Song of the Week: DRAKE

Check out our Song of the Week called ‘Trophies’ by none other than Drake. He performed a snippet of this song on this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.


By the way, his performance on SNL was absolutely brilliant. I’ve never seen an episode where I’ve laughed at every single sketch. With him, the entire night was hilarious, he’s such an entertainer, and he’s even funnier when he’s making fun of celebs. Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z were some of the impersonations he did on Saturday night.


S U I T S: ‘Endgame’

Last night’s episode of Suits was all about the endgame with the nerve wracking conclusion to the Ava Hessington case. Poor Lady Stark has been living with the worries of this murder trial and the possibility of going to jail for a very long time. She is finally a free woman!…thanks to Harvey.

The episode starts off where last week ended…Harvey punching out Steven in the bathroom. Donna’s in Harvey’s office helping him with his battle scars…but she feels all better when Harvey tells her Steven looks even worse.


Donna begs Harvey to take Steven down…he promises he’s going to. But there’s a major roadblock…they don’t have proof that will convince Cameron…especially since the trial is a few days away. In court Harvey tries to bring Steven to the stand…he asks him a few questions and then lets Cameron do the dirty work. Only problem is, Cameron doesn’t believe Harvey and doesn’t really ask Steven any tough questions. All Cameron wants is a win…he doesn’t seem to care whose the guilty one.

Meanwhile, Louis is having an all out war with Harold. He is livid with Harold for testifying against him in their mock trial. Harold has so much resentment towards Louis…and now there’s a lawsuit in the middle of them. Rachel has really become the voice of reason for Louis, the scenes they share together are special in that Louis always listens to her. He’ll put up a strong front at first…but she’ll know how to touch his emotional side…which is basically all of Louis. He is extremely emotional…and we see more of that in this episode. Rachel asks him why he’s being so mean to Harold…Louis explains that his pride and joy are the associates. He’s trained them and made sure they’re the best…except for Harold. Harold is a constant reminder that Louis failed at being the great teacher he thinks he is.


Back to Harvey and Mike. Jessica has joined the team because let’s admit it…they need her help. Darby is in on the case as well as Ava’s fate is looking more and more tragic. At this point, Darby knows he’s the only one that can save her. He tells the gang he will testify in court and says he was the one who ordered Steven to handle the ‘business’. After he heard about the murders….Darby questioned Steven but obviously he didn’t tell him anything. It would still be enough for Cameron to let Ava go..and make a deal with Darby to take down Steven. And that’s exactly what they do in the men’s bathroom…minutes before the final hearing for Ava. Darby agrees to a few years of probation so Ava can be set free and Steven can take the fall. I mean he is guilty after all.


Also, we learn more about the relationship Darby had with Ava and her father. He was in a relationship with Ava’s father…as an oil man he couldn’t come out of the closet…so any time he spent a weekend with Darby Ava would tag along and pretend to be Darby’s girlfriend. Welp, now we know the connection…and it’s totally clear why Darby steps in…although he didn’t have to wait to the last minute!

It was really funny how Donna kept ending up in the middle of things. She even made sure she was there at the bar when the FBI showed up to pick up Steven. Ouch.


While Darby is signing the papers…he realizes there is a clause in the deal that forbids Darby of practicing law in the United States. This also means he cannot own his own firm…he looks up at Cameron Dennis…and then Jessica mentions that they wrote up the deal…and she purposely put that in there. Oh!! Jessica for the win! Darby doesn’t have a choice, he signs anyways…and this might be the end of Pearson Darby.

Now that Darby and Ava are gone….will we see more cast members from the Game of Thrones? Check out the slideshow from last night’s episode below.

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S U I T S: Harvey The Finisher

The Ava Hessington case went over a cliff with a huge shocker from last night’s episode. The episode titled, “She’s Mine” explains everything that went on in the 45 minutes. Louis trying to win Nigel’s cat Mikado…and Harvey battling it out with Donna’s new boytoy- Steven.


