Kris Humphries:Begging For More!

As if the New Jersey Nets signing Kris to a $7-8 million dollar deal wasn’t funny enough, Frankenstein is now taking Kim to court to get more money from her! Obviously, Kris has some resentment towards Kim and feels like she just used him for this entire ‘fairytale wedding’ idea…and the only way he can get over it-is with her money.

It’s so pathetic, and if this story is as true as they report on TMZ…then someone should really get rid of all the evidence from season 2 of KKTNY and deny Kim and Kris ever meeting. He’s so pathetic, she knew something like this might happen and she signed a tight pre-nup that he can’t get at.

Kris claims all the money he got from the wedding/tv show went into a join account, that he can’t touch now since the Judge in their case has frozen the account. According to sources, Kris made a easy 1 mill from the wedding, and $250,000-300,000 from the reality show. I’m assuming he wants that money in the joint account, but the judge won’t grant him his moolah until the settlement is…settled.

Famous people and their greed…

KKTNY: Season Finale Part I

Of course, like any Kardashian television event…it has to become a ‘saga’ or an episode divided into as many parts as possible. The season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was split up into two different episodes…more viewers…more ratings…more moolah!

Now that’s not rocket science, but what is more confusing is understanding why any newly married couple would think it’s beneficial to their marriage to move into a suite with their sister,her boyfriend, and their toddler…oh and a bunch of cameras. Leave it up to Kim and what’s his face…to dive into their first few months as being a married couple…whilst sharing their lives with millions of viewers. By now, it’s clear Kim is leaning towards a separation with Frankenstein…and I have to admit, this episode was a very tearful one.

Kris’ sister Kayla…wants to visit her brother and her new ‘sister’, but Kris doesn’t let Kim know she’s coming into town until a few days before. Obviously, with Kim’s busy schedule, she can’t find the time to hang out with new sis. It doesn’t matter anyways, things were heading downhill before Kayla came into the picture.

Kim decides she wants to meet with John Edwards- yes, he’s the medium that had his own show a few years ago…apparently she really wants to connect with her father, and John is the man to do it. At first, Kourtney isn’t into it, she believes her father is always around them, they don’t need some dude to tell them that. In the end, she decides to support Kim and sit with her during the ‘session’. On the morning of the meeting with John, Kim realizes that it’s the exact day of her father’s anniversary. And it couldn’t of been planned, because Kim agreed to the meeting based on John’s busy schedule.

Anyways, during the meeting John was telling them a lot of things that nobody else would’ve known. Kim and even Kourtney were completely shocked at what John was telling them. Obviosuly, he was talking to their late father Robert Kardashian, and it was a really cute scene between the two sisters. Also, John mentioned one of the sister’s was pregnant…if you don’t know a few weeks after the wrap of the season, Kourtney announced she was pregnant. You won this round John.

He also mentions a blonde girl…and we find out that the blonde girl was actually Khloe. Their father always wanted to see Khloe with blonde hair, so nearing his death, Khloe showed up at the hospital with her hair dyed blonde.

Very cute, during this time Kris was being a complete jerk. He didn’t support Kim and her decision to connect with her father. So, what does she do? She asks John to ask her father (who was a lawyer) how in the hell she’s going to divorce Frankenstein. Yep!, she asks for guidance, and ultimately help in making her final decision.

Ultimately, we know what her father told John…and that was for Kim to follow her heart. That she did.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get too cheesy.


KKTNY: Fairytale’s Don’t Exist

We are nearing the end of another Kourtney and Kim Take New York season, and my is the ending better than the beginning! Things have gotten worse for Kim and her basketball hub Kris, especially when Kim returns from Dubai and remembers how annoying the “Hump” really was.

Khloe is still in the Big Apple…and Kim avoids Khloe at all costs. In the beginning of the season Kim freaked out at Khloe calling her an ‘ugly troll’ because she woke her up early. Kim still hasn’t apologized to Khloe, and after 40 minutes…Kim has no choice but to open up about everything to her little sister.

She admits to Khloe what we’ve all known, which is Kim has taken her frustration about her marriage out on everyone else. It definitely looks like she gained a few pounds…and her freak out on Khloe wasn’t the only spaz she had. She starts crying to Khloe and in front of the cameras, admitting she’s not happy in her marriage, that she feels she rushed into it and got caught in all the excitement of the ‘fairtytale wedding’. Kris is definitely feeling the awkwardness as well, they don’t vibe the same anymore, and he’s become a complete douchebag towards her (not that he wasn’t before)Duh!

We’ll see what happens next week on the season finale.

KKTNY: The Beginning Of The End

Moving on from last week’s episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York…this one seems to have a whole lot more ‘real’ drama…compared to the Jonathan Cheban coming out of the closet question…and Scott’s desire to learn the piano dilemma. This week, the episode was split into two episodes (not sure why)…needless to say they seemed a little awkward right after one another.

For example…in the first half hour Kim and Kourtney decide they need time off from their busy lives (and husbands/boyfriends)…so they escape to the small town in Connecticut and stay at some beautiful Inn…all expenses paid for by the free advertisement. Yay! So I asked myself why they would need the weekend off…what is Kim really taking a break from? Maybe she’s not taking a break…more like running away from Frankenstein aka Kris Humphries aka her husband of 72 days.

Anyways, while the women plus Mason are gone for the weekend, Hump decides it’s a great idea to make some quick cash since he’s jobless…head to Toronto and host a club appearance gig. Only problem…Kim didn’t approve of his club hoppin’ ways…since he threw a house party in their NYC suite behind her back. But, of course Hump isn’t ‘whipped’ like the other men in the family…so he convinces Scott to tag along with him to a whole new country. Kim obviously finds out that Kris is in another country…relax it’s only 1-hour plane ride away…and freaks out. Meanwhile, sister Kourt doesn’t really care about Scott going, seems like she’s more relaxed at the Inn with her man Mason.

Kris and Scott are back in NYC the next day…Kim and Kourt get home and all hell breaks loose (not really, but sort of)…Kim confronts Kris about his extravagant (not so much) trip to another country. He calms her down and tells her he needs to get used to the whole ‘marriage’ thing…bla bla bla.

The next episode…Kim is ready to leave her hubby again…and this time to Dubai! Kim confesses it’s a great time to see the Middle East (she’s always wanted to)…and it’s convenient enough since she needed a break from Kris. A break from what!? She was just married!!…she should be with her man…besides she just took a trip to Connecticut for a break…how many breaks do you need girl!? Clearly, there was something changing between these two…because she would rather be sippin’ Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai…rather than sharing her milkshake with her man.

Kris doesn’t seem too bothered with her trip…he was a little let down when he found out Kourtney wasn’t going. Instead, Kourtney invites sister Khloe to visit…since Kim is out of town. They use the time while Kim is gone to annoy Hump…and basically learn more about him. But really, how much can you get out of a 25-yr old Frankenstein looking basketball player. On the way home from Dubai…Kim confesses to her mom Kris that she’s not really excited to get back to her husband…Kris tells her straight up that isn’t normal…especially since they’ve only been married a few weeks.

We’ll have to see what happens next week…but it’s looking to be the beginning of the end.

After the episode aired, Kris Humphries Tweeted this…

A Kardashian Christmas!

If you haven’t seen the pictures yet…here they are.

The highly anticipated Kardashian Christmas card pictures. Every year they do something spectacular…and no doubt about it this year it looks amazing!!

Check out my husband, looking handsome as always in a tux!

Kendall’s Swaggin’ Sweet 16!!

If you missed it,don’t worry there will be repeats. Last night E! had a special episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians:Kendall’s Sweet 16. Because at this point…we shouldn’t even be surprised the Kardashian-Jenner clan finds anything and everything to televise. What I was surprised at was how generous and kind Kendall (the second youngest) was, and how determined she was to give back to the world.

Fave sissy Khloe took Kendall on a toy shopping spree (my dream)…and then took all the toys to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (so cute). Obviously, Mother Kris was busy planning the entire party…she even thought of flying everyone out to the Bahamas…Kendall argues with her mom that she just wants a simple party with a few friends…nothing crazy. Clearly, she doesn’t know how her mom works yet.

Rob was missing from the entire episode…we see a bit of him at the end…I was truly dissapointed.

Anyways, Kendall fails her driving test and throws a tempter tantrum at Bruce for not understand how she feels…yes we know Kendall, it’s like the world is coming to an end…and nothing else really matters. In the end she passes her license…and gets her dream car. A gas guzzling black Range Rover.

In the midst of all the crazy party planning drama…Kendall plans a ‘secret’ trip to Vegas to get a tattoo that Bruce is forbidding her from getting. Kendall and Kylie take a day trip to Sin City (this trip was totally planned by Kris)…Kendall chickens out on the tattoo…and Kylie goes A-wall at the Sugar Factory (another plug). My guess, they made a trip to Vegas for the Sugar Factory…and decided to film the ‘tattoo drama’ along with that…to fill the one hour time slot.

Anyways, enough about TV magic. Kendall picks out the venue…which is at some hotel in West Hollywood and it’s on the rooftop. I almost died…the place was stunning! I actually lived vicariously through Kendall last night…because I so would’ve chosen that place for my birthday…if I was a millionaire! Bruce plans this entire security lockdown system to filter out the bad kids from the good. He was making sure none of the kids were bringing in alchohol. Come on Bruce, this is Beverly Hills, kids bring cocaine not alchohol. Halfway through the party Kendall finds out some kids tried sneaking in some booze…probably from mama Kris who was swinging back the drinks all night! She gets Khloe to make a speech…and reminds the crowd that this isn’t a 21+ party…and that Kendall does not condone underage drinking. Boo.

Tyga ended up being the surprise performer…he was alright. I mean, we would’ve liked to see Drake but whatevs. Party seemed live enough, Daddy Bruce left halfway through the party because his ears were ringing and it was past his bedtime. Kendall has a sleepover at the hotel…and we’re assuming the rest of the night was awesome.

She’s one luck b****!


KKTNY: Scott and Kris Romantic Date!

Another week begins…which means another week with the Kardashians. Last night on E! we got ro see a whole lot of ’em…and a whole lot of issues we didn’t wanna know about on Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Scott gets caught with lesbo porn on his mac…and Kris finds himself in yet another argument with Kim…he can’t win.

Kim finishes her birth control pills and has an amazing idea that she won’t bother getting anymore…since her and Kris should try having babies. this point they’ve probably been married a month…maybe a few days more since they’re entire marriage didn’t even last 72 days. So no, Kim that isn’t a good idea, nor do I understand why the f you even thought it would be a good idea. Kris has cold feet in the beginning, and complains that he would want to raise his family in Minnesota…and Kim says straight up she will never ever…ever…live in Minnesota…she will ‘live and die’ in LA. So, there you have it…the reason for the divorce. Or annulment, or..whatever they’ve decided to get.

Kourtney finds porn on Scott’s computer…and realizes she’s not giving him enough…so they’re going to work at it. Scott enjoys a nice date day with mom Kris while she’s in NYC for the Today show. They were actually really cute together- we’re used to seeing mom Kris and Scott butt heads, but it seems they’ve worked on their relationship…and I’m starting to like Scott more and more. (Surprise) I think that was the week where everyday the Today show had one of the Kardashian’s on air. Then…a  few weeks later they got the divorce.

In the end, Kris agrees that they should start making babies, and he’s excited to be a daddy…but then Kim realizes she’s way too important to the world…and she can’t take time off now to be a mother. Timing is everything…and clearly for this couple time isn’t on their side.

Scott and Kourt work their problems out…and hopefully end up sleeping in the same bed. Mason is cute as ever…and next week looks like an even better episode with Kim arguing with best friend Jonathan Cheban. Tune in!


KKTNY: Kris’ Imaginary Training

Last night was another episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Apparently, this season Ryan Seacrest decided he had so much footage, he’d turn the show into a one hour show. Whatever, works for me. The news with the Kardashian family changes so quickly, (Kim’s divorce/Kourtney’s pregnancy) that the show seems irrelevant now…since it was shot a few months ago. I mean, it doesn’t really make sense that Kourtney and Scott are arguing, now that she’s pregnant with baby #2…unless that was another mistake…and it’s hard to believe everything we see about Kim and Kris…Kim probably had to re-edit the entire season of KKTNY after announcing her divorce. It’s just hard to take in everything…and pass it as sincere. Not that we’ve believed everything before…but now it’s just on a whole new level.

Anyways, baby sis Khloe shows up in NYC for a weekend with her sisters and baby Mason in the Hamptons. Only problem, the house they’re staying at is Scott’s parents’ home…and Kourtney and Scott are not on speaking terms. (Awkward) What’s even more awkward…Kim has a ‘a-ha’ moment when sister Khloe and sister Kourtney tell her it’s a little weird her and Kris aren’t living together as Newlywed’s. At first Kim defends the situation…saying that she’s busy with her career…and Kris…oh right he’s training for his career in the NBA. Is he training to be in the NBA or is he actually a part of the NBA organization…and by a part of I mean does he get paid money to play basketball? Does he actually know what basketball is? Is this real life???

