RIVALS II: This Is the End…for Diem

Last night’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals II was absolute insanity. There was no elimination last night, but we did get to see a whole lot of drama in the house, especially after the girls had their final challenge.

There are only four girl teams left…and it all came down to last night’s final challenge….every team wants to win that first spot and win their ticket to the final race. Cara and Cooke are on their own when the other 3 teams decide they want C & C voted into the jungle…of course that’s if Cara and Cooke don’t win immunity. Ha-Ha!


I’ve never been a fan of Cara…but this season that has all changed thanks to Cooke. Cooke and Cara have fought through countless jungles…they’ve sent teams home and I think they deserve to be in the final race. They’ve had a target on their backs since day one…and it’s no question as to why they are my favourites right now. Having said that, this final challenge was extremely nerve wracking, I literally couldn’t breathe until it was over. It was a good ol’ game of simon says…the girls were chained to their partner, they had to run across the scorching hot beach to a tent where a machine signalled out the colours to them. Then they had to run back to the start line and assemble the colours in the appropriate order. There were two heats…so whoever came in last in the first heat automatically was sent to the jungle.

I did not expect my girls to win this round…I mean it’s the most important race and I just assumed Emily and Paula would kill it. Right off the start Em and Paula are zooming down the beach, C and C are in second…Diem and Aneesa are following in third and Jemmye is having a hard time running alongside Camila. The teams reach the tent to memorize their signals…Cooke and Cara are the first ones to get it, they zoom off leaving Em and Paula stunned. Diem finds herself sketching out when she can’t hold on to the colours in her head, Aneesa is standing there watching her partner completely break down. By this point the other 3 teams are down the beach…Cooke and Cara complete their order coming in first. Em and Paula come in second and Jemmye and Camila are in third. Diem and Aneesa are automatically sent to the jungle. Diem’s face…I just wish I had a picture….this is exactly what she didn’t want, she never wanted to see a jungle.


In the second heat, it was Cooke and Cara against powerhouse Em and Paula. This was literally make or break, the boys were standing their watching the best entertainment of their lives. Somehow, Cara pulls through and continues her pace with Cooke. They make it to the tent a few seconds after Em and Paula, but again they’re the first ones out as Cara promises Cooke she’s got the order. For a few minutes I was like….this is where Cara f***s everything up!!

Cara and Cooke make it back to assemble the colours…by this point Em and Paula are caught up but C and C fight through and they end up winning first place!!!! When TJ blew that horn…wow I couldn’t be happier for these two girls. Everyone else was stunned…Diem was boiling with rage at the sight of Cooke celebrating. The guys were going nuts because everyone knows the house is about to be ripped apart…nobody thought Cooke and Cara would win immunity,

Back at the house….the girls are scrambling to lock down their votes. For the first time in the game, Em and Paula are legitimately facing the jungle and they are scared sh*tless. And this is why I love Jemmye and Camila. Not once did they beg the guys to not vote them in…they stayed out of it all.  Even though they could be facing the jungle…they sure as hell knew they would be coming back from it.

Paula is begging Jordan and Marlon not to vote for them, she has tears in her eyes…Jemmye walks by and turns to the boys and tells them she def can’t cry like that. Then everything blows up and Jemmye calls out Em and Paula for begging like a bunch of you know whats…somehow Diem gets involved…and then Jemmye is calling Diem an idiot…..how could she fall for CT all over again…everyone knows how he is and that he’s hooked up with everyone. The problem was…Diem wanted to go against Jem and Camila because she thinks she can beat them…however CT and Wes were saying they were going to vote in Em and Paula for whatever reasons. Diem saw this as CT playing her and not giving her what she wanted. And he really didn’t care because he can’t hold her hand forever…AND he doesn’t owe her anything. I love when he asked her why did you lose the final challenge! All you had to do was not come in last place!! Amazing.


So Diem is having a full out psycho attack…with her red wine in her hand she’s walking through the house looking for trouble. Aneesa is trying to get her to lay off and go to sleep. Diem isn’t having it, she has a thing out for Cooke I don’t know why. She starts giving Cooke the evil eye because Cooke is totally care free at this point. Anyone in Diem’s way is open for fire. Also, if Cooke and Cara lost the challenge there would be no fighting…the house is a mess because Cooke and Cara won immunity. Revenge is so sweet!


At the deliberations, Jordan and Marlon surprisingly vote for Jem and Camila. I have to respect Jordan’s decision as he based it on the fact Em and Paula have won almost every challenge, they deserve to see the finals…they fought hard enough. And I agree, they were the powerhouse of the game…like Cooke and Cara they proved themselves…I think it’s time for Diem and Aneesa to do the same.

So the final jungle will be Diem and Aneesa VS Jemmye and Camila.

I’ve always been Team NOLA so I hope I see Jem and Cam back in the game for the final race.

Who do you guys think will win the jungle?

RIVALS II: Who Got Eliminated?

