DWTS:Who Got Eliminated?


On tonight’s episode of Dancing With The Stars Chynna Philips got eliminated. I’m assuming because of her weird performance last night (apparently she forgot her steps)

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DWTS:Season Premiere

Tonight was the season opener of our favourite dance competition. ABC’s Dancing With The Stars premiered tonight- and it was said to be the most controversial premiere the show has ever had. Much due to the fact that Chaz Bono, first ever transitional person was casted for the show. They obviously left Chaz and dance partner Lacey Schwimmer for the last performance. Surprisingly, Chaz was actually pretty good. I mean, as good as it gets for Week 1. Everyone was rusty…but he definitely didn’t disappoint.

My future husband Rob Kardashian was so amazing. His sister’s were there to cheer him on…and he definitely brought his A game. All those rumours about him flopping on rehearsals were clearly bogus. He definitely has potentional, unlike Ron Artest who looked like a stick of stiffness. Hopefully his partner Peta can loosen him up.

Elisabetta Canalis- Clooney’s Ex looks like a good candidate for final three, she definitely can dance, and she definitely has the body of a ballroom dancer. When she’s dancing with her partner Val Chmerkovskly it’s hard to tell whose the professional, and whose the star. Ricki Lake was good, and Nancy Grace surprised me! Who knew she could be such a cute dancer smiling her way through her routine?

Drama queen Kristin Cav is definitely my vote for final 2- she definitely has what it takes, plus her partner Mark Ballas is really amazing. They’re really young and fun.

Dancing With The Stars airs on ABC. Monday nights are performance, and Tuesday’s are eliminations. Don’t forget to watch tonight!!

DWTS: New Season New Drama!!

Dancing With the Stars drama alert!!

The new season of ABC’s DWTS begins September 19th with a 2-hour season premiere! I’m sure some of you have heard the drama surrounding the popular dancing competition.

The first, with Chaz Bono being the first transgender contestant on DWTS, a bunch of people are discussing boycotting the show. OneMillionMoms.com, an online activism group, is calling Bono’s casting ‘completely unacceptable and Christians should not watch the show” WTF!? is the problem. If people would stop talking about her becoming a him…nobody would notice a thing! The show would go on as it always has…these moms saying they won’t allow their children to watch DWTS is ridiculous. This is tv…its a reflection of our society…and the people that live in it…so get over it!!

Second, I don’t understand why everyone keeps nagging on my husband Rob Kardashian. He keeps tweeting that he’s in rehearsal all day…and that he’s trying really hard to learn his dances. Some sources are saying that he’s actual slacking…and instead of rehearsing for 5 hours like the rest of the cast, he’s only putting in 2 hours. That’s ridiculous!! I could back that up…if I had his # (sigh)

Third, our favourite drama queen Kristin Cavallari and our pick for Top 2 this season, is asking for advice from former DWTS contestant and The Hills co-star Audrina Patridge. Audrina, who came in seventh in 2010, revealed that she spoke to Kristin recently about what to expect in the show. If you really want to know what was said…here’s the conversation for you. It’s really fascinating.

“I actually talked to [Kristin] last week,” Patridge told People. “She texted me and she was like, ‘Hey, I was just thinking of you and I wanted to tell you I’m doing Dancing with the Stars‘.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re going to have an amazing time. You’ll be in the best shape of your life!'” Patridge continued. “I told her it’s going to get hard, but just have fun with it. I had a blast.”

Should be an interesting season. There’s Nancy Grace,Ricki Lake,David Arquette,NBA player Ron Artest,Elisabetta Canalis (whoever that is)…and some other people.

Season begins…September 19th 8/7c