Last night was the season six finale of Game of Thrones titled “Winds of Winter”, and a long with winter came a boat load (pun intended) of other things.

Seriously, best season finale ever, probably one of the best episodes the entire series has ever had. How they fit all of this into that, we’ll never know, just watch the episode, please. And then listen to our recap below.

What was your favourite part of the episode?


This week’s episode of Game of Thrones delivered arguably the saddest moment of the season yet. I won’t get into details here, but listen to our podcast as we recap and analyze episode 5 titled ‘The Door’. Hint: It has something to do with Hodor.


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Game of Thrones Season 6 Predictions!

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the Game of Thrones season 5 finale, we can start getting excited for season 6. Okay, it might be a year away but we’re allowed to speculate! Especially the way they left off with so many cliffhangers! Hi Jon you’re not dead okay 🙂 Let’s go through some of the predictions were hoping for, and some we just don’t know anything about. Jon Snow Okay so I consider Kit Harrington’s article with EW (released the second after the finale aired btw) a complete bs story. Technically, like he says in the article, Jon Snow is dead but I think and most people should think, that he’ll be brought back to life. This will probably be possible because of Melisandre. I would love to have this question answered. If the writers didn’t want us to connect Melisandre’s return to the nights watch (to a possible resurrection of Jon), why did they show that scene in the finale? Why not wait until season 6 and have us all biting our nails wondering if she’s going to make it back to the wall to save him? jon snow dead, jon snow, game of thrones finale, GOT, Here’s my theory on all of this: A. We’ve heard stories before of R’hllor the lord of light bringing people back from the dead and if you read into the entire religion or history of the  lord of light there’s an like ultimate god I can’t remember his name, and he resembles Jon Snow exactly. Not by looks but by their journeys and accomplishments. Wiki fans correct me if I’m wrong here. B. The concept of bringing someone back from the dead happened in season 3 when Beric Dondarrion along with members of the Brotherhood Without Banners concerted to the religion of the Lord of Light. Beric died six times, and each time Thoros of Myr has brought him back. So we know it’s possible in this world. C. If you look at this show from a bigger perspective it doesn’t make sense to kill Jon at this point. It’s absolutely ridiculous and pointless. I’ve said this before, I believe Khaleesi/Tyrion/Jon are the trifecta characters of this series. George R R Martin spent a little more time on them, maybe he sees more of himself in these 3 characters than he does others. I don’t know what it is, but I do know they are the ultimates. Some people went as far as predicting the final moments of the series. Watching the three dragons ride into the sunset with all 3 characters riding each one. The first thought I had was ‘but they’re not fire they’re not Targaryens!’ And then I’m like wait Jon Snow probably is, and what if Tyrion is? What if Tyrion’s father was never Tywin?! Woah, mind blown. This got really deep and I might be crazy but ya never know! HUGE SIDE NOTE: Where was Ghost while they were killing Jon?! Ugh. So yeah, there’s my theory on Jon Snow. cersei walk of shame, cersei lannister, game of thrones finale, jon snow dead Cersei Now that she’s atoned her sins, like a quarter of them, she’s back at the castle with her Frankenstein. I feel like Cersei won’t make it past season 6, hello ain’t nobody got time for her! The sparrows will definitely find out about her and Jamie, and I think Jamie’s going to be the one to say it. Especially since his daughter admitted to knowing all along and still loving him. He’s def changed forever. I’m hoping Frankenstein will smash her head in so hard it explodes like Oberyn’s but at this – minor detail. Khaleesi There’s a blank space in my brain for Khalessi right now. I have no idea what to think of how we ended off with her. I can hope, that she’s been kidnapped, but she somehow gets the Dothraki tribe to believe in her and join her cause. It’s obvious that she can’t always have her people protecting her, her dragons aren’t going to win over the world for her, she’s going to have to put some work in herself, and that’s completely understandable. I think this will be her time to shine and show she has the power of a queen. khaleesi, khaleesi rides dragon, khaleesi game of thrones, emilia clarke, jon snow dead Sisters Arya and Sansa, I really have no idea. Brothers Bring Bran back!! Or bring him back in the form of a dragon! Whatever it is I miss that kid. I really would like to see one of the siblings connect again, I don’t know if that’s in the cards or if it even makes sense to see them together but its season 6 and I want what I want. Jorah I really wanted to believe greyscale had the power of good somehow, like maybe you can’t burn in a fire or some sh*t. But obvi Shireen + fire = not good so that theory’s out the window. I can only assume Jorah will live the ‘yolo’ life while looking for his Queen since he’s on the clock. That’s about it. Brienne Besides being the most useless character of season 5 – relax, Stannis was basically already dead, she might play a big role next season. But I have no idea how that’s going to happen. gameofthrones,GoT,HBO,georgerrmartin,gendrybaratheon,khaleesi,jonsnowdead,jon snow And last but not least, because boy I did not forget about you – Gendry! He’s technically the King right now by being Robert Baratheon’s oldest son but he probably shouldn’t let anyone know that. I think he’s going to come back at some point. Maybe next seasons finale episode? I don’t know how they’ll insert him into the plot but I think he’ll be a crazy twist. Or maybe he’ll just be Arya’s soulmate. I think those are all the theories I have for now. We still have 12 months before next season so who knows what we can come up with. Let me know what you guys think! 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TOP 10 Game of Thrones Moments From Season 5!