On last night’s episode of MTV’s Rivals II we said goodbye to Real World New Orleans cast members Knight and Preston. After falling into last place…Knight and Preston had no choice but to fight for their lives in the jungle. This was the last elimination for the guys so it was extremely important to win.


Rookies Marlon and Jordan knew they would be facing Knight and Preston…they ended up ruining them in the final jungle. Great job for the rookies…they just won themselves a ticket to the final race.

The 3 teams for the guys are:
CT and Wes

Johnny and Frank

Marlon and Jordan

Next week is a girls elimination…at this point teams are so close to the final challenge nobody wants to go into a jungle. We’ll see how it goes down.

The 4 teams for the girls are:

Diem and Aneesa

Emily and Paula

Cooke and Cara

Jemmye and Camila

Tune in next week for what’s sure to be one of the best episodes of the season!

RIVALS II: Who Got Eliminated?

On this week’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals II the girls were up for elimination. This is the point in the game where friendships and alliances are tested. We’re past the halfway mark…and there are only a few more teams to choose for eliminations. At this point, everyone is trying to stay out of the jungle…and just make it to the final challenge. Drama meter is boiling.


Cara and Cooke are sent into the elimination round when they come in last place during the challenge. Cara can’t swim…and this proves to be fatal for their team…but no worries because these two girls are survivors and have come back a few times from elimination rounds.

After Jemmye and Camila win immunity…the guys are stuck deciding who to vote into the elimination round. It was the best week for J and C to win first place…most likely they would’ve been chosen. The guys don’t have any other choice but to choose Jonna and Nany. Jonna is furious with Frank because he had promised her he would never say her name in the game. But Jonna trusting Frank proves once again why she’s a ….you know what I won’t even say it. I just don’t get how anyone would even bother trusting Frank.


In the elimination round Cara and Cooke are teamed up against Nany and Jonna. Teammates are blindfolded with a stick in a circle…they have to break the stick on their opponent by listening to the commands of their teammate on the sideline. Jonna isn’t loud enough and Nany can’t figure out where to go with the blindfold on her. Cooke and Cara win the first round. Second round, Jonna just stands there in the circle, she can’t even figure out where to go….this one’s in the books.

Jonna and Nany are eliminated.


I don’t even know how many teams are supposed to be in the final race but here are my names.


Johnny and Frank

CT and Wes

Marlon and Jordan


Emily and Paula

Diem and Aneesa

Cara and Cooke (I’m hopeful)

What are you guys thinking?

RIVALS II: The Couples Quiz

Still recovering from last week’s bizarre elimination round, the roomies have all banded together in their quest to bring down Theresa. When did this girl become Pucket’s most hated?


By innocently throwing away her vote for LeRoy, Theresa allowed Diem to effortlessly stir the pot, and when Diem’s final vote sent Leroy into eliminations, Theresa decides she can no longer trust ANYONE in the house. Girl, this isn’t a game of friendship, people are ready to attack and the fact that she was so surprised by Diem’s move, proves how little she knows about the challenge.

Moving on!…It’s a girl elimination week, which means the drama meters were boiling, especially because we’re halfway to the final challenge. TJ has a sneaky deaky challenge lined up, one that tests how well the rival teams know each other. One team member is tied up to a rope, suspended over the water ( as usual) and the other teammate has to answer questions, with the same answers their partner gave. Emily and Paula obviously killed the game like they always do, winning first place and winning immunity from eliminations.

Jemmye and Camilla were the first team to go down, so they automatically get sent to eliminations.  This game also added fire to the flame, as some questions asked team members who they thought was the fakest in the house? Or who needed the most attention in the house? The worst part was, if you answered wrong, you would’ve proven to the entire house what you thought of that person, then TJ named who your partner really chose …so now two people hate you in the house! It happened to Jemmye and Jonna, TJ asks Nany who Jonna thinks is fake in the house…and Jonna ends up saying  Jemmye. It was a big surprise for Jemmye, while she’s sitting on the side line, she flashes that ghetto girl grin like s**** about to go down NOLA style!

The guys have a laugh out of it, TJ asks CT which girl in the house is the trashiest…CT opts to not say anyone’s name and basically sends Wes into the waters. It was a very smart move on CT’s part.

Right away, Theresa is putting in work trying to get the rookie guys on her side. She asks them to vote in Diem and Aneesa, Jordan tells her that he has her back and they’re all good. After that, Jordan and Marlon are discussing their decision, when Johnny B overhears and decides to give them some words of advice. Obviously, the smartest choice would be to vote Theresa in because nobody wants her there. When TJ arrives, Jordan admits he promised Theresa one thing, but he’s going back on his word and voting for her anyways. Whatt’ya gonna do Theresa! This one’s for the books. Jasmine stands up before her name is even called…all like she’s ready for the battle, nothing can stop her, she always has the funniest walk when she knows she’s going into eliminations. TJ is quick to notice it and even asks her why she takes on a different attitude when she knows she could be going home. It’s so funny.

