Battle of the Seasons Recap

Hurry up you fat biatch! Is all we heard from Team San Diego in this week’s episode of MTV’s Battle of the Seasons. This week’s challenge was by far the hardest challenge yet. Teams had to carry pieces of logs with puzzle pieces on them up a hill, and line up all the logs to solve the puzzle. Each player could only carry one log each time, which made it near impossible for the two person teams- New Orleans and St.Thomas.

What I love about Team Brooklyn- in my opinion they’re already winners. They’ve been in the elimination round more than anyone else and have walked away undefeated. They have had the biggest target on their backs since day one, and have fought through it coming out at the top, especially in this week’s challenge. Sara is a master at puzzles and has the genius idea to put the puzzle together with the logs at the bottom of the hill, that way they don’t need to carry everything to the top and then solve it. Although they still fought hard, the strategy worked to their advantage and they won power team.

In the words of pageant Queen Devyn, whatever motivational course Team San Diego took…didn’t work and they should get their money back. The biggest challenge in this challenge is to work with your team, good chemistry will definitely get you far. San Diego has gotten far and will probably make it to the end not because of their chemistry…but because they’re at the top of their alliance, Frank basically runs the show. Coming into this, it’s a good idea to form relationships outside of the show. That way when you get into a challenge, you have friendships…and friendships form alliances. That’s where Team San Diego is…and that’s what veterans Johnny/Kenny/Evan/Dereck would do. If you follow the cast on Twitter, you can see whose friends with who…ultimately you might get screwed over because at the end of the day it is a game- but it’s always good to come into one of these surrounded by ‘friends’.

Anyways, Team San Diego proves how dysfunctional they are in this challenge, unfortunately for Sam she got the worst of it. It looked like an extremely difficult challenge, from the amount of walking and carrying they did, plus the scorching hot weather…it was no surprise that Sam needed to take a few breaks! San Diego made it to 3rd last…St.Thomas second last…and unfortunately Team NOLA came in last place. Really proud of the St.Thomas rookies. I know Marie and Robb are no longer a couple, but Robb was so adorable with his words of encouragement for his partner. But they’ll be gone by next week.

Brooklyn votes in the obvious team- San Diego. SD has put Brooklyn into eliminations several times, so it’s only fair that Brooklyn gets revenge. Starting out, I didn’t really care for Brooklyn. Over the season, they’ve proved what a strong team they are, not just as a whole but individually as well. I think Devyn really shocked everyone. Also, Frank is quite possibly the most annoying and selfish cast member ever…he’s worse than Johnny Bananas. At least Johnny was funny! So really…I wanted Team NOLA…but now I want Brooklyn in the finals with Vegas and Cancun.

We get to see Frank’s true colours this week when him and Zach decide whose going into the elimination round. Frank and Zach had made a deal before the show that anything mental- Frank would do…and anything physical…Zach would do. Brooklyn chose a Mental game for this week’s elimination. Frank volunteers himself…and by the end of the night he backs out and says Zach should go in. Zach doesn’t have a problem going in…but he’s furious with Frank because they had made a man-to-man promise…and surprise surprise Frank turns him back on his promises. Obviously. I understand Frank wants to win…in my opinion I would rather play with integrity than walk away a winner having stepped on everyone else. That’s just my opinion, and I think Zach felt the same way. If you’re going to make a promise, stick by it…if not…well then you’re done.

The elimination round looked like it came close…Knight and Jemmye did an amazing job, but in the end Sam and Zach pulled through. Zach was extremely happy…but it looked like Jonna was even happier. For once, Sam led the team, with her words of encouragement, Zach found it in his beast like body to win for their team. Frank…didn’t look too pleased. He knows now that Zach’s coming back…and he’s going to make a s*** show out of their team.

Thanks for reading! As always tune in next week for drrrrama!

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Battle of the Seasons: Team NOLA BayBay!!

Last night was another crazy episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons. Things get crazier with this week’s ‘insane challenge’ which basically consisted of 3 mini challenges. The first race was a chariot race, one team member had to pull a chariot with the other team members across a finish line…with a plastic horse mask over their heads. Team Cancun ended up winning that one. Brooklyn came in last.

The next challenge was an egg toss, one team member throws an egg across a wooden fence, the other team member tries to catch it in a doggy collar. St. Thomas lost that round, which meant for the last place title it would be a final battle between Brooklyn and St.Thomas.

The third challenge was an ear battle…whoever ripped the string off the other persons ear first would win. Somehow, Team NOLA won this round, putting them in first place. There was no strategy…it was just timing and luck. The final round was for first place and power team. Team New Orleans ended up beating Trishelle and Dustin. Power team went to the only team with 2 members- NOLA. Love it!

The battle between the last two teams was a fish fight, team members stood on a small wooden plank, basically beating each other up with a 15-pound fish. St. Thomas’ Trey and Laura went in. Laura lost against Sarah. Trey beat out Chet, but the tiebreaker between the two girls pushed St.Thomas into last place…and a one way ticket to the elimination round.

