season of Khloe and Lamar finished off with the rumours about Khloe’s identity. Is she a real Kardashian…probably not, but you know what- it’s not for us to really care about that! So let’s move on!

I just don’t get why Kris is frustrated at the rumours when this is all surfacing is because she’s written a memoir about her ‘life’…and she happens to mention in there that she had an affair around the time Khloe was conceived. Like I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if Khloe has a different dad, point is she was raised by Robert and Bruce and they’ll always be her real fathers. Obviously, there is a doubt somewhere in her, if she didn’t she would just get a paternity test and prove everyone wrong…she would def sleep better at nights.

Nothing else really happens, except for we learn Kylie is flunking science (seriously who passes that course anyways)…and Bruce moves a step forward in reclaiming his position as man of the house once again.

RHOBH: Even Malibu Couldn’t Save Us

O-M-G…I don’t want to say it but this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is getting more heated than the housewives in Jersey! I never thought this day would come…but then again I never expected Taylor to fall a part the way she has throughout this season. Seriously, every single episode she’s either crying…or she’s cussing someone out…or usually both. This episode was no different.

Brandi with the broken leg has been trying to ‘fit in’ with the housewives since Episode 1 of this season…and clearly her leg has been keeping her back. Whatever she does, it doesn’t work, she just makes things worse for herself. Like when she was invited to Dana’s game night…and she accused Kim of using ‘crystal meth’…umm okay. And this week, when she finally decides to throw a house party and give back to the women that gave her a name- instead of just being Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife. She throws a house party…except she just moved so her house isn’t ready…so she uses her friend’s house in Malibu. She doesn’t cook…she definitely doesn’t clean…seriously who uses someone else’s house to throw a house party!! What kind of housewife are you!

Okay, so tensions are high right now because of what Camille said to Taylor a few weeks ago at Lisa’s house. Camille basically told Taylor to be honest with herself, and admit to herself all the bad things Russell has done to her. Obviously, Taylor got crazy mad at Camille for saying that- but it doesn’t make sense because Taylor was the one who told Camille all those things in the first place. And it wasn’t like Camille was going to the tabloids with that information…they were having a private conversation.

Last week was Adrienne’s fashion show…Taylor ignored Camille the entire time…and basically left everything to be resolved this week. The women arrive at the Malibu digs…and oh my was it a view! Wine and seafood…and an oceanview? Seriously ladies how could you mess that up! Brandi is just weird, I don’t trust her, I haven’t trusted her since day 1…first of all wear a bra. The ladies were having fun with her all night because she wasn’t wearing one…and you could see everything through her white dress. (Dumbass) Then, Brandi brings up Kyle’s sexy husband Mauricio…except Kyle was really quiet about their marriage. You could tell Brandi was jealous that Kyle’s been married for so long and has such a stable relationship with the hottest man. Kyle just keeps things to herself…and gets feisty when women like Brandi talk about her husband. (We know what you were thinking Brandi-Broken-Leg)

So towards the end of the night…and clearly after a few glasses of wine…Taylor starts crying because Didi (Camille’s friend) sparked up a conversation about Taylor forgiving Camille. Taylor steps out onto the beautiful backyard deck facing the ocean…and then Brody Jenner’s mom(yes she was present) goes on to say once they’re done fighting…and no longer there…the ocean will always remain the same. LOL! What? Where did you even come from…and are you on crystal meth? Taylor starts balling…and it’s obvious at this point she’s not even crying about Camille…there are bigger things Taylor’s depressed about. Camille is not even involved in the argument…it’s more Didi then anyone else. She is yelling at Taylor because Taylor won’t realize how good of a friend Camille is to her. (Didi you’re extra, so leave) Then…as if it’s even her house…Brandi realizes the attention is no longer on her…and kicks Taylor out!! She said Taylor was ruining the party…and causing drama…and she was no longer allowed to stay in her friends’ home. Taylor leaves…along with everyone else…you just committed social suicide Brandi…seriously just give up.

Kyle and Taylor end up leaving together, Taylor breaks down in the limo and demands a cigg. Kyle tries to make Taylor feel better, but it obviously doesn’t work because Taylor is one ****** up housewife! Girl needs some serious help!

Brandi breaks down inside her friend’s Malibu home…and admits all she ever wanted was to be accepted and fit in…her friend gives some amazing advice…and tells Brandi to just be herself.

Sorry friend who owns the Malibu home…we never got your name.


The Royal Wedding: On E!

The Wedding of the Century is almost upon us…well sort of.

Luckily for us, 2011 will bring us not only 1 but 2 Royal Weddings!! For less fortunate generations, one Royal wedding is said to be a magical and once in a lifetime event to experience. Thank the E! Gods (and Kris Jenner) that we have the privilege to not only be alive during the Kardashian/Humphries wedding BUT we get to watch it on television!

Once again, Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner have found a way to milk the cash chow a.k.a Kim Kardashian. It’s no surprise that our beloved Kim K was in search of a potential husband. After her youngest sister Khloe got married…and her oldest sister had a baby…she felt she needed a man to complete her life. And she found her knight in shining armour at a NJ Nets basketball game while living in NYC. Kris Humphries…ofcourse it’s destiny, I mean he has the same name as her mother! And they’re even spelt the same!!

The wedding will take place August 20th 2011 in California. E! will be airing this two-part episode (Yay! double the ratings) on October 9th and 10th.



New Music: Natasha Bedingfield

Well, it’s not considered ‘new music’ but for me it is. I’m sure you all know her song Unwritten from the popular, and ‘non-scripted’ MTV reality show The Hills. Here’s a remix of the song that played on the Series Finale of the show a few years ago. I haven’t been able to stop playing it.

Check it out.


And if you’re suffering from The Hills withdrawal, like me then here’s a short clip of the Series Finale I put together. Personally, I think the finale was pure genius, and summed up the entire 6 seasons of the incredible and life changing show.