Louis doesn’t want to give back Mikado, Nigel had asked Louis to watch his precious kitty while he was on a business trip…and when he returns one week early…Louis refuses to give back the pussy. Nigel and Louis agree on a mock trial…whoever the jury decides is the best fit to parent Mikado will take her home. Louis chooses Rachel as his attorney…and it turns out to be a good decision because she actually wins the trial. Nigel has an offer, he proposes to give back the associates to Louis in return for his Mikado. We all know Louis loves his associates, even if they’re all scared of him. Rachel reminds Louis that Mikado is Nigel’s cat…and he can’t give up his pride and joy. Louis awards Rachel with an acceptance letter to Columbia Law. He admits he saw it on the mail cart in the morning and wanted to present it to her himself. So cute! Guess Rachel is staying in the city!


After Steven leads Cameron Dennis to another key witness, Harvey is furious with him, not just because he’s sleeping with Donna…but because he keeps f****** s*** up for the H Man. Harvey and Mike find information on Ava’s protege Nick, the information is solid to blackmail him…so Jessica/Harvey/Mike decide to pin the murders on him. During their meeting with Nick, Nick pleads he never knew anything…and they decide that the jury will never believe the number #1 (Ava)…didn’t know what the number #2 (Nick) was up to. AKA referring to the secret mission Harvey had to bring down Jessica. But don’t worry, they’re all cool now.

Anyways, in the end Donna finds out that Steven used her to get information about Ava’s case. Donna is furious with Steven, but admits she won’t tell Harvey about this. It looks like they’re over, but it’s obvious Donna is walking away with a broken heart. Things get even worse when Mike looks into Steven’s past. He comes running over to Donna and tells her to get Jessica and Harvey into his office immediately. It turns out, Steven is the one that ordered the murders!!!!! He was and still is on the same rugby team as the key witness…there were phone calls traced from the Darby offices in London to the guy that murdered all those people. So really, Ava and Nick really had no idea this was going on. Ava hired Steven to help her out…and he did…he just didn’t tell her all the things he had to do.


Donna is listening to their conversation with tears in her eyes, she apologizes to Harvey, he looks back at her and realizes she’s hurting. Harvey storms out of his office…into the bathroom…and beats the s*** out of Steven. Oh and he breaks the bathroom mirror. Oops!

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S U I T S: Recap “The Other Time”

Last night’s episode of Suits was supposed to be the ‘big one’ of the season with a flashback into the lives of Harvey/Donna…Mike and his loser best friend. I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed with what went down…and what didn’t. From watching the previews, it’s easy to assume the entire episode is a flashback…giving viewers a giant dose of young Harvey and Donna. Instead, the episode takes us back and forth from past to present, because obviously the boys still have the Ava Hessington case to deal with.

Harvey as a youngin'
Harvey as a youngin’

MIKE FLASHBACK: Rachel is off to visit Stanford, which gives Mike more time to work on the case…and a lot more time in his flashbacks. Other than learning that Mike did get into Harvard legitimately…his flashbacks were sort of boring. I mean it was the same old story with him and his best friend selling dope/making money by doing other people’s tests. It turns out, the first test Mike gave the answers to was to the University dean’s daughter…and now the University is firing the dean for conspiracy…so the dean decides to unleash hell on earth for Mike and promises him that he will never let Mike go to Harvard…even if he’s already been accepted. Sucks for Mikey.

HARVEY FLASHBACK: Harvey and Donna obviously have a very charming past…the flashbacks starts when Harvey is working under Cameron Mustache Dennis and Donna is his secretary. Harvey is totally hitting on Donna…but she’s kind of refusing him…but it’s obvious she wants him to. I mean come on nobody can resist Harvey Specter. While Cameron and Harvey are working on their case, Cameron asks Harvey to plant evidence in the paperwork. After Donna reminds him of what’s right and wrong, and shows Harvey she’s not just a secretary…she’s Donna…and if he doesn’t like that then he should hire someone else. Harvey sees the bigger picture and refuses to cooperate with Cameron…then Cameron calls him a p**** and I’m just surprised Harvey didn’t clock him in the mustache.


Harvey is so adorable in his regular people clothes. He visits his dad at the baseball park…and this scene made me love him even more. He asks his dad for advice on what he should do about Cameron. We’ve only ever seen Harvey visiting his father’s grave…so to see a scene where he’s asking for advice (which is rare for Harvey) it was really endearing. His father tells him exactly what Donna tells him which is not to trust Cameron…and if he’s done this once…he will surely do it again.

