RIVALS II: The Couples Quiz

Still recovering from last week’s bizarre elimination round, the roomies have all banded together in their quest to bring down Theresa. When did this girl become Pucket’s most hated?


By innocently throwing away her vote for LeRoy, Theresa allowed Diem to effortlessly stir the pot, and when Diem’s final vote sent Leroy into eliminations, Theresa decides she can no longer trust ANYONE in the house. Girl, this isn’t a game of friendship, people are ready to attack and the fact that she was so surprised by Diem’s move, proves how little she knows about the challenge.

Moving on!…It’s a girl elimination week, which means the drama meters were boiling, especially because we’re halfway to the final challenge. TJ has a sneaky deaky challenge lined up, one that tests how well the rival teams know each other. One team member is tied up to a rope, suspended over the water ( as usual) and the other teammate has to answer questions, with the same answers their partner gave. Emily and Paula obviously killed the game like they always do, winning first place and winning immunity from eliminations.

Jemmye and Camilla were the first team to go down, so they automatically get sent to eliminations.  This game also added fire to the flame, as some questions asked team members who they thought was the fakest in the house? Or who needed the most attention in the house? The worst part was, if you answered wrong, you would’ve proven to the entire house what you thought of that person, then TJ named who your partner really chose …so now two people hate you in the house! It happened to Jemmye and Jonna, TJ asks Nany who Jonna thinks is fake in the house…and Jonna ends up saying  Jemmye. It was a big surprise for Jemmye, while she’s sitting on the side line, she flashes that ghetto girl grin like s**** about to go down NOLA style!

The guys have a laugh out of it, TJ asks CT which girl in the house is the trashiest…CT opts to not say anyone’s name and basically sends Wes into the waters. It was a very smart move on CT’s part.

Right away, Theresa is putting in work trying to get the rookie guys on her side. She asks them to vote in Diem and Aneesa, Jordan tells her that he has her back and they’re all good. After that, Jordan and Marlon are discussing their decision, when Johnny B overhears and decides to give them some words of advice. Obviously, the smartest choice would be to vote Theresa in because nobody wants her there. When TJ arrives, Jordan admits he promised Theresa one thing, but he’s going back on his word and voting for her anyways. Whatt’ya gonna do Theresa! This one’s for the books. Jasmine stands up before her name is even called…all like she’s ready for the battle, nothing can stop her, she always has the funniest walk when she knows she’s going into eliminations. TJ is quick to notice it and even asks her why she takes on a different attitude when she knows she could be going home. It’s so funny.

This elimination looked like fun, the two teams had to run on treadmills while throwing a ball across to their teammate, and then they had to dump the ball into a bin.  Looks easy but when you’re running your ass off..it becomes tricky. Oh and there’s a big muddy hole in the ground so if you fly off the treadmill…it’ll break the fall.

They seem to edit the eliminations the same, at first they make you think one team has it in the bag and then magically the other team wins. Jasmine and Theresa started off good, but when Jasmine takes a tumble…the momentum stops. Jemmye and Camilla end up winning…which is a good thing because we are all Team NOLA. But jasmine, you will be missed.

In the end, Jordan admits whatever feelings he has for Jonna are irrelevant because he’s trying to the win the big money. On the other side of the house, Nany is talking about Jonna and how she always needs a guy’s attention in her life, which sounds about right. Nany admits the reason her and Jonna are rivals are because of Jonna’s ex…Zach. There is a whole lot of drama behind these partners that the show doesn’t even show!

Thought you guys would like this CLICK on CT! 🙂


Battle of the Seasons: Recap!

Cray Cray in Africay! Tonight’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons started off with the challenge between the final 4 teams.  You know it’s about to be a cray episode when the challenge starts off right at the top of the hour!

The final challenge before the ‘final’ challenge was the one where they get shot off some sort of slide into the water, the one in the previews where we see Zach flying into the air screaming at the top of his lungs. Yep, it sure was a good one to end off with. Teams had to pair up, one person driving the four wheeler that pulls the other teammate who is being shot out from the slide- into the water, and swimming to a dock. The swimmer has to then get onto the dock, which proved challenging for Sarah…ring a bell…and then swim back to shore.

Teams with 4 people would do it twice..and obviously the two person teams (Cancun & Vegas) would use their one score. Dustin and Trishelle go first, which proves to their advantage because Dustin absolutely kills his time, coming in first and winning Team Vegas power team.


Cancun does pretty bad, Derek is winded by the first leg of the swim, he’s slow getting back to the shore. The biggest surprise was Team San Diego. For some reason Ashley stalls the four wheeler, so Frank doesn’t really get shot out of the slide, which has him swimming an even longer distance than everybody else. This causes a huge set back for their team, but they manage to come in second last.


It’s been a BIG turn of events for Team Vegas, after Nany and Alton got booted off, it looked like Vegas was on their way out. Dustin refused to continue on with Trishelle…and Trishelle just blamed Dustin for everything. It comes as a HUGE surprise that they were power team, and had opportunity to choose the other team to go into eliminations with Cancun. Obviously, Vegas chooses San Diego because they hate them and vice versa. It is a pivotal moment for SD because they’ve been running the game thus far, but are now facing the possibility of being sent home.