For some reason, Alton was being a Debbie Downer the entire time. He talked about leaving the show, and using the challenge as a reason for a ‘vacation’. He didn’t really care about the money, and wanted to go into an elimination round. Frank has been getting on everyone’s nerves, he’s the biggest s*** disturber since Johnny Bananas. Him and Alton have a tiny battle while working out in the gym, later Alton tries to be the ‘man’ and says he isn’t afraid of an elimination. But he basically volunteers Team Vegas to go into the elimination round and doesn’t go in!! It wasn’t really up to him though, Nany convinces Dustin to go in it with her so Alton can’t sabotage their team.

The final challenge was a strategy round. The one with the big heavy rope…and you have to loop it around and make an impossible puzzle to solve. Most of the teams were rooting for St.Thomas, since Vegas went against the alliance. Dustin and Nany ended up pulling through, I don’t know how they did this one, it’s such a difficult challenge, both physical and mental. Just when your body is giving up…your mentally frustrated at the thought of untangling a giant rope. St.Thomas is down to two players, thankfully the more useful side of their team- Marie and Robb. It’s still a huge deal that St.Thomas is in the game, they’re the Rookie team and I don’t think anyone saw them staying around this long.


Battle of the Seasons: Recap

Once this week’s episode of Battle of the Seasons it’s obvious that there’s no more room for the Vets…and that the Rookies have officially taken over. Usually what happens in these challenges is individuals/teams get categorized as a veteran or a rookie…if you’re a rookie and new to the game you’re most likely the first team to be eliminated because the veterans end up controlling the outcome.

This time around, there are way more Rookie teams than Veterans…most of the cast have never been on the challenges…and it’s surprising that there’s barely any vets on the show. It is a good thing, it makes for better TV, because frankly I think everyone was getting sick of Kenny Santucci,Johnny Bananas and Paula. Now that there’s new blood, they are out for the Vets…and unfortunately for Veteran Team Austin…they’re the first team to go. I thought Team Austin would end up being in the final challenge, they had Wes and he’s an idiot but great at these challenges. Since he was eliminated last week, it was only a matter of time before Danny and Melinda were sent back into elimination…where they ended up being sent home.

This week’s challenge was an oil wrestle between teams…Girl vs Girl/Guy vs Guy sort of thing. Each time a team won they would add a piece to this star thing that had to be completed. The power teams (Cancun/San Diego) decided they would throw their matches, and ultimately win the ones they chose…so that their stars would be completed first…and none of them would have a chance at being last. San Diego ended up taking first place, since Cancun had power team last week. It was basically down to St.Thomas and Austin (Melinda vs Laura). Whoever lost would be in the bottom and send them into the elimination round. Laura came out of the woodwork and won by pulling Melinda’s thumb over the red line- disqualifying Team Austin…and making Marie the happiest woman ever.

Now San Diego had a huge decision to make, send in the rookies (St.Thomas) because they hate Trey…or send in basically the only veteran team (Fresh Meat). Las Vegas is actually lucky because they would be considered veterans…if it wasn’t for their team being split into the old Las Vegas and the new Las Vegas seasons. Since Dustin and Nany make up half the team, they get away with being in the “rookie safezone”. Franky has literally become the Nazi Hunter against veterans….and has it out for Fresh Meat. They try talking to St.Thomas and try to get them on their side, for some reason Trey doesn’t trust Zach and Frank…and he refuses to kiss a**.

It wasn’t a surprise that in the end San Diego ended up choosing Fresh Meat to go into the eliminations with Team Austin. The only problem was, none of the Fresh Meat crew could decide on who was going into battle. Nobody felt like it was their turn to go in, Big Easy especially since he beat out Wes last week. San Diego had to choose the two team members, Camila and Big Easy were chosen…and they came back successful. The final elimination challenge was based on ‘endurance’…it seems like Big Easy’s size has actually benefited him these last two weeks.

Not much ‘drama’ ensued which is a real surprise since these shows tend to bring out the worst in people. Trey cried a little, Knight is still heart broken over cheating on Jemmye- he would marry her in a heart beat…and Zach (San Diego) and Jonna (Cancun) can’t keep their hands off each other. Also, I really love how my favourite team (NOLA) is staying under the radar…Jemmye is clearly on her best behaviour which is working out for them since they haven’t even been close to being sent into eliminations.


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MTV’S The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons CONFIRMED

It’s baaaaaaaaaaack, and it’s official- the new season of MTV’s The Challenge will be the Battle of the Seasons. There’s 4 cast members from a bunch of different Real World seasons- and it’s going to be a CRAZY time!If you watch the Real World episodes, you know the strangers  bring a lot of their drama onto The Challenge, and it usually becomes crazier than The Real World seasons. I’m rooting for one of my favourite seasons- NOLA, Jemm and Knight have some unfinished drama and I’m sure it’s going to blow up on camera. Also Cancun was an amazing season and I hope they end up getting far. I think Danny and his season will definitely be in the top 3 teams- Danny and Melinda were married, they’ve been doing these shows for a long time and will probably have most of the experience.

I can’t wait- the promos literally made my heart skip, I can’t imagine what kind of drama the cast members get themselves into while in beautiful Bodrum, Turkey. UM, also Zach (RW:San Diego) and Jonna (RW:Cancun) making out?!? They make a hot couple though.

Battle of the Seasons premieres on MTV September 19th at 10Pm.

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