New Season of American Horror Story!

american-horror-storyWe got word yesterday surrounding the new season of American Horror Story. Every season has a new theme and apparently this season is titled, American Horror Story: Coven. It’s said to be filming all over the country but will take place in New Orleans.

New Orleans witch stories? OMG this is going to be good!

Along with the new theme, is a lineup of famous actors joining the cast. There’s Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe and Patti LuPone.

Season 3 of American Horror Story will premiere on FX sometime in October 2013.

No Shame in Shameless

If I could recommend one must see show this year it would be Showtime’s Shameless starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. The show about an alcoholic father (Macy) who is jobless and walks through life aimlessly drunk and his six children who learn to fend for themselves. The show wrapped up its third season in January…which means I’m stuck waiting for the fourth season which will hopefully resume in January 2014. Emmy Rossum plays Fiona Gallagher daughter of Frank Gallagher (Macy), she is the oldest of six children…she’s 21. She works at random jobs while the young ones (Carl and Debbie, Liam is two) find ways of making money so they can all contribute to the household expenses. useless father who comes in and out of the house whenever he wants. There’s also Philip ‘Lip’ the second oldest, he’s still in high school, and he’s literally a genius. People pay him to do their SATs since he’s done it a hundred times, he completes it with flying colours. Then there’s Ian the third oldest, he’s training in the ROTC to eventually work in the army…and he’s closet gay. But with a house that full and crazy….nothing can stay a secret.


The show is unique and nothing like I’ve seen before. It is a dramedy, adding humour to situations most of us would find appalling and heartbreaking. There are moments where you’re dying of laughter and then 30 seconds later you have tears in your eyes when you realize how brave these kids are. They live in horrible conditions, they see things even adults should never see, yet they can always find the silver lining. For what they’ve been through, and what they’ve seen they turned out alright…well for the most part. It’s amazing to watch them all work together as a family to survive and keep a roof over their heads. They are always in survival mode.

William H. Macy delivers an incredible performance as Frank Gallagher, it’s hard to picture him as a real person…he just embodies everything that is Frank the deadbeat dad who can’t function without a beer in his hand. There’s the mom Monica, but she’s hardly in the show. She drops in and out a few times, each time failing to live up to the mother role she promises her children. Every time she comes back the younger kids believe she’ll change, she’ll finally be the mom they need…but it never turns out that way. We don’t know a whole lot of why Monica left the family, she suffers from bi-polar depression but there’s more to it that might be explored in season 4. I feel like his family had a life before Monica left, Frank might’ve been an okay father, but when his wife left him with 6 kids he just gave up on life. Frank also has two brothers, who are completely normal, the one brother is wealthy…and we find out later on that he’s actually Ian’s biological father.

The third season ended off with a somewhat calm yet sad tone. Fiona’s man Jimmy is missing (kidnapped by a Brazilian drug lord for failing to take care of his daughter). Fiona doesn’t know any of this…well she knows about his Brazilian fake wife, but Jimmy just married her so she could get her papers and make her father happy. The INS locked her up…and now the father has kidnapped Jimmy we have no idea where he is. Fiona accepts the fact that Jimmy is gone, she says one last goodbye to his voice mail on a phone that is 1000 ft below water. Frank is in the hospital, he’s dying because his liver has begun to fail him after all the years of drinking. He refuses to sit alone in the hospital, he gets up and walks out into the cold Chicago air with his hospital gown,loafers, and butt sticking out. He walks and walks…we don’t see where he ends up but I’m assuming he’s making his way home. Hopefully, this is the scare that will change Frank for the better.

So if you’re looking for a show to catch up on this summer…Shameless is my pick. Shameless returns to Showtime January 2014. No official air date has been released.


Khloe & Lamar: FINALE

Seems like all our shows these days are going on hiatus for the summer! On last night’s Khloe and Lamar, Khloe was facing the rumours about not being a real Kardashian, and being the lovechild from one of her mother’s affairs.

There’s always been speculation about Khloe and where she came from, mostly because she looks nothing like the rest of the Kardashian’s. In all honesty, I love Khloe, but if I had seen Khloe without knowing she was a Kardashian, and wasn’t seen in all her pictures with her two other sisters- I would’ve never thought her to be a Kardashian. Even Robert, the youngest brother has similarities to the two older sisters that Khloe doesn’t seem to share.

Anyways, the rumours come out from Khloe’s father’s ex-girlfriends, saying that on his death bed he had told them Khloe wasn’t his real daughter. Although, he loved her just as much, he knew that she wasn’t one of his. All of this came out because Kris decided to write a tell all book about her life (of course she would), and in the book she writes about having an affair right before Khloe was born. Also, there were rumours about Kris and O.J Simpson having an affair, and that O.J might be Khloe’s father- which is really creepy because Khloe and O.J’s daughter look really a like.

