TV Fall Preview

It’s about that time of the year when all the good shows are back in business (exclude: Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black) with a full schedule lined up, it won’t be a surprise when the streets seem a little emptier.

Here are some of the upcoming shows we’re excited about and when you can expect them to premiere:

fox,scream queens

Scream Queens (Sept 22)

The only show on this list that’s a series premiere this season. It is the highly anticipated new series by AHS creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. There’s a murder, there’s a college campus and a bitchy sorority, mixed in with a star studded cast and we’ve got a potential hit on our bloody hands. Look out for Nick Jonas, Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande.

How to Get Away with Murder (Sept 24)

Last season’s explosive and shocking finale left us all wondering who dunn’ it…again! How do these people keep killing people and making it all so shocking? I’m going to blame Shonda Rhimes because she’s the genius behind this show (also Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy) I really appreciated the storytelling of the first season, it’s such a smart show and very thought out. Once you figure out what’s a flashback and what’s not…you’re good to go.

Empire (Sept 23)


Arguably the most popular show of last season, Empire follows Lucious Lyon (sort of a Puff Daddy or Russell Simmons persona) as he continues to run his empire with his three sons and cray cray ex-wife Cookie played by Taraji P. Henson. Although the show’s on FOX, okay I really shouldn’t say that because they brought us The O.C and that was the greatest gift from God. But for a primetime show that doesn’t have a big budget like HBO or Showtime, it’s pretty freakin’ entertaining! The writing is borderline soap opera but still fun to watch. And the music is on point people! Also, the drama is always hot and Cookie is always crazy.

Homeland (Oct 4)

I feel like Homeland continuously blows minds, and it has been since the first season. Homeland has evolved into really, a completely different story and I love that the writers were able to do that in the aftermath of a major character death. There is definitely a challenge in keeping this show as entertaining as it is. It takes place in present day, within the confines of reality. It’s not in a mystical world, it doesn’t depend on zombies or dragons to bring that greater than life feel. It’s straight up real world drama, politics, war…and motherhood. Which leads me to Claire Danes, who is phenomenal in this series. I honestly believe she’s crazy in real life, because nobody can play crazy that good and still be faking it.

The Affair (Oct 4)


One of my favourite picks from last seasons line up. The Affair also proved that HBO and Showtime are full out going head to head bringing us the most diverse and entertaining shows on our screens. The Affair follows 2 couples, the man from the city falls in love with the girl from Montauk, that sort of thing. But here’s what they did differently, and what makes the show that much better. You know how everyone has their own version of events, or you notice something that the next person doesn’t notice. The Affair cuts between ‘his story’ and ‘her story’ one coming after the other in the episode. They’re never being juxtaposed. And you notice things in his version that never happened in hers. (eg. In his version she is much more aggressive and wants to pursue him even though he’s a married man. In her version he’s the pursuer and she’s holding back) It’s a very unique way of telling the story, even though we’ve seen our fare share of affairs on screen.

American Horror Story: Hotel (Oct 7)

Lady Gaga kicks off the new season of AHS playing a matriarchal figure in the season, aka the boss ass bitch. Which comes at a good time as our usual ‘mama dearest’ role was played by Jessica Lange who left after last season. So what do we know about all the characters this season? Not a whole lot, but we do know there are a ton of new actors filling up roles. Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are back again, and the whole season is taking place in a hotel. Hello, The Shining, this season is going to be crazy. But I said that about last years Freak Show and it turned out to be my least favourite.

The Walking Dead (Oct 11)

If you haven’t been watching Fear the Walking Dead you’re missing out on a whole new experience in zombie watching. It is such a different show, the world is completely different because we get to see what went down before all the zombies. It’s been nice watching Fear as it’s become like the appetizer dish to the full course meal that is The Walking Dead. So apparently everything’s going down this season, Morgan’s back and those wolf people know about Alexandria. So yeah it’s probably going to be a crazy season. Just please don’t kill Beth, oh right you guys already did that and ruined everything.

