S U I TS: “Bad Faith”

Last night’s episode of Suits was uneventful compared to the episodes we’ve seen in the past few weeks. Mike and Rachel get into a big fight after Mike visits her father and gets him to agree on a deal by using Rachel as a weapon. When Rachel finds out she’s furious with Mike…and she no longer knows if moving in together is a good idea.


Harvey and Donna are enjoying the aftermath of the Ava Hessington case…but things are about to get worse before Donna gets another handbag. At the end of the episode, Jessica finds out that Scotty had no involvement in Harvey’s deal with Wholesome Foods…and Ava not only fired Harvey…but she’s suing the entire firm for malpractice. Ooh girl!

Next week’s promo for the summer season finale looks absolutely cray! Jessica finds out about Mike and Rachel and she isn’t happy. Donna visits her man in prison…I wonder if Steven will end up being her baby daddy.

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Also check out the song that was playing during Mike and Rachel’s scene. It’s by Jacobs Banks.

S U I T S: Harvey The Finisher

The Ava Hessington case went over a cliff with a huge shocker from last night’s episode. The episode titled, “She’s Mine” explains everything that went on in the 45 minutes. Louis trying to win Nigel’s cat Mikado…and Harvey battling it out with Donna’s new boytoy- Steven.


Louis doesn’t want to give back Mikado, Nigel had asked Louis to watch his precious kitty while he was on a business trip…and when he returns one week early…Louis refuses to give back the pussy. Nigel and Louis agree on a mock trial…whoever the jury decides is the best fit to parent Mikado will take her home. Louis chooses Rachel as his attorney…and it turns out to be a good decision because she actually wins the trial. Nigel has an offer, he proposes to give back the associates to Louis in return for his Mikado. We all know Louis loves his associates, even if they’re all scared of him. Rachel reminds Louis that Mikado is Nigel’s cat…and he can’t give up his pride and joy. Louis awards Rachel with an acceptance letter to Columbia Law. He admits he saw it on the mail cart in the morning and wanted to present it to her himself. So cute! Guess Rachel is staying in the city!


After Steven leads Cameron Dennis to another key witness, Harvey is furious with him, not just because he’s sleeping with Donna…but because he keeps f****** s*** up for the H Man. Harvey and Mike find information on Ava’s protege Nick, the information is solid to blackmail him…so Jessica/Harvey/Mike decide to pin the murders on him. During their meeting with Nick, Nick pleads he never knew anything…and they decide that the jury will never believe the number #1 (Ava)…didn’t know what the number #2 (Nick) was up to. AKA referring to the secret mission Harvey had to bring down Jessica. But don’t worry, they’re all cool now.

Anyways, in the end Donna finds out that Steven used her to get information about Ava’s case. Donna is furious with Steven, but admits she won’t tell Harvey about this. It looks like they’re over, but it’s obvious Donna is walking away with a broken heart. Things get even worse when Mike looks into Steven’s past. He comes running over to Donna and tells her to get Jessica and Harvey into his office immediately. It turns out, Steven is the one that ordered the murders!!!!! He was and still is on the same rugby team as the key witness…there were phone calls traced from the Darby offices in London to the guy that murdered all those people. So really, Ava and Nick really had no idea this was going on. Ava hired Steven to help her out…and he did…he just didn’t tell her all the things he had to do.


Donna is listening to their conversation with tears in her eyes, she apologizes to Harvey, he looks back at her and realizes she’s hurting. Harvey storms out of his office…into the bathroom…and beats the s*** out of Steven. Oh and he breaks the bathroom mirror. Oops!

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Suits: There’s Something About Louis

There’s only one episode left of this season for Suits and this week’s episode left us with a conclusion that will foreshadow next week’s season finale. Things are a little cray cray at Pearson & Hardman while Jessica tries to find a way to get #littup. Yes, Louis Litt has become a popular Twitter hashtag. Harvey wins back Donna, and she doesn’t lose anytime strutting herself back into her old desk.

