Not too many shows can say they had their run of 7 seasons, and have their 7th season be a strong contender. Unless your Game of Thrones, or Lost, but it was all a dream so does that really count? Or…The Good Wife (for those that watched, #notme). But to be frank, no pun intended, I didn’t expect much from Showtime’s 7th go around with Shameless. At the end of last season it felt like the writers were just going around in circles, Debbie being a teen mom, Lip flunking out of school, Freaky Fiona getting her freak on, it just seemed like these characters weren’t going anywhere, they were just in the crazy spiral they’ve always been in and the season started off strong, well for some, but then in the middle it kind of got boring? It got really sad on one end (Lip) and really exciting on the other (Fiona), so I never knew how to really feel. But then, something magical happened, Monica showed up again, and this time, just like every other time, you hoped this would be that existential moment she has, where she finally wakes up and saves her kids. And I guess in a way it was, she just lost went to sleep forever instead.


You know, as much as I hate Frank, I never hated Monica. Even though she was in and out of the seasons, any time she showed up I got my hopes up, even though the kids didn’t. I always gave her the benefit of the doubt, and I always wanted her to show up for her kids. But this season she shows up, and she admits to Frank she’s dying, and at first I was like okay great, this is going to be all cheese, but it was all so beautiful, so funny, and of course super sad. There’s something about Shameless, where you can be watching it and hysterically laughing, and then you get hit with a flood of emotion, and it’s this constant rollercoaster but it always works.  After Monica and Frank’s wedding, I had a feeling that she wouldn’t make it out of the season, but I never thought they would have her dead in that moment. You think you know this show so you’re assuming she’s probably high or too drunk to get up , but then you see the panic on Frank’s face, his desperation, his pleading for her to wake up, it was just such a sad scene, but you’re still waiting for the joke to hit because this is Shameless after all, but it never does and the episode cuts to black.


So she’s dead, in the season finale the kids take her to the hospital but she’s been dead, and I don’t think the sad part is Monica being dead. The sad part was seeing all the kids like finally realize this surprising feeling they had towards her that they buried each time she would let them down. I think they all realized hating her was so much easier. But who can deny that your mom keeping 70k worth of meth for your inheritance is pretty badass. I think the only thing I would’ve wanted differently, first off I think she could’ve been in the show a lot more, there were so many different dimensions to her as a character, from Frank’s speech at her funeral it sounded like she was the reason for all of this craziness, so you would think she would have all the answers as to why? Whereas Frank always seemed like he was just following, well from his story it did turn out that way, that he fell in love with her and followed her to the ends of the earth. So yeah, a few unanswered questions.

So even though season 7 didn’t end well for Monica, it looked like the Gallaghers are heading to a good start for season 8, who doesn’t love a good montage ending.


Started off on tinder, now she’s paid off the house mortgage, drives a Rav4, and is the new owner of an apartment building, and possibly new man?

Memorable mentions: Returning her and Liam’s portion of the Monica meth, she hides it under Monica’s body in the casket, and then literally punches her mom in the chest with tears in her eyes. Also major tears in our eyes to. Ugh.


Started off in AA, ended off in the AA. I loved his ending, I hated him during the season, he got kicked out of school, didn’t want to go back, and then when he got the sliver of a chance to go back, he realized how much he wanted it and the school denied him everything. He went to a really dark place this season, and I’m really hoping that’s as dark as we see Lip. In the ending montage he shows up at AA again, and looks super happy to be there. Yay. Again, tears in our eyes.

Memorable mentions: I have to say, my heart sank when he admitted in the season finale that he really fucked up. I think he knew it, internally, he knew it all along, but he kept thinking he could find another way, but hearing him say he messed up, it was all on him, it was really huge.


I freaking love Ian. Ian was my man this season, he just seemed like he had his sh** together, until Mickey escaped prison. Aside from his new boyfriend, meh, when Mickey returns Ian is super confused and runs off with his first love, but right before they cross the border Ian backs out, and says ‘this isn’t me anymore’

Memorable mentions: Leaving Mickey at the border, in a cheap wig and dress.


Didn’t really like this whole Debbie teen mom thing, but she pulled through this season, even making up with Fiona, and overall just seeming more mature. Not quite sure about her choice in welding, but here’s to her. Maybe she’ll get an etsy account and make a lot of money.

Memorable mentions: Her and Monica busting up her baby’s grandmother’s house that seen was hilarious.


Carl surprises me each season. I love how level headed he’s become. He quit his drug running business, fell in love, fell out of it, paid for his own circumcision surgery, and then decided to go to military school. Amazing. He returns in the season finale to cook a bacon breakfast, and just be there to support his family. Also he offers to sell of the meth to his corner hood friends.

Memorable mentions: His whole journey this season, he really stepped up and was trying to be the man of the house, choosing to go to military school, he’s what you would call a ‘sick kid’ in all the good ways.


Liam gets to go to private school because of Frank, this was one of the coolest moments of the season. Big ups to daddy Frank for finally doing something good.

I want to believe something changed in all the Gallaghers after Monica’s passing, but like many seasons before things just kind of fall back into place. I’m hoping, and it seems like the show might be coming to  a close soon, that the writers are taking these characters slowly towards the sunset.

What did you guys think of the season finale? What are we expecting for next season?

Shameless: RECAP

It’s been a crazy few weeks for Showtime’s Shameless. Fiona got arrested for Liam getting into her coke stash and almost killing himself. Note: the coke wasn’t hers Mike’s douchebag brother brought it over when he tried to wish Fiona a happy birthday. Now everyone is dealing with the aftermath of her arrest. Her public defendant advices her to plead guilty and get away with only three years of probation.