Kingdom (Oct 14)


If anyone wants to see Nick Jonas perma sweating and half naked this show is for you! But for real, this show has an amazing first season, taking place in an MMA gym in Venice Beach. Trust me just watch it, the drama is all good.


So what do you guys think? Will you give any of these shows a shot? Let us know what you think or what you think we should be watching this fall.


The time has come, Fall is officially over, which means put your Pumpkin Spice Latte and UGG boots away – pull out your Snuggie and Snorel’s and get ready for the winter season. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Shows That Surprised Us This Fall.


1. Homeland

Homeland Yes Homeland is in it’s fourth season, and it is definitely not a newcomer. But after last season’s shocking ending killing off it’s   main character Nicholas Brody, it was hard envisioning a season that could trump the past ones. How could a show go on without it’s main character? And by main character I literally mean Clair Danes and Brody’s character (Damian Lewis) were the central storyline, and without either one of their characters, there wouldn’t be a point to the show. So you see why it was extremely important for the writers to ramp up this fourth season and basically makes us forget all about Brody, which we did. Until they brought him back in a dream/drug sequence last week. Regardless this show is on fire! And if you’re not already watching – then watch. Now.


Homeland airs Sunday nights at 9 pm on Showtime.


2. The Affair

the affairShowtime’s The Affair is in its first season, as of this publication it is on it’s 6th episode and more than halfway through the season.(10 episodes) One of the main reasons I wanted to watch this show was for the main character – Noah Solloway played by The Wire’s Dominic West. He is hot stuff and we haven’t seen him in anything since The Wire, which spiked an interest in this new romantic drama. Can we call it that? Right from the start everyone’s assumption is that this show is another adult romance show that will probably include a lot of ‘HBO-esque’ sex scenes. Which it is..and it has, but there’s something else that’s made this show completely different from what you expect from a romance/drama. What makes this show so entertaining is that it dives into the darker more psychological effects of having an affair, and the secrecy of wanting to live a secret life that ultimately pulls our two main characters away from their every day normal. From the way it’s shot, edited, and laid out this show is completely thought out and proves why video editing is just as important as script writing. Each episode is split into two perspectives, usually the first 25 minutes is ‘Noah’s Story” and the remaining 25 minutes is “Allison’s Story”. For the first 4 episodes their version of events were running simultaneously, different things being said/heard/seen in each of their perspectives. Which adds another layer of intrigue, why is Allison the sexually aggressive partner in Noah’s story? But in Allison’s story she is more timid and resistant to Noah’s passes. Very interesting to see the different perspectives the characters have, as a viewer it’s a real mind-f*** because you never really know which story of events to believe. The premise of the show is so basic, but the way they’ve presented it to us, it’s really brilliant, and absolutely surprised me. Definitely a show to watch this season.

The Affair airs Sunday nights at 10pm on Showtime.


3. Kingdom


Another show that’s surprised me this season is DirecTV’s Kingdom. Yes, it’s the show with Nick Jonas. First off, I would like to thank the entire production of this show for offering an incentive to people who wouldn’t necessarily watch a show about mixed martial arts. We would however watch a show with sweaty hunky men with muscles working out half naked. So thank you people for giving that to the rest of us. Also, the show takes place in Venice, California so I don’t mind seeing palm trees while I watch it either. Okay, the premise is; Alvey (Frank Grillo) a onetime successful MMA fighter who runs a gym with his younger girlfriend Lisa. Alvey trains his son Nate (Nick Jonas) as he tries to becomes the next great fighter but an injury puts this dream on hold for a bit. Alvey needs to get more business to his gym Navy St. and decides to re-train Ryan (Matt Lauria, Friday Night Lights), former MMA Champion and former fiancé of Lisa. Also, Ryan’s fresh out of prison for beating the f*** out of his dad. Intrigued yet? I usually give it two episodes to decide whether or not a show is worth watching, by the first episode I already knew I was hooked.

Kingdom airs Wednesday nights at 9 pm.


