90210: Raj In A Container!

With the latest season of 90210 dwindling down…the final story lines are in full effect. Raj is dead, and the cast decide to throw him a funeral/wake with his ashes on the beach.

They all gather around a bonfire and remember the best times they had with Raj- surprisingly this scene wasn’t corny. Okay, maybe it was a little. Dickson lands a gig to perform on tour, he doesn’t tell Adrianna because she doesn’t answer her cell phone in time.

Navid is back with a beard and apparently crashing on Dickson’s couch.

PJ proposes to Naomi, if he isn’t married by 28 his trust fund will be void, his grandfather had made sure PJ made something of himself before handing over all their family money, so he basically decides to marry Naomi (without telling her the truth). Unfortunately for Annie, PJ tells her everything but begs her not to tell Naomi. In the end, Annie has a moment of clarity while she talks to her boyfriend priest. She runs off looking for Naomi in hopes of telling her the truth about PJ. When she gets to the house, Naomi already has the ring on her finger, and Annie can’t bring herself to tell the truth.

Liam dumps his crazy girlfriend Rebecca after he finds out she’s been scheming this entire time. Silver gets the results of her cancer test, and I’m assuming she tested positive because she runs to Liam…and they totally hook up!

In the end, Ivy is torn between feeling sad or mad about Raj’s death. He basically lied to her and told her he didn’t love her…and now that he’s dead she feels like she never had closure. She ends off with riding her surfboard into the night waves…probably to kill herself. We don’t know.

New episodes start April 24th…be sure to stay tuned for the season finale!!

90210: Who Is P.J?

I don’t even like writing about 90210…because frankly this season has absolutely SUCKED. At this rate, I doubt CW will bring the show back next season, unless they have nothing else lined up/maybe I’m too old for this type of teen drama and everyone else finds it extremely interesting.

Anyways, a few weeks ago they introduced a new character ‘P.J’ played by Nick Zano who I’ve been in love with since ever. He gets to play the role of some rich kid that is fed up with the Hollywood life…well sort of…and just wants to do charity work. The first character that encounters P.J is Annie, so it’s easy to assume he might be a new love interest for Annie, and I think we’re all totally okay with that because he’s extremely yummy.

When Annie learns about P.J’s fortunes, she decides to ask for his help in her ‘environment peace’ campaign thing that she’s doing, and he agrees. Then, Naomi spots P.J and she has an instant attraction. Here we go, another love triangle. Not so fast, because Annie hasn’t given any signs that she’s actually interested in P.J…but someone else has. Jen.

Seriously, Naomi and her much older sister Jen can never agree on anything, and Jen always returns to Beverly Hills at the worst moments. Clearly, she’s in love with P.J, he doesn’t really care for any of them, his role is actually very minimal (sad). Long story short, after a mud fight between Naomi and Jen (somehow Annie gets thrown in there)…Jen admits that she’s too old for P.J, and she doesn’t want to keep arguing with her sister over another guy. (She’s slept with two of Naomi’s exes)

Naomi is happy, Jen is out of her hair- literally. But when she returns home, Annie and her find a note on the kitchen counter. Jen has left for Napa Valley (where P.J is doing business) and she’s clearly not over him. Naomi is fed up with her sisters’ games…she’s extremely upset and hurt.

It’s a shame P.J never makes an appearance after he leaves for Napa. He’s barely there, yet still a huge part of the storyline. That’s how cool he is! So, we still don’t know if P.J and Annie will have a fling, or will P.J be the one guy to save Naomi?

Also, I have a feeling that Silver is going to die/find out she has cancer by the end of this season. She’s been accepted to NYU, and unlike Navid, she can’t just hop on a plane and begin a new school year…in the middle of the semester.

Liam’s girlfriend is on a whole new level of crazy, Liam and Silver look like they’re about to hit it off (random I know)…and Dickson gets a recording contract with La Toya Jackson.