The Vampire Diaries: True Lies RECAP

Your best friends dead the entire summer and you have no idea…that makes you a bad friend. Elena Gilbert you’ve legit failed the best friend test…same goes for you Caroline. Caroline and Elena continue their college years until Elena finds out that everything else back home has fallen a part.


Matt, Jeremy and Katherine are trying to stay as far away as possible from Silas…and everyone else in Mystic Falls. Not really sure where this storyline is headed…and I don’t know why Matt and Jer think they can outsmart Silas…they just need to figure this s*** out.

Okay so it’s safe to say this season of The Vampire Diaries has been a slight disappointment…dude Bonnie’s been dead for 4 months and nobody can put the pieces together. Now Jeremy’s back…but he’s kind of boring…and Matt did get a little hotter but he’s still plain old Matt. Except we do find out that the weird magic thing the witch did to him last week was to protect him against Silas’ mind reading powers. So at least Matt has the upper hand…for once.

I just feel like there were so many interesting stories developing last season…and none of them are veering in that direction right now and it’s quite disappointing. Caroline and Klaus? Everyone wanted those two together…Matt belongs with Rebekah…they just complete each other…they are more entertaining together than alone.

Now Elena knows that Stefan is legitimately missing…Caroline spills the beans to Damon and tells him Elena has been worried all summer…like she’s had the feeling that something’s been wrong with her old beau. Clearly she’s still thinking about him. But really who cares about Stefan and Elena…she’s just as boring as everyone else.


Back to Matt and Jer…Silas does catch up to them…he ‘kills’ Matt after he realizes he can’t read his mind. Meanwhile, Jer and Katherine make a run for it. Matt finds himself on ‘the other side’ and Bonnie’s there waiting for him. She gets around. After Bonnie tells him he needs to find the way back to his body to return to life…he puts the pieces together and asks blankly..”If I’m on the other side, then how come you’re here with me?”…as if he’s totally confident Bonnie is really somewhere off in Europe getting belligerent. I really wanted to see Bonnie tell Jeremy she was dead…but we didn’t get to see that scene…even in tonight’s episode the scene cuts and we never get to hear the entire conversation.

Caroline is totally hitting it off with the new guy on campus. That is all.

Somehow Silas got into Elena’s head and she is determined to kill Damon. Damon gets Elena to focus on the pain she’s felt for Stefan…all the worrying she’s gone through this summer. She starts to feel all the pain and hunger Stefan’s felt…and then she’s back to normal….just like that. Cut to Elena packing up her car because she’s done with school!! Your friend has been dead longer than you’ve been in school! This girl is getting pathetic by the minute. Okay so Elena’s leaving, but Caroline promises her she will hold it down on campus…now that she’s got a new man she feels all sexy and strong! You go girl.

Cut to: Damon and Elena making out on the car. Damon confesses to Elena that he’s totally secure with her having dreams about Stefan. She tells him she loves him and they will find Stefan together..she will continue to love him (Damon that is). Cut to: Random forest…Damon, Elena and Caroline’s mom are standing around the vault Stefan was put in at the end of last season. They open the door and find a dead person with a bloody neck, Stefan somehow rescued himself and couldn’t resist the urge. He hasn’t had a bite to eat in 3 months! I’m surprised he’s not dead!

The previews for next episode look entertaining. Stefan’s back in Ripper form and we cannot wait. He’s so much sexier when he’s evil and bloody. Don’t judge.

The Vampire Diaries: DoppleDanger

Last night was the season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries…the gang is in college (and by gang I mean Elena and Caroline)…but the drama is pretty much the same. Unlike everyone else on the show, I’m legitimately worried for he alive? can vampires even drown? What was up with the weird flashback moment at the end of the episode? Nobody seems to be worried about Stefan’s disappearance…in fact it took the harsh realization from Stefan’s doppelganger to remind big brother Damon his brother is probably in trouble. Damon was busy all summer with Elena…Caroline was busy listening to Tyler’s excuses over voicemails…and Jeremy spent all his time with ghost Bonnie emailing fake messages to her friends and family. Like did anyone have their s*** together during the summer? We totally get it, it’s boiling over in HotLanta but is that any excuse to play dumb and ignore all the warning signs that your best friend has been dead for weeks…and your ex boyfriend is missing.


Bonnie is full out dead…but she still decides to show up for the girls first day at college. This scene was so sad…I still can’t believe she’s really dead and her best friends don’t even know it yet. Speaking of dead girls….Caroline and Elena find out they have a roommate…as if the 3 beds wasn’t a big enough hint? Later, the girls realize their roomy might be a vampire hunter when Caroline finds a bottle of vervaine. They go to a college party to blend in with the normal people, but realize the’re not so normal when they can’t even get into the house party! They weren’t formally invited in…so they legit spent the night pretending to party outside. The party is interrupted when a body comes flying out of the upstairs window…there’s blood all over…and the girls realize this is their beloved roomy…and it looks like a vampire kill. It’s important to note that the hottest guy ever totally tried to hit on Caroline in the beginning, but since she’s so faithful to Tyler…she didn’t even cop a glance. Rumours are swirling that this new hot guy might be the vampire on campus…and he’s probably the one that bit the girl. Who knows…but the girls are about to have the college experience of their eternal lives.

OMG Matt is like pure bad boy now that he’s lost his virginity and had a threesome. He was roaming around Europe all summer with Rebecca…and they couldn’t resist adding another vampire to the mix. Rebecca returns home with Matty but she leaves because she has to switch over to the other show The Originals. The vampire that they had a threesome with shows up in Mystic Falls and does some weird witchy spell thing to Matty…don’t really know what that is but oh well. I really liked Rebecca and Matt together, it’s a shame she has to leave TVD, but hopefully she’ll make a few more appearances.


