VIDEO: Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Mix

The Vampire Diaries is over for this season, but don’t worry I’ll be putting together videos with all the best moments from the last season. Here’s my first video I did for the epic Season Finale…Hope you enjoy!

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So, I posted our TVD Future Intern video a few days ago and it has received so much love and support I cannot thank you guys enough.

Our idea for making this video came up when both my classmate and I were thinking of ways to apply to the Vampire Diaries production as interns. Unfortunately, we only found links to the production offices which really wasn’t what we wanted to do. (I want to intern in post-production she wants to be an on set PA)

So, since we are film students and we know how to use a camera we decided to make a short video- put it on YouTube and hopefully get the attention of the Vampire Diaries Showrunner Julie Plec and the rest of the crew.

Here’s the best part- she literally watched the video within 10 hours of us posting it on YouTube!!!! It was awesome- I almost passed out at work when I found out. It was definitely something to be proud of.

Now that she’s seen the video- we really need her to take us seriously and really consider us as TVD Future Interns!! So, what I need from all you readers is to check out our video below…LIKE it…TWEET it…RETWEET it…whatever your heart desires!

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Thanks guys!

Vampire Diaries: The Kiss

One of the best episode’s of this season- Vampire Diaries did NOT disappoint with the return of last night’s brand new episode. I didn’t have time to watch it last night, but I did see a Tweet that hinted an Elena and Damon kiss. I’ve never been pro Damon/Elena but damn that kiss was hot!

Now that Damon and Stefan need to find out which vampires were in their bloodline, Damon and Elena travel to Denver to visit Jeremy and ask him to find an old friend of Damon’s.

While in Denver, Stefan is stuck babysitting Alaric trying to turn him into his alter ego and reveal the location of the last white oak dagger. Caroline reunites with her man Tyler- and Rebecca and Matt have a moment in a blue pick-up truck.

So, where do I began? SO much happened in this episode, you just need to watch it for yourself. Rebecca is planning the huge 1920s dance at their school, since she has no car (which is ironic because her family is 1000 years old and have loads of money) she gets a ride from her crush Matt. They have a little cute moment in the truck, Rebecca is so crushing over Matt because he’s the normal guy that every original vampire wants. I actually hope something happens between the two. When Rebecca gets inside, she sees her mother Esther who basically tried killing all her children a few episodes back. Rebecca tries to kill her, and Esther says she’s already dying. Then a few minutes later they hold hands, and Esther just falls and ‘dies’.

Caroline visits Tyler in what looks to be the Lockwood cellars so I don’t know how far he actually went on his self-discovery journey. Anyways, she tells him Damon and Stefan are looking to see if they’re in anyway connected to Klaus through their bloodline, and if they’re not then they’re going to kill Klaus- which would mean they would kill Tyler.

Stefan beats the evil alter ego out of Alaric who finally tells Stefan where he’s hid the white oak dagger. Only problem, Klaus and Rebecca were nearby listening to the entire conversation. Rebecca grabs Alaric and escorts him to the caves to retrieve the dagger.

Damon and Elena run into Jeremy’s friend…aka Cole who is brother’s with Klaus. Jeremy not knowing this almost gets himself killed- but Damon to the rescue and he buys enough time for them to hide in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere. Damon asks Jeremy to contact an old friend Rose, since Jeremy has the ability to see dead people…he was their first choice. So Jeremy sees Rose and she basically tells him all this information, but they’re missing one vampire Mary so Rose gives them the location of where Mary was seen last- Kansas.

During the night, Damon feels the need to walk aimlessly through their motel room which his shirt open, his glorious 6-pack glowing in the moonlit shadows. Elena sneaks a peak, and watches Damon as he enjoys a glass of scotch. He notices her looking at him and moves closer to her, until they’re basically sharing a bed and holding hands. (BTW, this scene was a tiny bit on the awkward side) Jeremy was in the bed next to them!

Elena can’t stand sleeping beside Damon she gets too hot and steps out of the room to get some air, Damon obviously follows her…and then they end up making out. Damon and Elena get hot and heavy in the motel hallway until Jeremy walks in on them! They finally get to Kansas- find Mary except she’s dead hanging on the wall. Original vampire Cole got to her first, and now Damon has no way of finding out their bloodline.

Elena and Damon have another moment minus the making out- Damon realizes this trip was just so Elena could figure out her feelings about him. She says that everytime they get close Damon does something, and it completely turns her off. This time, Damon says he’s going to be himself and not mess anything up-making it harder for her to choose between him and his brother Stefan. In the car ride home- Jeremy sees Rose again in the backseat and she tells him not to tell the others about her presence. She has a really good narration about the relationship between Elena and Damon..while we see Damon and Elena in the front seat awkwardly looking at each other.

Tyler has a sleepover at Caroline’s house…until he finds the drawing Klaus drew for Caroline- Tyler gets super jealous and storms off…clearly Caroline still has feelings for Klaus.

So far so good right? The ending is the best.

When Rebecca takes Alaric to the caves, as a vampire she can’t go in all the way- Alaric steps in and grabs the dagger…and tries to negotiate his life with Rebecca. Just then, she sticks her foot out and enters the cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At which point, she tells him she wants all the originals to die…because she’s really Esther!!!!!!!!!! I guess when Rebecca and Esther held hands…she actually became Rebecca! Crazy!!

*Sidenote: Last season Klaus had the ability to enter Alaric’s body so I guess this is another superpower they have as originals*

Tune in next week- this season is getting better and better!!

Return Of Vampire Diaries!

Ugh! I hate when Vampire Diaries decide to take a few weeks break. This isn’t fair…they need to understand…as loyal fans we deserve to get a new episode every week!!