Hiatus officially over! We are back in bidness with brand new blog posts, tv recaps, podcasts, more! But first, let’s discuss season 5 of Game of Thrones because really we need time to heal.

10. Stannis burns his daughter
Okay this wasn’t that much of a surprise because we all know when GoT builds characters with an emotional back story it’s only to tear and rip them to shreds. By the end of the season Stannis is in a pretty sh**ty position and decides his only option is to listen to the Red Woman and burn his daughter alive! Like you couldn’t of killed her first and then burned her? Welp, it doesn’t work in his favor and Stannis miserably loses the battle if you can even call it that. All I can say is Melisandre you best be using some of that magic on our boy next season.

game of thrones, stannis baratheon kills daughter, jon snow dead, shireen baratheon

9. Sansa and Littlefinger in the tombs
Arguably one of the most important scenes of the 5th season (holy were actually in the 5th season?!) The discussion of Jon Snow’s mother and whether or not Ned Stark was actually Jon’s father has always lingered in the shadows for die hard GoT fans. This season we finally heard whispers (Littlefinger) and stories (Ser Barristan RIP) about Rhaegar Targaryen and his love for Lyanna Stark – Ned’s sister. Hmm, could this possibly mean Jon was never Ned’s stark but instead the child of his deceased sister? Which would mean Rhaegar was Lyanna’s baby daddy, and Catelyn stark got jealous of a made up prostitute for no reason! Littlefinger hints something at the sort to Sansa in the Winterfell tombs but she’s too busy worrying about her wedding night to think anything of it. Girl where yo head at?

sansa stark, littlefinger, sansa theon, game of thrones, jon snow

8. Jon Snow and white walker fight
This was definitely the battle of the season, sorry Sons of Harpees and Stannis – that wasn’t even a battle bro. When Jon Snow arrives at Hardhome all eyes our on our ginger lumbersexual- lol ahem I mean duh the wildlings. And then duh THE FREAKIN’ ZOMBIFIED WHITE WALKERS TOBOGGANING OFF THAT CLIFF THO. Nobody was expecting it, especially the wildlings woman kissing her daughter goodbye like girl showing emotion gets you killed off this show no surprise there. The battle leads to a one-on-one fight between Jon Snow and one of the grandpa white walkers. Jon heads for the cabin that has all the dragon glass and by all I mean like one piece. He can’t get to it and instead grabs his sword because his is the biggest and baddest  (insert dirty look emoji) and surprisingly blocks grandpas blade and then stabs it through him killing the White Walker. Which tells us that dragon glass isn’t the only thing that can kill a white walker. Which leads me to believe everyone needs to get their butts over to Valyria and start diggin”! UPDATE: Lumbersexual made it out alive, no hairs were burned or harmed during this scene. Phew.