Damon is busy taking care of Jeremy. He doesn’t do a good job because Stefan’s doppleganger shows up and is looking for Katherine who is now in human form. Silas (Stefan’s doppleganger) wants to kill Katherine…but Damon saves the day in time. He asks Jeremy to whisk her away and protect her. Silas makes a deal with Damon, if he brings Katherine back he’ll let Damon know where his brother is.  Jeremy doesn’t get too far before Damon calls him and demands he come back. Katherine overhears and sketches out, the car goes off the road and rams into a pole. Jeremy is hurt bad, somehow Katherine makes it out of the car and disappears into the night. Damon arrives to the scene, Jeremy tells him Katherine escaped, but Damon says he doesn’t really care. Does this mean Damon doesn’t really want to find Stefan? It does solve his problems because this way he can be with Elena without feeling sorry for Stefan.


Damon refuses to tell Elena anything major happened while she was out partying. Caroline listens to another voicemail message from Tyler…he tells her he’s really helping this wolfpack in the mountains so he’s going to stay and not go to school. Basically this means they’re over…it’s time for Caroline to meet hot new guy that possibly a vampire. But also, Caroline and Klaus…I wish they were together!! During the ‘end of summer’ party in Mystic Falls, Bonnie’s dad (the mayor) does his speech on stage. Then Silas walks up and literally slices Bonnie’s dads throat in front of everyone…including ghost Bonnie who was listening to her dad’s speech!!! Silas demands that everyone follow what he says and he needs everyone to keep an eye out for Katherine. Which is basically Elena…so wtf is going to happen?

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TVD Season Finale RECAP

Last night’s RECAP of CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

Okay so this fourth season started off with a bang, we jump into a new world where Elena isn’t human anymore, she’s dealing with becoming a vampire, she loses a bunch of people along the way and finds herself in tight leather pants, a new hairdo and her humanity switch turned off. Aside from the world of Elena, we have a bunch of other plot lines that I think proved to the audience…this show could go on without the main three. Immediately, I was drawn to the Caroline and Klaus story. I really thought they would show much more of the two throughout the season, but of course Elena has to steal the thunder and Caroline and Klaus fell through the cracks. So we all know that the CW has given the green light for a spin off called The Originals, which will include Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca (unless she’s in Europe with Matt) and Klaus’ baby mama. Yes, even though he got a werewolf girl knocked up, he’s still madly in love with Caroline and it’ll be interesting to see how they work with her in between the two shows. But back to TVD, Elena is enjoying her down time with Jeremy and Alaric…in a cemetery? How ironic.

happy times

So before we get off track, because there’s so much to talk about we should sum up last night’s events. Everyone is back from the dead, or at least until the veil rises again. Bonnie is dealing with the fact that she’s dead, but because everyone supernatural is still alive, she’s still there- kind of. Rebecca is dealing with her ex boyfriend/vampire hunter…Matt is strapped to a bomb plate thing, Rebecca refuses to leave his side. She promises to show him the world, take him wherever he wants to go. With the camera revolving around Matt and Rebecca, we don’t realize that she’s taken him off the bomb plate and placed herself on it. She begs Matt to run as fast as he can, she will be able to withstand the explosion but he obviously won’t. Matt runs off and Rebecca jumps off the plate and makes a run for it.

matt and becca

Silas and the cure have been the two main forces of this season and I have to say I was disappointed when we thought Silas was dead. First of all, Bonnie killing Silas that easily in the caves was b*******. The entire season they’re trying to figure out how to kill this guy and she does it after a quick pep talk from her granny? It just didn’t make sense. And then, all season everyone’s looking for this stupid cure, and once they have it, nobody can decide whose going to take it? So throughout last night’s episode, they were trying to make us think Damon would have to take it, or Stefan would decide he’s going to take it…like how about nobody takes it and we just go on with the damn show. You know?

The Irish vampire hunter shoots Damon with wooden bullets laced with werewolf venom, Klaus is all the way in New Orleans, so they only option they had was for Damon to take the cure and live. He doesn’t take it, Klaus comes back…of course he needs to see Caroline graduate and deliver his final monologue.

Damon Dead

The graduation scene was definitely one of my season favorites. I think for shows like The Vampire Diaries, where you’re dealing with supernatural problems, graduation seems so miniscule but it’s actually a beautiful moment seeing these kids do what every normal high school kid gets to do. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, graduation was one of the biggest scenes in the entire series, it was a really powerful scene. The gang is at the Mystic Falls HS graduation, surprisingly everyone has made it. Bonnie is tripping out because she knows she’s dead but she refuses to tell anyone else. Caroline is in her moment of glory, she is beaming and so happy that they’re all moving on with the next chapter of their lives…you know the usual grad speech. The entire time Bonnie is tearing up because she knows she’s not going to enjoy any of it. The entire season Bonnie annoyed me, I really was waiting for her time to come but the grad scene was really hard to get through.


Stefan has his hopes up, now that Elena is back she might take him back. He says he would take her back in a heartbeat but it all depends on what she wants. Lexi tells Stefan to leave Mystic Falls and enjoy his life, she’s not the only soul mate he’s going to have. Elena and Damon finally have the scene all Delena fans were waiting for. Elena admits she’s in love with Damon, pure and simple. Damon is still in love with her, and now that there’s no sire bond, they can finally have their moment. The entire time Stefan overhears them talking, he’s obviously heartbroken but he now has his answer, he should move on with his life. Elena asks Stefan to take the cure, the only other person that sucks at being a vampire is him. The scene ends there, but towards the end of the episode it jumps back to this scene, Stefan gives the cure back to Elena and tells her he did everything so that she could have the choice of being a vampire or human.

