O-M-G the wait has been brutal! Mike, we missed you…Harvey…we love you. That promo looks absolutely insane, whatever it is, whatever is in store for Mike in the coming months is going to be totally awesome. Most of the main cast now knows about Mike’s secret, and the mid season finale ended off with Louis finding out- so s**** about to hit the fan. Also, it looks like things are getting serious between Harvey and Scottie- and Harvey’s real life dad (Stephen Macht the man behind the desk) makes an appearance on the show. Cannot wait for this one. If you haven’t seen Suits, you need to watch it. It’s the most underrated television show out there, not enough people know about it. It is amazing.

The continuation of season 3 of Suits premieres March 6th 2014.

Check out the promo below.

A few months ago we caught up with some of the cast on set while they were filming in downtown Toronto. Check out the pictures below, it definitely looks like this season is going to Mike/Louis heavy and maybe a little Harold action?

Louis and Harold
Louis and Harold

Angry looking Mike Ross
Angry looking Mike Ross

On the Set of…S U I T S!

It’s official…we are having major Suits withdrawals. The final chunk of the third season resumes sometime in January 2014…but don’t worry- we’ve been busy tracking the show in Toronto. Here are some pics from the set (on location at the Pearson/Specter offices).

Angry looking Mike Ross
Angry looking Mike Ross

Also, spoiler alert? According to one of my sources – Harold is on set and apparently there is some big argument that goes down between him and Mike. Harold was apologizing to Mike but Mike was next level pissed off.

A. It’s kind of weird that Harold has a major recurring role

B. What is up with the Louis/Harold/Mike story…does it have something to do with Louis finding out about Mike’s secret?

That’s all we can assume…don’t forget to check out our pics!

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S U I T S: Recap “The Other Time”

Last night’s episode of Suits was supposed to be the ‘big one’ of the season with a flashback into the lives of Harvey/Donna…Mike and his loser best friend. I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed with what went down…and what didn’t. From watching the previews, it’s easy to assume the entire episode is a flashback…giving viewers a giant dose of young Harvey and Donna. Instead, the episode takes us back and forth from past to present, because obviously the boys still have the Ava Hessington case to deal with.

Harvey as a youngin'
Harvey as a youngin’

MIKE FLASHBACK: Rachel is off to visit Stanford, which gives Mike more time to work on the case…and a lot more time in his flashbacks. Other than learning that Mike did get into Harvard legitimately…his flashbacks were sort of boring. I mean it was the same old story with him and his best friend selling dope/making money by doing other people’s tests. It turns out, the first test Mike gave the answers to was to the University dean’s daughter…and now the University is firing the dean for conspiracy…so the dean decides to unleash hell on earth for Mike and promises him that he will never let Mike go to Harvard…even if he’s already been accepted. Sucks for Mikey.

HARVEY FLASHBACK: Harvey and Donna obviously have a very charming past…the flashbacks starts when Harvey is working under Cameron Mustache Dennis and Donna is his secretary. Harvey is totally hitting on Donna…but she’s kind of refusing him…but it’s obvious she wants him to. I mean come on nobody can resist Harvey Specter. While Cameron and Harvey are working on their case, Cameron asks Harvey to plant evidence in the paperwork. After Donna reminds him of what’s right and wrong, and shows Harvey she’s not just a secretary…she’s Donna…and if he doesn’t like that then he should hire someone else. Harvey sees the bigger picture and refuses to cooperate with Cameron…then Cameron calls him a p**** and I’m just surprised Harvey didn’t clock him in the mustache.


Harvey is so adorable in his regular people clothes. He visits his dad at the baseball park…and this scene made me love him even more. He asks his dad for advice on what he should do about Cameron. We’ve only ever seen Harvey visiting his father’s grave…so to see a scene where he’s asking for advice (which is rare for Harvey) it was really endearing. His father tells him exactly what Donna tells him which is not to trust Cameron…and if he’s done this once…he will surely do it again.

In the end, Harvey quits his job at the DA’s office…and decides to join Jessica’s side. She is currently bringing down her predecessors…and asks Harvey to join the revolution! Before he officially accepts…he visits Donna at her apartment!!! And she answers with a can of whip cream? Oh lawd. Please Mr.Korsh let us see where this goes! Harvey reminds Donna that they are no longer working together….which means they can totally hook up! And that’s exactly what they end up doing…except we don’t see anything happen so for all we know they could have been playing scrabble.

After Harvey officially accepts Jessica’s offer…and tells her he’s bringing on his own secretary…he visits Donna at The Diner. He tells her he has a job offer …and she agrees only if she gets a big signing bonus. Don’t worry Donna he left the amount empty. D + H make a promise that as long as they’re working together they will never speak of what happened between nor will they do whatever they did that ‘other time’. They also need a new ritual..and so the can opener secret is born.

And then we jump to the present, and Donna’s back at The Diner by herself until Harvey shows up. He admits to her that the whole Steven situation does bother him…she knows…she just wanted him to admit that.

At the offices, Harvey is feeling guilty to he admits to Jessica that he made a deal with Darby. Jessica is livid, and I say livid because I feel that’s the appropriate word for describing someone who is so pissed but keeps her s*** together.

