KUWTK: Dominican Republic Part II

This week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s was the final part of their family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Although their Bora Bora trip was way better, there was still enough drama in the DR to keep us entertained- 2 weeks in a row!

The episode continues from last week’s, everyone leaves Kris Jenner at the dinner table when they find out she was planning on meeting up with her old flame- Todd. Bruce is hurt and pissed off, but Bruce is never angry so really he’s just sad and refuses to sleep in the same bed as Kris.

The next morning Kris wakes up with a puffed up lip that looks like a bad botox injection! It was the funniest thing ever, Bruce has a good laugh at it and jokes it’s her punishment for meeting up with Todd. Kris never actually met up with Todd but she waited the entire 45 minutes of the episode to reveal that information.

Unfortunately, Khloe had to leave and return to Dallas, which sucks because she makes the episodes 100x times funnier when she’s in them. Scott has a temper tantrum when Kim and Kourtney bother him about having a couple of drinks during the day. He can’t take it anymore and decides he’s going to leave. I don’t think he realizes the world doesn’t revolve around him and flights from the DR to LAX don’t fly out every hour! Obviously, he can’t leave and just moves into a nearby hotel.

Although Scott’s changed drastically since we watched him the first time in Miami, or the time in Vegas when he stuffed money into the waiter’s mouth, he’s still a little spoiled brat that likes to complain about everything! What makes it worse, in the end of the episode he tells Kourtney they had a deal, if he had another kid with her she’d have to marry him! Kourtney doesn’t know what to say, she tries to shut him up with a commitment bracelet she buys him, but it’s not 24k gold…so he doesn’t care too much about it. I still think Kourtney is refusing to marry Scott because if she does, he has the entire Kardashian empire at his feet, even if they had a pre-nup he would still be obligated to some of the money because he has two kids with her! In this day and age, and in Hollywood, a marriage certificate is just a blank piece of paper- Scott should know that. He witnessed first hand the Kardashian-Humphries tragedy.

In the end, Bruce has a talk with Scott they work it out, and Bruce forgives Kris when she explains she never even met up with scumbag Todd.

That’s it for this week, tune in next week for another brand new Kardashian episode. Also, someone tell my husband Rob there are such things as sandals, he shouldn’t be wearing socks and sneakers to the pool!



KUWTK: In the DR!

So I haven’t updated you all about my favourite TV family the Kardashian’s in a while, I’ve been star struck from the Tweet I got from Khloe Kardashian! Yes, I’m a lucky girl I know!

The new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s has been really good so far, and last week’s episode with Kris running into her old flame really set the bar high.Whether or not it was set up, it still was very entertaining, and from the way the camera guys chased Kris around the tennis club, made it seem like they had no idea what was going on, or who this guy was.

At first you just hear Kris on her microphone, the cameras were still on the tennis court, and then all of a sudden they were in the club house, when she ran into her ex-boyfriend. It was all very awkward, and you could tell he was trying to stay out of the cameras. Anyways, a few minutes later as she’s walking to her car she tells the producer he wants her contact information, he meets up with her but the cameras are positioned across the street, as if we’re spying on their conversation. Now I know they could totally be smart and set that entire scene up to make it look like we’re watching something we shouldn’t be, but let’s just pretend they’re not smart…and we have the upper hand.

Anyways, last weeks episode finishes off with Kris meeting up with Todd for a secret lunch…as she gets out of the car the episode finishes with a ‘to be continued’. This week’s episode starts off with the continuation, but it was so stupid because she literally just gets back into the car, drives off, and claims she was to nervous to go inside. My bet, she probably wasn’t even meeting him, and that whole escapade was a setup. So the family decide to take another family vacation, Kourtney has the idea of going to Ireland, but because she’s so preggo and indecisive, Ireland gets cancelled, and the fam decide on a nice vacation to the Dominican Republic!

