MTV VMA’S 2012!

What a show, I have to say congrats to the entire crew that made the production possible, it’s not easy putting these things together but it was definitely an entertaining presentation. Shout out to the crew member that messed up during Taylor Swift’s performance in the end- hope it’s not your last day on the job!

Drake Drake Drake, that is all I wanted to see, and fortunately he ended up walking away with Best Hip-Hop video for “HYFR”.  He looked amazing, clearly he’s been working out, but not a huge fan of that tight shirt. Regardless, he was amazing in all of his 1-minute on stage glory, it’s a shame they didn’t have him up for a performance with RiRi.

Speaking of RiRi, is there something going on with her and Katy because they looked super cozy tonight. I mean I know they’re best friends and of course they’re going to be sitting beside each other, but something weird was going on between them. They kept leaning into each other awkwardly and whispering! Twitter was blowing up with a possible hook up between the two besties, that seems unlikely.

Kevin Hart did an awesome job hosting the show, right off the start he was hilarious with his Kristin Stewart, Snooki and of course Chris Brown and Drake jokes. His sketch with Two Chainz was definitely one of the funniest moments of the night, I mean really he offered Two Chainz a face chain…it doesn’t get better than that. Calvin Harris was keeping the crowd live throughout the night in his really cool DJ booth they had set up for him across the main stage. In the end RiRi walked away with Video of the Year for ‘We Found Love’ ft Calvin Harris, but surprisingly she forgot to thank Calvin!

He later tweeted,

Frank Ocean’s performance was so special, the set design was magical I’ve never seen anything like it. He performed “Thinkin’ Bout You” and it was a really laid back intimate feel, something that you don’t really see at the VMA’s. In other breaking news, Amber Rose and Kalifa are expecting a little Wiz, Alicia Keys has a new single out and I’m already loving it, and Weezy has passed the point of no return.

Taylor Swift’s closing performance of ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ was so cute, it was the perfect song to close the show with, it’s amazing that a few years ago she was the girl who almost got kicked off the stage by Kanye, and now she’s closing one of the biggest award shows. Definitely a great show, I hope the Jersey Shore crew were able to see everything- it looked like they had the farthest seats in the building!

At least they were still in the building, unfortunately for Lindsay whose probably under house arrest, watched it from home.

Also, where was the Biebs??

KUWTK: Mason’s Fish and Kris’ Coffins

Keeping Up With The Kardashians returned last night with a brand new episode. Aunt Khloe and Kim decide to teach Mason a lesson about pets and bring home 2 goldfish and a fish bowl. Kourtney is worried about having pets in the house because pets usually end up dying, and it can be disturbing for little children. Kourtney admits her and Kim had a puppy growing up, but when the pup died early on she had a hard time dealing with her emotions. She doesn’t want the same for Mason, but really they’re only goldfish and sooner or later you’re going to have to teach the kid the concept of death.

On the topic of death, Kris Jenner has a crazy idea to organize her funeral for whenever she passes away, and introduces the idea of buying a mausoleum for Kourtney,Khloe,Kim and Robert. At first, everyone is just laughing at her insane idea, but it is understandable- Kris doesn’t want to put the burden of all the funeral arrangements and costs on the children…so she’s planning it now. But Kris takes it a little too far when she pays a visit to the custom coffin place (obviously Hollywood would have a place like this). Kris decides to take one of the coffin’s for a ‘test drive’ and hops into one of them. Rob starts taking pictures of his mother asleep in a coffin, and even I was freaked out. It literally looked like she was dead!

After Khloe and Kim put together Mason’s fish bowl, he immediately falls in love with the two fish who he names Fruity & Pebbles. What seems like a day later, one of the fish are already dead and Khloe has to discreetly let Kourtney know so that she can quietly remove the fish. They drive to the fish store and purchase the same exact fish so Mason wouldn’t realize it had died. Kourtney also comes back with a bigger fish tank, one with an actual filter…and now they’ve just gotten way over their heads.

Since the entire episode revolved around death…Kim raised the question of who gets Mason if anything happened to Kourtney or Scott. Kris and Kim decide to call Kourtney and ask her, but Kourtney had already made that decision…and it was Khloe. Kim immediately is offended by her decision, obviously it is a little hurtful that your sister chooses your other sister to look after your child. In the end, Kim talks it over with Kourtney who admits Kim’s life at this moment isn’t the best way to raise a child. Kim is always away, travelling, and it seems Khloe has more of a stable lifestyle, since she is married and Lamar plays out of Los Angeles.

Rob and Khloe are totally scarred from seeing their mother asleep in a coffin, they confront their mother about the situation and explain that they’ve already lost one parent, they don’t want to think about losing the other. In the end, Rob throws a beautiful lunch surprise for his dear mother at a rooftop mansion, the views were stunning I never knew Rob could be so thoughtful! He always showed his mother his new tattoo on his arm of a portrait of Kris on her wedding day. He now has both his parents on his arms…and I have to say they look amazing.

LA: The Trip Of a Lifetime

I was lucky enough to visit Los Angeles last week, during my stay I met some amazing people, saw some beautiful places and realized I truly belong on the West Coast. Check out some of the pictures I took.

1. The Arrival.

2. The view from The Observatory

3. The Observatory

4. It almost happened! (Steve Jobs movie)

5. The Wardrobe Truck

6. Sitting on Sunset

7. Lunch near the Pier

8. The Ferris Wheel

9. Typical LA Sign

10. Our beautiful Armenian Church in Burbank,CA


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LA KINGS: Stanley Cup Finals

So I’ve been obsessed with the LA Kings since my hometown team (Toronto) has been sucking at hockey, and I’ve been rooting for the Kings since last season, when they made it into the playoffs but were beaten out quickly.