Caroline and Klaus have their moment, of course he comes back to give Caroline her graduation present. He tells her it’s something she’ll want more than anything else. He tells her Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls, he won’t chase him anymore. Caroline is super happy, but what does this mean for K and C? Klaus tells Caroline that he understands Tyler is her first love, but he knows he’s going to be her last…eventually she will understand that. Best line by Klaus…EVER, and he’s had some good lines!

Matt and Rebecca are safe at home, Matt agrees to join Rebecca on her world adventure tour…he’s got nothing lined up next year so why not?

In the last 5 minutes, we know the veil is about to go up, so at any time our favorite dead people could be gone forever. Damon is in his room having a drink with Alaric, Alaric congratulates him on finally getting the girl. Damon looks down to pour himself a drink and by the time he looks back up…Alaric is gone. So sad! Stefan is in the car with Lexi, they’re having ‘the soul mate’ discussion, when Stefan admits he needs to leave for a while, the camera zooms out and we see an empty seat beside Stefan.

Jeremy decides to see Bonnie in his final minutes. She’s back at the cave doing the spell. They have a moment, and then Bonnie realizes her spell has worked. Her spell to bring back Jeremy (which killed her) did go work. Jeremy is thrilled that he’s alive, he runs to Bonnie to give her a hug and realizes he can’t feel her arms on him. He asks her what she’s done, she says it’s okay, she has her grams now..and the witches…and he can see ghosts so they can talk everyday. She begs Jeremy to lie to Elena and Caroline and tell them she’s away visiting her mother. She says for once her friends are okay…she doesn’t want to take that away from them. How noble.

Katherine and Elena have a huge fight in the halls of the high school. It looks like Katherine is about to kill Elena…the reason is kind of blurry but whatever. Elena pulls out the cure and shoves it in Katherine’s mouth. ‘Have a nice human life Katherine’ Elena mumbles out.


In the end, Stefan drops by the cliff to dump Silas’ body in the river. While unpacking the bag he realizes there’s just pieces of broken stone in the bag. He turns around and there’s Silas in Elena’s body. Silas explains to Stefan that there was a doppelganger created for Silas. Stefan assumes it’s another one of Elena…so what there’s 3 of them now? And then the camera pans to the car window…and we see who Silas really is….Stefan!

Stefan car window

Silas locks Stefan into the safe that was meant for Silas, pushes it off the cliff and into the water with Stefan inside! So whose going to realize the real Stefan is missing?? I have to admit it was an impressive ending!

Waterfall stefan

What did you guys think of the season finale?


And now a moment of silence for Bonnie Bennett.

rip bonnie

The Vampire Diaries: Into The Wild

If you’ve ever wondered what the hype is surrounding The CW’s The Vampire Diaries– last night’s episode will explain it all. Ever since the return from Christmas hiatus, TVD has been shockingly insane…and last night was not an exception.

Shane and Damon

So, the gang is on the brink of finding the cure for ‘vampireism’…they’ve agreed to go on a camping trip with Professor Shane to find Silas and find the cure. Klaus is still locked up in Elena’s living room from the spell Bonnie put on him. Tyler is over there taunting Klaus, and trying to make himself feel better for Klaus murdering his mother.

The episode gets right into it when Caroline comes over to ask Tyler to come home. Caroline gets angry at Klaus and gets a little too close to him, he grabs her and somehow brings her into the space he’s confined to and bites her! He’s a werewolf…so any bit from a werewolf can kill a vampire in the matter of hours. The only cure is Klaus’ blood. Tyler freaks out and begs Klaus to give his blood to her, we all know how much Klaus loves Caroline, but he hates Tyler even more…and he’s willing to give up Caroline just to spite Tyler.

It was a funny episode because really a bunch of vampires going camping…who does that? They even had tents and sleeping bags when we all know they don’t sleep! Okay so we learn a lot more about Shane and where he’s come from and his motivations for this entire resurrecting Silas journey. When his wife tried to use magic to bring back their son, the magic killed her. Shane found the tomb/caves and in the magic well, found his wife. It was as if she had come back to life…she told him resurrecting Silas could bring back bother her and their son. If Silas were to come back, he would bring back all the dead people that helped him. Sounds a little cray cray but Shane was grieving from the death of his family…if anyone was going to believe it, it was him.

On their way to the camp site Jeremy is attacked by someone and then saved by another mysterious someone. So this scene was really weird because Jeremy gets attacked right before commercial break, when we come back Elena and him are sort of recovering from Jeremy almost being killed…but the rest of the gang continue on like nothing happened! Nobody mentions it…it’s as if nobody else witnessed the attack- but they did. Weird, did anyone else notice  that?

Tension is high within the group, Elena is still dealing with the fact that Stefan and Rebekah hooked up, Rebekah hates Elena…and we really don’t know what’s going through Damon’s head. There is obviously more to the forest then Professor Shane leads them to believe. The forest is armed with vampire booby traps, Elena almost gets stabbed by one but surprisingly Rebekah ends up protecting her. Big shocker there…Stefan is impressed. Overnight, Jeremy goes missing he’s taken from his tent without any noise.


Everyone decides to split up…well not really…Bonnie’s busy with a locator spell, Damon is keeping an eye on Professor Awkward…so that leaves Stefan Elena and Rebekah. Their hunt leads to nothing, Elena makes a return for camp earlier…it gives Stefan and Rebekah a moment to relinquish in their sexual tension. Love them together! We’re beginning to see the real Rebekah, she’s admitted to Stefan that she’s wanted to be human all along, the cure means everything to her. There was a really amazing scene between the two lovers, Stefan begins to see the real Rebekah…Rebekah is kind of annoyed with him that he’s going to take the cure for Elena…but he’s quick to tell her if he takes the cure it’s for himself…not for Elena. I think this is the best thing to come out of the whole Elena and Stefan break up. Everyone expected Damon and Elena to go through this amazing romantic time together…and they had their moment…for like an episode…but now it’s more about Stefan and how his feelings have changed towards Elena. He’s got to see a different side to Rebekah…and he’s realized he can be a sexier vampire all on his own! Trust me, I think we all enjoy the new solo Stefan more.

