A Pregnant Snooki

Considering the Snooki Pregnancy rumours have been circling for the last few weeks, I’m legitimately surprised that those rumours were actually true. I refused to believe the tabloids talking about Snooki with a possible meatball in the oven, simply because I was worried about what would happen to our day drinking, spray tanning guidette from the Shore.

This morning, US Weekly reported that Snooki is in fact pregnant, the confession coming straight from her poof. Here’s the article.

There you have it, the end of the Jersey Shore. If the final Season wasn’t enough closure…then Snooki getting knocked up definitely is. It just won’t be the same if Snooki has adult responsibilities…or can’t have a cocktail before noon because she’s milking her baby. Merp. Oh, and she’s also newly engaged…wonder when the wedding will be.

On the other hand, there’s still 2 more episodes of the Jersey Shore…so live it up.