Jon snow, white walker fight with jon snow, jon snow dead, game of thrones

7. Arya says goodbye to herself
As a book reader I always loved Arya’s storyline. And although I didn’t get through all the books I did get pretty far with Arya’s storyline at the house of black and white. Loved it, because who didn’t love Kill Bill? Bad ass birches getting sh*t done. We’re all about the heroines. Okay. So loved this scene the way it was shot was beautiful. How a scene with no dialogue brings such emotion is absolutely brilliant and is a testament to how filmmaking can do so much with so little (and by little I mean words not money because they definitely have a lot of that). I just love the irony in all of this, how the one person who wants to remember her past, who is only motivated by the names of these horrible people has to literally give that all up to move forward. When she pulls out needle and contemplates on getting rid of it, you remember everything’s she’s been through, and needle is the only thing that’s seen it all just as she has. It’s heartbreaking and powerful and will probably be one of my favourite scenes of the series. FYI, she doesn’t give up needle, she hides it.

arya hides needle, arya stark, arya game of thrones, jon snow

6. Tyrion and Khaleesi
Okay so I’ll admit it. I never thought in the beginning or even last season that Tyrion’s journey would lead to Khaleesi but it all makes sense now and I love it! Of course she needs his help, let’s be real here, Khaleesi, Tyrion, and Jon Snow are the trifecta of George R.R Martin’s books. They’re his favourite characters, they will have to meet at some point. But of course it takes him more than half the season to get to her but it was so worth it! And home girl was looking on point when Tyrion showed himself at the fighting pits! Huge scene, not just because we’ve been waiting, well some of us, but we were waiting for them to meet, but also what it means for the future of the show. Looks like Tyrion will finally get to try his hand at ruling a kingdom.

tyrion lannister, khaleesi, jon snow dead, game of thrones, khaleesi meets tyrion

5. Arya gets Kill Bill
Finally we get some revenge! When Arya spots Ser Maryn Trant at the docks in Braavos she knows what’s up. She follows him like a paparazzi all day, until he ends up at the whore house where we learn he’s also a pedophile. But Arya’s like next level right now so she wastes no time in borrowing one of the many faces to sneak into the whore house and stab that a**hole in both his eyes and then continues to stab him in the stomach a few more times. Wasn’t it great? And then, because she doesn’t consider herself better, or just because she felt like it she gets down on his level, to her knees, tells him who she is. Arya Stark! He babbles and we as the audience get that he gets she’s Arya Stark. It all clicked, we felt it. And then she slits his throat. Ohhhh yeah. Then she loses her eyes but girl do not give up!

arya kills trant, arya kills, jon snow dead, game of thrones

4. Khaleesi gets kidnapped?

Yes this has a question mark at the end because does she get kidnapped in the season finale or does she get swarmed and celebrated by her original OG people? Because really, they need to stop yelling, or create a distinct yelling sound that express danger as opposed to like a celebratory yelling. I mean I would love to think they’re cheering her on, and welcoming her back to their squad, but that’s probably not the case. However, I do think this is the perfect opportunity to show just how smart and brave she can be on her own. She’s always been surrounded by her protectors and obviously her dragons, but I think Our Queen will come out of this even stronger, and who knows maybe they will join her regime. Because clearly the Unsullied aren’t doing their jobs properly.

khaleesi kidnapped, khaleesi and drogon, dragon names game of thrones, jon snow dead

3. Cersei’s walk of shame
This scene is award worthy. Not for the CGi because some of us could really tell Lena Heady’s head wasn’t really on dat bod. But damn those writers sure got it right when they figured out how to shame Cersei Lannister. I don’t think this is the end of her sadly, but it was an amazing scene that I think needed to happen in this season. If it wasn’t for a bunch of crazier things that happened after that, people would still be talking about that walk.

cersei walk of shame, cersei lannister, game of thrones finale, jon snow dead

2. Khaleesi rides a dragon
YAAAAS QUEEN. This scene in the fighting pits was absolutely cray cray. The Sons of Harpees reveal themselves at the fighting pits surrounding Our Queen and her people. Ser Jorah saves the day but real talk Drogon saved the day. At the last second as Khaleesi and her people are basically done for, Khaleesi closes her eyes, and we hear Drogon! Drogon swoops in burns a whole bunch of Harpees, and then waits for his mama to get enough courage to hop on dat and ride off into the sunset.  I love how Dario and Ser Jorah try and try but they’ll never be a dragon, the thirst. But really boys, don’t stop because she still needs your help. That animal got her lost. So, I also loved this scene because in that same episode Shireen dies. And if you recall Shireen showed us and Ser Davos that in her storybooks princesses do fly on dragons. Ugh so cute.