In the end, Harvey quits his job at the DA’s office…and decides to join Jessica’s side. She is currently bringing down her predecessors…and asks Harvey to join the revolution! Before he officially accepts…he visits Donna at her apartment!!! And she answers with a can of whip cream? Oh lawd. Please Mr.Korsh let us see where this goes! Harvey reminds Donna that they are no longer working together….which means they can totally hook up! And that’s exactly what they end up doing…except we don’t see anything happen so for all we know they could have been playing scrabble.

After Harvey officially accepts Jessica’s offer…and tells her he’s bringing on his own secretary…he visits Donna at The Diner. He tells her he has a job offer …and she agrees only if she gets a big signing bonus. Don’t worry Donna he left the amount empty. D + H make a promise that as long as they’re working together they will never speak of what happened between nor will they do whatever they did that ‘other time’. They also need a new ritual..and so the can opener secret is born.

And then we jump to the present, and Donna’s back at The Diner by herself until Harvey shows up. He admits to her that the whole Steven situation does bother him…she knows…she just wanted him to admit that.

At the offices, Harvey is feeling guilty to he admits to Jessica that he made a deal with Darby. Jessica is livid, and I say livid because I feel that’s the appropriate word for describing someone who is so pissed but keeps her s*** together.

Now that Jessica knows, what will happen at the Pearson Darby Specter offices?

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Remembering GIRLS!

Season 3 of HBO’s surprise hit Girls is only a few months away…and although we don’t have an official premiere date…we can still rejoice in the crazy antics they left us off with in season 2.

Charlie isn’t coming back so that whole scene with him and Marnie walking off into the ‘sunset’ is not going to make much sense in the upcoming season. We’ll see what Dunham has in store for us.

In the meantime, enjoy the video I put together!



S U I T S: Tonight’s Teaser

Don’t forget there’s an all new episode of Suits tonight! On Twitter, @Suits_USA Tweeted who will find out about Mike’s secret next? It’s an interesting question…I don’t know if anyone will find out this season…but ya never know! Check out the teaser below.




GIRLS: It’s Back

Last night’s episode of Girls was one of the best this season. After last week’s episode, we were left confused and worried with the fate of our fave Sunday night show, but all is back to ‘normal’. Take that Kourtney and Kim!


Everyone was back for last night’s epi, including Shoshana’s friend Snooki. I mean Radhika. While on a stroll, Ray and Shosh talk about Charlie’s big fortune in the app world which leads to Marnie’s question- what app? Apparently, Charlie created an app, and some developers paid a ton of money to buy the app, and now he’s rich and working at a swanky loft. If things couldn’t get worse for Marnie, well they do, and last night she looked bat s*** crazy. She leaves the park, and doesn’t change into more appropriate attire, shows up at Charlie’s office unannounced, she doesn’t even tell him she’s there, she spies on him for like 5 minutes until she calls out ‘yoo’. Really? Charlie looked so good! He was all dressed up and swaggin’ out in his zone. Marnie…sorry Marnie. They talk for a bit, he tells her more about the app he’s created which basically forbids you from dialing out or texting your exes number. An idea he came up with after Marnie broke up with him. Hm. All of a sudden there’s music blaring and everyone’s dancing off into the next office for a party/fundraiser…and Marnie’s left standing there alone in her pigtails and flip flops.


Radhika- Shoshana’s very rich Indian college friend invites her to a house party later that evening, Shosh asks Ray to accompany her but he refuses to attend a college party because he’s in his 30s…big deal! In the end, Shosh ends up leaving the party early, but hooks up with the doorman. Nice.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.20.55 PM

One of Hannah’s funniest scenes, as she’s walking down the street she keeps checking behind her after she receives a call from Adam. Except she’s counting the times she looks back…and once she’s at 8 she switches to the other side. Homegirl is def suffering from a serious case of OCD…which we later find out has affected her since her early years.

Adam attends an AA meeting…he completely loses it and spills out his entire life story, how he met Hannah, how he fell in love with her, and how she broke his heart. Later, one of the older ladies in the group offers to set Adam up with her daughter. He’s kind of sketched out, I mean what good can come from a blind date? He agrees to be nice to the old lady. Later, the date ends up being amazing, he is completely shocked at how gorgeous his date is. She doesn’t pick up on his weirdness, either that or she finds it cute. He is so giddy with happiness that the date is going well…it seems like Adam might be better off without Hannah…at least for now.

