On the Set of…S U I T S!

It’s official…we are having major Suits withdrawals. The final chunk of the third season resumes sometime in January 2014…but don’t worry- we’ve been busy tracking the show in Toronto. Here are some pics from the set (on location at the Pearson/Specter offices).

Angry looking Mike Ross
Angry looking Mike Ross

Also, spoiler alert? According to one of my sources – Harold is on set and apparently there is some big argument that goes down between him and Mike. Harold was apologizing to Mike but Mike was next level pissed off.

A. It’s kind of weird that Harold has a major recurring role

B. What is up with the Louis/Harold/Mike story…does it have something to do with Louis finding out about Mike’s secret?

That’s all we can assume…don’t forget to check out our pics!

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S U I T S: “The Yoga Glow”

Ever since Donna started shacking up with Steven, she’s had a certain ‘glow’ to her, one that Louis can’t seem to ignore. I have to say, this entire Donna/Steven story has my attention peaked…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a soap opera-ish story whisk us away.

Donna is on the cusp of telling Harvey about her and Steven, but Harvey’s ‘debbie downer’ phase has been putting Donna off. Unfortunately for Donna, Steven might make it to Harvey first, because they’re working on the Cameron Dennis case together. After Harvey bets Mike off the case, it leaves Steven and him alone working together, two handsome hunks using their handsome skills to claw away at Mighty Mustache Cameron. Sounds like a sexy western.

Mike’s off the case, which means he needs to find another way to kill his precious time. He enlists his gal pal Rachel, and they decide to tackle the case together, agreeing on the terms that Mike gets to play Harvey and Rachel gets to be Mike. But that’s not the only thing they’re working together on. When Rachel tells Mike she has dinner plans with her parents, Mike feels left out without an invite. Mike invites himself anyway and ends up having a wonderful evening with Rachel’s rents. Until…Rachel’s dad asks Mike how he feels about Rachel going to Stanford…Mike is caught off guard..and her dad realizes Rachel never told Mike. The next morning Mike is being weird with Rachel, and finally blurts it out that she never told him about Stanford. She admits she didn’t think she was going to get in, or at least not tell him until she found out for sure. Aside from that, they end up winning their case, which was obvious from the get go.

On the other side of the office, Harvey isn’t having any luck with Steven as a wingman. Steven ends up going behind Harvey’s back to make a deal that Harvey didn’t want. So Harvey does the only thing he can do, ask for Jessica’s help. Harvey and Jessica decide to ask Ava if she will let Tony Gianopoulos own the company, and still let her control it. This will free Ava of her murder charges and ultimately keep her out of jail. Jessica has a heart to heart as she relates to Ava’s case and admits she had to agree to a merger to save her company. It wasn’t what she wanted, but something she needed to do. Lady Stark will never listen to you!! Unless…maybe?

Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode…the show goes back in time ten years!! Which means Mike and Harvey didn’t know each other…and more importantly…Harvey and Donna knew each other very well if ya know what I mean! Woo!

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S U I T S: Unfinished Business

BFF_ForeverThere is a ton of drama swarming the offices of Pearson/Darby, and yet Rachel and Donna still find a way to mend their relationship. Last week was a tough one for Rachonna, they had their first real argument and it made for an awkward episode. Thankfully, the two forgive each other, and Rachonna is back in full force. It’s a good thing the girls are back together, because the boys are super busy, especially when Ava Huffington returns for some ‘unfinished business’.

Ava and Harvey go out for lunch (was that The Thompson Hotel?)…Ava offers Harvey a job, she wants him to work for her. Obviously, Harvey has other plans…like finishing his lunch…but that doesn’t work out either because Cameron Moustache Dennis shows up and arrests Ava! Apparently, they are arresting Ava for murder…they think she hired some people to kill a bunch of other people. Harvey is back to work, saving Ava from going to jail. At the hearing, Harvey asks the judge for bail, Cameron doesn’t want to give Ava the option of bail, but Harvey wins this round by accusing Cameron of personally choosing this case as a vendetta against Harvey.


There’s a new man in town, Steven Huntley is visiting the offices from London town, he makes an impressive entrance, but is even more impressed with a certain red head.


Steven makes a good first impression on Donna…well sort of. He asks Harvey how he works with that bombshell outside of his office, and Harvey replies by telling Steven she can hear everything they’re saying. Turns out Steven is here to assist Harvey in the take down of Jessica Pearson. One problem, Harvey doesn’t trust Steven and refuses to work with him.

