S U I T S: Recap “The Other Time”

Last night’s episode of Suits was supposed to be the ‘big one’ of the season with a flashback into the lives of Harvey/Donna…Mike and his loser best friend. I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed with what went down…and what didn’t. From watching the previews, it’s easy to assume the entire episode is a flashback…giving viewers a giant dose of young Harvey and Donna. Instead, the episode takes us back and forth from past to present, because obviously the boys still have the Ava Hessington case to deal with.

Harvey as a youngin'
Harvey as a youngin’

MIKE FLASHBACK: Rachel is off to visit Stanford, which gives Mike more time to work on the case…and a lot more time in his flashbacks. Other than learning that Mike did get into Harvard legitimately…his flashbacks were sort of boring. I mean it was the same old story with him and his best friend selling dope/making money by doing other people’s tests. It turns out, the first test Mike gave the answers to was to the University dean’s daughter…and now the University is firing the dean for conspiracy…so the dean decides to unleash hell on earth for Mike and promises him that he will never let Mike go to Harvard…even if he’s already been accepted. Sucks for Mikey.

HARVEY FLASHBACK: Harvey and Donna obviously have a very charming past…the flashbacks starts when Harvey is working under Cameron Mustache Dennis and Donna is his secretary. Harvey is totally hitting on Donna…but she’s kind of refusing him…but it’s obvious she wants him to. I mean come on nobody can resist Harvey Specter. While Cameron and Harvey are working on their case, Cameron asks Harvey to plant evidence in the paperwork. After Donna reminds him of what’s right and wrong, and shows Harvey she’s not just a secretary…she’s Donna…and if he doesn’t like that then he should hire someone else. Harvey sees the bigger picture and refuses to cooperate with Cameron…then Cameron calls him a p**** and I’m just surprised Harvey didn’t clock him in the mustache.


Harvey is so adorable in his regular people clothes. He visits his dad at the baseball park…and this scene made me love him even more. He asks his dad for advice on what he should do about Cameron. We’ve only ever seen Harvey visiting his father’s grave…so to see a scene where he’s asking for advice (which is rare for Harvey) it was really endearing. His father tells him exactly what Donna tells him which is not to trust Cameron…and if he’s done this once…he will surely do it again.

In the end, Harvey quits his job at the DA’s office…and decides to join Jessica’s side. She is currently bringing down her predecessors…and asks Harvey to join the revolution! Before he officially accepts…he visits Donna at her apartment!!! And she answers with a can of whip cream? Oh lawd. Please Mr.Korsh let us see where this goes! Harvey reminds Donna that they are no longer working together….which means they can totally hook up! And that’s exactly what they end up doing…except we don’t see anything happen so for all we know they could have been playing scrabble.

After Harvey officially accepts Jessica’s offer…and tells her he’s bringing on his own secretary…he visits Donna at The Diner. He tells her he has a job offer …and she agrees only if she gets a big signing bonus. Don’t worry Donna he left the amount empty. D + H make a promise that as long as they’re working together they will never speak of what happened between nor will they do whatever they did that ‘other time’. They also need a new ritual..and so the can opener secret is born.

And then we jump to the present, and Donna’s back at The Diner by herself until Harvey shows up. He admits to her that the whole Steven situation does bother him…she knows…she just wanted him to admit that.

At the offices, Harvey is feeling guilty to he admits to Jessica that he made a deal with Darby. Jessica is livid, and I say livid because I feel that’s the appropriate word for describing someone who is so pissed but keeps her s*** together.

Now that Jessica knows, what will happen at the Pearson Darby Specter offices?

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S U I T S: “The Yoga Glow”

Ever since Donna started shacking up with Steven, she’s had a certain ‘glow’ to her, one that Louis can’t seem to ignore. I have to say, this entire Donna/Steven story has my attention peaked…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a soap opera-ish story whisk us away.

Donna is on the cusp of telling Harvey about her and Steven, but Harvey’s ‘debbie downer’ phase has been putting Donna off. Unfortunately for Donna, Steven might make it to Harvey first, because they’re working on the Cameron Dennis case together. After Harvey bets Mike off the case, it leaves Steven and him alone working together, two handsome hunks using their handsome skills to claw away at Mighty Mustache Cameron. Sounds like a sexy western.

Mike’s off the case, which means he needs to find another way to kill his precious time. He enlists his gal pal Rachel, and they decide to tackle the case together, agreeing on the terms that Mike gets to play Harvey and Rachel gets to be Mike. But that’s not the only thing they’re working together on. When Rachel tells Mike she has dinner plans with her parents, Mike feels left out without an invite. Mike invites himself anyway and ends up having a wonderful evening with Rachel’s rents. Until…Rachel’s dad asks Mike how he feels about Rachel going to Stanford…Mike is caught off guard..and her dad realizes Rachel never told Mike. The next morning Mike is being weird with Rachel, and finally blurts it out that she never told him about Stanford. She admits she didn’t think she was going to get in, or at least not tell him until she found out for sure. Aside from that, they end up winning their case, which was obvious from the get go.

On the other side of the office, Harvey isn’t having any luck with Steven as a wingman. Steven ends up going behind Harvey’s back to make a deal that Harvey didn’t want. So Harvey does the only thing he can do, ask for Jessica’s help. Harvey and Jessica decide to ask Ava if she will let Tony Gianopoulos own the company, and still let her control it. This will free Ava of her murder charges and ultimately keep her out of jail. Jessica has a heart to heart as she relates to Ava’s case and admits she had to agree to a merger to save her company. It wasn’t what she wanted, but something she needed to do. Lady Stark will never listen to you!! Unless…maybe?