Hannah meets up with her parents who are visiting the city. Right away her mother notices her fidgeting and asks if she’s having her tendencies. Hannah denies it, they go for dinner. During the dinner she is totally losing it, this time her parents pick up on it for real. Before they can say anything Hannah walks out, she bumps into a random guy, and then proceeds to bump into him 7 more times. It was so funny.


Ray is enjoying his night in until Marnie shows up wearing her magician’s assistants outfit. She’s confused as to why the good stuff keeps happening to everyone else, and she’s stuck in this part of her life where she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Ray asks her straight up what she wants to do in life…and the first thing that comes to her head when he asks her that. She admits she’s always wanted to sing, Ray isn’t impressed by that but asks her to try singing anyways. She does, and she’s really good, he’s in complete shock and advises her to believe in her dreams and work hard.


Her parents take her to a psychiatrist, while in the office she admits to all the horrific moments she’s had to live through with OCD. She tells him about her book deal, as if that’s supposed to prove she’s not crazy. The doctor prescribes her the medication…and they’re off on the subway ride back home.


GIRLS: One Man’s Trash


Please will someone tell me what happened to the rest of our Girls on tonight’s episode. I hope it wasn’t their bodies in the trash bags Hannah was dumping into a random person’s trash.

Early morning at Cafe Grumpy a very handsome man storms into the shop demanding to speak to the owner. Ray asks the guy what’s going on. The hot guy is 42-year old Joshua who is a recently divorced doctor. He’s claiming someone from the coffee shop is dumping their garbage into his trash cans. Ray calls his claims crazy because the shop has its own garbage bin, they wouldn’t need to take their trash elsewhere. Hannah is off to the side listening in on the conversation and oddly looking around as if she’s doing something wrong. Once the doctor leaves the shop, Hannah walks out and follows the man back to his brownstone. It’s obvious that Hannah’s the one that’s been dumping the trash in his space.

He answers the door and is surprised to see her. She reminds him she works at the Cafe, he awkwardly invites her inside where he pours her a cup of lemonade in his newly renovated kitchen. Hannah admits she’s the one dumping the garbage, it’s become sort of a therapeutic thing for her…since she’s never thrown out her own garbage. She asks him what it feels like.

Hannah kisses him out of nowhere, he doesn’t mind, and they end up sleeping together. Afterwards, he asks her if she wants a steak, how can she resist. She’s sort of shocked he’s being so nice and sort of expects him to kick her out any second. He doesn’t, he begs her to stay the night and the next morning he calls in sick!

Patrick-Wilson-Jessica-MiglioThings seem to be going well for Hannah, especially since she had the entire episode to herself. She opens up to Joshua and admits nobody has made her feel ‘good’…and that she actually wants to be happy. It seems like Joshua is completely in love with Hannah until he asks her about her feelings..and she unfolds every little secret, every feeling. It’s obvious right away Joshua is sketched out and decides to ‘go to bed’. The next morning he goes to work…Hannah cleans up the bedroom and the mess she made with him over the last day. Before she leaves, she grabs the garbage and dumps it into his trash…walking off into the street.

MTV’s Washington Heights

WashingtonHeightsLogoThese days, it seems like every television show spawns a reality show, and most often than not they’re pretty damn successful. After The O.C gained a huge fan base, MTV decided to make Laguna Beach:The Real Orange County…as if The O.C wasn’t real! It totally was! After Laguna Beach there was The Hills, which was sort of like the real-life Sex and the City minus the city…but it wasn’t long until they added ‘The City’ in the sequel. Then we have the entire Real Housewives franchise which was obviously developed from the highly successful Desperate Housewives. Get where I’m going with this?

Now there’s a show on MTV called Washington Heights, a show about a group of young people living their lives and trying to make something of themselves. The look and feel is exactly like HBO’s short lived series How To Make It In America which was actually a really good show. The characters are all young, relateable in their 20s,stylish residents of the predominantly Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights, New York.

Frankie and Ludwin

There’s a lot of flavour and a whole lot of drama that goes with living in the Heights, these kids have a really cool East Coast feel about them, some of them are working hard and some are hardly working. Either way, they all look good doing it and I think Washington Heights will be the next big thang on MTV.

Washington Heights airs Wednesday nights on MTV.

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