What’s the best part about watching your favourite show with your friends? Talking about it for days after with the squad! If there’s a place you want to go to after the show, where you can listen, laugh, share theories, and make fun of plot twists then Recap Rewind Podcast is the channel you need to be listening to.

We’ve searched through a bunch of different Riverdale recap podcasts (on iTunes) and the one that we are listening to now is Recap Rewind. We started the first season of Riverdale last winter, and there were a couple of different podcast channels that we were listening to each week. We’ve realized that coming into the second season of Riverdale, the most consistent and engaging channel to be a part of is Recap Rewind. If you’re someone who loves to share theories, laugh about funny things the characters say then this channel is where you need to be.

The show is hosted by J-Lag and N-Bea and they have great chemistry and flow, they seem to have a lot of fun going through the episode’s events. We found that most of the other podcasts out there would spend a lot of time in the beginning talking about their own channel, and you’re just waiting for them to get to the actual recap. Some other podcast channels have too many hosts, they end up talking over each other and you end off the episode not really sure what was recapped.

With Recap Rewind there’s only two hosts, they balance each other out and they dive right into the details of the episode. The best part is they’re available on YouTube and iTunes, so wherever you are you can access their podcasts.

Check out Recap Rewind Podcast for all your Riverdale recaps! You can listen to the most recent episode of Riverdale: Chapter 17 down below.