This elimination looked like fun, the two teams had to run on treadmills while throwing a ball across to their teammate, and then they had to dump the ball into a bin.  Looks easy but when you’re running your ass off..it becomes tricky. Oh and there’s a big muddy hole in the ground so if you fly off the treadmill…it’ll break the fall.

They seem to edit the eliminations the same, at first they make you think one team has it in the bag and then magically the other team wins. Jasmine and Theresa started off good, but when Jasmine takes a tumble…the momentum stops. Jemmye and Camilla end up winning…which is a good thing because we are all Team NOLA. But jasmine, you will be missed.

In the end, Jordan admits whatever feelings he has for Jonna are irrelevant because he’s trying to the win the big money. On the other side of the house, Nany is talking about Jonna and how she always needs a guy’s attention in her life, which sounds about right. Nany admits the reason her and Jonna are rivals are because of Jonna’s ex…Zach. There is a whole lot of drama behind these partners that the show doesn’t even show!

Thought you guys would like this CLICK on CT! 🙂


Battle of the Seasons Recap

Hurry up you fat biatch! Is all we heard from Team San Diego in this week’s episode of MTV’s Battle of the Seasons. This week’s challenge was by far the hardest challenge yet. Teams had to carry pieces of logs with puzzle pieces on them up a hill, and line up all the logs to solve the puzzle. Each player could only carry one log each time, which made it near impossible for the two person teams- New Orleans and St.Thomas.

What I love about Team Brooklyn- in my opinion they’re already winners. They’ve been in the elimination round more than anyone else and have walked away undefeated. They have had the biggest target on their backs since day one, and have fought through it coming out at the top, especially in this week’s challenge. Sara is a master at puzzles and has the genius idea to put the puzzle together with the logs at the bottom of the hill, that way they don’t need to carry everything to the top and then solve it. Although they still fought hard, the strategy worked to their advantage and they won power team.

In the words of pageant Queen Devyn, whatever motivational course Team San Diego took…didn’t work and they should get their money back. The biggest challenge in this challenge is to work with your team, good chemistry will definitely get you far. San Diego has gotten far and will probably make it to the end not because of their chemistry…but because they’re at the top of their alliance, Frank basically runs the show. Coming into this, it’s a good idea to form relationships outside of the show. That way when you get into a challenge, you have friendships…and friendships form alliances. That’s where Team San Diego is…and that’s what veterans Johnny/Kenny/Evan/Dereck would do. If you follow the cast on Twitter, you can see whose friends with who…ultimately you might get screwed over because at the end of the day it is a game- but it’s always good to come into one of these surrounded by ‘friends’.

Anyways, Team San Diego proves how dysfunctional they are in this challenge, unfortunately for Sam she got the worst of it. It looked like an extremely difficult challenge, from the amount of walking and carrying they did, plus the scorching hot weather…it was no surprise that Sam needed to take a few breaks! San Diego made it to 3rd last…St.Thomas second last…and unfortunately Team NOLA came in last place. Really proud of the St.Thomas rookies. I know Marie and Robb are no longer a couple, but Robb was so adorable with his words of encouragement for his partner. But they’ll be gone by next week.

Brooklyn votes in the obvious team- San Diego. SD has put Brooklyn into eliminations several times, so it’s only fair that Brooklyn gets revenge. Starting out, I didn’t really care for Brooklyn. Over the season, they’ve proved what a strong team they are, not just as a whole but individually as well. I think Devyn really shocked everyone. Also, Frank is quite possibly the most annoying and selfish cast member ever…he’s worse than Johnny Bananas. At least Johnny was funny! So really…I wanted Team NOLA…but now I want Brooklyn in the finals with Vegas and Cancun.

We get to see Frank’s true colours this week when him and Zach decide whose going into the elimination round. Frank and Zach had made a deal before the show that anything mental- Frank would do…and anything physical…Zach would do. Brooklyn chose a Mental game for this week’s elimination. Frank volunteers himself…and by the end of the night he backs out and says Zach should go in. Zach doesn’t have a problem going in…but he’s furious with Frank because they had made a man-to-man promise…and surprise surprise Frank turns him back on his promises. Obviously. I understand Frank wants to win…in my opinion I would rather play with integrity than walk away a winner having stepped on everyone else. That’s just my opinion, and I think Zach felt the same way. If you’re going to make a promise, stick by it…if not…well then you’re done.

The elimination round looked like it came close…Knight and Jemmye did an amazing job, but in the end Sam and Zach pulled through. Zach was extremely happy…but it looked like Jonna was even happier. For once, Sam led the team, with her words of encouragement, Zach found it in his beast like body to win for their team. Frank…didn’t look too pleased. He knows now that Zach’s coming back…and he’s going to make a s*** show out of their team.

Thanks for reading! As always tune in next week for drrrrama!

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