KUWTK Season Finale Part I

Last night was the first half of the season finale for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, summer is coming to an end and it seems like the Kardashians are to. It’s not to say they aren’t returning to reality TV, in fact they will be coming back with another addition to the fam! “Nelly” as they call her, Kourtney’s daughter Penelope Scotland Disick was born Sunday morning on July 8th in Los Angeles. On next week’s season finale part II, we’ll get to see Kourtney going into labour again! It seems like every time she’s pregnant or going into labour there’s cameras around!

It’s no surprise that this week’s episode was full of baby talk, Kourtney mentioning she could fit a few more kids in their home, and Kim looking into how to freeze her eggs. When Kourtney and Scott discuss the future of their family, Kourtney mentions she could fit a few more kids into the house, and that she’s definitely not done having kids. Really, what’s the point of life if you’re not going to make babies? Scott freaks out, especially when Kourtney admits she’s not going to take the pill- ever. Good thing, since it isn’t natural and I’m not a doctor but it definitely isn’t safe for your body. Scott has to find a way to get it in with his girlfriend once a month, without getting her pregnant. He comes up with the idea of getting a vasectomy…he goes to see the doctor without telling Kourtney. Which isn’t really a big deal becacuse Kourtney could care less. She seems more and more withdrawn from Scott, she barely pays attention to him, and rarely cares for what he’s doing (unless he’s with Mason). When Kourtney’s fam steps in and mentions Scott’s feelings are hurt because he only feels like a baby daddy, and he might not want to have more kids, she comes back by saying she will find another baby daddy willing to have babies with her. Obviously she was joking…but not really.

Kim decides to visit a doctor of her own to possibly freeze her eggs. She is trippin’ out that she might not be able to have kids, since she’s 31. Sister Khloe tags along since she has been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, and nothing has happened. I actually love Khloe and Lamar, they’re my favourite and it breaks my heart that they don’t have a little baby of their own. After taking some tests, the doctor tells Khloe that she didn’t ovulate last month, and if you don’t ovulate you don’t produce eggs, and if you don’t produce eggs…well you get the picture. Khloe has a minor breakdown in front of the camera when she has to relive the moment. Kim doesn’t freeze her eggs just yet- she decides to think about it…probably with Kanye.

Tune in next week for the finale and baby Nelly!

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KUWTK: Mason’s Fish and Kris’ Coffins

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returned last night with a brand new episode. Aunt Khloe and Kim decide to teach Mason a lesson about pets and bring home 2 goldfish and a fish bowl. Kourtney is worried about having pets in the house because pets usually end up dying, and it can be disturbing for little children. Kourtney admits her and Kim had a puppy growing up, but when the pup died early on she had a hard time dealing with her emotions. She doesn’t want the same for Mason, but really they’re only goldfish and sooner or later you’re going to have to teach the kid the concept of death.

On the topic of death, Kris Jenner has a crazy idea to organize her funeral for whenever she passes away, and introduces the idea of buying a mausoleum for Kourtney,Khloe,Kim and Robert. At first, everyone is just laughing at her insane idea, but it is understandable- Kris doesn’t want to put the burden of all the funeral arrangements and costs on the children…so she’s planning it now. But Kris takes it a little too far when she pays a visit to the custom coffin place (obviously Hollywood would have a place like this). Kris decides to take one of the coffin’s for a ‘test drive’ and hops into one of them. Rob starts taking pictures of his mother asleep in a coffin, and even I was freaked out. It literally looked like she was dead!

After Khloe and Kim put together Mason’s fish bowl, he immediately falls in love with the two fish who he names Fruity & Pebbles. What seems like a day later, one of the fish are already dead and Khloe has to discreetly let Kourtney know so that she can quietly remove the fish. They drive to the fish store and purchase the same exact fish so Mason wouldn’t realize it had died. Kourtney also comes back with a bigger fish tank, one with an actual filter…and now they’ve just gotten way over their heads.

Since the entire episode revolved around death…Kim raised the question of who gets Mason if anything happened to Kourtney or Scott. Kris and Kim decide to call Kourtney and ask her, but Kourtney had already made that decision…and it was Khloe. Kim immediately is offended by her decision, obviously it is a little hurtful that your sister chooses your other sister to look after your child. In the end, Kim talks it over with Kourtney who admits Kim’s life at this moment isn’t the best way to raise a child. Kim is always away, travelling, and it seems Khloe has more of a stable lifestyle, since she is married and Lamar plays out of Los Angeles.

Rob and Khloe are totally scarred from seeing their mother asleep in a coffin, they confront their mother about the situation and explain that they’ve already lost one parent, they don’t want to think about losing the other. In the end, Rob throws a beautiful lunch surprise for his dear mother at a rooftop mansion, the views were stunning I never knew Rob could be so thoughtful! He always showed his mother his new tattoo on his arm of a portrait of Kris on her wedding day. He now has both his parents on his arms…and I have to say they look amazing.