Mike’s grandmother makes an appearance at the office which she never has done before, it was a little odd because really what point are they trying to make by bringing grandma to the office and getting her to meet Harvey and Rachel. Then all of a sudden Mike decides to look for a place for granny, even though she was living in a nursing home because of her memory loss. Anyways, Mike goes house hunting, well not really he asks Rachel for help. While visiting one of the apartments Mike falls in love with, he also realizes he’s still in love with Rachel. Rachel finds out she passed her LSAT so she’s going to be a lawyer, Mike is very proud of her, mostly because she didn’t have to cheat.

Jessica enlists Harvey to win over Louis, after a romantic dinner Louis freaks out on Harvey, pointing out that Harvey hasn’t taken him out for dinner-ever, and now all of a sudden he’s trying to butter him up. Louis storms off and Harvey doesn’t know what else to do. He reports back to Jessica, Jessica isn’t surprised but this was all in her plan. Unfortunately, Louis freaks out on Jessica as well and doesn’t buy into anything that she’s saying. He basically threatens her, and Jessica comes back with a threat of her own. She says once she gets all the votes- and she will, if Louis is on the wrong side she won’t have any problems leaving him behind. This time Louis gets ‘litt up’ as he’s left with a terrifying decision- seriously who wants to piss of Jessica?

In the end, Louis has a heart to heart with Daniel, it really is a tough call, I have no idea what side Louis is going to take at this point. In my opinion, Jessica is going to lose the vote, and Harvey and the rest of their possy will have to set up shop somewhere else. I think it’s a whole new chapter for Jessica/Harvey/Mike and even Rachel who is now a legit lawyer. It’s a good foundation for season 3…and hopefully many more seasons to come!

As Mike is setting up the apartment for granny, there’s a knock at the door only it’s Rachel. She says the nursing home had been calling the office non stop all day, because granny passed away :(. The closing shot is just of Mike and Rachel holding each other in the beautiful apartment that they will most likely share.


Suits:The Greatest Episode Of All Time!

This week’s episode of Suits was amazing! I was literally holding my breath for the entire hour! Travis Tanner’s case against Harvey continues as Travis decides to take Harvey to court. They can’t agree on a settlement, because the only offer Travis makes is to disbar Harvey.

Harvey brings in Louis to act as Travis during their mock trial. Rachel is acting as Donna, and Daniel Hardman plays the judge. Harvey brings in new girl Zoe, who apparently has shares an interesting past with him. She joins the firms team to assist them in the building of their court case. Anyways, Mike finds a way to convince Donna to help out Harvey even after she said she would plead the 5th. Harvey confronts Donna on the streets of Toronto, I mean New York City, she is literally fuming at him, she hates him but not really, he feels really bad but at the same time all he asks of her is to admit she made a mistake. She’s mad and hurt that Harvey would let her go so easy.

So when Mike convinces Donna to help Harvey out, Donna shows up at Pearson and Hardman for the mock trial. Instead of Rachel playing Donna, it’s Donna playing Donna! The mock trial gets intense when Louis refuses to follow the script- since Donna refuses to answer any questions. Louis starts asking personal questions, insinuating Donna has feelings for Harvey and that she’s in love with him! Donna’s panicking, Harvey feels bad for her, Louis keeps pushing and demanding the answer from Donna whether she loves Harvey or not. She doesn’t answer, but it’s obvious there are feelings between the two, Harvey stands up and demands for the mock trial to be over with. Donna gets up and leaves, Harvey follows her but he can’t do anything to save her. I love the story between these 2, I cannot wait for the day until they’re together!! Even if the writers give us a tiny inkling of hope for their romance, it’s enough to keep us watching.

In the end, Mike and Hardman find some dirt on Travis. They decide the best option is to blackmail Travis and agree on a settlement. When Hardman brings the news to Jessica and Harvey they are weary of his intentions, since they don’t fully trust Hardman. When Harvey confronts Mike, and lets him know they won’t be settling, Mike has a hissy fit and reminds Harvey how hard they worked on this case, and how hard things will be if they go to court. Jessica and Hardman bring the decision to the partners, settle/trial, the vote is at a tie so the final decision is left for Harvey, he decides to settle and Jessica is completely shocked.

Just then, Hardman approaches the partners and brings up the issue of Jessica having trouble managing her firm. Hardman says they should have a vote about who has power him or her. Basically, he screwed them over.

The season’s getting good!