khaleesi, khaleesi rides dragon, khaleesi game of thrones, emilia clarke, jon snow dead

1. Jon Snow’s dead….but not really
A BIG LOL @ everyone who thinks Jon Snow is dead. You guys really think his journey is done? Ya think Melisandre is going to give up on that D? Hell no. I did not for a second believe he’s dead. Okay technically he’s dead, but he’s coming back. Because hello, people do come back in GoT world and don’t think we don’t know about Lady Stoneheart! I see you DW + DB. Trying to trick us with these fake interviews and sh*t. No.

jon snow dead, jon snow, game of thrones finale, GOT,

Did we miss anything? Comment below let’s discuss.

Tyrion: Dead or Alive?


So I don’t want to be the source of all spoilers, but come on guys. It’s episode 8 of the fourth season you should be watching these episodes ON THE IMMEDIATE. Every second counts until the end.

In a typical Game of Thrones jaw dropping ending, the Prince of Dorne aka The Red Viper aka Prince Oberyn lost the battle against Ser Gregor “The Mountain” in a grueling battle that determined the fate of Tyrion Lannister. At first everyone’s thinking the same thing, how can this little Prince of Dorne fight the huge and covered in armour Ser Gregor Clegane? Well, surprisingly, Oberyn was more confident, he was fast and doing twirls around The Mountain. For the most part of the fight it looked like Oberyn was about to win. He even shoved his spear right through Gregor’s belly, but Oberyn let his guard down too quickly…and this happened.


Now the big question is, what will happen to Tyrion? Is this the end of the road for him? I feel like this can’t be the end but with Game of Thrones you just never know- we’ll have to wait and see. For now, let’s take it to the polls!


Game of Thrones: Game on!

The Eyrie

Just a friendly reminder that there’s no new episode of Game of Thrones this Sunday- new episodes will resume June 1 (we’re already on the 8th episode!!) Yikes, don’t kill the messenger. Do kill everyone on Arya’s wish list.

So last Sunday’s episode was brilliant, they’re all brilliant and special to watch but this episode was definitely one for the script writing books. The scene between Littlefinger and Sansa was amazing. When she walks out into the courtyard and there’s snow everywhere, suddenly it takes her back to Winterfell and she feels like a little girl again. Unfortunately, for her she’s not at Winterfell, pretty much her entire family is dead, and she has to live with the most annoying child ever. After her younger cousin smashes her snow castle, she smacks the boy up and it’s the closest we’ve seen Sansa become a more “Sassier Sansa”. We love it. Then, as the little boy runs off Littlefinger makes an entrance (how handsome did he look?) and he tells Sansa everything will be alright. She’s literally standing in front of the smartest man in the Game of Thrones realm (Khaleesi’s the smartest woman, duh).

He tells Sansa (paraphrasing), if the world was more about love than war and poltiics, she would probably be his daughter. Because he would’ve married her mother. But they don’t live in that world so it’s time to make out! He totally grabs Sansa and kisses her after telling her she’s more beautiful than her mother. Okay, this ish just got weird. He did kill Lysa later on so even though he might be vergring on pedophile status, we still think he’s the smartest man ever.

King’s Landing

This scene between Tyrion and the Prince of Dorne was my favourite of the night. Take a look.

Game of Thrones: POLL

So this Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones didn’t have any murders or weddings or any weddings with murders, but it did reveal a whole lot. After years of thinking the Lannister’s were behind Jon Arryn’s death, Littlefinger reveals that it was him who convinced Lysa to poison her husband. Wow- are you telling me Littlefinger basically starting everything that led to everything that’s happened in the show? Pretty much. And now I’m just talking to myself.Bran-Stark-and-Jon-Snow-bran-stark-24487536-1280-720

I’m not going to get into everything that went down, because frnakly there’s better Game of Thrones Recaps out there: Click here for EW’s but I will offer up another GoT Poll.

