Top 10 Shows You Should Be Watching…

The Top 10 Shows You Should Be Watching If You Didn’t Vote – Trump.

In other words, here are the top 10 shows that are as inclusive, inspirational, artistic and classy as it gets. If you voted for Trump, then you may not see the special sparkling light in these shows, but here’s to hoping.

10. Westworld (HBO)

I’m trying to keep all the HBO/Showtime big hitters at the bottom of this list, we all know how big their budgets can get, so they should be creating masterpieces each season. 1274080_mkt_pa_westworld-s1_po_v1_pHaving said that, Westworld and it’s freshman season made us look at our lives in a completely different way. What if we’re already on our loops? Expected to do exactly what was programmed into us…by society…? Mind blown right? There’s also a fearless leader involved played by Anthony Hopkins…and we all know how important a fearless leader can be these days. Am I right or am I right?.

9. Game of Thrones (HBO)

Real talk Game of Thrones can probably top this list, but since they win at everything else (except Golden Globes 2017) I’ll keep them at the bottom of this list. But seriously, at the root of this entire show lies some pretty bad ass women, some have fallen along the way, some have dyed their hair black only to realize ginger is totally their colour, and if you’re Khaleesi it took her losing the triple threat dragons to realize how strong she was. But also she really needs them so thank God they came back. Season seven is coming up, and so is winter, and so is a bunch of grown up Starks who we’re hoping kick some major butt this season.The women just rule in this show, don’t deny it.

8. The Affair (Showtime)

Again I’m keeping these really powerful big budget shows at the bottom of this list to give the newcomers a bigger spotlight. But there is so much to be said for probably one of the smartest shows on television. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and this season, although we’re sympathizing with creepy Noah, it’s given an opportunity for wifey Helen (Maura Tierney) to shine bright like a diamond. Her performance this season has been beyond chilling. This show does such a great job at presenting the different perspectives, mainly between a man and a woman, husband and wife. But if you really look at it as something bigger, none of us see things the same. This causes huge confusion, major conflicts, but at the same time it’s also what makes us human. We all need to be able to live together, and not be shady. Duh.


7. Black Mirror (Netflix)

This show might be the most low key (aka unknown) on the list, it’s on Netflix, and each episode is about something different, but they all have something to do with technology cover29and how crazy this world can get. At a time when there are a lot of unknowns, Black Mirror shows, what are world can be, and sometimes it’s really unnerving, and sometimes it’s really beautiful. I don’t want to get into each episode, I still haven’t seen them all, but the stand out episode has to be San Junipero, wait I can’t even tell you what it’s about! It’ll just spoil it, so go and watch it!

6. Shameless (Showtime)

What doesn’t Shameless talk about? There’s nothing that goes untouched with this show and this season brought us femme fatale Fiona, and Ian’s new boyfriend…that was a girl…and now is a boy. You know what this show does? This show makes it okay to talk about anything and everything. It makes it acceptable for anyone to do whatever they want, with whoever they want, it’s freedom, it’s crazy, but the world hasn’t exploded, it works, and it’s okay. And that is all. Just watch it. But you probably already are.


5. Kingdom (DirecTV)

Kingdom makes my list for one reason and one reason only – Kiele Sanchez. The second half of this season saw the return of Lisa Prince played by Kiele, and it was one of the most powerful and heartbreaking episodes I had ever seen. When Kiele has a miscarriage late into her real pregnancy, both creator and Kiele decided to include it into the show, because Lisa was pregnant as well. For a show that’s 98% sweaty men fighting their faces off, I can’t tell you the amount of power Kiele brought as a female character to the screen. A lot of her scenes where she’s breaking down, they felt so raw and honest, because I mean it did all happen to her. It was more empowering to hear that she wanted to tell her story to lisa_small-4e2029a3the world, there was nothing to hide or be embarrassed about. Over a few episodes she tries to heal, she tries to get back to #werklife, and her acting honestly was brilliant. She was always a side character before, but this season she showed how strong she is as an actress, as a character, and how big this show can be. It’s a show about MMA fighting, but put that aside and you realize all these characters are fighting for different things, maybe some of the same things, things that can resonate with us as the audience. But the point is, life can knock ya down, life might be shi*** for the next couple (4) years, but the fight just makes you stronger.