This year, it has been an amazing ride watching the Kings play, they’re just an amazing team, filled with some great young players, hopefully when I make it to LA, I want to be watching these guys every night, well not every night but you know what I mean!

Unfortunately, since they are a West coast team, it’s hard to catch their regular season games, just because everything in Canada gets televisied first and foremost. Once they made it into the playoffs, I was able to catch every single game, and trust me I was lovin’ it!

Last night, the Kings did what nobody thought they could do at the beginning of this playoff season, and that was to make it into the Stanley Cup Finals. The Kings were in 8th spot heading into the playoffs, after knocking out the #1 team Vancouver, heads started turning.

It was the craziest game I’ve ever seen, it was tied 3-3 heading into OT, the Kings were on the powerplay but they couldn’t do anything with it. Then the Coyotes went on the powerplay in OT, still they couldn’t do anything with it either. Also, the Kings definitely dominated in OT, watching them play that 18 minutes it was like watching them play the first 2 games of this series where they controlled the puck. Anyways, there was a few minutes left in OT, off the faceoff, it all happened so quickly, Penner taps it in, he was there at the right place at the right time, and the Kings are going to the finals.

I’m so happy! I just wish I was in LA to enjoy the crazy madness that’s probably going down.


KKTNY: This Is How The Fairytale Ends

All week we saw the Kourtney and Kim Take New York finale promo…and it drove me insane! Omg- the dramatic voice overs…with flashes of Kim crying because of Kris…Kourtney and Scott by her side- supporting whatever decision she makes. I couldn’t handle it…all I could do was laugh. But, when the final episode premiered last night, I have to say- I was totally fighting back the tears!

I’ll admit, this season did show a lot more of Kim’s failed marriage than I suspected. I just assumed they would breeze over the issue, and not show Kim on her bad days. But, they showed everything. However, there were some things that weren’t caught on camera- and I think we can all agree, that’s completely fair. Kim made a point of saying she’s allowed cameras to film her entire life, but her final decision about her marriage would happen behind doors, with Kris and no cameras. We get it, but after watching the episode last night, it was clear what her decision was going to be.

With their final week in New York City almost over, Kim decides to spend quality time with Kris doing things they would normally do. They head to the gym for a pilates class…but that turns out to be a disaster when Kris competes with Kim during the workout. He gets mad at her for not ‘showing her emotions’ during the exercises…which probably is a metaphor for their marriage but who are we to judge. Then, they decide to hit the town and have a romantic dinner at STK. That also fails miserably, as they realize they have nothing to talk about! Literally, sitting in silence. Until the food arrives…and that was all. Yikes!

As both couples starting packing for their return to LA…Kim freaks out that Kris wants to move ‘all’ his boxes back to her house. She says there’s no room in her huge mansion for his belongings…Kim did you forget that you were married to him? Clearly, Kim knew deep down she didn’t want to move in with Kris, she was completely fine with him heading back to Minnesota- dropping his things off there…and flying out to LA with half of his wardrobe…WTF?

Sister Kourtney was also confused at this…and overhearing their conversation…she decided to pipe in and call her sister a bitch. Granted Kim was being a princess, Kim was extremely distraught and had to leave the suite. She went into this other hotel room…which I’m assuming is for extra storage (camera equipment,clothes,makeup) and decided to call younger sister Khloe. She admitted everything to Khlo, she didn’t know what to do with him, she thought everyone would be mad at her for having this huge fairytale wedding, and only a few months later admit she was getting a divorce. Obviously, anyone in her Louboutin shoes would be embarrassed, but the bigger issue was Kim’s happiness. Kourtney finds her in the weird random room and apologizes to her for calling her a bitch. They have a sisterly chat…and Kim finally returns to the suite to talk to Kris.

Kris and Kim finish packing, and head to the airport. As they sit in silence, Kim evaluates her stay in New York City as being disastrous, and she never wants to come back. Although she loved NYC when she arrived, she definitely experienced some of her worst moments in that suite, and all she wants to do is get back to Los Angeles…and head to her lawyer’s office. Least you had a pre-nup Kimmy!


A Sunday Story: Sunset BLVD

Probably in my top 3 of greatest films…just because it was shot in LA and Billy Wilder is nice to look at for two hours. But seriously, another Hollywood classic, love this film, it has all the ingredients for an amazing film.

I saw this film for the first time in my Screenwriting class, and my teacher was explaining how this story had all the elements of an amazing screenplay. It grabs the attention of the audience right from the beginning. The opening sequence with the main character William Holden lying dead in the pool, and police sirens going off is just amazing. Watching that opening scene, I knew I had recognized it from other shows or films that must have imitated the original.

I won’t go into detail with the entire summary because this story has so many minor storylines it would take a whole lot of blogging. But the plot goes something like this…A once famous screenwriter, down on his luck, finds an abandoned mansion, realizes it’s not so abandoned, begins to write a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity. He quickly realizes shes crazy, but she wins him over by buying him expensive clothes, and treating him to a lifestyle of fame and fortune. When he decides to pack up, leave LA and head back home she stops him on his way out…and I won’t ruin the ending.

I love it.

For me what I love most about this film is the look of it. It’s old Hollywood which I love, I love seeing the palm trees, and the vintage cars, and especially Mr. Holden looking mighty fine in his three-piece suits.