Now that Jessica knows, what will happen at the Pearson Darby Specter offices?

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S U I T S: Tonight’s Teaser

Don’t forget there’s an all new episode of Suits tonight! On Twitter, @Suits_USA Tweeted who will find out about Mike’s secret next? It’s an interesting question…I don’t know if anyone will find out this season…but ya never know! Check out the teaser below.




Sex Scene Song: The XX

Listen to the song that played during the Suits sexy scene. It’s by The XX the song is called ‘Sunset’. Love it!

Suits: Take A Shot For Me

There are only 2 episodes of Suits left!! Ah, I knew this day would come but I don’t want it to end!! Harvey and Donna haven’t even kissed yet…I mean I didn’t expect them to but it would be so amazing to see them confess their love for each other.

Anyways, this episode was AMAZING,they just keep getting better and better. Harvey takes a day off or two (if you include his hangover). It was a really interesting episode this week, they took us back 5 years when Jessica and Harvey were investigating the money laundering issues at Pearson and Hardman. Also, we got to see a little more about Mike, and how his whole cheating the LSAT gig began.

I loved the cuts between present and past, especially when Harvey was on the train heading home. It’s great to see him not wearing a suit, there’s so much story surrounding Harvey that doesn’t involve suits,offices, and legal drama. I’m so excited for the writers to get into more of who he is as a man, and all the secrets of his personal life. Also, his real life wife Jacinda Barrett who plays Zoe has another cameo in this week’s episode. Clearly, something happened between her and Harvey, and maybe something will but we’re not sure yet. Everything is a mystery with Harvey!Donna is the funniest character in my opinion on the show. You just don’t expect it out of Harvey’s legal secretary, but everytime she’s on camera, I’m laughing. I love that Harvey is so serious all the time, and she balances it out with her witty comments and funny faces.

So, Harvey,Jessica and Mike are busy building their case against Daniel Hardman. Mike and Jessica appear to have a falling out in a very public area of the office, making it look like there’s drama between the trio. I guess if they make it seem like their arguing, it might sway the board members decisions?Finally, in the end, we realize where Harvey is going. Not only did that train ride last an entire 40 minutes, he continues to walk in slow motion, while we sit and wonder where is he going! He pays a visit to his father, who had passed away 5 years ago. They show the scene where Donna walks into his office to tell him the bad news. It’s so heart wrenching to see Harvey like that, we’re not used to seeing him in such a vulnerable state. Anyways, he polishes off a bottle of scotch while visiting the cemetery, and doesn’t forget to buy a drank for the cemetery’s caretaker.

In the end, Harvey returns, and tells Jessica he’s getting Donna back! Next week will be epic, don’t miss it!
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Suits:The Greatest Episode Of All Time!

This week’s episode of Suits was amazing! I was literally holding my breath for the entire hour! Travis Tanner’s case against Harvey continues as Travis decides to take Harvey to court. They can’t agree on a settlement, because the only offer Travis makes is to disbar Harvey.

Harvey brings in Louis to act as Travis during their mock trial. Rachel is acting as Donna, and Daniel Hardman plays the judge. Harvey brings in new girl Zoe, who apparently has shares an interesting past with him. She joins the firms team to assist them in the building of their court case. Anyways, Mike finds a way to convince Donna to help out Harvey even after she said she would plead the 5th. Harvey confronts Donna on the streets of Toronto, I mean New York City, she is literally fuming at him, she hates him but not really, he feels really bad but at the same time all he asks of her is to admit she made a mistake. She’s mad and hurt that Harvey would let her go so easy.

So when Mike convinces Donna to help Harvey out, Donna shows up at Pearson and Hardman for the mock trial. Instead of Rachel playing Donna, it’s Donna playing Donna! The mock trial gets intense when Louis refuses to follow the script- since Donna refuses to answer any questions. Louis starts asking personal questions, insinuating Donna has feelings for Harvey and that she’s in love with him! Donna’s panicking, Harvey feels bad for her, Louis keeps pushing and demanding the answer from Donna whether she loves Harvey or not. She doesn’t answer, but it’s obvious there are feelings between the two, Harvey stands up and demands for the mock trial to be over with. Donna gets up and leaves, Harvey follows her but he can’t do anything to save her. I love the story between these 2, I cannot wait for the day until they’re together!! Even if the writers give us a tiny inkling of hope for their romance, it’s enough to keep us watching.

In the end, Mike and Hardman find some dirt on Travis. They decide the best option is to blackmail Travis and agree on a settlement. When Hardman brings the news to Jessica and Harvey they are weary of his intentions, since they don’t fully trust Hardman. When Harvey confronts Mike, and lets him know they won’t be settling, Mike has a hissy fit and reminds Harvey how hard they worked on this case, and how hard things will be if they go to court. Jessica and Hardman bring the decision to the partners, settle/trial, the vote is at a tie so the final decision is left for Harvey, he decides to settle and Jessica is completely shocked.

Just then, Hardman approaches the partners and brings up the issue of Jessica having trouble managing her firm. Hardman says they should have a vote about who has power him or her. Basically, he screwed them over.

The season’s getting good!