In the midst of looking for Jeremy/really waiting for Bonnie to do all the work, Damon starts beating up the professor to get some information out of him. Damon doesn’t trust him for a second and he has every right. Shane has been sketchy since day one and he obviously has his own motives for this camping trip. Damon is beating Shane to death until Elena breaks up the fight. Outside, her and Damon have a chat about their relationship. She tells him how excited she is about finding the cure, being human again…and being able to spend the rest of her life with Stefan…I mean Damon. Damon is in one of his moods, he admits he doesn’t care about the cure, he doesn’t want to take it, he would never want to be human again…and reminds Elena that, the dream of growing old together is Stefan…not Damon. He walks away and leaves Elena more confused than ever.

Bonnie starts following the fire that sprung out of nowhere from her locator spell. At the camp they realize Shane slipped out…and stole the magic headstone!! Rebekah is freaking out, she accuses Stefan of stealing it and helping out the rest. He admits he had nothing to do with it, he wants to find the cure and be human just like her. Elena overhears this and suddenly realizes ‘Holy **** I’m with the wrong guy’ duh Elena…your dumb.


Tyler’s only idea is to bring a dying Caroline to Klaus and let him witness her death. Tyler leaves, Caroline is sitting on the couch beside Klaus. This was one of the most amazing scenes ever…we get to see the Klaus we always knew was there. Caroline’s dying, Klaus admits that he can’t save her, he needs to teach Tyler a lesson. Caroline with her amazing death bed speech tells Klaus she knows he’s in love with her, and that anyone who can love…can be saved. So amazing. Klaus starts to form tears in his eyes…I mean we all know he’s going to save her but it really was an amazing scene. I would’ve been satisfied if it was just that scene in the episode. Caroline admits that sometimes she has to remind herself of all the bad things Klaus has done, just so she won’t have feelings for him. That sends him over the edge and he lets her have his blood…saving her life. Yay.

caroline and klaus

In the woods, Shane meets up with a random dude that has Jeremy, Bonnie ends up walking right up to them, Shane admits that her locator spell was meant to lead her to them. Shane had this all planned out to get Jeremy and Bonnie alone…and make his way with them to see Silas. In the end, Damon is walking alone..until he comes across one of the 5 vampire hunters.

TVD: Truth or Dare Recap

I’m sure you’ve all experienced those episodes where not much happens, but the characters are stuck in a situation where they have to talk out their feelings…well last night was one of those episodes. I’ll admit, things got cray in the last 10 minutes with the episode leading up to another great cliffhanger…and it looked like Jeremy bulked up a little more which is always good for ratings.

So let’s jump right into things. Rebekah’s is back a la April who felt the need to save her best friend by pulling out the dagger in her heart. Aw, cute! Really though, it was time for Rebeka to return to Mystic Falls and spread her mean girl fairy dust all through the town. She uses April to put her plan in motion, she snaps Elena’s neck and kidnaps her in the school library. Rebekah calls Stefan to tell him she has Elena kidnapped (she doesn’t know they’ve broken up)…Stefan texts Caroline for help, finally they’ve realized how texting is more efficient since vampires can’t hear texts!!

The text goes through, and somehow I think Caroline was hoping for a ‘sext’ rather than a ‘text’. Get where I’m going?…No?…moving on. They’re all useless and Stefan and Caroline find themselves seated at Rebeka’s round table. Rebekah starts asking questions, and they’re all compelled to her so they have to answer. Caroline blurts out that Stefan and Elena are broken up, this catches Rebekah’s attention since she has missed a few weeks on her mean girl duties.


Clearly everyone has diarrhea of the mouth which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Two words that should never go together- diarrhea and fun. Stefan confesses that he knows Elena slept with Damon, Elena is hurt by this, but more angry at Caroline as she gives her the evil eye. Caroline doesn’t even look up to meet her gaze because she knows she’s failed Elena as her best friend. Who cares! Clearly Caroline wants Stefan for herself. Okay, maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Stefan still believes Elena is sired to Damon, but Elena chooses to rip out Stefan’s heart even more by denying her sire bond. Rebekah asks Elena if she slept with Damon because of the sire bond, and Elena responds (this deserves quotations) ‘I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond, I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him!’ Awkward silence around the table, and Caroline comes to the rescue again by forcing Rebekah to change the topic.


Back at the lake house, by the way why don’t they spend more time there? The views are just to die for-literally. Damon keeps listening to a voice mail from Elena while attempting to train Jeremy at becoming the greatest vampire hunter of all time. Apparently, none of them have school anymore- or football practice. Matt is at the lake house with Jeremy helping him hone is strength. They both feel like loading up on carbs so they order pizza for the third day in a row. Klaus shows up and asks Damon how Jeremy’s progress is going, and how many vampires he’s killed. Damon admits he’s killed none, and Klaus makes a point to head back into town and murder everyone for Jeremy’s sake.

Now that Carol Lockwood is dead, Bonnie’s father returns to Mystic Falls to take up the very dangerous role of town mayor. Bonnie is frustrated over he father’s return because he’s never been around to be a good father, since her being a witch totally freaked out him out. She heads over to Shane’s office to practice some more magic but he tells her she’s already learned everything. As her graduation present he gives her a human bone necklace over 2000 years old. That still ain’t no Tiffany’s! On her way out, a familiar face surprises her as she realizes it’s Kol (Rebeka’s other brother). By the time she returns to Shane’s office he’s already gone.

