The Challenge: Free Agents Week 4

A quick review of last night’s episode of The Challenge: Free Agents. After a quick game of ‘Bounce Up’ which basically looked like a bunch of bobble heads playing soccer, the winning team (Johnny Bananas) had to choose who they wanted to vote in for eliminations.


The house chose:
LaToya and Brandon

LaToya was all like “Aright then let’s kick it” because at this point she’s uber confident that she can come back from an elimination round.

Brandon on the other hand, is the worst Challenge player ever. He literally hasn’t won anything, I don’t even know why he keeps coming back on the show. At this point, his replacement ‘Swift’ who I’m sure people get him mixed up with is doing a whole lot better. And by a whole lot I really mean hanging by threads.

During the vote session Aneesa turns up her sass when she overhears Laurel telling everyone to vote for her. Aneesa takes the time to educate Laurel on the theme of this seasons Challenge, which is ‘Free Agents’ so everyone is free to vote for whomever they please. TJ breaks up the verbal dispute- I’ve actually never seen TJ get that mad on the show ever. He shuts those two girls up within miliseconds. Editing as always, was stellar.ChallengeToya2

I just want to add here that LaToya is officially my favourite Rookie ever. Not only is she feisty and delivers a mean come back…she does it with style and grace. And that people, is what you call star quality.


In the elimination round, Zach pulled up the death card and Brandon instantly new he was a goner. Cara Marie pulled the unlucky card for the second week in a row. Literally, this looked like the easiest eliminatoin round for both contestants. Zach and Cara Marie both won if you didn’t guess that already.

Check out our slideshow below with hilarious pictures from this week’s ‘Bounce Up’ challenge competition.

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Real World 29: San Fran!

Real World has been renewed by MTV for the 29th season….are we surprised? Really though what would we do without our Real World/The Challenge fix? Resort to watching Big Brother?…no it doesn’t work like that.

Even if we are cray cray about The Real World fam…doesn’t mean everyone else is. Ratings in the last few seasons have been down…and some people are speculating this next season could be a make or break season. Here’s to hoping they change a few things in the house…spice it up a little…it’s been using the same format since it’s debut in 1992.

No word who will be in the cast…all we know is it’s going to be in San Francisco…and I’m excited about that. Last season was really lame, Portland…really though? Who cares about Portland?

The good news is The Challenge has a 50% higher rating than Real World…so we can definitely expect Bunim Murray to keep coming back with more seasons. Yay!

Here’s  a look back on some of the past Real World Seasons.

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Battle of the Exes: Useless Piece of S@$!

Last nights episode of Battle of the Exes began with the elimination round from last week. JD and Devyn (Team Brooklyn) against the remainder of the Fresh Meat team Camila and Big Easy.

It was a strategy elimination, a basic game of memory but the catch was the girls were attached to a line that move them up and down a board that the game was on. The guys job was to move the line up and down, but the further they moved the girls up, the lower they went…submerging themselves into a dunk tank! The longer they could hold their breath underwater the longer their teammate had time to complete the memory game. It looked easy, but the guys were hanging upside down, and breathing like that underwater is near impossible. And obviously, anything for Easy is impossible.

Anyways, Team Brooklyn seems like they’re never going to be beat. JD was confident in himself and his eyebrows that he could hold his breath the longest. But he never really got the chance to shine because as usual Big Easy DQ’ed his team…because he didn’t feel like completing the challenge. Him and Camila were actually winning when Easy decided to end the match. I always felt bad for Easy, but he’s messed up so many times on these challenges. He costs other people the game just because he doesn’t feel like doing the mission, and he physically can’t. I don’t get why he keeps coming back if he’s just going to DQ all the time. Camila obviously felt the same, she freaks out calling him every name in the book. Everyone else just stood there in shock, she was PISSED and asked if she could continue the challenge without him. Obviously that would be impossible because someone had to be on the other end to hold her weight down.

So that’s the end of Team Fresh Meat…Big Easy blaming their failure on the fact that they weren’t in a Real World season, none of them knew each other …and that was the reason they lost. I don’t think it made sense at all to bring in the fresh meat team…the point of this Challenge was that everyone was in a Real World house. Whether that was a disadvantage or advantage is irrelevant.

Moving on, the challenge for this episode was one of my faves. A simple trivia game…but everyone was sitting on a chair…above the water. If you answer the question wrong….TJ pulls a lever that sends you flying! There were barely any questions answered correctly…either they’re all idiots or being up that high impairs your intelligence.

Team San Diego won power team thanks to Frank. Unfortunately, Team NOLA ended up in the bottom. Sucks for Preston getting the sports question! Right away Jemmye said she wasn’t going into elimination…it was going to be McKenzie and Preston. Definitely not a duo that will can do serious damage.

San Diego voted in Brooklyn again…this time it was Sara and Chet. The game would be stamina (the one with the sliding balls).

McKenzie was literally walking during the heats. Preston on the other hand completely killed it, but it wasn’t enough to beat out Brooklyn. Afterwards, Knight admitted he should’ve gone into the elimination…because a team with only 2 players is not a good look if they want to make it to the finals. They probably won’t…my predictions Team Cancun and Team San Diego. They are obviously the strongest out of their alliance…and I’m not underestimating Team Vegas who turned their back on the alliance.

Battle of the Seasons: Recap

Once this week’s episode of Battle of the Seasons it’s obvious that there’s no more room for the Vets…and that the Rookies have officially taken over. Usually what happens in these challenges is individuals/teams get categorized as a veteran or a rookie…if you’re a rookie and new to the game you’re most likely the first team to be eliminated because the veterans end up controlling the outcome.