4. This is Us (NBC)

At this point you’ve probably heard about the show with the ‘special’ spin at the end of the first episode. Yes, it was that clever. This is not one of those shows that I’m tuning into every week, but I have been following and I just think this show is definitely breaking barriers. I really didn’t know how long the show would go on for, honestly it wasn’t about the quality of the show, I just didn’t think it would survive in a place like NBC. I just felt like to show some of the raw moments, they couldn’t be things that are shown on NBC, but nevertheless it has succeeded it’s first season right where it started. Then I saw they were nominated for a few Golden Globes and I was like damn. Now, I know all the politics involved  with certain shows getting certain nominations, but still, the show is really good, the writing is funny and cute, and the actors just play their characters right. It’s like one big happy family, ahem ahem.

3. Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

I feel like we’re always waiting for this show to return because we end up watching the entire season over a weekend. It’s just that good. You know, this season of OITNB really talked about some hard issues that have obviously been going on forever, but just had more attention in the last year. And not to say they don’t talk about OITNB,poussey,season 3hard issues, they always do, that’s what makes the show so special, but this time OITNB got HEAVY. The season finale ending, Poussey, it was a lot, it was shocking, disturbing, sad, it’s everything that can go wrong in our world, it’s what’s happening now, and it’s not fun to watch. I think it was that much more disturbing because it all escalated so quickly and it was characters behaving in ways we had never seen the behave before. How did it go from 0 to 100 so quickly? I think that’s a big question we need to explore further. When things escalate that quickly, you lose yourself in the jump, and when you add weapons to the mix, things happen that can never be reversed.

2. Pitch (FOX)

LOL, this show is on FOX so even if you did vote for Trump you might like it. JK JK, it’s about a female baseball player so you’ll probably think it’s disgusting. But honestly, this show really did a number on me this season. Yes it’s about the first ever female professional baseball player, but again, it’s so much more than that. All the characters in this show are dealing with different things. I’ll give you an example of when I knew this show was different. There’s one player on the team, and his wife is also a main character. Well, instead of making him that typical athlete who cheats on his wife, or making her the typical wife who’s getting cheated on but doesn’t mind because she’s got pretty things, they completely flipped it around and put her in the power seat. Instead, she’s the strong supportive WAG (lol just wanted to use that word), she takes care of her man, yes she did a detour with her own dreams to support her husband, but her character is sort of having this awakening where she’s like, now it’s my turn to do my thing. Roles are shifting, people are changing, it really sucks this show is on Fox though.


1. The Crown (Netflix)

God save the Queen! Or Claire Foy because she’s absolutely killing it playing Queen Elizabeth II. This show surprised me the most and that’s why it’s in the number one spot. I’m not into all this old school, Victorian era, stiff sh**. Never got into Downtown Abbey. Don’t hate. But, I gave this show a chance, and right from the start I was in. I can’t tell you exactly what it is, I know the acting is amazing, and the writing is really magical. They could’ve made this show really long and boring, but it’s clear, concise and kind of funny. Claire Foy plays the Queen in a naive, playful, but really smart way. One of my favourite lines of the season, is when the Queen’s father has just passed away and she’s on the way to his funeral and she reads a letter from her grandmother and in the letter granny writes something like, today you are mourning two people, your father, and yourself because the person you were before is dead. Because she’s obviously the Queen now and she needs to step up, and stepping up may require her to be a different person, or a different version of herself. If you’re a sucker for epic lines, trust me, this show will give you plenty. So just watch it. #imwithher


I know, there are so many shows out there that is making waves, there are so many different stories to be told, each one of these shows is bringing a different question to the table. What do you guys think? Comment below

Orange is the New Black – Season 3!