So pizza girl shows up again at the house, this time nobody ordered any pizza. Matt greets her at the front door, she asks for a cell phone because she’s having car troubles. He leaves, Jeremy shows up all hot and sweaty (or at least that’s how I imagined him) Pizza girl realizes she can’t come inside because guess what- she’s a vampire! Jeremy unknowingly invites her inside, and she’s super happy. Upstairs she tries to bite Matt but Jeremy saves the day and kills her- and more tattoos appear on his arm. Yay.

Back at the library, Rebekah and Kol have Shane and are ready to compel him and learn all his awkward professor secrets. The only thing is, Shane can’t be compelled, so Kol decides to use old torture tactics on him.

Here comes the fun part, Rebekah decides to play truth or dare with the gang…Elena goes first and chooses dare. Honestly Rebekah, if you had just chosen spin the bottle it would’ve made for a better time. Rebekah is obviously amazing at truth or dare because this is what she asks Elena, ‘I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon’ Busted! Elena admits being with Damon is unpredictable and she feels free. Lately, all Stefan has made her feel like is a broken toy. Ouch.

Tyler arrives to save his girlfriend, which turns out to be pointless since Rebekah compells him to turn into a werewolf. This has Stefan and Elena running wild through the school halls while Tyler chases them. Rebekah doesn’t need them anymore since she has professor Shane. Or does she?

While torturing Shane, Rebekah and Kol find out Shane wants to find the cure to find Silas, the first immortal whose imprisoned with the cure. Kol freaks out at the name, and Rebekah brushes it off by calling Silas a fairytale. Kol drives a pipe through Shane’s stomach and ‘kills him’. Only problem is, you can’t kill Shane!! But Kol and Rebekah don’t stick around to find that out. Later in his office, Bonnie is angry at him for almost getting April killed. (She tried to put a protection spell on Shane, instead she linked April to him) Shane brushes it off and makes Bonnie feel special by telling her he needs her for his master plan. But he makes it sound less evil and more romantic.

My favourite scene of the episode is when Elena and Stefan are hiding from Tyler, Elena gets the bright idea that they should talk about Damon. Stefan is SO much sexier when he’s pissed, he says ‘How many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out’ I died, and cried a little. Then Rebekah shows up and offers Stefan a way out of heartache. She asks him if she can compel him to forget every single memory of Elena, and forget he ever loved her. Stefan obviously hurt tells Rebekah to do it, to erase every memory. The look on Elena’s face…so good! But of course Rebekah laughs in his face and makes him suffer, the way she’s had to suffer alone for the last 900 years. Stefan leaves the school all sexy and sad, while Elena watches him with tears in her eyes.

Caroline finds Tyler in the school gym back in human form. I guess he came across the memorial for his mother and he breaks down in Caroline’s arms.

Elena phones Damon to check up on him and to tell him that Stefan knows about their relationship. Damon should care, but really doesn’t because he forgets everything about the sire bond when Elena tells him she loves him. He tells her to get her *** over to the lake house for some vampire sex. He doesn’t really say vampire sex. But we know it’s coming.

Jeremy and Damon come across the town and all it’s dead people who apparently all hang out at the local bar (small town problems). Klaus has turned them all into vampires, and he’s expecting Jeremy to kill them all.

Stefan’s home, Rebekah shows up uninvited but she doesn’t really care. Stefan makes a proposition for her, seeing how he hates his brother and she hates her brother, they should team up to find the cure…and if along the way they have a steamy hookup…then that’s fine to. That last part really wasn’t said, but it’s pretty obvious something is going to happen between the two heartbroken vamps.

Stay tuned!

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The Vampire Diaries: RECAP

So we were extremely excited about this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries after last weeks finale with Delena left us surprisingly hot and bothered. We found out that the reason the Delena situation is happening, might be because Elena is sired to Damon. We don’t know if Damon did it on purpose or when the sire bond happened, but some of our questions were answered in this episode.

Stefan and Caroline are hard at work discussing all the reasons why Elena could be sired to Damon…this all the while Elena and Damon continue to get down and dirty. I have to say, I really don’t like Elena when she’s with Damon! I mean I was getting a little bored with her and Stefan, but I think it was too soon for her to jump in the sack with D. It’s the morning after and Elena has to get to school, but when Stefan returns home in the morning, all Elena can say to him is ‘See you in class’. Really biatch?

Elena and Damon

Finally, everyone’s back at school,Bonnie is alive again, and Elena wants a girls night really, really bad. With an unlimited supply of expensive champagne Bonnie, Caroline and Elena start off their party night on the wrong foot with unopened bottles of champagne and empty glasses. Who does that? Meanwhile, Damon and Stefan have a boys night in NOLA, because apparently, Damon sired another vampire girl back in the 40s.

Turns out, Damon sired a vampire chica who was in love with him before he left New Orleans, he had told her to count all the bricks from the houses around New Orleans until his return. Sure enough, when Stefan and Damon found her on the corner Damon had told her to be, she had spent over 7 decades counting all the bricks. Cray, right? Damon hadn’t realized that he had sired her, or how literal his sire powers were. They head over to the witch store to figure out how to get rid of the sire bond. The witch in New Orleans admits she doesn’t practice witchcraft anymore, but another form of dark magic called ‘expression’. Unfortunately, the sire bond wasn’t really a curse, so it can’t be broken, Damon has to literally tell whoever’s sired to him to forget about him, and move on with their life without him. Of course now it’s not a matter of what Damon needs to do, it’s if he wants to do it. Finally, the love of his life- Elena, is in love with him, he doesn’t’ want to give up what they have, but reality sets in that she might not really be in love with him.