4. How To Get Away with Murder

murderEveryone keeps talking about Shonda Rhimes like this girl is the Thursday night TV whisperer. Her new show How to Get Away With Murder, had me skeptical because of three reasons:

  1. I was worried everyone in this show would start talking like everyone in Scandal
  2. I had enough shows to keep track of on Thursday night’s I didn’t need another one
  3. Not crazy about Viola Davis’ face

Valid points. I kept seeing the promos for HTGAWM for a few weeks, but it wasn’t until I was bored with an empty PVR that I decided to finally give in and check the show out. I started late, I think 4 episodes in so I missed a lot, as I would soon realize (didn’t even know there were flashbacks happening). But I was immediately hooked. Even though Annalise (Viola Davis) annoys me, nobody seems to talk like they’re in Scandal (for now), so I’m good with that. Also, it’s a really smart, well thought out show so I definitely don’t feel like I could get dumber by watching it. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. Just start from the beginning, the longer you wait, the more confusing it’s going to be.

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 pm on ABC.


5. Red Band Society

red-band-society_jpgO-M-G I love this show! It makes me so happy even though it’s about a sick children’s hospital. I’m so over the hospital dramas, so this one was a breath of fresh air. From the beginning, I could tell this show was going to be different. I wasn’t crying – which was…a breath of fresh air! It is a show for the younger audience, so I’m not running hurdles to watch it on a weekly basis, but it is a cute story with cute teenagers dealing with not so cute things. The writing is absolutely surprising, seeing how they turn cheesy situations into really entertaining and witty moments. I like that. Unfortunately, the ratings haven’t been great so far, so they might not even make it to season 2 but it definitely surprised me. Just be ready to laugh and cry at the same time, which is absolutely better than laughing and crying at different times.

Red Band Society airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on FOX.











It’s hump day and I’m still reeling from the explosive series finale- oh right it was just a season finale of last Sunday’s Homeland.

Recapping an episode like ‘The Star’ was something I was looking forward to. It had such a surprising ending, it’s only fair that we discuss what went down and what we can look forward to in the next season.


First off, I want to say SPOILER ALERT!!

So I assumed the episode would pick up with Brody’s extraction (minus the two hot bearded Black Ops guys) and his welcomed return to the United States. Why wouldn’t the country embrace Brody? He just completed one of the most important missions in American history…it was literally all because of him.  But nope, that’s not how it went down. Instead, the episode started off right where it ended the week before. Brody scrambles to clean up Akbari’s body (well he hides his body under the desk), he cleans himself up, and then gracefully walks himself out of the office. He makes it out of the building right when the secretary notices the dead body and alerts the guards.

Brody makes it out- again.

At this point I’m thinking this guy has escaped death way too many times. How can one man be so lucky? Even for a main character on a hit TV show, he’s had too many close calls. So it begs the question ‘Was it his time go?’

At the time, I didn’t think so. But now that I’ve had a few days to deal with the trauma, I can see why his death was necessary. The entire time I was watching the episode, I was laughing at my screen because I didn’t think he would die. I was like ‘how stupid do the writers think I am? They’re not going to kill Brody!’ I knew they wouldn’t make it out of Tehran just like that, I knew some way the plan would be altered and Carrie would have to find another way to get them home. I just didn’t think it would end with Brody’s death.

There were no tears when Brody and Carrie were captured. There were no tears when Saul told Carrie there was no chance of rescuing Brody, and there definitely were no tears when Brody promised Carrie he was ready to ‘die’. Because none of it mattered- Brody was going to make it out alive.

Then it turned to night and an angry mob of Arabs were waiting to see the hanging of Nicholas Brody. They escorted Brody out of the prison where they took him to the center of city hall or wherever they go to hang people. Brody walked out of the car, behind the fence Carrie stood watching. Nope, no tears- I swear.

Then they put Brody into place, one of Akbari’s wives comes up to him and spits in his face. Still don’t believe it. Slowly they start raising Brody higher into the sky as the rope around his neck gets tighter and tighter. Carrie’s running around like a crazy pregnant lady looking for the perfect viewing spot.


