TVD Season Finale RECAP

Last night’s RECAP of CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

Okay so this fourth season started off with a bang, we jump into a new world where Elena isn’t human anymore, she’s dealing with becoming a vampire, she loses a bunch of people along the way and finds herself in tight leather pants, a new hairdo and her humanity switch turned off. Aside from the world of Elena, we have a bunch of other plot lines that I think proved to the audience…this show could go on without the main three. Immediately, I was drawn to the Caroline and Klaus story. I really thought they would show much more of the two throughout the season, but of course Elena has to steal the thunder and Caroline and Klaus fell through the cracks. So we all know that the CW has given the green light for a spin off called The Originals, which will include Klaus, Elijah, Rebecca (unless she’s in Europe with Matt) and Klaus’ baby mama. Yes, even though he got a werewolf girl knocked up, he’s still madly in love with Caroline and it’ll be interesting to see how they work with her in between the two shows. But back to TVD, Elena is enjoying her down time with Jeremy and Alaric…in a cemetery? How ironic.

happy times

So before we get off track, because there’s so much to talk about we should sum up last night’s events. Everyone is back from the dead, or at least until the veil rises again. Bonnie is dealing with the fact that she’s dead, but because everyone supernatural is still alive, she’s still there- kind of. Rebecca is dealing with her ex boyfriend/vampire hunter…Matt is strapped to a bomb plate thing, Rebecca refuses to leave his side. She promises to show him the world, take him wherever he wants to go. With the camera revolving around Matt and Rebecca, we don’t realize that she’s taken him off the bomb plate and placed herself on it. She begs Matt to run as fast as he can, she will be able to withstand the explosion but he obviously won’t. Matt runs off and Rebecca jumps off the plate and makes a run for it.

matt and becca

Silas and the cure have been the two main forces of this season and I have to say I was disappointed when we thought Silas was dead. First of all, Bonnie killing Silas that easily in the caves was b*******. The entire season they’re trying to figure out how to kill this guy and she does it after a quick pep talk from her granny? It just didn’t make sense. And then, all season everyone’s looking for this stupid cure, and once they have it, nobody can decide whose going to take it? So throughout last night’s episode, they were trying to make us think Damon would have to take it, or Stefan would decide he’s going to take it…like how about nobody takes it and we just go on with the damn show. You know?

The Irish vampire hunter shoots Damon with wooden bullets laced with werewolf venom, Klaus is all the way in New Orleans, so they only option they had was for Damon to take the cure and live. He doesn’t take it, Klaus comes back…of course he needs to see Caroline graduate and deliver his final monologue.

Damon Dead

The graduation scene was definitely one of my season favorites. I think for shows like The Vampire Diaries, where you’re dealing with supernatural problems, graduation seems so miniscule but it’s actually a beautiful moment seeing these kids do what every normal high school kid gets to do. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, graduation was one of the biggest scenes in the entire series, it was a really powerful scene. The gang is at the Mystic Falls HS graduation, surprisingly everyone has made it. Bonnie is tripping out because she knows she’s dead but she refuses to tell anyone else. Caroline is in her moment of glory, she is beaming and so happy that they’re all moving on with the next chapter of their lives…you know the usual grad speech. The entire time Bonnie is tearing up because she knows she’s not going to enjoy any of it. The entire season Bonnie annoyed me, I really was waiting for her time to come but the grad scene was really hard to get through.


Stefan has his hopes up, now that Elena is back she might take him back. He says he would take her back in a heartbeat but it all depends on what she wants. Lexi tells Stefan to leave Mystic Falls and enjoy his life, she’s not the only soul mate he’s going to have. Elena and Damon finally have the scene all Delena fans were waiting for. Elena admits she’s in love with Damon, pure and simple. Damon is still in love with her, and now that there’s no sire bond, they can finally have their moment. The entire time Stefan overhears them talking, he’s obviously heartbroken but he now has his answer, he should move on with his life. Elena asks Stefan to take the cure, the only other person that sucks at being a vampire is him. The scene ends there, but towards the end of the episode it jumps back to this scene, Stefan gives the cure back to Elena and tells her he did everything so that she could have the choice of being a vampire or human.

Caroline and Klaus have their moment, of course he comes back to give Caroline her graduation present. He tells her it’s something she’ll want more than anything else. He tells her Tyler is free to return to Mystic Falls, he won’t chase him anymore. Caroline is super happy, but what does this mean for K and C? Klaus tells Caroline that he understands Tyler is her first love, but he knows he’s going to be her last…eventually she will understand that. Best line by Klaus…EVER, and he’s had some good lines!

Matt and Rebecca are safe at home, Matt agrees to join Rebecca on her world adventure tour…he’s got nothing lined up next year so why not?

In the last 5 minutes, we know the veil is about to go up, so at any time our favorite dead people could be gone forever. Damon is in his room having a drink with Alaric, Alaric congratulates him on finally getting the girl. Damon looks down to pour himself a drink and by the time he looks back up…Alaric is gone. So sad! Stefan is in the car with Lexi, they’re having ‘the soul mate’ discussion, when Stefan admits he needs to leave for a while, the camera zooms out and we see an empty seat beside Stefan.

Jeremy decides to see Bonnie in his final minutes. She’s back at the cave doing the spell. They have a moment, and then Bonnie realizes her spell has worked. Her spell to bring back Jeremy (which killed her) did go work. Jeremy is thrilled that he’s alive, he runs to Bonnie to give her a hug and realizes he can’t feel her arms on him. He asks her what she’s done, she says it’s okay, she has her grams now..and the witches…and he can see ghosts so they can talk everyday. She begs Jeremy to lie to Elena and Caroline and tell them she’s away visiting her mother. She says for once her friends are okay…she doesn’t want to take that away from them. How noble.

Katherine and Elena have a huge fight in the halls of the high school. It looks like Katherine is about to kill Elena…the reason is kind of blurry but whatever. Elena pulls out the cure and shoves it in Katherine’s mouth. ‘Have a nice human life Katherine’ Elena mumbles out.


In the end, Stefan drops by the cliff to dump Silas’ body in the river. While unpacking the bag he realizes there’s just pieces of broken stone in the bag. He turns around and there’s Silas in Elena’s body. Silas explains to Stefan that there was a doppelganger created for Silas. Stefan assumes it’s another one of Elena…so what there’s 3 of them now? And then the camera pans to the car window…and we see who Silas really is….Stefan!

Stefan car window

Silas locks Stefan into the safe that was meant for Silas, pushes it off the cliff and into the water with Stefan inside! So whose going to realize the real Stefan is missing?? I have to admit it was an impressive ending!

Waterfall stefan

What did you guys think of the season finale?


And now a moment of silence for Bonnie Bennett.

rip bonnie

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Preview

Seriously, whose excited for tonight’s season finale of The Vampire Diaries? This show has never let us down, and frankly I don’t expect tonight’s finale to be anything short of ah-mazing! The only bad part…I’ll be missing it! Clearly someone who hates me decided to put me on tonight’s shift at work which means I won’t be able to watch the finale until tomorrow…maybe at work but it just won’t be the same!

I feel like last week’s episode wasn’t enough drama as a second last episode of the season should be- so be ready for a jam packed episode that hopefully doesn’t leave us with a huge cliffhanger. I hate waiting 5 months to find out what happens! And really, Elena has never been one with the cocaine addiction…so that bloody nose definitely means there’s something seriously wrong with her.

Check out the Trailer and a Sneak Peek below!

Sneak Peek:


Ah! Omg only a few more episodes left of our favourite CW teen drama (sorry 90210). It’s only getting better and better, last night was insanity!

I won’t explain everything- definitely an episode you need to watch yourself- Esther is back in full force and she’s legit ready to kill her entire family. She employs Alaric as her go-to guy and he’s all for it to turn into an immortal Vampire Killer! Esther sets the weird spell in motion- however her plan comes to a hault when Alaric turns back to his normal self and stabs her!

He chooses not to go along with the transition which would mean he’s a dead man. The entire cast pay him a visit for the last time as another sad song by The Fray plays in the background.

In the end, Bonnie who has been MIA for the past few episodes decides to show up and ruin everything! But I won’t tell you how you’ll just have to watch and see!


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Vampire Diaries: The Kiss

One of the best episode’s of this season- Vampire Diaries did NOT disappoint with the return of last night’s brand new episode. I didn’t have time to watch it last night, but I did see a Tweet that hinted an Elena and Damon kiss. I’ve never been pro Damon/Elena but damn that kiss was hot!