Can you guys believe that it’s been 3 years since OITNB was released on Netflix? It definitely hasn’t felt that long but watching this new season we can see how comfortable our inmates have become inside Litchfield. So I wasn’t sure how to go about recapping this entire season, it’s been full of amazing story lines, and amazing writing,  I think it has been my favourite thus far. Some reviews have been saying it’s their weakest because it’s been their funniest. I completely disagree, I think to have a season like this for their third season was perfect, we needed a break from all the heavy drama. This season felt less like we were being told a story and more like we were actually in Litchfield experiencing all these crazy shenanigans.
So let’s give all our special inmates some more time to shine by breaking down each character and discussing what they brought to this third season.
 First up Piper and Alex!



OITNB,alex and piper,piper chapman

Oh Piper, do you ever listen to yourself, like, when you speak? Piper’s character went from being the center of it all in season 1, and season 2-ish but was definitely an equal with all the other girls this season. This season Piper steps up and decides to start a dirty underwear operation by sowing together leftover pieces of material from their Whispers job assignment. She decides to make extra of these pink and frilly under garments and asks some of the prisoners to wear them until they’re dirty. Then she asks a new CO to take them out of the prison and hand them off to her brother who then sells them online. Crazy, maybe, but it worked. They sold like hot cakes. While Piper’s doing all this scheming she pays little attention to her now ‘offishyal’ girlfriend Alex who is dealing with her own crazy sh*t. Instead, Piper’s got her eyes on the new girl Stella who looks oh so cool behind that sewing machine. So obviously Alex starts to trip out and Piper’s not down for that sh*t, she’s like a boss ass bitch running her own operations now. Alex quits the biz just in time for Stella to swoop in and ‘help’ out.  But Flaca’s got her eye on the prize and she tries to tip over Piper’s business by reminding the ladies they’re not even being paid for their services. After Piper has no choice but to start dropping cash into the inmates’ commissaries the trouble really starts. In all of this Piper’s trying to juggle a bunch of things, she’s now running an illegal operation, Alex and her are no longer together, Flaca is on her ass, and she’s really, really into Stella. At first Piper assumes Flaca was the one who stole the money, but then Stella innocently admits to taking the money because she ‘needs’ it to ‘land on her feet’. It seems as if Piper’s about to care, but then all of a sudden the CO’s barge in and find a whole bunch of contraband (that Piper found) and it’s all over Stella’s things. Uh oh looks like Stella’s going to the SHU, or max, in that case say hi to Nicki will ya?
Favourite Quote of the Season: ‘I don’t f*ck around. Let people know.’


OITNB,season 3, alex vauseSo Alex is back at Litchfield, the season starts off with her wondering why and how she’s back there. But we all know how, it’s Piper’s basic white girl evilness. Alex is paranoid all season about Kubra her ex drug boss trying to kill her on the inside. The tables definitely turned this season between Alex and Piper. Alex has always been the instigator for most of their relationship, however this season Piper wanted to get on that V. Alex was just worried sh*tless that she was going to die. I did enjoy their dynamic, it was so different from what we’ve seen before and I love that Alex calls Piper out on everything. When Piper confesses that she’s the reason Alex is back in jail they argue but it just leads to hate sex. Later on in the season when Piper is all about her underwear business Alex chooses to step out of it because it’s become an actual illegal operation. One of my favourite scenes of the season happens when Piper talks about expanding the business and Alex is just over it all. She calls Piper gross, and tells her she doesn’t like this person she’s becoming. Agreed! But people do change when they go to prison. In the season finale Alex is in the greenhouse, when out of nowhere everyone leaves. Like how do you leave an inmate on their own tho? Anyways, she was just starting to stop worrying about Kubra and she turns around, and from the secret manhole in the greenhouse comes out Kubra’s assistant. And he’s ready to kill her.

Favourite Quote of the Season: ‘We all think we’re good guys’

Orange Is The New Black: Season 2 Premiere Date!

Word on the web is the second season of Orange is the New Black will premiere on April 25th. This isn’t confirmed yet by Netflix, but some sources are blaming Google for posting that date on some of their search results.


Danielle Brooks who plays Tasty revealed via Twitter that the premiere date has been set but didn’t reveal it.

It’s probably going to be around Spring so that date is probably the closest thing we have to a OITNB countdown. Also, Netflix will be releasing season 2 all at once. We hope that’s true.

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