The Challenge: Free Agents Week 4

A quick review of last night’s episode of The Challenge: Free Agents. After a quick game of ‘Bounce Up’ which basically looked like a bunch of bobble heads playing soccer, the winning team (Johnny Bananas) had to choose who they wanted to vote in for eliminations.


The house chose:
LaToya and Brandon

LaToya was all like “Aright then let’s kick it” because at this point she’s uber confident that she can come back from an elimination round.

Brandon on the other hand, is the worst Challenge player ever. He literally hasn’t won anything, I don’t even know why he keeps coming back on the show. At this point, his replacement ‘Swift’ who I’m sure people get him mixed up with is doing a whole lot better. And by a whole lot I really mean hanging by threads.

During the vote session Aneesa turns up her sass when she overhears Laurel telling everyone to vote for her. Aneesa takes the time to educate Laurel on the theme of this seasons Challenge, which is ‘Free Agents’ so everyone is free to vote for whomever they please. TJ breaks up the verbal dispute- I’ve actually never seen TJ get that mad on the show ever. He shuts those two girls up within miliseconds. Editing as always, was stellar.ChallengeToya2

I just want to add here that LaToya is officially my favourite Rookie ever. Not only is she feisty and delivers a mean come back…she does it with style and grace. And that people, is what you call star quality.


In the elimination round, Zach pulled up the death card and Brandon instantly new he was a goner. Cara Marie pulled the unlucky card for the second week in a row. Literally, this looked like the easiest eliminatoin round for both contestants. Zach and Cara Marie both won if you didn’t guess that already.

Check out our slideshow below with hilarious pictures from this week’s ‘Bounce Up’ challenge competition.

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mtv_logoFinally we have some news about the new season of MTV’s The Challenge. It’s going to be a Rivals II…cast members are paired with their rivals (same sex- most often it’s an argument that’s happened in the show but sometimes fights break out on various social media outlets which deem them ‘rivals’) I was expecting a Vet VS Rookie match up…just because we haven’t seen it in a while and now that we have so many new cast members it would be entertaining to see how the Vets do against the rookies.

We don’t have the official teams yet, and the cast list isn’t MTV official but here is a list of the speculated names. It was pretty obvious from Twitter who was going to be on the show, a bunch of them returned to their accounts on the same day…clearly they had been away shooting.

There are unofficial posts online speculating who will be paired up with who, and if you’re a fan of the show you probably have an idea of the rival teams. Anyways, for now check out the list below and decide for yourself:


Johnny Bananas (RW: Key West)

Derek Chavez (RW: Cancun)

Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello (RW: London)

Dunbar Merril (RW: Sydney)

Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin)

Leroy Garett (RW: Las Vegas II)

Tyrie Ballard (RW:Denver)

Zach Nichols (RW: San Diego II)

Frank Sweeney (RW: San Diego II)

Jordan Wiseley (RW: Portland)

Robb Schreiber (RW: St.Thomas)

Trey Weatherholtz (RW: St Thomas)

Ryan Knight (RW: Nola II)

Marlon Williams (RW: Portland)



Emily Schromm (RW: DC)

Paula Meronek (RW: Key West)

Diem Brown (Fresh Meat)

Trishelle Cannatella (RW: Vegas)

Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn)

Jonna Mannion (RW: Cancun)

Jasmine (RW:Cancun)

Camila Nakagawa ( Spring Break Challenge)

Anastasia Miller (RW: Portland)

Jessica McCain (RW: Portland)

Nany Gonzalez (RW: Las Vegas II)

Jemmye Carroll (RW: Nola II)

Naomi Defensor (RW: Las Vegas II)

Heather Cookie (RW: Las Vegas II)

The new season of MTV’s The Challenge Rivals II will premiere Wednesday June 26th 10/9c on MTV. I want to know what you guys think…leave some comments below!


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So here’s the list for the upcoming MTV’s The Challenge. It is a spoiler, but I have a feeling it’s true since some of the cast members went MIA on my Twitter feed for a few weeks. I had a feeling they might be on the next challenge, and sure enough they are! Check it out.

Also, reading up on some other blogs- it looks like the format for this season might be Season vs Season, since there are 4 cast members from each season.