It was when nothing happened when I realized Brody was about to die. Literally, nothing happened. It was like watching Eddard Stark’s (Game of Thrones) beheading all over again, except Carrie was Arya and she was pregnant. Brody slowly starts grasping for air, he starts shaking…and then reality sets over me like ‘holy s*** Brody is going to die.’ For a short second I thought maybe Brody had a twin brother/Carrie used her powers to create some sort of doppelganger- but unfortunately Carrie didn’t think of that.

I was confused, I was angry and most surprisingly I was balling my eyes out. Peering at my screen with blurry watery eyes I wasn’t sure what was happening, how could one of the main characters be dead? And what did this mean for next season? So much of Carrie’s motivation was Brody, since the beginning it was all about her obsession with him. Then this season it was all about her getting the chance to make Brody into the American hero, he was supposed to make it right- well he did…just nobody knew about it.

And that’s the part that bothers me the most. I feel like Brody’s death was a little senseless- sure I imagine this happens in real life all the time…heroes going unnoticed. But we had been on a wild roller coaster with Brody, he was supposed to go out the hero. Instead his last few breaths were spent watching over a crowd of angry Arabs, no sign of the country he was on this mission for.

Fast forward four months, the rest of the episode follows Carrie and Saul as their lives resume from post Brody death. Saul is enjoying his life with his cheating wife in some hot country. He looks like he’s enjoying himself, but work life creeps up when he mentions moving to New York.

Carrie is offered a higher position- the one she’s always wanted in Istanbul,Turkey. She admits to her family that she can’t keep this baby- she’s just too f****** sad.

There’s a commemoration event at the CIA headquarters –Brody is not mentioned. Once the lights are all turned off and the room is dark, Carrie visits the wall of “Stars” one for each person who lost their life fighting for their country. She pulls out a marker and draws a star for him on the wall and walks away. Now it’s clear what the title of the episode actually meant…it dawns on me once more that Brody is actually dead and now I can’t stop crying. So thanks.

What I would’ve liked to see- Since we saw so much of Brody’s family (Dana) why wouldn’t they show the family back home hearing about his hanging? They didn’t show any family drama for the last chunk of the season. What was the point of Dana’s crazy boyfriend? I imagine they’ll be in the next season but what will be the connection? Personally, I’m hoping Dana takes an interest in CIA work and enlists as a secret agent. How cool would that be?

Also, I would’ve liked to see Brody not die. But since it did happen, I’m actually excited for what season four will bring. It gives the writers a chance to develop a new dynamic, build up a new character that will hopefully take us on a new ride- hopefully Carrie won’t fall in love with them.

I’m thinking that Carrie will have the baby and keep it, I think she’s going to end up in NYC working with Saul. I can’t see them being separated for too long, especially when they had their final scene together. Carrie watches as Saul walks out of the CIA building, it almost looks like he’s happy, he doesn’t look back he just walks right out, it seems like Carrie might want to do the same thing. Why would she want to work for people who betrayed her baby daddy?

Okay people that’s all I got. I want to hear what you guys think. What will happen next season? Will Saul and Carrie reunite and be a powerhouse team in the private sector? Does Brody’s death mean Quinn and Carrie can finally be together?  But most important…will Carrie go to Istanbul?

HOMELAND: Crazy Carrie’s Got a Plan

Carrie’s not so crazy! Turns out her and Sal have had a plan all along. Carrie’s next objective is to find out more about this swanky lawyer who has Iranian contacts. In the end of the episode Carrie shows up at Sal’s place but we find out that they’ve been in contact all along and have this idea…like they always do. It’s Sal and Carrie against the world.


Meanwhile, Dana runs off with her crazy boyfriend. He escapes from the asylum and runs into Dana’s awaiting car. Then they decide to sell Dana’s moms car and trade it in for an older beaten up Honda. Later, we find out that the boyfriend’s file had been covered up. He was admitted into a psychiatric facility because he murdered his brother…his brother didn’t commit suicide, contrary to what he’s been telling Dana. Right because we all believed he was a good person?

And that’s about it…no Brody this time. See how fast we can wrap things up?

Check out some pics from this week’s episode of Homeland.

