KUWTK: Rob Needs To Get His S*** Together!

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s should have been my favourite episode of the season since it mostly followed my hubby Rob as he entered the realm of manhood…and moved back in with sister Khloe but instead left me thinking…lazy brother…lazy husband? It might come as a shocker, but yes, some of us do consider Robert Kardashian Jr as a potential husband candidate…and this week’s episode definitely did not do him good.

I’ve always been impressed by the youngest Kardashian especially since he graduated from University…and…that’s all I can really think of. Nevertheless, Rob has always been my main man, I’ve had a not-so-little crush on him since he first appeared on our television sets as Kim’s smaller and kind’ve shy brother. He sort of lost his way after he graduated, he didn’t know what to do with his life- especially since his sisters had stumbled upon all the fame. When Rob did Dancing With the Stars and literally almost won the competition (he came in 2nd place), he walked off that stage with a ton of confidence, and a dream that would later come together in Londontown…that dream was…..a sockline. As Rob arranges to get his life together and buy the house of our dreams…I mean his…he realizes he would rather save some of his money, live with sister Khloe for a while, and wait until a better house came onto the market. His sockline was postponed because he didn’t submit it into the National Sockline Assoscation (or whatever it’s called) in time for the next season, so he’s waiting around for that to go through.

Rob moves back in with Khlo, except his boxes are everywhere and he seems like a little b**** complaining about everything and not giving any love to Khloe! Khloe tries to complain to Lamajoon but he’s so in love with Rob that he can’t bring himself to be mad. In the end, Khloe and Rob talk it out, Rob agrees to show more respect since he’s living in her house, and Khloe tells him how proud she is of him, and she just doesn’t want him to lose his motivation.

In the meantime, Bruce does what he always does and that’s play golf. This time it’s with an ex-model redhead who Bruce has the hots for. They meet on the course and decide to make a tee time for the coming week. When Bruce gets home he tells Kris about his day and how he met a hot red head, she’s barely listening to him and walks away. When Kris finds out Bruce has been spending time with his new golf buddy, she and Kim begin stalking Bruce at the course to try and see if he’s flirting! Yes, Bruce Jenner can get his flirt on!! After all, he is Brody Jenner’s father. In the end, Kris needs to turn up the drama meter and decides to meet her ex-lover Todd or Tedd at a swanky new joint in Los Angeles. This guy is such a slimeball, he literally has slimeball written all over his $5000 suit that he probably can’t even afford because he doesn’t have a real job. He literally tells Kris he was waiting 25 years for her so they could ‘reunite’, like really?



KUWTK: Dominican Republic Part II

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s was the final part of their family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Although their Bora Bora trip was way better, there was still enough drama in the DR to keep us entertained- 2 weeks in a row!

The episode continues from last week’s, everyone leaves Kris Jenner at the dinner table when they find out she was planning on meeting up with her old flame- Todd. Bruce is hurt and pissed off, but Bruce is never angry so really he’s just sad and refuses to sleep in the same bed as Kris.

The next morning Kris wakes up with a puffed up lip that looks like a bad botox injection! It was the funniest thing ever, Bruce has a good laugh at it and jokes it’s her punishment for meeting up with Todd. Kris never actually met up with Todd but she waited the entire 45 minutes of the episode to reveal that information.

Unfortunately, Khloe had to leave and return to Dallas, which sucks because she makes the episodes 100x times funnier when she’s in them. Scott has a temper tantrum when Kim and Kourtney bother him about having a couple of drinks during the day. He can’t take it anymore and decides he’s going to leave. I don’t think he realizes the world doesn’t revolve around him and flights from the DR to LAX don’t fly out every hour! Obviously, he can’t leave and just moves into a nearby hotel.

Although Scott’s changed drastically since we watched him the first time in Miami, or the time in Vegas when he stuffed money into the waiter’s mouth, he’s still a little spoiled brat that likes to complain about everything! What makes it worse, in the end of the episode he tells Kourtney they had a deal, if he had another kid with her she’d have to marry him! Kourtney doesn’t know what to say, she tries to shut him up with a commitment bracelet she buys him, but it’s not 24k gold…so he doesn’t care too much about it. I still think Kourtney is refusing to marry Scott because if she does, he has the entire Kardashian empire at his feet, even if they had a pre-nup he would still be obligated to some of the money because he has two kids with her! In this day and age, and in Hollywood, a marriage certificate is just a blank piece of paper- Scott should know that. He witnessed first hand the Kardashian-Humphries tragedy.