Ashli Robson, Real World: Sydney

KellyAnne Judd, Real World: Sydney

Ashley Kelsey, Real World: San Diego

Sam McGinn, Real World: San Diego

Jasmine Reynaud, Real World: Cancun

Jonna Mannion, Real World: Cancun

Jemmye Carroll, Real World: New Orleans

McKenzie Coburn, Real World: New Orleans

Lacey Buehler, Real World: Austin

Melinda Stolp, Real World: Austin

Laura Waller, Real World: St Thomas

Marie Roda, Real World: St Thomas

Nany Gonzalez, Real World: Las Vegas

Trishelle Cannatella, Real World: Las Vegas

Devyn Simone, Real World: Brooklyn

Sarah Rice, Real World: Brooklyn


Alton Williams, Real World: Las Vegas

Dustin Zito, Real World: Las Vegas

Chet Cannon, Real World: Brooklyn

JD Ordonez, Real World: Brooklyn

CJ Koegel, Real World: Cancun

Derek Chavez, Real World: Cancun

Danny Jamieson, Real World: Austin

Wes Bergmann, Real World: Austin

Dunbar Merrill, Real World: Sydney

Isaac Stout, Real World: Sydney

Preston Roberson-Charles, Real World: New Orleans

Ryan Knight, Real World: New Orleans

Robb Schreiber, Real World: St Thomas

Trey Weatherholtz, Real World: St Thomas

Frank Sweeney, Real World: San Diego

Zach Nichols, Real World: San Diego

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Battle Of The Exes: Las Vegas Shut Down!

I don’t understand how these episodes keep getting better and better. It’s probably because couples are getting disqualified at a very fast and abnormal rate!! Last week it was Sarah and Vinny who was sent home (after Vinny pulled down Mandi’s top in a club) Sucks for Sarah since she had no part in his creepy drunk ways.

This week, the episode opens up with Dustin injured and Heather by his side. We find out Dustin was just running around the house (I’m assuming for exercise) and he slipped on the rock-hard stairs outside. He cut his knee open…and there was blood everywhere! I couldn’t watch. Anyways, he gets sent to the hospital returns with some stitches…and all is good.

Um…no. Right before Dustin and Heather are about to compete, TJ tells them Dustin is unable to continue on with the challenge since his knee can’t be in water…so because he can’t compete he has to go home. Heather being his partner and because she has no other exes (Not true her and Nany made out in Vegas) she has to go home as well. This sucks!

So the challenge was the most amazing challenge I’d ever seen. Couples were put on this wooden board hanging on top of the cliff. TJ had to ask them questions, if they answered wrong the board would throw them off and into the water below. It was amazing! Some of the answers the couples gave were ridiculous. Couples couldn’t help each other out…TJ would ask one ex a question…and another question to the other ex. So you basically were on your own.

Seriously, Noami and LeRoy had the hardest questions!! I didn’t even know the answers to them. Anyways, LeRoy and Naomi fight out the last position with Abram and CaraMaria. The power couple competition was between Rachel and Aneesa (she was injured and Rachel was by herself in the final) and Dunbar and Paula. Dunbar and Paula win their round so they’re in first place.

Wah! LeRoy and Naomi lose to the craziest couple…and they’re sent to the DOME again.

Back at the house, Paula and Dunbar decide who to send into the DOME with LeRoy and Naomi. They choose Emily and Ty (since Emily is the strongest female competitor by far). Paula is obviously scared s***less.

Emily is totally pissed off that Paula would vote her in. I get that Paula’s worried and all, but I think it’s too early to be sending someone powerful like Emily into an elimination round. Now she’s out to get you Paula! I don’t get why they didn’t vote in Jaz and Tyrie.

Anyways, sad to see them go but LeRoy and Naomi were defeated in the DOME challenge which looked freakin’ hard!! Sucks for the Las Vegas season, both couples were eliminated in one episode! That’s crazy! God I love this show.

Here’s a look at whose left.


Tonight is the Night!! We’ve been waiting for this since the crappy season of Real World:San Diego premiered…sorry for the hate! My top picks are CT and Diem…and for the rookies Naomi and LeRoy!

Battle of the Exes premieres tonight on MTV at 10pm.





1.Abram and Cara Maria

2.C.T and Diem (They almost got married) MY PICK.

3.Dunbar and Paula

4.Dustin and Heather

5.Johnny and Camila (When were they ever together??)

6.LeRoy and Naomi (I love them) MY PICK.

7.Mark and Robin

8.Nate and Priscilla

9.Rachel and Aneesa (Only same gender team)

10.Ty and Emily (This one should be interesting)

11.Tyrie and Jasmine (They’re both looneys)

12.Vinny and Sarah (He’s so hot, she’s not)

13.Wes and Mandi

The Cast of Battle of The Exes!