This time around, there are way more Rookie teams than Veterans…most of the cast have never been on the challenges…and it’s surprising that there’s barely any vets on the show. It is a good thing, it makes for better TV, because frankly I think everyone was getting sick of Kenny Santucci,Johnny Bananas and Paula. Now that there’s new blood, they are out for the Vets…and unfortunately for Veteran Team Austin…they’re the first team to go. I thought Team Austin would end up being in the final challenge, they had Wes and he’s an idiot but great at these challenges. Since he was eliminated last week, it was only a matter of time before Danny and Melinda were sent back into elimination…where they ended up being sent home.

This week’s challenge was an oil wrestle between teams…Girl vs Girl/Guy vs Guy sort of thing. Each time a team won they would add a piece to this star thing that had to be completed. The power teams (Cancun/San Diego) decided they would throw their matches, and ultimately win the ones they chose…so that their stars would be completed first…and none of them would have a chance at being last. San Diego ended up taking first place, since Cancun had power team last week. It was basically down to St.Thomas and Austin (Melinda vs Laura). Whoever lost would be in the bottom and send them into the elimination round. Laura came out of the woodwork and won by pulling Melinda’s thumb over the red line- disqualifying Team Austin…and making Marie the happiest woman ever.

Now San Diego had a huge decision to make, send in the rookies (St.Thomas) because they hate Trey…or send in basically the only veteran team (Fresh Meat). Las Vegas is actually lucky because they would be considered veterans…if it wasn’t for their team being split into the old Las Vegas and the new Las Vegas seasons. Since Dustin and Nany make up half the team, they get away with being in the “rookie safezone”. Franky has literally become the Nazi Hunter against veterans….and has it out for Fresh Meat. They try talking to St.Thomas and try to get them on their side, for some reason Trey doesn’t trust Zach and Frank…and he refuses to kiss a**.

It wasn’t a surprise that in the end San Diego ended up choosing Fresh Meat to go into the eliminations with Team Austin. The only problem was, none of the Fresh Meat crew could decide on who was going into battle. Nobody felt like it was their turn to go in, Big Easy especially since he beat out Wes last week. San Diego had to choose the two team members, Camila and Big Easy were chosen…and they came back successful. The final elimination challenge was based on ‘endurance’…it seems like Big Easy’s size has actually benefited him these last two weeks.

Not much ‘drama’ ensued which is a real surprise since these shows tend to bring out the worst in people. Trey cried a little, Knight is still heart broken over cheating on Jemmye- he would marry her in a heart beat…and Zach (San Diego) and Jonna (Cancun) can’t keep their hands off each other. Also, I really love how my favourite team (NOLA) is staying under the radar…Jemmye is clearly on her best behaviour which is working out for them since they haven’t even been close to being sent into eliminations.


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MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons premieres September 19th at 10pm. Here are some pictures of the cast.

This is by far the most thought out cast photo on The Challenge, but too bad we can barely see whose sitting in the back! Shout out to Zack the Gorilla in his lime green speedo, and Dustin looks like a freak in that pose.

My favourite team is NOLA (aka the lost season)…although they have the Baddest B*tch Jemmye (far right) I don’t think they’ll get too far. McKenzie looks like the most competitive from this season, but we’ll just have to wait and see if her ex-roomies hold her back.

My predictions, Team Austin for the win. I’ve been following The Challenge for years and veterans always end up winning in the end, they have more experience, and they just know how to lay low and end up in the final challenge.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you’re crazy, it is amazing, this season will definitely go down as one of the wildest seasons in Challenge history.

REAL WORLD: St.Thomas!

It’s finally here, the premiere of The Real World:St Thomas!  Like we predicted, the next 3 months will be taking place on the beautiful Virgin Islands, and hopefully it’s going to be an amazing time.

So I have to say, the cast doesn’t look that exciting from the promos, then again we won’t be sure whose the craziest until the season unfolds, but it’s going to be interesting to see how they do on an island! Last time The Real World was at a summer destination like this was in Cancun, and obviously it was insane! I can’t imagine St.Thomas will have the same drunken insanity, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Real World:St Thomas premieres tomorrow night on MTV at 10pm/et.

Check out the trailer below!


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The Challenge Rivals: UPDATE!

It just keeps getting better and better every week! MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals is halfway finished…and these last two weeks have been the best episodes yet! Sarah and Kaitlynn (Real World: Brooklyn) get the boot last week…after Jenne and Jasmine (Real World: Cancun) finish them off in the Jungle. It was an amazing win for the rookie girls…especially after Sarah seemed so confident she would win it. The rookies have been killin’ it this season…it seems like the year of the underdogs.

Speaking of underdogs…my favourite pair CT and Adam get voted into the Jungle with Evan and Nehemiah.

Evan throws the challenge, placing Nehemiah and himself in the bottom, putting them automatically into the elimination round. (Evan thought by putting himself in the Jungle he would beat CT and Adam, sending CT home) Obviously, everyone else votes for CT and Adam to join them in the jungle, in hopes of eliminating the biggest threat- CT. But their plan backfires BIGTIME, as Evan (clearly out of shape) fails to win inside the Jungle, they get the boot, CT is still alive and I love it!

Who knew these Challenges were full of drama and romance? After a few years, Adam finally admits his feelings for Jenn, but she doesn’t really feel the same about him. (He’s still cute though) And obviously, who doesn’t love CT? Mandi gets super jealous after CT starts flirting with Laurel…and in the midst of her jealousy she sleeps with Wes (ew).

Stay tuned for next week.

Here’s a look at whose left. (Mike Mike is missing from the picture as he was added to the cast later on)