S U I T S: ‘I Want You To Want Me’

Last night’s episode of Suits…AH-mazing as always. There is so much drama to deal with this season, it’s hard to focus on what really matters-solving the case. I love you Michelle Fairley, but really could care less about your case when there’s drama between Harvey/Mike and now Donna and Rachel!?


To sum things up, Harvey discovers Ava’s second in command rats her out on the bribery charges. Harvey knows how to play on people’s emotions, and advises Nick to think things through before he betrays his longtime mentor Ava. Nick is confused about his testimony, even though Harvey found a weak point in Nick, he couldn’t get the knockout win. It’s still works out because the case isn’t going to trial. Jessica and Harvey discuss different outcomes of the case, Harvey likes to win and he’s upset he didn’t get the win he wanted. It looks like that’s all we’ll get to see of Catelyn Stark.

In the aftermath of Louis losing his associates, Jessica finds it in her heart to let Louis finally have one associate to himself. We already know who his first pick is…and Louis immediately gets to work to dig deeper into the ‘breakup’ of Harvey and Mike. Comparing them to the Prom King and his Boy Wonder, Louis asks Donna if they actually broke up, or having a time out. Donna tells Louis to ask Harvey himself, Louis begs her to ask him…but it’ll be more entertaining for Donna if she gets to see Louis beg Harvey. Harvey doesn’t put up a fight, mostly because he knows Mike will say no to Louis.

Louis is eager to have Mike on his team so he bribes Mike with a case that will be ground breaking if they win. Mike can’t resist, Louis promises a victorious outcome and the two start working together. Louis takes Mike to his favourite steakhouse…and then a quick dip in a clay bath…but when Mike puts the pieces together to solve their case…Louis makes an abrupt decision. One that probably leaves Mike scarred for life.


Back at the office, there is more drama that takes place in the women’s bathroom. After Rachel finds out that Harvey told Mike not to see Rachel (back when she didn’t know about his lie)…she’s absolutely devastated that Harvey would even think of her in that situation.

What she’s more pissed about is that Donna knew the entire time and didn’t tell her. Donna walks in on Rachel in the bathroom…not that she wasn in the bathroom doing business…she was just in the bathroom fixing her makeup. Anyways, Donna storms in and Rachel breaks out in tears. She tells Donna she thought they were friends, she thought she could trust her. Donna explains that this is still her job and she still needs to protect Harvey. Rachel throws back an insult…insinuating Donna’s devotion to Harvey, and all Donna says…’Rachel, I’m going to leave before this gets any worse’. And before Rachel can say anything Donna storms out of the bathroom. Nice!


In the end, Mike and Louis win their lawsuit. Louis is so happy, Mike visits him in his office to  discuss their relationship. It’s important here to note, Mike visits Harvey a few times throughout the episode…and the last time, Harvey tells Mike they are done for good. So he can go ahead and do whatever he wants with Louis, because there’s nothing left between the two. I swear it sounded like a boyfriend/boyfriend breakup! Anyways, Mike agrees to team up with Louis. Louis is so happy he runs off to get something from the kitchen. And then this happens.


After Donna tells Harvey to finally get over the Mike situation, and that Mike’s really not the one to blame, Harvey magically forgives Mike and all is right in the world. Harvey tells Mike he needs to come back to where he belongs, with him and Donna. Mike flashes a small smile, Harvey forgives him and they end their feud with a high five. The only thing is, Louis sees the entire thing, and it is so heartbreaking!


Waaah! I feel so bad for Louis, just when he thought he had a best friend in Mike. We’ll have to see what happens next week!


S U I T S: Finale!

I just want to take this time and thank Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle for a sexified smush scene at the end of this week’s finale episode. I have to say I wasn’t expecting the episode to go out with a bang (pun intended), but I think it’s made us all uber excited for season 3.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning of the episode. Overall, I think it was a great finale, it was actually one of the funniest Suits episodes I’ve ever seen. Most of the story lines were resolved in the 42-minutes, others were left to be answered hopefully in season 3- for example the whole Donna do you love Harvey question…. ….? And…OMG you’re a fraud and didn’t go to Harvard…!!…well that was answered by the file room sex situation. Who doesn’t love bad boys? But seriously, the looming question in the finale was what’s going to happen to Pearson/we need a partner because we’re going broke.


Harvey makes a bet with Edward Darby (Lord Varys in Game of Thrones), Jessica hops on the bandwagon and wants to see Harvey lose this one. If he does lose, he gives up the chance of having his name on the door, as well as a merger with Edward. This also proves to be a huge turning point in Jessica and Harvey’s relationship. Even though Jessica has admitted she needs Harvey, he’s the best she’s ever had (not that way)…she still puts him in his place and reminds him whose da boss.

Rachel doesn’t want to admit that she didn’t get into Harvard, she’s still blaming her rejection letter on Louis’ relationship with the Harvard admissions lady. She asks Mike (who she believes if Harvard alumni) to write a letter on her behalf…Mike feels bad and agrees to help her with the letter, even though he has no intention of writing it himself. He asks Louis to write it, Louis admits everything, the reason for Rachel not getting it wasn’t because of his relationship…it was because Rachel wasn’t good enough. Mike forces Louis to come clean with Rachel, if not he’s going to do it himself.

Scottie is still around the Pearson offices, except now Harvey wants nothing to do with her, he won’t even sleep with her! Scottie’s the one that basically got the ball rolling for this merger between Jessica and Edward. Now that Scottie realizes Harvey doesn’t want to share his name on the wall, she has to find a way to tell him she loves him. Say what!? Really you’re in love with Harvey!?…who isn’t. Get in line sista!