Clearly, Robert (my future husband) didn’t get the memo that it’s actually hot in the DR, because he was wearing his hideous running shoes AND socks to the pool, like really? So, Kourtney is being crazy again and refuses to get on the plane with Mason, Scott and Kim. The rest of the fam is already in the DR, waiting on them. When they get there, there’s a surprise for them, and it’s Khloe! Yay! I feel like I have a strong connection to Khloe now that she tweeted me back, but anyways it was a really cute surprise and mama Kris was very happy.

So a day later, Kim arrives…and 2 days later Scott, Kourtney and Baby Mase arrive in a private plane. Kourtney is surprised to find Khloe there because she assumed she was still in Dallas, the family looks to be having a good time, except Robert who refuses to leave his room without his laptop and cellphone…and the shoes. Mama Kris is having the best time, sippin’ on her mamosas and riding the plastic penguin…she cracks me up.

In the end, it all comes out at the dinner table when Kris tries to give Kourtney marriage advice, Kourtney freaks out and tells everyone that Kris met with her ex-boyfriend for a secret lunch, Bruce not knowing any of this loses his cool (which he never does). Everyone decides to leave the table, Kris is left alone, and that’s how the episode ends.

Next week is the continuation of their vacation, too bad it wasn’t as good as their trip to Bora Bora!

Check out the Tweet I got from Khloe Kardashian!

KUWTK: Kourtney Has Mama Drama!

I’m really loving these one-hour Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes! Don’t forget there’s an all new cray episode tonight on E!…Anyways last night’s episode was as real as it gets on reality television folks!

With news of Kris Jenner’s new ‘memoi’ coming out…everyone’s talking about the affair she had that basically forced her husband Robert to get a divorce. Also, I’m pretty sure the man she had the affair with was Bruce- so it all makes it better. But Kourtney, who is usually the quiet one, and is really only known for poppin’ out babies voices her opinion on the entire ‘memoi’ situation, and how she doesn’t understand how her mother could’ve had an affair.

Khloe and Rob were too young when their parents got divorced to really understand what was going on, but as the biggest sis- Kourtney witnessed everything, and it definitely stuck with her, for the next few years. She starts giving Kris attitude, and at first they just thought it was the hormones, but really Kourtney was truly hurt her mother would do that to her children. I guess now since Kourtney is having a girl, she doesn’t understand why her mother did it, because she would never do it. Anyways, after a quick therapy session Kourtney realizes she might be too hard on her mother, and it was so many years ago, it’s time to get over it.

Also, did anyone notice that Scott and Kourt are still sleeping in different rooms? How weird is that? I still think she’s going to pop out her babies, and in a few years probably leave his useless butt behind…there’s a reason she’s not marrying him!

Kendall and Kylie land a gig at Seventeen Magazine that was probably orchestrated by their mother, anyhow they go on an assignment in Malibu, Kendall is so shy she becomes the worst worker in 6-inch heels ever and decides to sit down for a burger. Kylie rocks it out and does a good job recruiting the ugliest people for a potential modelling position. In the end, Kim (whose been spending more time with the younger sistahs) helps Kendall overcome her shyness (yes I’m sure it only took a 1 hour session of finding models to overcome a lifelong fear)…and in the end Kendall admits she’s not afraid to step out of her comfort zone anymore…thanks Kim!

Rob is M.I.A the entire episode, like really, don’t they know the only reason I watch the show is because of him! And, Khloe makes everything better, so they need to bring her a** back to LA and stop filming her on that iChat!

That’s all folks.


Kris Humphries:Begging For More!

As if the New Jersey Nets signing Kris to a $7-8 million dollar deal wasn’t funny enough, Frankenstein is now taking Kim to court to get more money from her! Obviously, Kris has some resentment towards Kim and feels like she just used him for this entire ‘fairytale wedding’ idea…and the only way he can get over it-is with her money.

It’s so pathetic, and if this story is as true as they report on TMZ…then someone should really get rid of all the evidence from season 2 of KKTNY and deny Kim and Kris ever meeting. He’s so pathetic, she knew something like this might happen and she signed a tight pre-nup that he can’t get at.