Team Brooklyn is lookin’ good at this point, with SD being the only other 4 person team and going into the final eliminations, they might start off the final race with the only 4 person squad! They’ve definitely come a long way…and I’m rooting for them.


San Diego (Ashley & Frank) end up beating out Cancun (Jonna & Derek) after a grueling strategy game in the middle of the African desert. Apparently, Jonna let the ‘voices’ get to her head…or maybe because…oh never mind I won’t say it. Chet said it better anyways.

So now that there’s only 3 teams left, they head back to their swanky new apartment, with a bunch of free new Under Armour gear. I swear I would do these challenges for the sole purpose of getting free Under Armour. The next morning is the final race…teams get ready for the hardest thing they’ll ever do in their lives.

I don’t know how this seasons final race is going to top last season’s challenge in freezing Iceland!! I don’t think it can get much worse than having to sleep over night in the middle of the arctic…in a tent. But we’ll have to wait and see.

The teams will start off in the air…Devyn is super excited because she thinks she’s going to fly her way to the finish line. (For your sake Devyn…we hope that’s true). I know TJ was exaggerating the difficulty of this challenge, he says that every season, I have a feeling it will be extremely difficult, but it won’t be as bad as we think. But I’ve been wrong…soo…tune in next week for the finale!



Battle of the Seasons: Final 4!

Welp, I think we can officially declare Team San Diego as winners of The Challenge Battle of the Seasons. Not because they’ve won the final challenge, but because they’re 1 of 2 4-player teams left, and since they’ve controlled the game since day 1…it looks like they’ll go home with the biggest pay check.

Team Brooklyn is still proving why they’re in the final 4 with all 4 of their teammates. This week’s challenge basically ‘bumper ‘cars’ without the cars. Teams had to wear a big tube around them and try to knock the other teams off the big square grid. The first heat was the girls- Team Brooklyn came in first place as they battled with Marie who was runnin’ the show all on her own! Obviously, teams with only 1 male/female were likely to get thrown out first, but if your Team Brooklyn and can’t stand on two legs- then you’re out as well.

The Challenge1

The second heat was for the guys, for some reason JD and Chet couldn’t stand up with the tube around them, they fell down twice in the grid which forced them a DQ. Really sucked for them since the girls did so well, and Team Brooklyn really needed to win power team in this one. Team Vegas came in last place which was a straight ride into the elimination round. San Diego came in first winning power team, and leaving them to decide whose going into the elim. with Vegas.

It’s obvious that their time in Turkey is coming to an end with only a few teams left. It’s around this time where people start going cray and doing things they normally wouldn’t do. Marie goes balls to the wall cray when she finds out her best friend Frank (Team San Diego) is contemplating sending St.Thomas in with Vegas. Zach and Sam don’t care for Marie since Marie pushed Sam into a flowerpot last episode. Zach doesn’t want to get rid of Jonna because…it’s Jonna. And for some reason which I don’t understand, they don’t vote in Team Brooklyn. Team Brooklyn is literally the only team that could legitimately stop San Diego from winning first place. They have a 4 player team…why wouldn’t you try and throw them in one last time? Granted they will probably come back…but still it’s a chance you should be willing to take!

Marie and Frank go at it in what is apparently Jemmye’s old ‘peace’ room, seems like Frank and Marie don’t really care too much about keeping the peace. Also, I feel like Frank’s tears aren’t real. Frank tells Marie not to take it personally, which it isn’t personal, but at the end of the day you’re still a good friend to Marie, why vote her in when you don’t even have to?

Marie gets even ‘cornier’ when the group decides to go clubbing. Finally some fun! They continue their argument at the club…and then a few minutes later, on the bus ride home, the fighting continues. Marie calls Sam a few names I couldn’t piece together, she declares her and Frank are no longer friends and Robb has no choice but to get involved.


Back at the house, the fight is still going, except Marie forgets about Frank and starts pickin’ on JD! Poor little dolphin trainer JD, is just sitting in his cozy hoodie when Marie starts attacking him about his occupation! Then, things get even worse, because really who wants to make Derek angry? (love him) Marie and Derek go at it, until Robb steps in by ripping his shirt off and showing his incredible manly chest. It doesn’t do much because Derek is a firecracker and not backing down. In all honesty, I think Marie was right to be mad at Frank…but she should’ve kept it a teensy bit classier. I think this game really puts your friendships on the chopping block, and whoever were your friends coming into the game, are not necessarily your friends when you leave the game.


Anyways, San Diego puts St.Thomas into the elimination with Vegas. It seemed like a close game, but in the end Team Vegas ended up winning. Really though, St.Thomas should be proud of themselves for sticking around this long, even though they were protected by San Diego, they still held their own.

Next week, with the final 4 teams, they get a surprise from TJ that has them packing their bags, because they’re off to Namibia for the final leg of the challenge. I love that they had to pull out a map to see if it was in Africa.

Battle of the Seasons is coming to an end, but what do we think about the next season of The Challenge? I think it’s going to be a Rookie VS Veteran game, bring back Bananas and Kenny!!