Scottie asks for Donna’s help, Donna is amazing so she immediately knows what to do. Donna tells Scottie she is going to have to sacrifice her ambition if she wants Harvey to notice her. This leads Scottie to produce a secret folder that will help Harvey win the bet against Edward. Instead of giving it to Harvey, because she’s smart, she gives it to Mike. When Mike gives it to Harvey, he immediately knows Scottie was behind it. He doesn’t trust her, and he normally wouldn’t do anything illegal to win…but he doesn’t care.


Donna confronts Harvey about the secret folder. Harvey admits the folder is a wild goose chase…and Donna asks Harvey to wake the f@!# up and realize Scottie’s in love with him. The only reason why she can’t tell him is because, like everyone else, she’s scared it will push him away. Donna keeps pushing and asks Harvey why he let Zoey go. He explains it was because she had to take care of her niece…Donna calls his bulls***. She explains she’s tired of seeing him fight for everything in here [the office] and not fighting for anything in here [his heart]. Harvey is shocked, this comment gets him a little angry and asks what’s this all about. He asks if this is about her and her feelings, and she makes a face like ‘I can’t believe you just said that’ but it’s the truth, she was speaking on behalf of Scottie…Right?

Harvey says he can’t trust Scottie for what she did (have an affair), and Donna agrees with him, but if he wants to win this bet, he should trust what she gave him.


Now that Mike has the file he needs, Jessica calls him to her office. Harvey and Mike never get the chance to use that secret folder, Jessica doesn’t allow it. She forces Mike to hand it over, or he’s going to face serious time for practicing law without a license. How scary was Jessica in this scene? Oh but it get’s worse.

Mike Jessica

Harvey is furious with Mike as they’re battling it out in the Men’s washroom. Jessica walks in and asks Mike to leave. Harvey tells Mike he’s back in the associates pool, in fact he’s fired. Jessica sticks up for Mike and tells him he’s not. Mike walks out and leaves Harvey and Jessica alone. Jessica admits she wanted this merger, she wants to be at the top, but Harvey has trust issues. Harvey agrees with what Hardman had told him that Jessica is afraid of Harvey. Jessica reminds him that she just kicked his ass.  ‘Be humble and learn your god damn place’ is what Jessica had to say to Harvey. And that’s the end of that.

Edward fires Scottie after he finds out she gave that secret file. Harvey comes face to face with Scottie at the elevators, he looks apologetic, but can’t say anything, the doors close and she’s gone. Edward and Harvey shake hands, Harvey asks for Edward to rehire Scottie. He asks Harvey which office would he like her to work in. The camera’s on Harvey but he doesn’t give an answer.

Rachel finds out that Mike didn’t mail out the letter. They’re having a fight in the file room, Mike doesn’t have a choice but to come clean about who he is. He tells her he’s a fraud and that he never went to Harvard. She slaps him…and then this happens:

Mike Rachel

Mike and Rachel2

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S U I T S: “He’s Back”

With only two episodes left in the second season of Suits, things are getting cray cray in the offices of Pearson & Hardman. Speaking of Hardman, he’s back just in time for an epic last battle before the season end. We all knew it would come to this, Daniel Hardman is one of the few opponent’s Jessica and Harvey have trouble dealing with, and this situation was no different.


The episode starts off with Mike and Harvey in a deposition…the lawyer on the other side of the table is Daniel Hardman. Hardman uses the deposition to announce a lawsuit against Jessica Pearson..and throws over the paperwork across the table, just like that! Harvey and Mike are obviously confused…but it’s gets more confusing when Hardman reveals the plaintiff is a former employee of Pearson who was wrongfully dismissed on the basis of gender. Monica Eaton, who you may remember from a ways back had an affair with Hardman…while he was married to his dying wife and when Jessica found out she fired both of them. Well she couldn’t really fire Hardman because his name was on the wall…but she did get rid of them both.

Last time we saw Hardman leaving the offices, him and Jessica agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement that would prevent Jessica and Harvey from ever mentioning his affair/sketchiness during his employment with P&H. Harvey was the most surprised…and he usually never is…especially by Jessica. In her office, it was obvious Jessica never told Harvey about the agreement, and Daniel didn’t miss a chance to point out to Harvey that Jessica doesn’t trust him as much as he might want to believe.

Suits USA

Daniel and Monica are arguing that Jessica got rid of Monica because Jessica has always been ‘married to her job’ and she expected similar priorities from her female employees. She knew of Monica’s sexual activity and was jealous of her…that kind of was true…Jessica fired Monica because of Daniel, only problem is the crew can’t discuss that information in court. Looks like Daniel won this round. Oh but wait, there’s still another 35 minutes to go!

Round Two: Hardman arrives at the offices for the second deposition, Donna is at the reception desk to greet him…she’s got a little more sass in her step today! She escorts Hardman to the boardroom which used to be his office. She gives it to him, slaps him twice for planting evidence to get her fired. Then she says, ‘they’re in the other boardroom’…amazing!

Donna slaps Daniel

Mike has another great idea which is to question Monica in the way good lawyers question people…and hopefully get her to reveal who she had the affair with. Jessica lets Mike take the wheel for this one, Harvey’s shocked again! Mike’s idea looks to be working in the first few minutes, but Monica and Daniel turn things around again when Monica admits that she was sexually harassed by Louis Litt! Everyone is in shock, they don’t really know how to come back with this information.Harvey drank

Later, