Song of the Week: DRAKE

Check out our Song of the Week called ‘Trophies’ by none other than Drake. He performed a snippet of this song on this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.


By the way, his performance on SNL was absolutely brilliant. I’ve never seen an episode where I’ve laughed at every single sketch. With him, the entire night was hilarious, he’s such an entertainer, and he’s even funnier when he’s making fun of celebs. Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z were some of the impersonations he did on Saturday night.



This Saturday- Drake on SNL.  He’s the main guest, he’s the musical guest, he’s one of the greatest performers in the world so I’m extremely excited. Check out the promo he did with Bobby and Jay for Saturday night.


Real Housewives of Disney

The women of SNL have always been my favourite act to watch. Check out this skit by the SNL ladies with Lindsay Lohan (although her part wasn’t too funny) I’m sure you’ve heard of The Real Housewives of Disney. The quality isn’t great, but just watch the entire video it’s hilarious.