Girls night gets even worse when Elena decides to take the conversation into Damon’s luxurious bathroom. While sitting in his tub and secretly wishing her was there with her, Caroline blurts out that she’s making a huge mistake with Damon, but at least she hasn’t slept with him. Elena’s pissed that Caroline thinks she can tell her who to date so she decides to come out and tell the girls she’s already slept with Damon. Bonnie and Caroline are speechless, Elena storms out of the bathroom, and that bathtub will never be the same again. Caroline has diarrhea of the mouth because she also blurts out that Elena might be sired to Damon…and explains her and Stefan’s theories. Unfortunately, things get even worse because one of Tyler’s hybrids decide to kidnap Caroline.

Possibly the most randomest scene ever, the werewolves are trying to work against Tyler for some reason? However it doesn’t get too far because Tyler shows up and saves the day. Then all the hybrids awkwardly bow down to him..I guess they’re sired to him now? CONFUSED. Also, still trying to figure out what’s going on between awkward professor and Tyler’s werewolf girl friend.

Damon returns from his quick trip, Elena mentions that she knows about the sire bond. She tells him that she’s not sired and that everything she’s feeling is real. Damon wants to believe her but he knows something is up with her, he definitely has the ability to sire other vampires because he did it with the girl in NOLA. The episode ends off awkwardly as Elena starts touching Damon and begins to convince him that everything they’re feeling for one another is real.

Merp. We’ll have to wait and see with next week’s mid season finale.



TVD: The Killer Recap

You just know it’s going to be a bad episode when it starts off with “Dear Diary…” Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was probably the least exciting episode this season. However, we did get to enjoy a little excitement when Elena straddled Damon and our two buff buddies (Jeremy & Matt) got a lot more air time than usual. Most of the episode took place at the Mystic Grill where Connor was holding Jeremy,Matt and April hostage. His idea was to set a trap, when Stefan or Damon came to the rescue the whole place would blow up. Rebecca is back in her coffin with a dagger in her, and Klaus is in Italy.

Damon tries enlisting Bonnie to help with this week’s mission, but Bonnie realizes she’d rather flirt with her cute/awkward professor  then help out the gang. Also, she doesn’t have her magic powers anymore. Wah. Elena continues to be a sad/whiny vampire…she tries to help Stefan but he begs her to stay behind, and stay alive. Stefan is secretly working with Klaus, they both know that there’s a cure for ‘vampireism’…but nobody else does. Damon suspects Stefan is either being compelled by Klaus or he’s made a deal with him. Stefan knocks out Damon, takes off his daylight ring, and forces him to stay in the apartment with Elena. Something is about to go down at the Mystic Grill and it isn’t a chicken wrap on a bed of fries.

While on the phone with Tyler, Caroline overhears Klaus admitting to Tyler he knows about his new ‘friend’ Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)…and the time they spent together on the mountains. Caroline can obviously hear because of her vampire super hearing powers. She’s upset, Tyler doesn’t really care, but in the end Tyler explains he’s just friends with Hayley and that nothing happened. Besides, Hayley doesn’t have time for teen drama.  Tyler admits to Caroline that they have a mutual mission to teach all other hybrids that they don’t need to be compelled by Klaus. Great mission. Changing the world one hybrid at a time. Anyways, this might be it for Tyler and Caroline, and hopefully something between her and Klaus will happen because that would be awesome.

Back at the Grill, April is tripping out because all of a sudden people are talking about werewolves and vampires. She has no idea what’s going on. Connor doesn’t let Jeremy out of his sight because he knows Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter and feels like he needs to mentor him. Stefan tries to save Jeremy, but Elena has a better idea. Since Connor doesn’t know she’s a vampire, Damon tells Elena to get as close to Connor as possible…and kill him.

Elena begs Connor to let her brother go, she jumps at him, and they fight, but Connor’s stronger and is about to kill Elena (well almost) but Stefan grabs Connor…and dissapears with him. Meanwhile, Matt and April are in the back room, Matt finds a wall that leads to the tunnels under Mystic Falls. Damon finds the same tunnel and it leads him to the hole in the wall that Matt opened.

Damon corners Stefan…and stabs him. He forces Stefan to tell him the real reason he’s working with Klaus. Stefan tells Damon about the ‘vampireism’ curse and how Elena can be healed. Connor escapes but not for long because Elena catches up to him, bites him…and then kills him!!! Literally the entire dynamic of the episode changes in the matter of seconds. It goes from please finish now to O-M-G Elena just did something dangerous and thrilling!!! So Connor’s dead, which at first I found hard to believe. Was is that easy to kill him after everything that’s happened? Elena feels like she needs to bury his body…Damon and Stefan supervise her because apparently she’s on suicide watch. Elena is back in her Debbie Downer mood and she is feeling extremely guilty for killing a human. Stefan gives Damon a look that basically explains why he wanted a cure for ‘vampireism’. [I put ‘vampireism’ in quotations just because it sounds so ridiculous and I laugh everytime they say it in the show.]

Back at the mansion, Stefan is forced to spend some QT time with his brother because Elena wants some alone time. Now that Connor is dead, they have no way of finding the cure for ‘vampireism’. Damon understands why Stefan wanted the cure so badly, it’s obvious that Stefan can’t love Elena the Vampire. Damon, on the other hand, doesn’t care if she’s a vampire. He admits that either way…he loves Elena. Sorry Stefan!

In the end, Matt and Jeremy are reunited to discuss their gym schedule for the week and how many pushups they can do. April mentions visiting Caroline…and then asking why the Grill is closed. Obviously Caroline compelled her to forget everything. She walks away and Jeremy looks down at his hand at a tattoo starts forming…probably because Connor is dead and he’s now the next vampire hunter!!

Also, it’s not the time of the month but Elena finds blood all over her washroom and the word ‘killer’ in blood on her bathroom mirror. Not sure whose the culprit…but we’ll find out next week.