Before leaving for Kris (she’s not going to the Hampton’s after all)…Kim decides she’s going to sleep in on the only day she has time to…knowingly Khloe enters Kim’s abode…and wakes her up to wish her a safe flight…except Kim freaks out and yells at Khloe for waking her up an hour before her alarm would have gone off. (Problems…we all got ’em) Kim continues to say nasty things to Khloe over BBM…I’m assuming Kim is just jealous at Khloe for having the stable marriage…and being the sister to find true love after only being with Lamar for a month. (Here’s to ya sista!)

Meh…Kris is so annoying…and unfortunately for us…Kim decides to reclaim her title as ‘wifey’ and flies out to wherever Kris is from, to visit him. In the process of holding her own as wifey…she attempts to make dinner…and cuts herself. Kris…busy with all his ‘training’ somehow finds the time to come to Kim’s aid…and wrap her finger. So while Kim is in…[insert small town name here]…Khloe and Kourtney take a drive out to the Hampton’s…where Kourtney must face the tension with her and Scott.

Thankfully, Khloe makes sure the couple work it out…and of course they do…Kourtney decides to do a whole lot of spring cleaning in Mama Disick’s household. She ends up throwing away some vintage chess set…once realizing Kourtney has made a terrible mistake…she apologizes…packs her bags…and they all head back to NYC so Scott’s dad can enjoy a nice relaxing…and quiet swim in his pool. Kim returns to NYC…with Kris in hand. Khloe can’t stand the sight of him…he leaves quickly…and Kim doesn’t even acknowledge Khloe in the room…all because of the 1-hour early wake up call? Doesn’t seem right. Khloe gets up…and apparently she leaves…for LA…without her bags…and Kourtney and Kim talk it out. Apparently, Kris will find a ‘trainer’ in NYC to continue his ‘training’…happily ever after.

And Mason was just chilling the entire time…wonder if he knows he’s on tv!!



Kourtney Kardash Preggo!

Yay! As if the Kardashian clan needed another addition to the fam, oldest sis Kourtney is expecting her second child from baby daddy Scott Disick.

Kourtney says she is 9 weeks along…although you’re supposed to wait for 12…but says she’s pretty confident. Maybe it’s all that healthy stuff she’s been eating lately! The pregnancy doesn’t come as a surprise, Kourtney made it clear that she wanted a second child, and a sibling for Mason (2).

Let’s hope they name the baby some really Armenian name and represent!!

KKTNY: Season Premiere!

Finally! My favourite time of the year…no not Christmas…it’s that time again when E! brings us another season of our favourite family reality series Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I have to say, I was a little hesitant about watching the season opener, I felt like it was going to be way overrated (how it is usually)…just because I knew E! would want to milk the entire divorce thing…and they did. Well in the beginning. The rest…was pretty entertaining.

The episode started off with the recent headlines about Kim and Kris’ divorce…and then the typical ‘8 weeks earlier’ screen…and then were taken back to Hollywood circa the days following Kim and Kris’ honeymoon. Everything seems to be going smoothly…well mostly everything. Scott/Kourtney/Mason are already in NYC…inside their gorgeous suite…and Kim and Kris are getting ready to hit the east coast.

Ten minutes into the episode…and I remembered all the reasons I hated Kris…well I shouldn’t say hate…I really mean annoyed.

Anyways, I don’t want to get into the details. They all move in together, and at first it seems like a good idea…but then Scott realizes he’s mad at Kourtney for constantly getting mad at him so he decides to move out..except not really because he just leaves for the day and visits a friend.

Kourtney was acting weird towards Scott…(they don’t sleep in the same bed?)…but she’s clearly looking out for herself and her son…which is the most important.

Kris gets mad at Kim when he walks into the suite and finds a naked yoga instructor. They fight…they make up and he leaves for Milwaukee to continue his training…whatever he’s training for. (yes I realize he’s in the NBA- but is he really?) He says there’s too many distractions in NYC..and he really needs to focus on his ‘career’.

Unfortunately…KKTNY is missing my favourite two Kardashian’s- Rob and Khloe…but it definitely does look like a good season…so stay tuned. Besides why wouldn’t you? Jersey Shore doesn’t start until January!