But seriously, it doesn’t matter about the rumours, the other sisters told Khloe to take a DNA test and just get over all the worrying. A few years ago Khloe did take a DNA test to prove she was her mother’s daughter (and a sibling), but obviously that doesn’t prove she was the daughter of Robert Kardashian. Khloe decides not to take a test, in her eyes he’ll always be her father and no test will ever change that. Which is true, and Khloe seems to have had one of the strongest relationships with her father, but it does show that there is a tiny thought in her that she might not be a real Kardashian. I guess having a mother like Kris you just never know who she’s been with, and the amount of  secrets she’s been keeping.

Don’t miss the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians next week on e!.


90210: Season Finale

One word to describe the Season Finale of 90210? LAME.

I made myself watch it last night, and I’ll admit I wasn’t excited from the get go. One of my friend’s had told me the finale was really uneventful and boring. It was like watching an episode out of The O.C (not because it was boring, but because they literally copied the story). And trust me, I would know, biggest O.C fan right here!

Ivy and Raj are very cute, I liked the Indian wedding, even though we know in Season 4 he’s going to die. And then Ivy and Dickson will fall in love again.

In the end when Naomi tells Max shes pregnant, I don’t know why, but I got the feeling she’s lying to keep Max in Los Angeles, and not go away for school. Hmm, sounds like something Naomi would do.

AND…my favourite character Adrianna (sarcasm) almost killed herself!! Sorry, but I was kinda hoping she would just walk off that cliff…just like Johnny did in The O.C…member that? I don’t see her character going anywhere, especially now that everyone knows she’s a loony (not that she wasn’t before) But I’ll admit, I liked her and Naveed more than Naveed and Silver.

Okay, moving on to the world’s most boring couple Annie and Liam. Is it just me or was Liam way sexier when he was brooding and all angry? He’s so boring now! He does nothing, he agrees with Annie on everything, they have no drama, and his stupid haircut is really ugly. So, in the beginning, oh no I mean at the end of their school year, after they’ve both agreed on University in the fall, he tells her he doesn’t want to go to school, but instead take 9 months off and go sailing on some fishing boat. Oh, wait didn’t Seth do that in the Season Finale of the first season of The O.C? Yeah, I think so. And, he came back. Hopefully, Liam won’t.

As always, Teddy was just in the episode to look good, and that he did, as usual. I still don’t understand where his character is going. And Dickson, I love Dickson.

I think that’s it, I probably didn’t miss anything because nothing really happened. It was a really disappointing season finale, kind of like the Vampire Diaries one.

Guess we’ll see what happens next fall. I’ve already made my predictions.


Vampire Diaries: Season Finale

Last night was the season finale of Vampire Diaries. I started watching the show when it first started, last year. I stopped watching for a while until mid second season, where my friend literally forced me to catch up on the episodes because they were getting so good! And it’s true, this season was amazing, I never expected this show to last 2 entire seasons, get renewed for a 3rd and manage to pull in a ton of viewers every week.

 I watched the finale this morning, and I have to admit it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be. I’ll have to say the second last episode was way more intense, with Jenna dying! Come on…why kill her? I would have loved to see her as a vampire. And then Elijah taking Claus, like why couldn’t he just die? Well then I guess if he died, Damon would be dead as well-which probably wouldn’t make for an interesting 3rd season since Stephen is out of the picture for Elena next fall. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, it’s still an episode to be seen…but I don’t get why Tyler came back, other than biting Damon, he didn’t really do anything else. I want to see more of him and Caroline next season.

Honestly, in the beginning of the 2nd season I had a feeling something would happen with Stephen, because him and Elena have been together for too long (2 Seasons is a long time in teen-dramas). Something would have to give for them to ‘break-up’/fall-apart/leave an opening for Damon to swoop in and get Elena for a few episodes.

Okay, and if anyone understands what in the hell happened to Jeremy, please tell me now, because I don’t get it. When Jeremy died and was brought back by the power of the witches we were told it would have its consequences. That being said in the end Jeremy walks down to the kitchen and sees his two exes (both vampires, and both dead).

So, I don’t get it. Is he a vampire? Is he a ghost whisperer? Or is he just stuck in the middle of another teen hearthrob scandal with his two exes returning from the dead.

Whatever the case, I can’t wait until next fall. No, wait I can, I’ll enjoy my summer (while it lasts).