KKTNY: This Is How The Fairytale Ends

All week we saw the Kourtney and Kim Take New York finale promo…and it drove me insane! Omg- the dramatic voice overs…with flashes of Kim crying because of Kris…Kourtney and Scott by her side- supporting whatever decision she makes. I couldn’t handle it…all I could do was laugh. But, when the final episode premiered last night, I have to say- I was totally fighting back the tears!

I’ll admit, this season did show a lot more of Kim’s failed marriage than I suspected. I just assumed they would breeze over the issue, and not show Kim on her bad days. But, they showed everything. However, there were some things that weren’t caught on camera- and I think we can all agree, that’s completely fair. Kim made a point of saying she’s allowed cameras to film her entire life, but her final decision about her marriage would happen behind doors, with Kris and no cameras. We get it, but after watching the episode last night, it was clear what her decision was going to be.

With their final week in New York City almost over, Kim decides to spend quality time with Kris doing things they would normally do. They head to the gym for a pilates class…but that turns out to be a disaster when Kris competes with Kim during the workout. He gets mad at her for not ‘showing her emotions’ during the exercises…which probably is a metaphor for their marriage but who are we to judge. Then, they decide to hit the town and have a romantic dinner at STK. That also fails miserably, as they realize they have nothing to talk about! Literally, sitting in silence. Until the food arrives…and that was all. Yikes!

As both couples starting packing for their return to LA…Kim freaks out that Kris wants to move ‘all’ his boxes back to her house. She says there’s no room in her huge mansion for his belongings…Kim did you forget that you were married to him? Clearly, Kim knew deep down she didn’t want to move in with Kris, she was completely fine with him heading back to Minnesota- dropping his things off there…and flying out to LA with half of his wardrobe…WTF?

Sister Kourtney was also confused at this…and overhearing their conversation…she decided to pipe in and call her sister a bitch. Granted Kim was being a princess, Kim was extremely distraught and had to leave the suite. She went into this other hotel room…which I’m assuming is for extra storage (camera equipment,clothes,makeup) and decided to call younger sister Khloe. She admitted everything to Khlo, she didn’t know what to do with him, she thought everyone would be mad at her for having this huge fairytale wedding, and only a few months later admit she was getting a divorce. Obviously, anyone in her Louboutin shoes would be embarrassed, but the bigger issue was Kim’s happiness. Kourtney finds her in the weird random room and apologizes to her for calling her a bitch. They have a sisterly chat…and Kim finally returns to the suite to talk to Kris.

Kris and Kim finish packing, and head to the airport. As they sit in silence, Kim evaluates her stay in New York City as being disastrous, and she never wants to come back. Although she loved NYC when she arrived, she definitely experienced some of her worst moments in that suite, and all she wants to do is get back to Los Angeles…and head to her lawyer’s office. Least you had a pre-nup Kimmy!


KKTNY: Season Finale Part I

Of course, like any Kardashian television event…it has to become a ‘saga’ or an episode divided into as many parts as possible. The season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was split up into two different episodes…more viewers…more ratings…more moolah!

Now that’s not rocket science, but what is more confusing is understanding why any newly married couple would think it’s beneficial to their marriage to move into a suite with their sister,her boyfriend, and their toddler…oh and a bunch of cameras. Leave it up to Kim and what’s his face…to dive into their first few months as being a married couple…whilst sharing their lives with millions of viewers. By now, it’s clear Kim is leaning towards a separation with Frankenstein…and I have to admit, this episode was a very tearful one.

Kris’ sister Kayla…wants to visit her brother and her new ‘sister’, but Kris doesn’t let Kim know she’s coming into town until a few days before. Obviously, with Kim’s busy schedule, she can’t find the time to hang out with new sis. It doesn’t matter anyways, things were heading downhill before Kayla came into the picture.

Kim decides she wants to meet with John Edwards- yes, he’s the medium that had his own show a few years ago…apparently she really wants to connect with her father, and John is the man to do it. At first, Kourtney isn’t into it, she believes her father is always around them, they don’t need some dude to tell them that. In the end, she decides to support Kim and sit with her during the ‘session’. On the morning of the meeting with John, Kim realizes that it’s the exact day of her father’s anniversary. And it couldn’t of been planned, because Kim agreed to the meeting based on John’s busy schedule.

Anyways, during the meeting John was telling them a lot of things that nobody else would’ve known. Kim and even Kourtney were completely shocked at what John was telling them. Obviosuly, he was talking to their late father Robert Kardashian, and it was a really cute scene between the two sisters. Also, John mentioned one of the sister’s was pregnant…if you don’t know a few weeks after the wrap of the season, Kourtney announced she was pregnant. You won this round John.

He also mentions a blonde girl…and we find out that the blonde girl was actually Khloe. Their father always wanted to see Khloe with blonde hair, so nearing his death, Khloe showed up at the hospital with her hair dyed blonde.

Very cute, during this time Kris was being a complete jerk. He didn’t support Kim and her decision to connect with her father. So, what does she do? She asks John to ask her father (who was a lawyer) how in the hell she’s going to divorce Frankenstein. Yep!, she asks for guidance, and ultimately help in making her final decision.

Ultimately, we know what her father told John…and that was for Kim to follow her heart. That she did.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get too cheesy.


KKTNY: Fairytale’s Don’t Exist

We are nearing the end of another Kourtney and Kim Take New York season, and my is the ending better than the beginning! Things have gotten worse for Kim and her basketball hub Kris, especially when Kim returns from Dubai and remembers how annoying the “Hump” really was.

Khloe is still in the Big Apple…and Kim avoids Khloe at all costs. In the beginning of the season Kim freaked out at Khloe calling her an ‘ugly troll’ because she woke her up early. Kim still hasn’t apologized to Khloe, and after 40 minutes…Kim has no choice but to open up about everything to her little sister.

She admits to Khloe what we’ve all known, which is Kim has taken her frustration about her marriage out on everyone else. It definitely looks like she gained a few pounds…and her freak out on Khloe wasn’t the only spaz she had. She starts crying to Khloe and in front of the cameras, admitting she’s not happy in her marriage, that she feels she rushed into it and got caught in all the excitement of the ‘fairtytale wedding’. Kris is definitely feeling the awkwardness as well, they don’t vibe the same anymore, and he’s become a complete douchebag towards her (not that he wasn’t before)Duh!

We’ll see what happens next week on the season finale.

Khloe’s New Dallas Pad!

Waah! Even though our fave Kardashian sister is no longer living in the City of Angels..she’s settling inside the swanky W Dallas..and here are the stunning pictures! The couple, who moved to Dallas about a month ago decided not to buy a property, but to lease instead. Lamar’s contract is only for a year with the Dallas Mavs, and who knows where he might end up after that!

Kris Humphries: Not Getting A Divorce!

Oh man, this entire Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries drama will never end! Once again, reports are surfacing that Kris has decided not to sign the divorce agreement…or however it works…instead he’s asking a judge for an annulment. Apparently, Kristopher is extremely religious, and he would rather the marriage have not even existed….then have it deemed as a ‘divorce’.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, because yesterday TMZ reported Kris believed he was just a ‘pawn’ in the Kardashian wedding fiasco…and he could’ve been replaced by anyone! Um…Kris…don’t you think you’ve realized that a little too late? I mean, getting married after only 3 months…she requested a diamond ring that costed more than your entire NBA career…and you still didn’t think this could’ve been a stunt?If the judge refuses to grant an annulment, Kris will then ask for a legal separation. However, a legal separation apparently prevents you from marrying again in the future.

I don’t know if this wedding thing was a sham…I’m hoping that it wasn’t..and I really hope Kim was just extremely desperate to get married and find the man of her dreams. But, you can’t put it past a mother and daughter team that made money off Kim’s sex tape. I mean really.

Either that, or Kris is in on this entire thing and he’s just trying to cause hype around their new season of KKTNY (which Kris is featured in)…$$$.

What do you guys think?