Kris claims all the money he got from the wedding/tv show went into a join account, that he can’t touch now since the Judge in their case has frozen the account. According to sources, Kris made a easy 1 mill from the wedding, and $250,000-300,000 from the reality show. I’m assuming he wants that money in the joint account, but the judge won’t grant him his moolah until the settlement is…settled.

Famous people and their greed…

Khloe and Lamar:New Season!

Finally…the new season of Khloe and Lamar is here! I was truly getting sick of Kim and Kourtney in New York City, mainly watching Kim…but let’s just be happy that it’s over.

Moving on, I was actually really excited about the new season, I love Khlomar, but I have to say the season premiere was a little boring. It felt like the producers were pulling at everything to produce a storyline…or maybe I was just missing my man Rob Kardashian. He’s moved out of Khloe’s house and into his own apartment, which sucks because now we get to see him less.

I have to admit, Malika’s storyline is definitely getting juicier. She’s dating some Arizona football player whose in the middle of a divorce. Khloe becomes over protective when she meets him, and realizes he might not be the right man for Malika. In the end, they break up, Malika realizes she doesn’t want to get involved with a man that has so much baggage (3 children). And that’s the end of that.

Lamar can’t sleep, he has insomnia, and the basketball lockout isn’t helping him. Because he’s up all night, Khloe can’t sleep either. Which doesn’t make sense, if he can’t sleep, why doesn’t he just move into another bedroom and let her have a good night’s rest.

That’s about it…I haven’t seen this week’s episode, and I’m sad to say I’m not that excited for it. It seems like the season will pick up once Lamar and Khloe have to move to Dallas. For now, I’ll just hope Rob is in more scenes then he should be.




KKTNY: This Is How The Fairytale Ends

All week we saw the Kourtney and Kim Take New York finale promo…and it drove me insane! Omg- the dramatic voice overs…with flashes of Kim crying because of Kris…Kourtney and Scott by her side- supporting whatever decision she makes. I couldn’t handle it…all I could do was laugh. But, when the final episode premiered last night, I have to say- I was totally fighting back the tears!

I’ll admit, this season did show a lot more of Kim’s failed marriage than I suspected. I just assumed they would breeze over the issue, and not show Kim on her bad days. But, they showed everything. However, there were some things that weren’t caught on camera- and I think we can all agree, that’s completely fair. Kim made a point of saying she’s allowed cameras to film her entire life, but her final decision about her marriage would happen behind doors, with Kris and no cameras. We get it, but after watching the episode last night, it was clear what her decision was going to be.

With their final week in New York City almost over, Kim decides to spend quality time with Kris doing things they would normally do. They head to the gym for a pilates class…but that turns out to be a disaster when Kris competes with Kim during the workout. He gets mad at her for not ‘showing her emotions’ during the exercises…which probably is a metaphor for their marriage but who are we to judge. Then, they decide to hit the town and have a romantic dinner at STK. That also fails miserably, as they realize they have nothing to talk about! Literally, sitting in silence. Until the food arrives…and that was all. Yikes!

As both couples starting packing for their return to LA…Kim freaks out that Kris wants to move ‘all’ his boxes back to her house. She says there’s no room in her huge mansion for his belongings…Kim did you forget that you were married to him? Clearly, Kim knew deep down she didn’t want to move in with Kris, she was completely fine with him heading back to Minnesota- dropping his things off there…and flying out to LA with half of his wardrobe…WTF?

Sister Kourtney was also confused at this…and overhearing their conversation…she decided to pipe in and call her sister a bitch. Granted Kim was being a princess, Kim was extremely distraught and had to leave the suite. She went into this other hotel room…which I’m assuming is for extra storage (camera equipment,clothes,makeup) and decided to call younger sister Khloe. She admitted everything to Khlo, she didn’t know what to do with him, she thought everyone would be mad at her for having this huge fairytale wedding, and only a few months later admit she was getting a divorce. Obviously, anyone in her Louboutin shoes would be embarrassed, but the bigger issue was Kim’s happiness. Kourtney finds her in the weird random room and apologizes to her for calling her a bitch. They have a sisterly chat…and Kim finally returns to the suite to talk to Kris.