Here’s the cast pic of the crazies from MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Exes. The show premieres on January 25th…it might just be another good one. Stay tuned.

P.S How random does Nate look. The SD season shouldn’t even be there, Mark looks like the Jersey Shore Terminator with his muscles and spray tan!

The Challenge Rivals: UPDATE!

It just keeps getting better and better every week! MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals is halfway finished…and these last two weeks have been the best episodes yet! Sarah and Kaitlynn (Real World: Brooklyn) get the boot last week…after Jenne and Jasmine (Real World: Cancun) finish them off in the Jungle. It was an amazing win for the rookie girls…especially after Sarah seemed so confident she would win it. The rookies have been killin’ it this season…it seems like the year of the underdogs.

Speaking of underdogs…my favourite pair CT and Adam get voted into the Jungle with Evan and Nehemiah.

Evan throws the challenge, placing Nehemiah and himself in the bottom, putting them automatically into the elimination round. (Evan thought by putting himself in the Jungle he would beat CT and Adam, sending CT home) Obviously, everyone else votes for CT and Adam to join them in the jungle, in hopes of eliminating the biggest threat- CT. But their plan backfires BIGTIME, as Evan (clearly out of shape) fails to win inside the Jungle, they get the boot, CT is still alive and I love it!

Who knew these Challenges were full of drama and romance? After a few years, Adam finally admits his feelings for Jenn, but she doesn’t really feel the same about him. (He’s still cute though) And obviously, who doesn’t love CT? Mandi gets super jealous after CT starts flirting with Laurel…and in the midst of her jealousy she sleeps with Wes (ew).

Stay tuned for next week.

Here’s a look at whose left. (Mike Mike is missing from the picture as he was added to the cast later on)


MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals

This week was the third episode of this season’s The Challenge Rivals. Once again, my favourite team from the guys CT and Adam won the Challenge, however it was the girls that were up for elimination this week.

Laurel and CaraMaria were DQed in the Challenge which forced them to go into the jungle. The rest of the cast voted for Camille and Theresa to join them. The final game was almost like a puzzle…but it required a lot of running around. Anyways, the team that won was Laurel and CaraMaria so we’ll be seeing them next week. Not that crazy about those two girls…I hope Paula can somehow get Laurel out of the game soon!

As for the guys…MikeMike from Real World Las Vegas was hurt bad on this week’s Challenge, when LeeRoy landed on him in the water. He’s fine…and we’ll be seeing those two next week as well. And crazy Wes was last seen plotting CT’s takedown, although that might be kind of hard since CT and Adam keep winning the challenges, excluding them from the elimination round.

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Here’s a look at whose still left.

The Challenge: Rivals Episode I

The MOST anticipated event of my summer…well before Jersey Shore Season 4 starts. Last night was the premiere of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals and it was insane! There were so many viewers live tweeting as we were watching the episode, something I’ve never experienced before. Let me tell you, it was very entertaining…it was awesome to hear other people’s opinions and perspectives.

Yes, I get it, it’s only a show but really this only happens what twice a year? This sh*t is crazy…and last night’s episode only proved that even more.

So, starting off with the cast CT and Adam…CT is so sexy he’s my favourite. The latest Real World Las Vegas crew is in it this time…LeeRoy and Adam R (ugh)…SPOILER ALERT…Adam gets kicked off! Well, not really a spoiler if you watched the Vegas season. Kid’s a loose cannon, we knew he would get kicked off…didn’t think it would happen so soon. Anyways, MikeMike gets a call from the MTV crew, since they needed a replacement for Adam R so yay!

CT and the blonde girl, Mandi? I need to get all the names down. Anyways, they’re probably my first pick for hookups this season. As for the other girls, the’yre mostly girls from previous seasons. Not too much fresh meat, except for the two crazies from Real World Cancun.

I’m excited to see Wes/Kenny work together, hopefully longtime winner Kenny can bring a championship to Wes who has been in these Challenges so many times, but has never won anything. P.S They HATE eachother.

Obviously, I love fellow Canadian Evan…I hope he gets far (which he usually does). But honestly, starting off with the first challenge…both rookies from the girls and guys ended up winning first place. It’s a good sign for the newbies!

And finally, since my favourite season of The Real World New Orleans wasn’t chosen at all to be on The Rivals…I’m rooting for MikeMike and LeeRoy…unstoppable teams brains/body.