The Challenge: Free Agents Week 4

A quick review of last night’s episode of The Challenge: Free Agents. After a quick game of ‘Bounce Up’ which basically looked like a bunch of bobble heads playing soccer, the winning team (Johnny Bananas) had to choose who they wanted to vote in for eliminations.


The house chose:
LaToya and Brandon

LaToya was all like “Aright then let’s kick it” because at this point she’s uber confident that she can come back from an elimination round.

Brandon on the other hand, is the worst Challenge player ever. He literally hasn’t won anything, I don’t even know why he keeps coming back on the show. At this point, his replacement ‘Swift’ who I’m sure people get him mixed up with is doing a whole lot better. And by a whole lot I really mean hanging by threads.

During the vote session Aneesa turns up her sass when she overhears Laurel telling everyone to vote for her. Aneesa takes the time to educate Laurel on the theme of this seasons Challenge, which is ‘Free Agents’ so everyone is free to vote for whomever they please. TJ breaks up the verbal dispute- I’ve actually never seen TJ get that mad on the show ever. He shuts those two girls up within miliseconds. Editing as always, was stellar.ChallengeToya2

I just want to add here that LaToya is officially my favourite Rookie ever. Not only is she feisty and delivers a mean come back…she does it with style and grace. And that people, is what you call star quality.


In the elimination round, Zach pulled up the death card and Brandon instantly new he was a goner. Cara Marie pulled the unlucky card for the second week in a row. Literally, this looked like the easiest eliminatoin round for both contestants. Zach and Cara Marie both won if you didn’t guess that already.

Check out our slideshow below with hilarious pictures from this week’s ‘Bounce Up’ challenge competition.

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RIVALS II: The Couples Quiz

Still recovering from last week’s bizarre elimination round, the roomies have all banded together in their quest to bring down Theresa. When did this girl become Pucket’s most hated?


By innocently throwing away her vote for LeRoy, Theresa allowed Diem to effortlessly stir the pot, and when Diem’s final vote sent Leroy into eliminations, Theresa decides she can no longer trust ANYONE in the house. Girl, this isn’t a game of friendship, people are ready to attack and the fact that she was so surprised by Diem’s move, proves how little she knows about the challenge.

Moving on!…It’s a girl elimination week, which means the drama meters were boiling, especially because we’re halfway to the final challenge. TJ has a sneaky deaky challenge lined up, one that tests how well the rival teams know each other. One team member is tied up to a rope, suspended over the water ( as usual) and the other teammate has to answer questions, with the same answers their partner gave. Emily and Paula obviously killed the game like they always do, winning first place and winning immunity from eliminations.

Jemmye and Camilla were the first team to go down, so they automatically get sent to eliminations.  This game also added fire to the flame, as some questions asked team members who they thought was the fakest in the house? Or who needed the most attention in the house? The worst part was, if you answered wrong, you would’ve proven to the entire house what you thought of that person, then TJ named who your partner really chose …so now two people hate you in the house! It happened to Jemmye and Jonna, TJ asks Nany who Jonna thinks is fake in the house…and Jonna ends up saying  Jemmye. It was a big surprise for Jemmye, while she’s sitting on the side line, she flashes that ghetto girl grin like s**** about to go down NOLA style!

The guys have a laugh out of it, TJ asks CT which girl in the house is the trashiest…CT opts to not say anyone’s name and basically sends Wes into the waters. It was a very smart move on CT’s part.

Right away, Theresa is putting in work trying to get the rookie guys on her side. She asks them to vote in Diem and Aneesa, Jordan tells her that he has her back and they’re all good. After that, Jordan and Marlon are discussing their decision, when Johnny B overhears and decides to give them some words of advice. Obviously, the smartest choice would be to vote Theresa in because nobody wants her there. When TJ arrives, Jordan admits he promised Theresa one thing, but he’s going back on his word and voting for her anyways. Whatt’ya gonna do Theresa! This one’s for the books. Jasmine stands up before her name is even called…all like she’s ready for the battle, nothing can stop her, she always has the funniest walk when she knows she’s going into eliminations. TJ is quick to notice it and even asks her why she takes on a different attitude when she knows she could be going home. It’s so funny.

This elimination looked like fun, the two teams had to run on treadmills while throwing a ball across to their teammate, and then they had to dump the ball into a bin.  Looks easy but when you’re running your ass becomes tricky. Oh and there’s a big muddy hole in the ground so if you fly off the treadmill…it’ll break the fall.

They seem to edit the eliminations the same, at first they make you think one team has it in the bag and then magically the other team wins. Jasmine and Theresa started off good, but when Jasmine takes a tumble…the momentum stops. Jemmye and Camilla end up winning…which is a good thing because we are all Team NOLA. But jasmine, you will be missed.

In the end, Jordan admits whatever feelings he has for Jonna are irrelevant because he’s trying to the win the big money. On the other side of the house, Nany is talking about Jonna and how she always needs a guy’s attention in her life, which sounds about right. Nany admits the reason her and Jonna are rivals are because of Jonna’s ex…Zach. There is a whole lot of drama behind these partners that the show doesn’t even show!

Thought you guys would like this CLICK on CT! 🙂



mtv_logoFinally we have some news about the new season of MTV’s The Challenge. It’s going to be a Rivals II…cast members are paired with their rivals (same sex- most often it’s an argument that’s happened in the show but sometimes fights break out on various social media outlets which deem them ‘rivals’) I was expecting a Vet VS Rookie match up…just because we haven’t seen it in a while and now that we have so many new cast members it would be entertaining to see how the Vets do against the rookies.

We don’t have the official teams yet, and the cast list isn’t MTV official but here is a list of the speculated names. It was pretty obvious from Twitter who was going to be on the show, a bunch of them returned to their accounts on the same day…clearly they had been away shooting.

There are unofficial posts online speculating who will be paired up with who, and if you’re a fan of the show you probably have an idea of the rival teams. Anyways, for now check out the list below and decide for yourself:


Johnny Bananas (RW: Key West)

Derek Chavez (RW: Cancun)

Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello (RW: London)

Dunbar Merril (RW: Sydney)

Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin)

Leroy Garett (RW: Las Vegas II)

Tyrie Ballard (RW:Denver)

Zach Nichols (RW: San Diego II)

Frank Sweeney (RW: San Diego II)

Jordan Wiseley (RW: Portland)

Robb Schreiber (RW: St.Thomas)

Trey Weatherholtz (RW: St Thomas)

Ryan Knight (RW: Nola II)

Marlon Williams (RW: Portland)



Emily Schromm (RW: DC)

Paula Meronek (RW: Key West)

Diem Brown (Fresh Meat)

Trishelle Cannatella (RW: Vegas)

Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn)

Jonna Mannion (RW: Cancun)

Jasmine (RW:Cancun)

Camila Nakagawa ( Spring Break Challenge)

Anastasia Miller (RW: Portland)

Jessica McCain (RW: Portland)

Nany Gonzalez (RW: Las Vegas II)

Jemmye Carroll (RW: Nola II)

Naomi Defensor (RW: Las Vegas II)

Heather Cookie (RW: Las Vegas II)

The new season of MTV’s The Challenge Rivals II will premiere Wednesday June 26th 10/9c on MTV. I want to know what you guys think…leave some comments below!


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