If you were Brandon Stark, what would you have done in that moment? Choose your destiny, or choose to call out your brother and have him protect you until the end of time? I don’t know this is a hard one.


Game of Thrones: Season 4 Awaits!

Guys can you believe this? Only a week left until the season 4 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones! I feel like just yesterday our countdown read ‘4 months to go’ and now the time has finally arrived. I think this is the most anticipated season of Game of Thrones. With last season’s Red Wedding episode they got way more attention than HBO ever dreamed of…and next Sunday will definitely make ratings history.

Here’s yet another trailer for the fourth season. Keep an eye on the Game of Thrones YouTube page in the coming week, they’ve been uploading special behind-the-scenes videos and interviews…I feel like we’re going to the Superbowl but with dragons.

Check out the trailer.

Game of Thrones: The Killing

With the second last episode of the season, tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones was probably the best yet. Right off the start there was action…Jon Snow finally gets his chance to escape the wildling clan, Khaleesi and her men do work…and Robb Stark…well let’s not get into that just yet.

Khaleesi and her army come up with a plan to take over another city…seems like that’s all she’s doing these days. Her new man with the piercing blue eyes knows how to sneak in through the city walls, Sir Jorah is totally jealous that he’s not the go-to-guy anymore. They breach the city walls, but come face to face with an entire army…we see them battle it out and then the scene cuts. In the end, Sir Jorah and her Unsullied return with good news…although they’re covered in blood. Khaleesi looks worried as she asks for Daario. Ser Jorah looks sad…but most likely because Daario is still alive…and very into Khaleesi.


Arya and The Hound make their way to the castle….closer to Arya’s mother and Robb.

Bran, Rickon and the rest of their crew find shelter in an abandoned windmill. As they’re waiting out the storm they hear a horse approaching…all of a sudden two major story lines in the show intersect and the episode just got a whole lot cooler.  Jon and his wildling crew have past the wall and are now taking over land. They come across a house and decide to kill the man inside before he can warn the crows. One of the wildlings hears screaming from the windmill…Hodor is inside freaking out because of the thunderstorm. They try to calm him down but he doesn’t stop screaming until Brnn does some weird thing and goes into Hodor’s mind…shutting him up. Bran is surprised at his warg ability…because he’s never done this in real life…especially not to another human. He’s done it in his dreams, but tonight…he does it for realz. Back on the ground, the wildlings catch up to the man on the horse and are about to cut his head off until one of the wildlings asks Jon Snow to kill the guy.


Bran forces himself and uses his warg powers to jump into Summer the direwolf who is on the ground near Jon Snow. He does his weird eye rolling thing and is immediately inside Summer. He can see everything that is happening downstairs…he can actually see Jon Snow. Jon Snow is about to kill the man, Ygritte is begging him to do it, but after a few minutes Jon stalls and immediately starts a fight with the wildlings. Ygritte defends him, the direwolf jumps into the fight ripping the wildlings a part. In the end, Jon Snow breaks free, he gets onto a horse and gallops away leaving Ygritte alone. I completely forgot what happened in the book…I couldn’t remember if Jon comes back for Ygritte…but seeing it happen and seeing the disappointment in her face as he gallops away…it was so emotional!ygritte

Back in the tower, Bran advises Rickon they should separate, if anything happens to them at least there will be one heir to Winterfell alive…little do they know now they are the only two left.

So the wedding is one of the biggest moments of this third season, when I read the book I was absolutely shocked when I read it, I literally refused to believe it. I went back and forth reading over the chapter making sure it wasn’t a bad dream…but actually happens. I was confused as to why they would kill more members of the Stark family…haven’t they been through enough? Haven’t WE been through enough? Why can’t they just have a happy ending?

Robb gets his uncle to marry one of Lord Walder Frey daughter’s after Robb failed on his promise to marry one of them. Apparently, Tully never got over this and after the wedding sets up Robb, his wife, and Lady Catelyn. It was the hardest twenty minutes to get through, I knew it was coming, I knew tears would be coming…and I wasn’t mistaken.