Vampire Diaries: Memorial

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Vampire Diaries…then you need to. No recap can sum up the amazingness of this episode, it was crammed with a bunch of drama, blood sucking, and mourning. To start off, it was one of the best TVD episodes I’ve ever seen. I was expecting a lot, last week’s season opener wasn’t that great, but they definitely made up for it in this episode.

The entire theme for this week’s Epi was the memorial for the town’s council that were killed last week. Elena is struggling with her new transformation as a vampire. Stefan is trying to get Elena on that animal blood…but of course Damon thinks it’s not a good idea, she’s a new vampire…she needs real human blood. Along with the blood cravings, everything is heightened (they used this word way too many times)…Elena feels grief, hunger, pain and most importantly her excitement is through the roof when Stefan lays a finger on her. This almost happened #VampireSex.

Elena can’t keep the animal blood down, so instead of telling Stefan, she goes to Damon and asks for his help. He offers his own blood to her, letting her suck from his arm…which in the Vampire world is a very special moment. Read more about this here. Damon knew how much it meant to Stefan, but he didn’t care. He offered his arm, and Elena took it. Later, Stefan obviously finds out and he’s hurt and upset. Elena doesn’t know the severity of the situation, Stefan tries to explain it to her, but you can tell from the look on Stefan’s face she’ll never understand.

There’s a new sheriff in town..not really more like the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but the male version. What happened last week was that the town council actually blew themselves up…well the one guy did, exposing a gas line and then lighting the house with a match. So this new guy ‘Buffy’ is on a mission to find all the vampires in town and kill them. The memorial is a HUGE part of the episode, so much happens while they’re all at the church. Elena throws up blood in the bathroom, getting blood all over her pretty dress. She calls Damon to go and get another one for her. Meanwhile, Buffy is literally waiting outside the door while Elena is inside trying to clean up all the blood. Obviously, Buffy knows something’s up, but he’s not quite sure. He’s soaked his hands in vervaine, and when he goes to shake Damon’s hand…Damon refuses blaming it on his germaphobia. Smart.

So Connor aka Buffy, sets up an entire sniper rifle on the church balcony. He stabs the new girl, using her blood to basically draw out the vampires in the room. Damon knows right away that it’s a trap, Elena can’t hold herself, she’s hungry and losing her mind. Matt has the greatest idea in the history of the series, he tells Elena to drink from him, in church, making it look like she’s just crying into his neck!! It was friggin’ brilliant, I was in awe.

After Elena quenches her thirst, Tyler decides to go up on the altar and say a few words for the dearly departed. Connor recognizes Tyler right away, since he shot him in his own house a few hours before. He shoots Tyler in the chest, luckily Tyler is a hybrid, so he survives the attack, if he was a regular vampire he would’ve been dunzo. This time everyone runs out of the church screaming, Connor takes his stuff and is out before anyone else. Damon is quickly at his side, but Connor is definitely prepared and shoots Damon several times before jumping into his pickup and driving off. I loved how Tyler’s mom ran over to him and said she needed to call 9-1-1, Tyler was okay, but the entire town just saw him get shot, she needed to at least pretend like he needed help!

The thing is, not everyone knew what Connor looked like. Jeremy and Matt are back at the grill, Connor is sitting at the bar right next to them and they have no idea who he is. Connor asks Matt what happened to his neck (where Elena bit him)…he covers it up by saying his girlfriend went crazy on him. As they’re leaving, Jeremy turns around and compliments Connor on his tattoo…Matt goes up to him and asks Jeremy what tattoos? The camera pans over to Connor’s arm and the tattoos are gone! This must be another one of Jeremy’s secret talents, we don’t know much about what Jeremy can see, but obviously there’s something more to this Connor guy. Connor knew right away something was up, he quickly looked over to Jeremy in disbelief.

Since Elena is sad over everyone dying, Stefan has the cutest idea to get everyone together, light a few Japanese lanterns, and mourn the loved one’s they’ve lost. Damon isn’t having any of it, he thinks the entire idea is stupid, but this is typical Damon, trying to run away from his feelings. He ends up visiting Alaric’s grave with a bottle of whiskey. It was such an amazing scene, we actually get to see Alaric for a few seconds…one last time. I was tearing up while Damon was talking about losing Alaric…the entire time Alaric’s ghost was sitting right next to D.

Vampire Diaries Season Finale

So, I couldn’t resist and I ended up watching The Vampire Diaries finale at work- and trust me I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly, the best episode ever, I don’t even know how to explain how amazing the episode was in this post…really you need to watch the episode for yourself.


I mean really, I’m not going to hold back about tonight’s events, we just need to discuss what happened, why it happened and more importantly what the heck is going to happen come next season?

First off, I want to thank the CW for renewing the Vampire Diaries for a fourth season, because without it we wouldn’t know what will become of Elena now that she’s a VAMPIRE! Yes, she’s a vampire folks! Breaking news- this just in- Elena is officially a vampire, well not officially but the ending scene which resembled the ending of Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part I pretty much hints to a very vampire-ish Elena next season.

So I’ll try starting off at the beginning, which oddly enough wasn’t the ‘beginning’ we had always thought was the beginning. We as the audience and even Elena always thought Stefan was the first of the Salvatore brothers she had met. Damon is a few hours away from Mystic Falls at the storage unit he was hiding Klaus’ body. Stefan was home…and I hate to admit but he was kind of useless in tonight’s finale but we’ll get to that later. Matt date rapes Elena by putting something into her tea, when she wakes up they’re already a few miles out of Mystic Falls. Matt wants to save Elena and take her as far away from the Vampire life (don’t worry he doesn’t try sleeping with her). Thank the lawd for cell phones because halfway through their ride Elena gets a phone call telling her Klaus is dead…Alaric got to him…which means Stefan and Damon could be dead in a very short while.