At lunch, Harvey and Steven are interrupted by a determined Cameron who presents Harvey with some new findings. He says he has witnesses who place Ava’s hired men at the scene of the crime. Harvey and Mike are back at work to figure out what they’re going to do. Ava’s obsessed with trying to find out if Harvey thinks she’s innocent or guilty.

Katrina the crazy is back in the game…settings things in motion. She wants to get in on the Hessington case but when Mike refuses her, she tries to apologize. When she mentions his relationship with someone in the office…he immediately says Rachel’s name. Katrina smiles and points out how funny it is that Mike immediately assumed she was talking about Rachel. Mike explains the Katrina situation to Rachel…and Rachel gets all emotional and asks if she’s Mike’s girlfriend. He gets down on one knee and asks her the old fashioned way.


Their lovey dovey moment is interrupted by a video that’s sent throughout the office. It’s a video making fun of Mike, showing Harvey giving birth to Mike? It was really weird, but it’s Katrina’s way of getting her revenge. Mike wants to get her back, but Harvey stops him in his tracks and reminds Mike they need to figure out the Ava case. But, Harvey can’t contain himself so he decides to tell Katrina off himself.


When Mike and Harvey visit Ava at her apartment, she tells them they need to resort to plan a..which is bribing the witnesses. Harvey refuses to do something illegal just to get her out of this lawsuit…but she’s done with Harvey so she fires him.

The next day Ava meets with Steven Huntley, Harvey freaks out that this guy has taken his client from him. When he confronts Steven about Ava, Steven tells Harvey that he advised Ava not to bribe anyone as it is probably a set up from Cameron. Looks like Harvey is surprised with Steven’s good advice.

Harvey and Mike figure out  a way to ‘bribe’ the witnesses without it being illegal. If they sue Ava with proper documentation, she can basically pay them off…the whole transaction being completely legal. Yay!

In the end, Katrina gets what she asked for. Louis agrees to bring her on as his assosciate…and it looks like they’re going to do some damage together. Mike finishes up the paperwork with Ava, she asks him one last time if Harvey thinks she’s guilty. He replies by telling her he doesn’t feel it’s his place to tell her…and he doesn’t feel comfortable telling her what he thinks of the case. Harvey and Mike discuss business, Mike tells Harvey he knows Ava is probably guilty. Harvey doesn’t say anything which means he agrees. They have a few drinks, and Harvey tells Mike of his secret plans to take Jessica down.


Donna and Steven have a little moment outside. As Donna’s leaving work, which is a rare thing for us to see. Steven rolls up in a vintage sports car…he tries to charm Donna, but Donna isn’t impressed that easily. He tells her what if he had MacBeth tickets…she tells him she’s already scene the play…he tells her she’s never seen it with him…in the front row…with Daniel Day Lewis. He drives off, leaving her alone on the street…she realizes she’s in trouble because she’s actually impressed. Woo! Donna has a love interest! Harvey’s gonna get jealous!!


Check out some other pictures from the episode.


S U I T S: ‘I Want You To Want Me’

Last night’s episode of Suits…AH-mazing as always. There is so much drama to deal with this season, it’s hard to focus on what really matters-solving the case. I love you Michelle Fairley, but really could care less about your case when there’s drama between Harvey/Mike and now Donna and Rachel!?


To sum things up, Harvey discovers Ava’s second in command rats her out on the bribery charges. Harvey knows how to play on people’s emotions, and advises Nick to think things through before he betrays his longtime mentor Ava. Nick is confused about his testimony, even though Harvey found a weak point in Nick, he couldn’t get the knockout win. It’s still works out because the case isn’t going to trial. Jessica and Harvey discuss different outcomes of the case, Harvey likes to win and he’s upset he didn’t get the win he wanted. It looks like that’s all we’ll get to see of Catelyn Stark.

In the aftermath of Louis losing his associates, Jessica finds it in her heart to let Louis finally have one associate to himself. We already know who his first pick is…and Louis immediately gets to work to dig deeper into the ‘breakup’ of Harvey and Mike. Comparing them to the Prom King and his Boy Wonder, Louis asks Donna if they actually broke up, or having a time out. Donna tells Louis to ask Harvey himself, Louis begs her to ask him…but it’ll be more entertaining for Donna if she gets to see Louis beg Harvey. Harvey doesn’t put up a fight, mostly because he knows Mike will say no to Louis.

Louis is eager to have Mike on his team so he bribes Mike with a case that will be ground breaking if they win. Mike can’t resist, Louis promises a victorious outcome and the two start working together. Louis takes Mike to his favourite steakhouse…and then a quick dip in a clay bath…but when Mike puts the pieces together to solve their case…Louis makes an abrupt decision. One that probably leaves Mike scarred for life.


Back at the office, there is more drama that takes place in the women’s bathroom. After Rachel finds out that Harvey told Mike not to see Rachel (back when she didn’t know about his lie)…she’s absolutely devastated that Harvey would even think of her in that situation.

What she’s more pissed about is that Donna knew the entire time and didn’t tell her. Donna walks in on Rachel in the bathroom…not that she wasn in the bathroom doing business…she was just in the bathroom fixing her makeup. Anyways, Donna storms in and Rachel breaks out in tears. She tells Donna she thought they were friends, she thought she could trust her. Donna explains that this is still her job and she still needs to protect Harvey. Rachel throws back an insult…insinuating Donna’s devotion to Harvey, and all Donna says…’Rachel, I’m going to leave before this gets any worse’. And before Rachel can say anything Donna storms out of the bathroom. Nice!


In the end, Mike and Louis win their lawsuit. Louis is so happy, Mike visits him in his office to  discuss their relationship. It’s important here to note, Mike visits Harvey a few times throughout the episode…and the last time, Harvey tells Mike they are done for good. So he can go ahead and do whatever he wants with Louis, because there’s nothing left between the two. I swear it sounded like a boyfriend/boyfriend breakup! Anyways, Mike agrees to team up with Louis. Louis is so happy he runs off to get something from the kitchen. And then this happens.


After Donna tells Harvey to finally get over the Mike situation, and that Mike’s really not the one to blame, Harvey magically forgives Mike and all is right in the world. Harvey tells Mike he needs to come back to where he belongs, with him and Donna. Mike flashes a small smile, Harvey forgives him and they end their feud with a high five. The only thing is, Louis sees the entire thing, and it is so heartbreaking!


Waaah! I feel so bad for Louis, just when he thought he had a best friend in Mike. We’ll have to see what happens next week!


S U I T S: Finale!

I just want to take this time and thank Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle for a sexified smush scene at the end of this week’s finale episode. I have to say I wasn’t expecting the episode to go out with a bang (pun intended), but I think it’s made us all uber excited for season 3.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning of the episode. Overall, I think it was a great finale, it was actually one of the funniest Suits episodes I’ve ever seen. Most of the story lines were resolved in the 42-minutes, others were left to be answered hopefully in season 3- for example the whole Donna do you love Harvey question…. ….? And…OMG you’re a fraud and didn’t go to Harvard…!!…well that was answered by the file room sex situation. Who doesn’t love bad boys? But seriously, the looming question in the finale was what’s going to happen to Pearson/we need a partner because we’re going broke.


Harvey makes a bet with Edward Darby (Lord Varys in Game of Thrones), Jessica hops on the bandwagon and wants to see Harvey lose this one. If he does lose, he gives up the chance of having his name on the door, as well as a merger with Edward. This also proves to be a huge turning point in Jessica and Harvey’s relationship. Even though Jessica has admitted she needs Harvey, he’s the best she’s ever had (not that way)…she still puts him in his place and reminds him whose da boss.

Rachel doesn’t want to admit that she didn’t get into Harvard, she’s still blaming her rejection letter on Louis’ relationship with the Harvard admissions lady. She asks Mike (who she believes if Harvard alumni) to write a letter on her behalf…Mike feels bad and agrees to help her with the letter, even though he has no intention of writing it himself. He asks Louis to write it, Louis admits everything, the reason for Rachel not getting it wasn’t because of his relationship…it was because Rachel wasn’t good enough. Mike forces Louis to come clean with Rachel, if not he’s going to do it himself.

Scottie is still around the Pearson offices, except now Harvey wants nothing to do with her, he won’t even sleep with her! Scottie’s the one that basically got the ball rolling for this merger between Jessica and Edward. Now that Scottie realizes Harvey doesn’t want to share his name on the wall, she has to find a way to tell him she loves him. Say what!? Really you’re in love with Harvey!?…who isn’t. Get in line sista!

Scottie asks for Donna’s help, Donna is amazing so she immediately knows what to do. Donna tells Scottie she is going to have to sacrifice her ambition if she wants Harvey to notice her. This leads Scottie to produce a secret folder that will help Harvey win the bet against Edward. Instead of giving it to Harvey, because she’s smart, she gives it to Mike. When Mike gives it to Harvey, he immediately knows Scottie was behind it. He doesn’t trust her, and he normally wouldn’t do anything illegal to win…but he doesn’t care.


Donna confronts Harvey about the secret folder. Harvey admits the folder is a wild goose chase…and Donna asks Harvey to wake the f@!# up and realize Scottie’s in love with him. The only reason why she can’t tell him is because, like everyone else, she’s scared it will push him away. Donna keeps pushing and asks Harvey why he let Zoey go. He explains it was because she had to take care of her niece…Donna calls his bulls***. She explains she’s tired of seeing him fight for everything in here [the office] and not fighting for anything in here [his heart]. Harvey is shocked, this comment gets him a little angry and asks what’s this all about. He asks if this is about her and her feelings, and she makes a face like ‘I can’t believe you just said that’ but it’s the truth, she was speaking on behalf of Scottie…Right?

Harvey says he can’t trust Scottie for what she did (have an affair), and Donna agrees with him, but if he wants to win this bet, he should trust what she gave him.


Now that Mike has the file he needs, Jessica calls him to her office. Harvey and Mike never get the chance to use that secret folder, Jessica doesn’t allow it. She forces Mike to hand it over, or he’s going to face serious time for practicing law without a license. How scary was Jessica in this scene? Oh but it get’s worse.

Mike Jessica

Harvey is furious with Mike as they’re battling it out in the Men’s washroom. Jessica walks in and asks Mike to leave. Harvey tells Mike he’s back in the associates pool, in fact he’s fired. Jessica sticks up for Mike and tells him he’s not. Mike walks out and leaves Harvey and Jessica alone. Jessica admits she wanted this merger, she wants to be at the top, but Harvey has trust issues. Harvey agrees with what Hardman had told him that Jessica is afraid of Harvey. Jessica reminds him that she just kicked his ass.  ‘Be humble and learn your god damn place’ is what Jessica had to say to Harvey. And that’s the end of that.

Edward fires Scottie after he finds out she gave that secret file. Harvey comes face to face with Scottie at the elevators, he looks apologetic, but can’t say anything, the doors close and she’s gone. Edward and Harvey shake hands, Harvey asks for Edward to rehire Scottie. He asks Harvey which office would he like her to work in. The camera’s on Harvey but he doesn’t give an answer.

Rachel finds out that Mike didn’t mail out the letter. They’re having a fight in the file room, Mike doesn’t have a choice but to come clean about who he is. He tells her he’s a fraud and that he never went to Harvard. She slaps him…and then this happens:

Mike Rachel

Mike and Rachel2

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S U I T S: “He’s Back”

With only two episodes left in the second season of Suits, things are getting cray cray in the offices of Pearson & Hardman. Speaking of Hardman, he’s back just in time for an epic last battle before the season end. We all knew it would come to this, Daniel Hardman is one of the few opponent’s Jessica and Harvey have trouble dealing with, and this situation was no different.


The episode starts off with Mike and Harvey in a deposition…the lawyer on the other side of the table is Daniel Hardman. Hardman uses the deposition to announce a lawsuit against Jessica Pearson..and throws over the paperwork across the table, just like that! Harvey and Mike are obviously confused…but it’s gets more confusing when Hardman reveals the plaintiff is a former employee of Pearson who was wrongfully dismissed on the basis of gender. Monica Eaton, who you may remember from a ways back had an affair with Hardman…while he was married to his dying wife and when Jessica found out she fired both of them. Well she couldn’t really fire Hardman because his name was on the wall…but she did get rid of them both.

Last time we saw Hardman leaving the offices, him and Jessica agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement that would prevent Jessica and Harvey from ever mentioning his affair/sketchiness during his employment with P&H. Harvey was the most surprised…and he usually never is…especially by Jessica. In her office, it was obvious Jessica never told Harvey about the agreement, and Daniel didn’t miss a chance to point out to Harvey that Jessica doesn’t trust him as much as he might want to believe.

Suits USA

Daniel and Monica are arguing that Jessica got rid of Monica because Jessica has always been ‘married to her job’ and she expected similar priorities from her female employees. She knew of Monica’s sexual activity and was jealous of her…that kind of was true…Jessica fired Monica because of Daniel, only problem is the crew can’t discuss that information in court. Looks like Daniel won this round. Oh but wait, there’s still another 35 minutes to go!

Round Two: Hardman arrives at the offices for the second deposition, Donna is at the reception desk to greet him…she’s got a little more sass in her step today! She escorts Hardman to the boardroom which used to be his office. She gives it to him, slaps him twice for planting evidence to get her fired. Then she says, ‘they’re in the other boardroom’…amazing!