Kris and Kim finish packing, and head to the airport. As they sit in silence, Kim evaluates her stay in New York City as being disastrous, and she never wants to come back. Although she loved NYC when she arrived, she definitely experienced some of her worst moments in that suite, and all she wants to do is get back to Los Angeles…and head to her lawyer’s office. Least you had a pre-nup Kimmy!


KKTNY: Season Finale Part I

Of course, like any Kardashian television event…it has to become a ‘saga’ or an episode divided into as many parts as possible. The season finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York was split up into two different episodes…more viewers…more ratings…more moolah!

Now that’s not rocket science, but what is more confusing is understanding why any newly married couple would think it’s beneficial to their marriage to move into a suite with their sister,her boyfriend, and their toddler…oh and a bunch of cameras. Leave it up to Kim and what’s his face…to dive into their first few months as being a married couple…whilst sharing their lives with millions of viewers. By now, it’s clear Kim is leaning towards a separation with Frankenstein…and I have to admit, this episode was a very tearful one.

Kris’ sister Kayla…wants to visit her brother and her new ‘sister’, but Kris doesn’t let Kim know she’s coming into town until a few days before. Obviously, with Kim’s busy schedule, she can’t find the time to hang out with new sis. It doesn’t matter anyways, things were heading downhill before Kayla came into the picture.

Kim decides she wants to meet with John Edwards- yes, he’s the medium that had his own show a few years ago…apparently she really wants to connect with her father, and John is the man to do it. At first, Kourtney isn’t into it, she believes her father is always around them, they don’t need some dude to tell them that. In the end, she decides to support Kim and sit with her during the ‘session’. On the morning of the meeting with John, Kim realizes that it’s the exact day of her father’s anniversary. And it couldn’t of been planned, because Kim agreed to the meeting based on John’s busy schedule.

Anyways, during the meeting John was telling them a lot of things that nobody else would’ve known. Kim and even Kourtney were completely shocked at what John was telling them. Obviosuly, he was talking to their late father Robert Kardashian, and it was a really cute scene between the two sisters. Also, John mentioned one of the sister’s was pregnant…if you don’t know a few weeks after the wrap of the season, Kourtney announced she was pregnant. You won this round John.

He also mentions a blonde girl…and we find out that the blonde girl was actually Khloe. Their father always wanted to see Khloe with blonde hair, so nearing his death, Khloe showed up at the hospital with her hair dyed blonde.

Very cute, during this time Kris was being a complete jerk. He didn’t support Kim and her decision to connect with her father. So, what does she do? She asks John to ask her father (who was a lawyer) how in the hell she’s going to divorce Frankenstein. Yep!, she asks for guidance, and ultimately help in making her final decision.

Ultimately, we know what her father told John…and that was for Kim to follow her heart. That she did.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get too cheesy.


KKTNY: Fairytale’s Don’t Exist

We are nearing the end of another Kourtney and Kim Take New York season, and my is the ending better than the beginning! Things have gotten worse for Kim and her basketball hub Kris, especially when Kim returns from Dubai and remembers how annoying the “Hump” really was.

Khloe is still in the Big Apple…and Kim avoids Khloe at all costs. In the beginning of the season Kim freaked out at Khloe calling her an ‘ugly troll’ because she woke her up early. Kim still hasn’t apologized to Khloe, and after 40 minutes…Kim has no choice but to open up about everything to her little sister.

She admits to Khloe what we’ve all known, which is Kim has taken her frustration about her marriage out on everyone else. It definitely looks like she gained a few pounds…and her freak out on Khloe wasn’t the only spaz she had. She starts crying to Khloe and in front of the cameras, admitting she’s not happy in her marriage, that she feels she rushed into it and got caught in all the excitement of the ‘fairtytale wedding’. Kris is definitely feeling the awkwardness as well, they don’t vibe the same anymore, and he’s become a complete douchebag towards her (not that he wasn’t before)Duh!

We’ll see what happens next week on the season finale.

Oh Lawwd! Me And My Man!