In the end, Bruce has a talk with Scott they work it out, and Bruce forgives Kris when she explains she never even met up with scumbag Todd.

That’s it for this week, tune in next week for another brand new Kardashian episode. Also, someone tell my husband Rob there are such things as sandals, he shouldn’t be wearing socks and sneakers to the pool!



Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s NEW SEASON

Last night was another season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s and it was definitely a preview of what’s to come this season. Be prepared to see a lot more of Mama Kris, she seems to be in more control these days except maybe not when it comes to Bruce who doesn’t really know his purpose in life anymore- other than being Brody Jenner’s weird looking dad.

Okay definitely, something happened to Bruce’s face between last season and now, because I literally couldn’t stop laughing on the camera close ups last night. I don’t know what it is, at the end of the day you just feel so bad for this man- he’s had any ounce of manliness stripped away from him, he’s not even allowed to enjoy a snack on the 3000th sofa that’s in their home. By the way, lovin’ the house, always have always will, every season it just looks even nicer, great job Kris.

One house that definitely needs some sprucing up, and maybe a housewives touch is Rob’s house…and the house he keeps searching for. Look, if you need me to come and take care of our home, I’m totally okay with that, just let me know.

Kourtney is on baby #2…Khloe is back from Dallas…and Kris keeps bringing up Khloe’s paternity test. The season of Khloe and Lamar finished off with the rumours about Khloe’s identity. Is she a real Kardashian…probably not, but you know what- it’s not for us to really care about that! So let’s move on!

I just don’t get why Kris is frustrated at the rumours when this is all surfacing is because she’s written a memoir about her ‘life’…and she happens to mention in there that she had an affair around the time Khloe was conceived. Like I said before, I wouldn’t be surprised if Khloe has a different dad, point is she was raised by Robert and Bruce and they’ll always be her real fathers. Obviously, there is a doubt somewhere in her, if she didn’t she would just get a paternity test and prove everyone wrong…she would def sleep better at nights.

Nothing else really happens, except for we learn Kylie is flunking science (seriously who passes that course anyways)…and Bruce moves a step forward in reclaiming his position as man of the house once again.

Khloe and Lamar: The Trade!

So watching this week’s episode of Khloe and Lamar was sadder than I expected. Obviously, it’s no surprise that Lamar Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks after the NBA lockout. However, I was surprised finding out that he actually was traded to New Orleans as well.

The lockout is over, but the drama definitely isn’t. Khloe has to fly to New York for a quick event, however she doesn’t want to leave Lamar because he’s going through all these trade rumours. While she’s on her 5 hour flight, Lamar gets traded to New Orleans, Khloe is freaking out because all this happened while she was up in the air. She calls Lamar but there’s no answer. She hears his voice on the radio, giving some radio interview and he sounds extremely sad.

And then, only a few minutes later, there’s breaking news, and New Orleans pulled out on the Odom trade. So he’s not leaving the Lakers, but now he no longer wants to be a Laker since they were so quick to trade him. It was surprising to hear Lamar was even up for a trade, he’s been playing well, and has been with the Laker’s for years.

Anyways, by the end of the episode Lamar gets traded to Dallas, Khloe stands by her man and is being extremely supportive. It’s crazy how fast a trade can change someone’s life, Lamar doesn’t even have time to pack his things, Khloe stays back to basically pack their entire lives into boxes.



Khloe and Lamar:New Season!

Finally…the new season of Khloe and Lamar is here! I was truly getting sick of Kim and Kourtney in New York City, mainly watching Kim…but let’s just be happy that it’s over.

Moving on, I was actually really excited about the new season, I love Khlomar, but I have to say the season premiere was a little boring. It felt like the producers were pulling at everything to produce a storyline…or maybe I was just missing my man Rob Kardashian. He’s moved out of Khloe’s house and into his own apartment, which sucks because now we get to see him less.

I have to admit, Malika’s storyline is definitely getting juicier. She’s dating some Arizona football player whose in the middle of a divorce. Khloe becomes over protective when she meets him, and realizes he might not be the right man for Malika. In the end, they break up, Malika realizes she doesn’t want to get involved with a man that has so much baggage (3 children). And that’s the end of that.