Klaus claimed he had turned Stefan and Damon into vampires…which would mean if Klaus die they die…also Tyler would die as well. Also, if you’re lost at this point and haven’t been watching the episodes just stop reading now because there’s really no hope for you. It’s just a really complicated but amazing storyline.

So Elena gets all teary-eyed on the phone with Damon, Matt tells her she better make a choice return home or drive out to the storage unit to say goodbye to Damon, Matt clearly can’t drive fast enough for Elena to say bye to both brothers. Obviously, Elena tells Matt to turn back because she wants to be with Stefan. Damon still on the phone with her, asks her if she would ever choose him…she tells him it’ll always be Stefan, but really if she had met Damon before she had met Stefan- maybe things would have worked out differently. Which doesn’t really make sense, just because you meet someone first doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with them, right?

Anyways, let’s REWIND a little, to the beginning of the episode. Bonnie decides she wants a few minutes alone with Klaus’ dead body. Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline are forced by their loving mothers to leave Mystic Falls since everyone in town knows they’re vampires and werewolves. Before leaving, Caroline finds out that Klaus is dead- which means Tyler is about to die as well. In what looks to be their final moment together, they say goodbye, Tyler falls to the ground, Caroline leaves, and we assume Tyler is dying. Of course, in this show assumptions will leave you feeling like a complete idiot. So don’t assume- just watch.

When Bonnie was alone with Klaus, she put a spell on him that somehow transferred his spirit/body into Tyler’s, and when Alaric killed Klaus it wasn’t really Klaus who he was killing. (We don’t know if Tyler is dead or Klaus is just borrowing his body, it’ll be interesting next season Klaus might play as Tyler just so he can be with Caroline) Also, remember Stefan and Damon didn’t die, it’s because Klaus wasn’t really dead, if he had really died they would’ve died as well.

Damon and Rebecca are at the storage unit attempting to escape with Klaus’ body, Alaric shows up, he gets to Klaus and before Damon or Rebecca can do anything he stabs Klaus and he goes up in flames. Rebecca manages to get away, Damon stays at the storage unit in hopes of finding valuable treasures in some of the other units (kidding).

Back to Mystic Falls, Rebecca shows up to tell Stefan (since she saw Klaus go up in flames and didn’t know about Bonnie’s spell she thinks her brother is dead) that Alaric is still alive, the only way he can be killed is if she kills Elena.

Alaric is busy beating the crap out of Damon, while he’s in this weird dying faze, Damon remembers the first time he met Elena. It was the night her parents died, which would also mean she met Damon before she met Stefan!!!!! He recalls meeting her on the bridge, but compells her to forget ever meeting him because the Salvatore brothers hadn’t officially returned to Mystic Falls yet. Which explains why Elena never remembered meeting Damon first. Also, now that she’s a vampire and vampires remember everything that happened in their human life, she might remember her meeting with Damon on the bridge, and that might lead to something- just saying.

Suddenly, he gets this urge to fight Alaric, I guess his motivation was to survive and win Elena back. While they’re fighting Alaric starts getting weak.

While Matt and Elena are driving back to Mystic Falls, on the same bridge that her parents died on, Rebecca jumps in front of Matt’s car forcing him to swerve and literally drive off the bridge into the water. Stuck in the car, Matt is so useless he’s already unconscious, somehow Stefan shows up and he goes to pull Elena out. She refuses and tells him (well she cant talk they’re underwater) to take Matt out first. While Stefan’s dragging Matt’s useless body out of the water, Damon starts really hurting Alaric. Alaric falls down and asks what’s happening to him, we see Elena stuck in the car, she starts losing herself until she’s somewhat dead. Alaric turns to stone and basically falls to the floor. Damon realizes that something must have happened to Elena if Alaric is dead.

After that, I know it’s really amazing huh? Jeremy is home, he sees Alaric, for a second you wonder how Alaric is still alive, then you realize Jeremy sees ghosts and he’s totally seeing the ghost of nice Alaric. It was really sad, that scene broke me into pieces.

Elena is dead, she’s at the hospital, Stefan sitting over her dead body. Damon finally arrives, Meredith tells him that Elena had suffered from a brain hemmorage earlier in the day (the bloody nose)…and that she had to give vampire blood to heal Elena. She didn’t want to worry everyone so she didn’t tell them that it was a huge injury. Obviously, vampire blood + death= vampire transformation, so just like the Twilight people did in Breaking Dawn, so did the Vampire Diaries crew.


With a beautiful aerial shot of Elena lying on the table, the camera stays still on her, and all of a sudden she opens her eyes and gasps for air. THE END!

SO AMAZING!!, I loved it, I really don’t know what else to say! I’m sad we have to wait 5 months for the next episode but wow is it going to be worth it! We all knew this day would come, Elena turning into a vampire…it just made sense and I’m so happy the writers wrote it into the finale episode. It was just amazing, well done!

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Preview

Seriously, whose excited for tonight’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries? This show has never let us down, and frankly I don’t expect tonight’s finale to be anything short of ah-mazing! The only bad part…I’ll be missing it! Clearly someone who hates me decided to put me on tonight’s shift at work which means I won’t be able to watch the finale until tomorrow…maybe at work but it just won’t be the same!

I feel like last week’s episode wasn’t enough drama as a second last episode of the season should be- so be ready for a jam packed episode that hopefully doesn’t leave us with a huge cliffhanger. I hate waiting 5 months to find out what happens! And really, Elena has never been one with the cocaine addiction…so that bloody nose definitely means there’s something seriously wrong with her.

Check out the Trailer and a Sneak Peek below!

Sneak Peek: