The Vampire Diares: RECAP

A lot of death went down in last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries . Don’t worry, it wasn’t any of our main characters- but we finally got to see the end of Silas and his really annoying triangle of love. First off, I found it odd that a supernatural being like Silas could have a true love? He’s cold hearted and pure evil…he doesn’t get to have a soulmate! Second, I found it even more weird that his one true love was the original doppleganger of Elena (there’s 3 of her)…could they not create another character? It got really weird and boring.

Having said that, I was super happy with the ending of last night’s episode. Silas died,  his lover Amara (Elena doppleganger) died…and the evil witch bitch Tessa.


Stefan has his memory back, which is a good thing for us because an angry Stefan is a really sexy Stefan. He remembers everything, but mostly he remembers the pain Silas caused him by locking him up in the container. He can’t get Silas out of his head which makes Stefan more eager to track him down and kill him. But it’s not that easy to kill a super male witch…and Elena’s scared that Stefan’s going to do something and get himself killed. Elena’s all lovey dovey towards Stefan- she obviously feels guilty because she was the biggest bi****, she totally had the best summer of her life while her ‘one true love’ was dying at the bottom of a quarry. Not a river, not a lake…a quarry.

Stefan opens up to Elena and tells her he really wanted it to be her, the one that found him. He wanted her to be the one that was looking for him…he wanted both of them to find him (Elena and Damon). They’re the 2 most important people and they didn’t save him…because they were too busy getting it on. It’s time for Stefan to really express how he feels, he has such a great love for his brother and Elena but they did a really mean and f***** up thing to him. I want to see him get mad, I want to see Delena feel guilty because Stefan’s been miserable for too long. Also he needs to get with Caroline already!


Oh and they find a way to transfer the anchor spell that was on Amara to Bonnie. So basically Bonnie has a foot on each side of the universe, Jeremy and everyone else can see and feel Bonnie, but Bonnie can also see people on the other side. And the worst part- Bonnie gets to feel every supernatural being dying…because they have to go through her to get to the other side. And boy it isn’t pretty. I think it’s obvious now that no spell comes without consequences.

In Memorium:

Tessa (the crazy ex girlfriend witch)

Amara (the crazy original Elena doppleganger & one true love of Silas)

Silas (the craziest man witch that ever lived)

The Vampire Diaries: True Lies RECAP

Your best friends dead the entire summer and you have no idea…that makes you a bad friend. Elena Gilbert you’ve legit failed the best friend test…same goes for you Caroline. Caroline and Elena continue their college years until Elena finds out that everything else back home has fallen a part.


Matt, Jeremy and Katherine are trying to stay as far away as possible from Silas…and everyone else in Mystic Falls. Not really sure where this storyline is headed…and I don’t know why Matt and Jer think they can outsmart Silas…they just need to figure this s*** out.

Okay so it’s safe to say this season of The Vampire Diaries has been a slight disappointment…dude Bonnie’s been dead for 4 months and nobody can put the pieces together. Now Jeremy’s back…but he’s kind of boring…and Matt did get a little hotter but he’s still plain old Matt. Except we do find out that the weird magic thing the witch did to him last week was to protect him against Silas’ mind reading powers. So at least Matt has the upper hand…for once.

I just feel like there were so many interesting stories developing last season…and none of them are veering in that direction right now and it’s quite disappointing. Caroline and Klaus? Everyone wanted those two together…Matt belongs with Rebekah…they just complete each other…they are more entertaining together than alone.

Now Elena knows that Stefan is legitimately missing…Caroline spills the beans to Damon and tells him Elena has been worried all summer…like she’s had the feeling that something’s been wrong with her old beau. Clearly she’s still thinking about him. But really who cares about Stefan and Elena…she’s just as boring as everyone else.


Back to Matt and Jer…Silas does catch up to them…he ‘kills’ Matt after he realizes he can’t read his mind. Meanwhile, Jer and Katherine make a run for it. Matt finds himself on ‘the other side’ and Bonnie’s there waiting for him. She gets around. After Bonnie tells him he needs to find the way back to his body to return to life…he puts the pieces together and asks blankly..”If I’m on the other side, then how come you’re here with me?”…as if he’s totally confident Bonnie is really somewhere off in Europe getting belligerent. I really wanted to see Bonnie tell Jeremy she was dead…but we didn’t get to see that scene…even in tonight’s episode the scene cuts and we never get to hear the entire conversation.

Caroline is totally hitting it off with the new guy on campus. That is all.

Somehow Silas got into Elena’s head and she is determined to kill Damon. Damon gets Elena to focus on the pain she’s felt for Stefan…all the worrying she’s gone through this summer. She starts to feel all the pain and hunger Stefan’s felt…and then she’s back to normal….just like that. Cut to Elena packing up her car because she’s done with school!! Your friend has been dead longer than you’ve been in school! This girl is getting pathetic by the minute. Okay so Elena’s leaving, but Caroline promises her she will hold it down on campus…now that she’s got a new man she feels all sexy and strong! You go girl.