If you don’t know that me and Rob Kardashian are legitimately meant to be with one another…then I’ll use this post to remind you. I won’t even post the pictures I’ve made with me and him together…I opted to save myself the embarrassment on that one.

This New Years Eve my cousin…who is now my sworn enemy (lol)…was in Las Vegas and ended up at his club appearance at Tryst. Now I found this out literally on NYE…and my friends can contest to the fact that I was going crazy hearing the news…and if there was a flight to Vegas out of Pearson in the next hour…I would’ve been on it. Thankfully, I didn’t max out the credit card…and didn’t end up in Vegas.

But, I was lucky enough to get these pictures courtesy of my ‘cuz…and I’m forever grateful! No really, I am. Anyways, check the pics out…I just had to post the last one.

Okay okay…I saved the best for last! LOL

KKTNY: Kris’ Imaginary Training

Last night was another episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. Apparently, this season Ryan Seacrest decided he had so much footage, he’d turn the show into a one hour show. Whatever, works for me. The news with the Kardashian family changes so quickly, (Kim’s divorce/Kourtney’s pregnancy) that the show seems irrelevant now…since it was shot a few months ago. I mean, it doesn’t really make sense that Kourtney and Scott are arguing, now that she’s pregnant with baby #2…unless that was another mistake…and it’s hard to believe everything we see about Kim and Kris…Kim probably had to re-edit the entire season of KKTNY after announcing her divorce. It’s just hard to take in everything…and pass it as sincere. Not that we’ve believed everything before…but now it’s just on a whole new level.

Anyways, baby sis Khloe shows up in NYC for a weekend with her sisters and baby Mason in the Hamptons. Only problem, the house they’re staying at is Scott’s parents’ home…and Kourtney and Scott are not on speaking terms. (Awkward) What’s even more awkward…Kim has a ‘a-ha’ moment when sister Khloe and sister Kourtney tell her it’s a little weird her and Kris aren’t living together as Newlywed’s. At first Kim defends the situation…saying that she’s busy with her career…and Kris…oh right he’s training for his career in the NBA. Is he training to be in the NBA or is he actually a part of the NBA organization…and by a part of I mean does he get paid money to play basketball? Does he actually know what basketball is? Is this real life???

Before leaving for Kris (she’s not going to the Hampton’s after all)…Kim decides she’s going to sleep in on the only day she has time to…knowingly Khloe enters Kim’s abode…and wakes her up to wish her a safe flight…except Kim freaks out and yells at Khloe for waking her up an hour before her alarm would have gone off. (Problems…we all got ’em) Kim continues to say nasty things to Khloe over BBM…I’m assuming Kim is just jealous at Khloe for having the stable marriage…and being the sister to find true love after only being with Lamar for a month. (Here’s to ya sista!)

Meh…Kris is so annoying…and unfortunately for us…Kim decides to reclaim her title as ‘wifey’ and flies out to wherever Kris is from, to visit him. In the process of holding her own as wifey…she attempts to make dinner…and cuts herself. Kris…busy with all his ‘training’ somehow finds the time to come to Kim’s aid…and wrap her finger. So while Kim is in…[insert small town name here]…Khloe and Kourtney take a drive out to the Hampton’s…where Kourtney must face the tension with her and Scott.

Thankfully, Khloe makes sure the couple work it out…and of course they do…Kourtney decides to do a whole lot of spring cleaning in Mama Disick’s household. She ends up throwing away some vintage chess set…once realizing Kourtney has made a terrible mistake…she apologizes…packs her bags…and they all head back to NYC so Scott’s dad can enjoy a nice relaxing…and quiet swim in his pool. Kim returns to NYC…with Kris in hand. Khloe can’t stand the sight of him…he leaves quickly…and Kim doesn’t even acknowledge Khloe in the room…all because of the 1-hour early wake up call? Doesn’t seem right. Khloe gets up…and apparently she leaves…for LA…without her bags…and Kourtney and Kim talk it out. Apparently, Kris will find a ‘trainer’ in NYC to continue his ‘training’…happily ever after.

And Mason was just chilling the entire time…wonder if he knows he’s on tv!!