Lamar can’t sleep, he has insomnia, and the basketball lockout isn’t helping him. Because he’s up all night, Khloe can’t sleep either. Which doesn’t make sense, if he can’t sleep, why doesn’t he just move into another bedroom and let her have a good night’s rest.

That’s about it…I haven’t seen this week’s episode, and I’m sad to say I’m not that excited for it. It seems like the season will pick up once Lamar and Khloe have to move to Dallas. For now, I’ll just hope Rob is in more scenes then he should be.




KKTNY: This Is How The Fairytale Ends

All week we saw the Kourtney and Kim Take New York finale promo…and it drove me insane! Omg- the dramatic voice overs…with flashes of Kim crying because of Kris…Kourtney and Scott by her side- supporting whatever decision she makes. I couldn’t handle it…all I could do was laugh. But, when the final episode premiered last night, I have to say- I was totally fighting back the tears!

I’ll admit, this season did show a lot more of Kim’s failed marriage than I suspected. I just assumed they would breeze over the issue, and not show Kim on her bad days. But, they showed everything. However, there were some things that weren’t caught on camera- and I think we can all agree, that’s completely fair. Kim made a point of saying she’s allowed cameras to film her entire life, but her final decision about her marriage would happen behind doors, with Kris and no cameras. We get it, but after watching the episode last night, it was clear what her decision was going to be.

With their final week in New York City almost over, Kim decides to spend quality time with Kris doing things they would normally do. They head to the gym for a pilates class…but that turns out to be a disaster when Kris competes with Kim during the workout. He gets mad at her for not ‘showing her emotions’ during the exercises…which probably is a metaphor for their marriage but who are we to judge. Then, they decide to hit the town and have a romantic dinner at STK. That also fails miserably, as they realize they have nothing to talk about! Literally, sitting in silence. Until the food arrives…and that was all. Yikes!

As both couples starting packing for their return to LA…Kim freaks out that Kris wants to move ‘all’ his boxes back to her house. She says there’s no room in her huge mansion for his belongings…Kim did you forget that you were married to him? Clearly, Kim knew deep down she didn’t want to move in with Kris, she was completely fine with him heading back to Minnesota- dropping his things off there…and flying out to LA with half of his wardrobe…WTF?

Sister Kourtney was also confused at this…and overhearing their conversation…she decided to pipe in and call her sister a bitch. Granted Kim was being a princess, Kim was extremely distraught and had to leave the suite. She went into this other hotel room…which I’m assuming is for extra storage (camera equipment,clothes,makeup) and decided to call younger sister Khloe. She admitted everything to Khlo, she didn’t know what to do with him, she thought everyone would be mad at her for having this huge fairytale wedding, and only a few months later admit she was getting a divorce. Obviously, anyone in her Louboutin shoes would be embarrassed, but the bigger issue was Kim’s happiness. Kourtney finds her in the weird random room and apologizes to her for calling her a bitch. They have a sisterly chat…and Kim finally returns to the suite to talk to Kris.

Kris and Kim finish packing, and head to the airport. As they sit in silence, Kim evaluates her stay in New York City as being disastrous, and she never wants to come back. Although she loved NYC when she arrived, she definitely experienced some of her worst moments in that suite, and all she wants to do is get back to Los Angeles…and head to her lawyer’s office. Least you had a pre-nup Kimmy!


Khloe’s New Dallas Pad!

Waah! Even though our fave Kardashian sister is no longer living in the City of Angels..she’s settling inside the swanky W Dallas..and here are the stunning pictures! The couple, who moved to Dallas about a month ago decided not to buy a property, but to lease instead. Lamar’s contract is only for a year with the Dallas Mavs, and who knows where he might end up after that!

A Kardashian Christmas!

If you haven’t seen the pictures yet…here they are.

The highly anticipated Kardashian Christmas card pictures. Every year they do something spectacular…and no doubt about it this year it looks amazing!!

Check out my husband, looking handsome as always in a tux!

Kendall’s Swaggin’ Sweet 16!!

If you missed it,don’t worry there will be repeats. Last night E! had a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians:Kendall’s Sweet 16. Because at this point…we shouldn’t even be surprised the Kardashian-Jenner clan finds anything and everything to televise. What I was surprised at was how generous and kind Kendall (the second youngest) was, and how determined she was to give back to the world.

Fave sissy Khloe took Kendall on a toy shopping spree (my dream)…and then took all the toys to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (so cute). Obviously, Mother Kris was busy planning the entire party…she even thought of flying everyone out to the Bahamas…Kendall argues with her mom that she just wants a simple party with a few friends…nothing crazy. Clearly, she doesn’t know how her mom works yet.