Now that Damon and Stefan need to find out which vampires were in their bloodline, Damon and Elena travel to Denver to visit Jeremy and ask him to find an old friend of Damon’s.

While in Denver, Stefan is stuck babysitting Alaric trying to turn him into his alter ego and reveal the location of the last white oak dagger. Caroline reunites with her man Tyler- and Rebecca and Matt have a moment in a blue pick-up truck.

So, where do I began? SO much happened in this episode, you just need to watch it for yourself. Rebecca is planning the huge 1920s dance at their school, since she has no car (which is ironic because her family is 1000 years old and have loads of money) she gets a ride from her crush Matt. They have a little cute moment in the truck, Rebecca is so crushing over Matt because he’s the normal guy that every original vampire wants. I actually hope something happens between the two. When Rebecca gets inside, she sees her mother Esther who basically tried killing all her children a few episodes back. Rebecca tries to kill her, and Esther says she’s already dying. Then a few minutes later they hold hands, and Esther just falls and ‘dies’.

Caroline visits Tyler in what looks to be the Lockwood cellars so I don’t know how far he actually went on his self-discovery journey. Anyways, she tells him Damon and Stefan are looking to see if they’re in anyway connected to Klaus through their bloodline, and if they’re not then they’re going to kill Klaus- which would mean they would kill Tyler.

Stefan beats the evil alter ego out of Alaric who finally tells Stefan where he’s hid the white oak dagger. Only problem, Klaus and Rebecca were nearby listening to the entire conversation. Rebecca grabs Alaric and escorts him to the caves to retrieve the dagger.

Damon and Elena run into Jeremy’s friend…aka Cole who is brother’s with Klaus. Jeremy not knowing this almost gets himself killed- but Damon to the rescue and he buys enough time for them to hide in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere. Damon asks Jeremy to contact an old friend Rose, since Jeremy has the ability to see dead people…he was their first choice. So Jeremy sees Rose and she basically tells him all this information, but they’re missing one vampire Mary so Rose gives them the location of where Mary was seen last- Kansas.

During the night, Damon feels the need to walk aimlessly through their motel room which his shirt open, his glorious 6-pack glowing in the moonlit shadows. Elena sneaks a peak, and watches Damon as he enjoys a glass of scotch. He notices her looking at him and moves closer to her, until they’re basically sharing a bed and holding hands. (BTW, this scene was a tiny bit on the awkward side) Jeremy was in the bed next to them!

Elena can’t stand sleeping beside Damon she gets too hot and steps out of the room to get some air, Damon obviously follows her…and then they end up making out. Damon and Elena get hot and heavy in the motel hallway until Jeremy walks in on them! They finally get to Kansas- find Mary except she’s dead hanging on the wall. Original vampire Cole got to her first, and now Damon has no way of finding out their bloodline.

Elena and Damon have another moment minus the making out- Damon realizes this trip was just so Elena could figure out her feelings about him. She says that everytime they get close Damon does something, and it completely turns her off. This time, Damon says he’s going to be himself and not mess anything up-making it harder for her to choose between him and his brother Stefan. In the car ride home- Jeremy sees Rose again in the backseat and she tells him not to tell the others about her presence. She has a really good narration about the relationship between Elena and Damon..while we see Damon and Elena in the front seat awkwardly looking at each other.

Tyler has a sleepover at Caroline’s house…until he finds the drawing Klaus drew for Caroline- Tyler gets super jealous and storms off…clearly Caroline still has feelings for Klaus.

So far so good right? The ending is the best.

When Rebecca takes Alaric to the caves, as a vampire she can’t go in all the way- Alaric steps in and grabs the dagger…and tries to negotiate his life with Rebecca. Just then, she sticks her foot out and enters the cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At which point, she tells him she wants all the originals to die…because she’s really Esther!!!!!!!!!! I guess when Rebecca and Esther held hands…she actually became Rebecca! Crazy!!

*Sidenote: Last season Klaus had the ability to enter Alaric’s body so I guess this is another superpower they have as originals*

Tune in next week- this season is getting better and better!!

Song of the Week: Florence and the Machine

From last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries…Florence and the Machine ‘Never Let Me Go’.

I haven’t stopped listening to it. Check it out.