It was a really emotional few minutes. Arya and The Hound are so close…Arya is finally going to reunite with her family…and I can only imagine how surprising this must’ve been for fans who hadn’t read the book. After Robb’s uncle and new wife are escorted out of the hall…Robb’s wife tells him that she is pregnant…she has decided on a name for the child if it’s a boy…it will be Eddard Stark. Robb is so proud, he’s so happy…Catelyn looks over at them and she forms a smile for the couple.  Everything is going so well…obviously something is going to happen because nothing ever good happens to the Starks. After most of the crowd has left the hall…one of the guards shuts the door…hearing the lock sound…you just know something’s going to happen. Catelyn is totally sketched out…there’s a look on her face…she’s skeptical. Frey calls for everyone’s attention. Robb is beaming with joy…he’s totally ready to get out of there and celebrate his wife’s pregnancy with his people.

Frey reminds them of how they betray him…how they promised Robb would marry one of his daughter’s, Robb took an oath…and he broke it. Catelyn looks over at the guy beside her…she knows…she looks under his suit and he’s wearing his war chains. She stands up and warns Robb but it is too late…there’s a guard charging at his wife, they stab her stomach repeatedly, Robb tries to run for her but a swarm of soldiers shoot down arrows from above.

Arya is at the gates of the hall. She sees the soldiers from Winterfell, she hears them cheering. She’s about to remove herself from the shadows when Frey soldiers come by and kill the Winterfell soldiers. She hangs back until everyone is gone, she knows something horrible has happened. In the end, Catelyn tries pleading for her son’s life. Robb is looking over his dead wife’s body, he is completely dead inside…another guard comes up to him and stabs a final blow into him. Catelyn stands there, she tries to take Frey’s wife captive…but he doesn’t really care claiming ‘he can just find another one’. Catelyn slices the girls neck…and a guard comes from behind and cuts Catelyn’s throat.


She spots the direwolf in the cages, she tries to go and free it but another group of soldiers comes by and six of them shoot arrows into the cage…you hear a small whelp from the direwolf and we see it go down. For the Starks, the direwolf connection is so strong, when Robb is killed…the wolf dies with him. OMG so sad this scene killed me. Just as Arya is about to run towards the direwolf The Hound finds her and picks her up. He hits her over the head and carries her away from the carnage.

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Game of Thrones: SEASON 3 TEASER

GOTThe third season of HBO’s highly intoxicating Medieval drama Game of Thrones premieres March 31, 2013 but until then, they’ve given us the lamest trailer ever. You would think the biggest show on television would have the biggest and baddest trailer- but instead they chose to film the 3-eyed raven for 30 seconds and hope GOT fans get excitement from it. The sad truth, it is exciting even if it was a bird flying around for 30 seconds!

Forgive me father for I have sinned, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of jumping ahead and reading the books by George R. R. Martin. Now starting the 4th book, I am so ahead of everyone else and can’t contain myself because I know too much!! There is SO much that happens in season 3 (Book 3)…that they have broken up the book into two seasons. Which doesn’t sound great for me because I will have to wait another year to confess all the secrets I know from the book. And I know, some people are quick to assume the book isn’t like the TV show, but in this case…most of it is. Head writers David Benioff and D. B Weiss have for the most part stayed true to the novel. Why wouldn’t they, it is AMAZING! I was never one for medieval times, and didn’t think I would like the show, but midway through the first episode, I realized I was hooked. The characters are rich with long and dramatic character arcs, the entire concept of Westeros is built on so many different elements that it’s easy to fall into Martin’s world and not want to leave. Having said that, I couldn’t resist reading the books, but it did help watching the show and becoming familiar with everyone’s faces- because there sure are a lot of characters to remember.

Khaleesi Problems

I actually want to start a Game of Thrones book club because there are so many things to talk about, and only a few people that have read the entire series. It’s time for GOT to return so we can find out what happens to our dear Khaleesi, if Robb is truly the King of the North…and if we get to see  the death of King Joffrey. The best part is, I already know what happens to all of them.


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