Rob was missing from the entire episode…we see a bit of him at the end…I was truly dissapointed.

Anyways, Kendall fails her driving test and throws a tempter tantrum at Bruce for not understand how she feels…yes we know Kendall, it’s like the world is coming to an end…and nothing else really matters. In the end she passes her license…and gets her dream car. A gas guzzling black Range Rover.

In the midst of all the crazy party planning drama…Kendall plans a ‘secret’ trip to Vegas to get a tattoo that Bruce is forbidding her from getting. Kendall and Kylie take a day trip to Sin City (this trip was totally planned by Kris)…Kendall chickens out on the tattoo…and Kylie goes A-wall at the Sugar Factory (another plug). My guess, they made a trip to Vegas for the Sugar Factory…and decided to film the ‘tattoo drama’ along with that…to fill the one hour time slot.

Anyways, enough about TV magic. Kendall picks out the venue…which is at some hotel in West Hollywood and it’s on the rooftop. I almost died…the place was stunning! I actually lived vicariously through Kendall last night…because I so would’ve chosen that place for my birthday…if I was a millionaire! Bruce plans this entire security lockdown system to filter out the bad kids from the good. He was making sure none of the kids were bringing in alchohol. Come on Bruce, this is Beverly Hills, kids bring cocaine not alchohol. Halfway through the party Kendall finds out some kids tried sneaking in some booze…probably from mama Kris who was swinging back the drinks all night! She gets Khloe to make a speech…and reminds the crowd that this isn’t a 21+ party…and that Kendall does not condone underage drinking. Boo.

Tyga ended up being the surprise performer…he was alright. I mean, we would’ve liked to see Drake but whatevs. Party seemed live enough, Daddy Bruce left halfway through the party because his ears were ringing and it was past his bedtime. Kendall has a sleepover at the hotel…and we’re assuming the rest of the night was awesome.

She’s one luck b****!


Dirty Soap Premiere!

Sunday night was the Series Premiere of E!’s Dirty Soap. It’s basically a reality show…about soap opera stars. Personally, I loved it. It’s similar to any other reality show on E!, same format, same dramas, you get the point.

Some of my favourite Soap Opera stars are on it…like Luiz from Passions…Belle and Mimi from Days of Our Lives…Sam from GH…Chloe from Days of Our Lives…and Chloe’s real life boyfriend who I think originally came on to play Sean on Days…not sure what show he’s on now.

There’s definitely a lot of drama surrounding this cast-especially since all these soaps are now being cancelled. Some of them are broadcasting online rather than on air…it is a sad year for soap opera fans.

Kelly Monaco (Sam,GH) seems like a real bitch! She definitely has the diva-esque attitude going on…like she knows everything…and won’t take anybody’s sh*t. We still love her. Kirsten (Belle,Days) is on General Hospital now with Kelly, so they’re kind of like friends now. However, Kirsten and Farrah (Mimi,Days) are frenemies (which means they used to be best friends-but now they hate each other). Apparently, back in the Days, days…they used to be like sisters…but now they don’t talk to one another. Probably because both are jealous of each other. Who knows. People say Kirsten is a real you-know-what…and from the last episode…I’d rather be friends with Farrah and her two gay boyfriends.

Galen (Passions,Days) is married (boo)…and his wife hates the fact that he’s a soap star. She hates seeing him on tv kissing other girls…and she hates rehearsing his lines when he’s telling another women he loves her. That scene was actually really funny. He’s really cute…he’s definitely the center of attention on set, you can tell everyone loves him. Obviously, who wouldn’t he was Luiz!

Chloe…member her from Days? She was the emo teenage girl that always wore black…until someone discovered her beautiful singing voice-Philip fell in love with her…and she became a prostitute? I haven’t watched the show in years….but Chloe was always one of my favourites. I guess they decided to bring her back…she became a prostitute…only before they decided to take her off the show (no she didn’t die). Anyways, she’s living with her boyfriend of 5 years. He played Sean in Days of Our Lives for a while. He’s cute, they’re cute together, they seem like a really down-to-earth couple in the midst of this crazy Soap drama world.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for these crazy b*tches!

Until then, check out Ellen’s new “As The Tide Turns” soap opera…in light of all these cheesy shows being cancelled. It’s hilarious.