Cut to: Damon and Elena making out on the car. Damon confesses to Elena that he’s totally secure with her having dreams about Stefan. She tells him she loves him and they will find Stefan together..she will continue to love him (Damon that is). Cut to: Random forest…Damon, Elena and Caroline’s mom are standing around the vault Stefan was put in at the end of last season. They open the door and find a dead person with a bloody neck, Stefan somehow rescued himself and couldn’t resist the urge. He hasn’t had a bite to eat in 3 months! I’m surprised he’s not dead!

The previews for next episode look entertaining. Stefan’s back in Ripper form and we cannot wait. He’s so much sexier when he’s evil and bloody. Don’t judge.


Ah! Omg only a few more episodes left of our favourite CW teen drama (sorry 90210). It’s only getting better and better, last night was insanity!

I won’t explain everything- definitely an episode you need to watch yourself- Esther is back in full force and she’s legit ready to kill her entire family. She employs Alaric as her go-to guy and he’s all for it to turn into an immortal Vampire Killer! Esther sets the weird spell in motion- however her plan comes to a hault when Alaric turns back to his normal self and stabs her!

He chooses not to go along with the transition which would mean he’s a dead man. The entire cast pay him a visit for the last time as another sad song by The Fray plays in the background.

In the end, Bonnie who has been MIA for the past few episodes decides to show up and ruin everything! But I won’t tell you how you’ll just have to watch and see!


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Vampire Diaries: Mid-Season Finale!

Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries left me extremely confused. I almost wished they had called and asked me to write the final episode…(the new ones start back January 5th)…I felt like there was way too much going on…yet something was missing.

In the midst of all this Michael/Klaus business…they could’ve had Elena and Stephen talk it out…or I don’t know at least have a romantical moment! Give us something!! But no, there was no awkward-silent, looking into each others eyes’ moment for them! Truly dissapointing. I think I missed the first 10 minutes of the episode, I caught on when Damon/Michael were about to go meet Klaus…because Klaus wanted Stefan to bring his body to him.

Tyler sedates Caroline in hopes of protecting her from the ‘battle’. Damon almost kills Tyler but Bonnie comes to the rescue when she puts a spell on both of them to back away from each other. Michael shows us the only object that can actually kill an original- not just put them to sleep.

Damon’s plan is basically fool proof…nothing can go wrong. Oh, but it will. There’s a huge party at Tyler’s…Michael can’t get in because he obviously needs to be invited first. Damon has the weapon that can kill Klaus…Michael appears at the door…and he has a quick chat with Klaus. Except Michael can’t get in…but Klaus can get out.

Michael pulls Elena and stabs her…Klaus freaks out because if she dies he won’t be able to create anymore hybrids. At the same time he can’t save her because the second he exits the house Michael will kill him. Right then Damon comes from behind Klaus and stabs him with the only weapon that can kill an original- but of course Stefan breaks it all up. Right before Klaus gets killed…Stefan throws Damon off of Klaus…Michael shocked just stands there…Klaus grabs the weapon and leaps for Michael…he stabs him and Michael’s dead.

Oh, and Elena wasn’t really Elena it was really Katherine. So, basically she’s a dead girl now because Klaus is going to want to kill her. Anyways, here’s where I’m confused. Klaus thanks Stefan…Stefan asks for his freedom back…which means Klaus can’t control him anymore. Klaus grants him his wish and thanks Stefan for saving his life. Damon’s back at the mansion with real Elena..and they talk it out…Damon is frusturated that Stefan would break it all up after he had such a fool proof plan.

Caroline breaks up with Tyler after she can’t accept the fact that he’s still being controlled by Klaus. Tyler admits that he’s okay with being a hybrid because it allows him to control his werewolf transformation. He doesn’t have to become a werewolf at every full moon anymore, saving himself the pain. Caroline can’t deal- so they’re over.

In the end we see Katherine driving with Stefan…who unravels another side to the entire episode. I don’t know how this worked, but if he were to let Michael kill Klaus, Damon would’ve died. I’m lost here. Why would Damon die if Klaus died? Was there some sort of link between them? Anyways, Damon doesn’t know this, so he’s mad at Stefan. Stefan has no desire to tell him the truth. But it seems like Stefan is becoming his old self again, but he’s afraid to return to the people who love him the most.

The last scene, we see Stefan in a room full of coffins…he calls Klaus right when Klaus realizes his truck full off coffins is missing. I’m assuming those coffins are full of hybrids? I’m confused here as well. Like I said, I wish they would’ve ended off with Elena/Stefan or even Elena/Damon!

It wasn’t the mid-season finale ending I was hoping for! But some people disagreed so watch and find out for yourself!