Before we get into that, let’s start from the beginning of the episode. First off, I was really hoping to see Mike, he did bail Fiona out which means he might still care about her, but he didn’t make an appearance last night. Ian did make an appearance, finally Mickey decided to do something about his ex-secret boyfriend. He shows up at the club Ian’s working at and tells him he needs to go home. Mickey waits for Ian outside the club, when Ian’s about to leave with a much older man, Mickey beats the guy up and tells him to f off. Ian’s all drugged up, Mickey picks him up off the ground and takes him to his house. While Ian’s lying asleep on his bed, Mickey is just looking over him, Mickey’s pregnant wife appears at the bedroom door and it’s obvious she knows what her husband is really about. Mickey is such a tough character to gage, you never know when he’s going to care and you never know when he’s going to blow up. Obviously he loves Ian but it took him a long time to accept that and to actually do something to save him.


I really don’t have a single favourite character on this show, they’re all so amazing and brilliant. I love this transformation Lip has gone through. He’s really stood up and taken the role of ‘man of the house’. He’s going to school, and he does see the importance of that, he’s just had a ton of drama to deal with at home. He expects Fiona to sort of keep up with her side of the bargain while he’s doing his thing at school, so when she screws up he’s extremely disappointed. He takes Liam with him to school, Fiona tells him she’ll take care of him but he doesn’t let that happen. Lip’s roommate’s girlfriend offers to watch Liam while Lip’s in class. Definitely a different side of her we haven’t seen, she’s always clashed with Lip, now that she sees a different side of him, we see a different side of her as well. Love that.


LipSchoolDebbie’s just Debbie. I love her but I don’t get how she’s friends with those girls. The pregnant one shows off her scars because she’s been cutting herself. She’s all about cooking dinner for Matt but when he gets home he reminds Deb that they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. They can’t be, she’s way too young and he can get into a lot of trouble. He drives her home and tells her he still wants to be friends, she brushes him off by playing it cool but when she gets home she tries to cut herself! I don’t think it actually works because she just screams out in pain.

Carl is dealing with the Hanson brothers making fun of Liam. They’re calling him retarded and blaming Carl for having a retarded brother. I guess everyone knows that Liam had a coke overdose. Carl is an amazing kid, I cannot wait to see where they’re going to take his character in the upcoming seasons. He punches the Hanson bros in the face and walks off. Later, he watches Liam carefully to see if he’s actually retarded. It was the funniest thing ever. Liam is not retarded, thankfully nothing serious came out of that overdose.


V has a doctor’s appointment, for once Kevin doesn’t make it because he’s held at gunpoint and all his saved up cash is stolen. The doctor tells V that she’s lost one of the baby’s…this usually can happen when there’s a few babies, the stronger ones end up basically eating the weaker one. Sounds friggin’ crazy right? Later when V tells Kev, he doesn’t know how to feel. It’s sad but at the same time they’re now a baby down which will definitely make things easier for them. They literally have no money.

The only thing Frank has right now is his daughter Sammi. She’s all about taking care of him which means she’s totally okay with feeding Frank drugs to numb his pain. She gives him heroin while she goes to pick up her kid from school. Carl notices Frank on the floor of the bathroom, he pooped his pants and is unfortunately…still alive. Lip freaks out at this, at any moment the social services worker could show up and if they see Frank drugged up…it’s just won’t be a good situation. He yells at Sammi that this is all her fault, they don’t need Frank in their lives anymore, he’s her problem now. He tells her to get out of his house, Fiona agrees, and Sammi’s left dragging Frank all the way home. Later, they break into Sheila’s house (she’s away at the indian reserve) and Sammi spends the rest of her night trying to wash her dad in the shower because he can’t even stand up on his own.


Fiona, oh Fiona. This final scene of the episode where she’s in court was just done brilliantly. Fiona was debating if she should plead not guilty and go for a trial. Lip said she was crazy no jury was going to deem her innocent after hearing her story. It didn’t matter if she was innocent or this was her first criminal charge, she’s Liam’s guardian and she almost got him killed. Her lawyer said the same thing, it was too risky to leave that decision in the hands of a jury, and if she lost she would have to do 5 years in jail. On the other hand, if she pled guilty, she would have it all on her record, she would be a felon and basically the judge reads through all of these restrictions while Fiona just soaks up what her life will be like for the next 3 years.

What did you guys think of the episode? Will Frank make it to the end of the season? Will Fiona change her mind and demand a trial? Is it too late for that?


This Sunday was the season four premiere of Showtime’s Shameless starring William H Macy and Emmy Rossum. Absolutely love this show, I don’t have anything bad to say about the season premiere, I’m excited to see what trouble the Gallaghers will get themselves into. Things are a little different now that Carl and Debbie are a little older. Debbie’s changed the most, she’s all about high heels and selling off her virginity for a million dollars. She’s a young woman now (or trying to be) and her character will definitely resonate with a lot of young girls watching.

Carls going through the same thing as Deb- he’s becoming a man and he doesn’t really have a father figure in his life so he’s desperately holding onto anything Frank tells him. It’s really sad.

Oh speaking of Frank, yep he’s back and he’s the same deadbeat dad. No, he didn’t have a moment of enlightenment like we would like to think. Even though the doctors tell him he’s dying, and whenever he takes a drink of alcohol he spits out blood- he still hasn’t kicked his addiction.

Veronica finds out that she’s actually pregnant! After forcing her husband and mother to have sex so she can have their baby- now she finds out she’s going to have her own? Kevin finds out but he’s surprisingly happy even though he knows they have no money to take care of two babies.

What did you guys think about the episode?

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