Kardashians In MIKONOS!

The three part Kardashian vacation in Greece is over but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beautiful pictures one more time. The Kardashian vacations are always a staple feature in their seasons, something always good comes out of the getaways. Although my man Robert wasn’t present, we still got the chance to enjoy Brody and Brandon as they joined the Kardashian clan in Mikonos.

Enjoy the slideshow!

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Khloe’s New Dallas Pad!

Waah! Even though our fave Kardashian sister is no longer living in the City of Angels..she’s settling inside the swanky W Dallas..and here are the stunning pictures! The couple, who moved to Dallas about a month ago decided not to buy a property, but to lease instead. Lamar’s contract is only for a year with the Dallas Mavs, and who knows where he might end up after that!