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Homeland: “Tower of David” RECAP

Damian Lewis people!! He who has risen….we finally get to see where Brody has been this entire time…and boy it doesn’t look too good for our favorite fugitive. The first shot of Brody is him being carried by some dangerous looking men in the jungles of South America. During his trench through the Columbian border, Brody was attacked and shot several times…after all he is a fugitive with a 10 million dollar bounty on his head- dead or alive.


We find out that Brody’s made these Venezuelan connections because of Carrie’s contacts. Not exactly sure how…but it’s clear that Carrie has thought all of this out…well up until this point. The man who is in charge of Brody…let’s call him Spiderman…is sort of a nice guy…and when Brody tells him he’s ready to leave to get to the next point of his journey Spiderman tells him there is no next step. This is it for him…this is the end of the line. We don’t know everything that’s happened to Brody….how he managed to leave Canada and end up down south…obviously Carrie has helped him along the way but now that Carrie’s in shambles…it’s affecting Brody as well.


Great episode…mostly because it focused on the two main characters of the show. Back and forth we see how Carrie and Brody are dealing with the wreckage that is now their lives.

Crazy Carrie is in therapy, she’s back on her meds but she’s still along way to normal. She thinks Sal set her up…and he did…but she ruined the rest of it all on her own. It doesn’t take much to push Carrie off the edge…and she’s done a great job at it. The doctors aren’t happy with her blaming other people for her being in this position…after all she stopped taking her medication. Anyways, there are too many things going on in Carrie’s head right now, so it doesn’t help that she gets a visitor from an associate of a prestigious law firm. He’s offering her a way out…his boss wants to meet Carrie and unravel all the things she’s been talking about. This isn’t going to go well.


Good ol’ fashioned juxtaposition at the end of this episode, we see Brody being held prisoner (his punishment for trying to get away)…he drugs himself with heroin to get himself through what looks to be another dark and tramautic time in his life. Carrie is in her dark room…sitting on the floor with that worried/crazy look on her face. This is just really sad.


How will these two find their way back to one another? And will we be forced to watch another 45 minutes of Dana’s soap opera love situation before we see Brody again?

HOMELAND: New Season

So I didn’t hear about Homeland until Season 1 had ended, but I was eager to understand why everyone was talking about the new show. The show is sort of compared to 24, which I never was a fan of, but it doesn’t matter because I absolutely LOVE Homeland. The series premiere started off with a bang, and the rest of the season didn’t dissapoint. It’s not all the time where you get a show that consistently has the suspense meter turned up all the way. Season 1 ended off with a huge bang…and it obvious season 2 will be even better. There were a lot of questions to be answered that weren’t in season 1…and I can’t believe they’re answering them so early on in the second season.

If you don’t know what Homeland is about, basically it’s the story of Nicholas Brody a Marine Sergeant who returns home from being held captive in Afghanistan for 8 years. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA agent who gets word that there might be an American soldier whose been brainwashed. In the beginning of season 1 as the audience, we suspect that this American soldier turned terrorist is Agent Brody, but there are curve balls throughout the season that lead us to believe it might be someone else. We always know more than the characters do, and unfortunately for Carrie’s career, we couldn’t let her in on the secret. As the first season unfolds, we learn more about Brody, where he was in the 8 years, and the people he met. So he’s not a full out terrorist (although in season 2 he sure seems to act like one). I’m not going to get into details, because I actually want people to read this post and check out the show. There are actual reasons as to how Brody came to terms with converting to Islam. Yes, he is a Muslim now. There’s more behind the story than just strapping a bomb to his body and going down in history as an ex-marine turned terrorist. Although he does strap a bomb to his chest at the end of season 1…it doesn’t define him. He has to deal with real life problems, getting used to his normal life at home, being a dad, and being a husband. Carrie, on the other hand suffers from bi-polar disorder, and a little obsessive when it comes to Agent Brody. Deep down she knows he’s the man the CIA has been looking for, but at the end of the season her obsession gets her fired.

There’s so much more, and season 2 has just begun.

So if you decide to watch any show this season…it should be Homeland.

Plus it did win Best Drama, Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress at this years Emmys.