Anyways, a new episode airs tonight on the CW so make sure you tune in. Here’s the preview for this week’s episode.

Vampire Diaries: ExBoyfriends Suck!

O-M-G! Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries definitely surpassed the excitement meter. Last week’s opener was alright, but this week they definitely hit the spot. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time, and although they didn’t give us another Damon/Elena kiss…they gave us a lot more ex-boyfriend drrraaama.

Finally, Caroline is back from skipping out on last week’s episode. She actually looks like she lost weight, too bad for Tyler. I’m assuming its the first day back to school (since the holidays)…Caroline and Tyler totally have a ‘Coldplay’ moment…and I say that in quotations because a song by Coldplay started playing right when Caroline sees Tyler in the school parking lot. (Ugh so cheesy, love it!) He tells her that he still loves her…even though he has this pull towards Klaus and everything Klaus tells him to do. Caroline isn’t phased by his good looks and lack of height…she’s clearly trying to move on.

Elena tells Bonnie about Jeremy leaving Mystic Falls. Bonnie isn’t too excited about the news, since she still has feelings for Elena’s younger brother…who is now her ex boyfriend…and apparently leaving for Denver. Bonnie and Stefan are still trying to figure out how to open the last coffin…when Damon and Stefan arrive at the witch house where the coffins are…they sense another vampire there. They find a hybrid lurking around, immediately kill him, but Stefan is determined to get rid of all the hybrids Klaus is creating.

There’s some weird Mystic Falls fund raising event happening at Tyler’s house for the bridge that Elena’s parents got killed on. Apparently, they plan on finishing it…and not have it end off a cliff. (Hazard much?) Alaric meets some weird doctor chic while he’s at the hospital (last week’s episode)…he definitely has the hots for her…but there’s something weird about her. She shows up at the fundraising party, and he meets her ‘ex-boyfriend’ who warns Alaric about her…and Alaric obviously doesn’t listen to him because he likes doctor girl.

It’s also Caroline’s birthday…which means a bunch of friends drinking in a catacomb (but that’s totally normal in Mystic Falls). Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Caroline gather inside this tomb and start celebrating. In the middle of the partying, Tyler shows up because he wants to discuss something with Caroline. They go outside to talk, Tyler tells Caroline that he’s in love with her and Klaus doesn’t have any control over him.

*In the beginning of the episode, Klaus tells Tyler he wants him to bite Caroline, obviously Tyler refuses, but when he starts kissing Caroline, he accidentally/purposely bites her*

Tyler’s a werewolf, which means his bite could kill Caroline. Caroline freaks out, she thinks Tyler did it on purpose, he didn’t, but he realizes the kind of control Klaus has over him. He runs away…thanks for ruining her birthday Tyler!!

Bonnie ditches the party, Matt and Elena go outside to look for Caroline, somehow Stefan shows up grabs Elena and takes off. They’re both in his car speeding on some highway, heading for the bridge that killed Elena’s parents. Stefan calls Klaus and threatens to kill Elena (well turn her into a vampire which would ruin all his hybrid plans). At the last second, Elena is freaking out because Stefan is about to kill her, Klaus agrees to not make anymore hybrids…and it looks as if Stefan wins this round.

Except not really because Elena is furious with him…Stefan doesn’t care…and tells Elena he doesn’t care what she thinks of him anymore (ouch)…he drives off and leaves her alone on the bridge. Honestly, I don’t know how the writers are going to pull out of this one, Stefan is way too far gone. He’s such a douche bag now.

Klaus arrives at Caroline’s…and agrees to save her life if the council (Bonnie’s mom) agrees to help Klaus out. Klaus lets Caroline drink his blood, which ultimately saves her life. Klaus and Caroline definitely have a moment, and Twitter was blowing up with responses to this scene saying there might be a romance between the two (loves it!). The next morning, Caroline wakes up- Yay she’s alive…and has a present from Klaus. It’s a diamond bracelet…way nicer than the one Tyler gave her for her birthday!

In the final scene, Bonnie alerts Stefan about a murder in the forest. At first he thinks it’s just another vampire killing, but it’s actually a straight up murder…and it’s the ex-boyfriend of that weird girl Alaric has the hots for.

Wonder what’s going to happen next week! Stay tuned.

Vampire Diaries FINALLY!!!!!!

Yay! In the midst of all the craziness this week- I totally forgot to write about the new Vampire Diaries episode. I was expecting a little more from the episode- since they made us wait almost 2 months for this episode…but the ending made up for it!

Finally, after weeks of waiting for the Damon and Elena kiss…they gave it to us! But I have to say it was a little cheesy. Oh well! Better than nothing.

Stefan is focused on killing Klaus…which means he is no longer worried about his one time true love Elena…leaving more room for brother Damon to swoop her off her feet.

A few things happenend in the episode- I won’t ruin it for people who still need to watch the episode…you definitely should or you will be lost next week. Jeremy is probably leaving Mystic Falls since he almost died because of Klaus. Elena asks Damon to do his magical eye thingy…and commands Jeremy to leave Mystic Falls and never look back. It was actually a really emotional scene…but a much needed one since Jeremy wasn’t a major character. His role was confusing- he was just a normal kid and didn’t really fit into the storyline.

Stefan and Bonnie discover that the last coffin that needs to be opened…is impossible to open. Stefan tries everything…Bonnie suspects there’s some spell over it and unless they figure out what it is…they’ll never get to see what’s inside. Also, whatever is inside…most likely will be the demise of Klaus. I’m assuming it’s Klaus’ mother…who was also the original witch.

Things are getting way more interesting Thursday nights on the CW so make sure you’re watching!!