Donna slaps Daniel

Mike has another great idea which is to question Monica in the way good lawyers question people…and hopefully get her to reveal who she had the affair with. Jessica lets Mike take the wheel for this one, Harvey’s shocked again! Mike’s idea looks to be working in the first few minutes, but Monica and Daniel turn things around again when Monica admits that she was sexually harassed by Louis Litt! Everyone is in shock, they don’t really know how to come back with this information.Harvey drank

Later, Harvey’s enjoying a drink in his office going over the transcripts from the depo. Louis comes in and offers to help them out with Daniel. Harvey thanks him, and then hands over the transcripts for Louis to read. He reads through the beginning a little proud of Mike…and then gets to the part where Monica accuses Louis of sexual harassment  He’s in shock, he admits he always had a thing for her but it never got out of control. Later Louis meets with Daniel in the elevator and gives the most scariest Louis speech ever! He basically threatens to kill Hardman if he ever tries to mess with him again.

Scary Louis

In the end, Mike tracks down Monica and convinces her to settle the case. he shows her the other sexual harassment cases Pearson is working on, and if they go through with Monica’s, they will end up losing all the other ones that are actually legitimate. Mike and Harvey admit that they have other witnesses who can admit to Daniel and Monica’s affair…and guess what they don’t have a confidentiality agreement to abide.

Rachel has decided to go to law school…well Harvard. Mike’s slowly beginning to realize she’s leaving and things are going to change in the office. I’m curious to see how the writers are going to deal with this story, is Rachel really going to leave? Will they still have her on the show but in law school? Who knows!

Also, and if you think I forgot about it, I didn’t. One of the final scenes of the episode, Donna and Harvey had a moment! Thank the heavens!! The two are bantering away in their witty style of conversation. All of a sudden, Harvey says ‘you look beautiful’ and Donna’s face lights up as if she’s been waiting for this moment forever…and then we/she realizes Harvey wasn’t talking to her but to Jessica who shows up in the hallway dressed and ready to go out on the town. Really amazing scene…either Aaron Korsh is trying to drive us crazy…or there is something really going on between Donna and Harv. Or it could just be Donna and her feelings for Harvey…waaah what if he doesn’t feel the same way about her!

Donna and Harvey Moment

Looks like we’ll have to find out in Season 3! Boom.

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Suits:The Greatest Episode Of All Time!

This week’s episode of Suits was amazing! I was literally holding my breath for the entire hour! Travis Tanner’s case against Harvey continues as Travis decides to take Harvey to court. They can’t agree on a settlement, because the only offer Travis makes is to disbar Harvey.

Harvey brings in Louis to act as Travis during their mock trial. Rachel is acting as Donna, and Daniel Hardman plays the judge. Harvey brings in new girl Zoe, who apparently has shares an interesting past with him. She joins the firms team to assist them in the building of their court case. Anyways, Mike finds a way to convince Donna to help out Harvey even after she said she would plead the 5th. Harvey confronts Donna on the streets of Toronto, I mean New York City, she is literally fuming at him, she hates him but not really, he feels really bad but at the same time all he asks of her is to admit she made a mistake. She’s mad and hurt that Harvey would let her go so easy.

So when Mike convinces Donna to help Harvey out, Donna shows up at Pearson and Hardman for the mock trial. Instead of Rachel playing Donna, it’s Donna playing Donna! The mock trial gets intense when Louis refuses to follow the script- since Donna refuses to answer any questions. Louis starts asking personal questions, insinuating Donna has feelings for Harvey and that she’s in love with him! Donna’s panicking, Harvey feels bad for her, Louis keeps pushing and demanding the answer from Donna whether she loves Harvey or not. She doesn’t answer, but it’s obvious there are feelings between the two, Harvey stands up and demands for the mock trial to be over with. Donna gets up and leaves, Harvey follows her but he can’t do anything to save her. I love the story between these 2, I cannot wait for the day until they’re together!! Even if the writers give us a tiny inkling of hope for their romance, it’s enough to keep us watching.

In the end, Mike and Hardman find some dirt on Travis. They decide the best option is to blackmail Travis and agree on a settlement. When Hardman brings the news to Jessica and Harvey they are weary of his intentions, since they don’t fully trust Hardman. When Harvey confronts Mike, and lets him know they won’t be settling, Mike has a hissy fit and reminds Harvey how hard they worked on this case, and how hard things will be if they go to court. Jessica and Hardman bring the decision to the partners, settle/trial, the vote is at a tie so the final decision is left for Harvey, he decides to settle and Jessica is completely shocked.

Just then, Hardman approaches the partners and brings up the issue of Jessica having trouble managing her firm. Hardman says they should have a vote about who has power him or her. Basically, he screwed them over.

The season’s getting good!