Don’t forget to watch next week’s episode…the show goes back in time ten years!! Which means Mike and Harvey didn’t know each other…and more importantly…Harvey and Donna knew each other very well if ya know what I mean! Woo!

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S U I T S: ‘I Want You To Want Me’

Last night’s episode of Suits…AH-mazing as always. There is so much drama to deal with this season, it’s hard to focus on what really matters-solving the case. I love you Michelle Fairley, but really could care less about your case when there’s drama between Harvey/Mike and now Donna and Rachel!?


To sum things up, Harvey discovers Ava’s second in command rats her out on the bribery charges. Harvey knows how to play on people’s emotions, and advises Nick to think things through before he betrays his longtime mentor Ava. Nick is confused about his testimony, even though Harvey found a weak point in Nick, he couldn’t get the knockout win. It’s still works out because the case isn’t going to trial. Jessica and Harvey discuss different outcomes of the case, Harvey likes to win and he’s upset he didn’t get the win he wanted. It looks like that’s all we’ll get to see of Catelyn Stark.

In the aftermath of Louis losing his associates, Jessica finds it in her heart to let Louis finally have one associate to himself. We already know who his first pick is…and Louis immediately gets to work to dig deeper into the ‘breakup’ of Harvey and Mike. Comparing them to the Prom King and his Boy Wonder, Louis asks Donna if they actually broke up, or having a time out. Donna tells Louis to ask Harvey himself, Louis begs her to ask him…but it’ll be more entertaining for Donna if she gets to see Louis beg Harvey. Harvey doesn’t put up a fight, mostly because he knows Mike will say no to Louis.

Louis is eager to have Mike on his team so he bribes Mike with a case that will be ground breaking if they win. Mike can’t resist, Louis promises a victorious outcome and the two start working together. Louis takes Mike to his favourite steakhouse…and then a quick dip in a clay bath…but when Mike puts the pieces together to solve their case…Louis makes an abrupt decision. One that probably leaves Mike scarred for life.


Back at the office, there is more drama that takes place in the women’s bathroom. After Rachel finds out that Harvey told Mike not to see Rachel (back when she didn’t know about his lie)…she’s absolutely devastated that Harvey would even think of her in that situation.

What she’s more pissed about is that Donna knew the entire time and didn’t tell her. Donna walks in on Rachel in the bathroom…not that she wasn in the bathroom doing business…she was just in the bathroom fixing her makeup. Anyways, Donna storms in and Rachel breaks out in tears. She tells Donna she thought they were friends, she thought she could trust her. Donna explains that this is still her job and she still needs to protect Harvey. Rachel throws back an insult…insinuating Donna’s devotion to Harvey, and all Donna says…’Rachel, I’m going to leave before this gets any worse’. And before Rachel can say anything Donna storms out of the bathroom. Nice!


In the end, Mike and Louis win their lawsuit. Louis is so happy, Mike visits him in his office to  discuss their relationship. It’s important here to note, Mike visits Harvey a few times throughout the episode…and the last time, Harvey tells Mike they are done for good. So he can go ahead and do whatever he wants with Louis, because there’s nothing left between the two. I swear it sounded like a boyfriend/boyfriend breakup! Anyways, Mike agrees to team up with Louis. Louis is so happy he runs off to get something from the kitchen. And then this happens.


After Donna tells Harvey to finally get over the Mike situation, and that Mike’s really not the one to blame, Harvey magically forgives Mike and all is right in the world. Harvey tells Mike he needs to come back to where he belongs, with him and Donna. Mike flashes a small smile, Harvey forgives him and they end their feud with a high five. The only thing is, Louis sees the entire thing, and it is so heartbreaking!


Waaah! I feel so bad for Louis, just when he thought he had a best friend in Mike. We’ll have to see what happens next week!


Sex Scene Song: The XX

Listen to the song that played during the Suits sexy scene. It’s by The XX the song is called ‘Sunset’. Love it!

Suits: Tuxedo Time!

Last night, Suits fans everywhere anticipated the answer to the big question ‘Where in the world is Donna?’ Unfortunately, that question wasn’t answered, but we had the privilege to see Harvey in a tux and Louis attempt to do ballet.

In the wake of the Donna Departure, Harvey is feeling sad so he decides to put on a tux, grab his wingman and party it up in Atlantic City. Seriously, we need to see more of Harvey doing these kinds of things, letting loose, drinking too much, but as always Harvey doesn’t have time for fun, he had a client waiting for him in the casino. Turns out, Harvey’s client has a big gambling problem, and when they find him sitting at a poker table about to lose his money/company, Harvey can’t help but just watch in awe. His client ended up using his company as leverage, the contract being made up on a bar napkin. The entire episode basically followed Mike and Harvey as they tried to settle outside of court. In the end, it all comes down to another game of poker, Harvey bets to take the company back if he wins, obviously he does, because really Harvey doesn’t lose.

Jessica finds herself dealing with old girl drama when the judge she needs a favor from is also the same girl she pranked during law school.

Louis and Rachel find themselves at the ballet, Louis invites Rachel to take his seat, while there Louis decides to take up a case for the ballet company and try to get them a better stage/studio to practice in. During their investigations, Rachel does her side of the job so well that Louis is actually impressed. He gives her his recorder thing (if you remember he planted it in Harvey’s office last week). When Mike sees it and starts listening to all the funny things Louis says to himself, he comes across the recording from Harvey’s office. In the end, Louis and Rachel realize the ballet director was stealing all the funds and putting it into his own account. When Harvey finds out that Louis had recorded his conversation, the only thing he does is let Louis know that he owes him big time.

Still no word on where Donna is. #savedonna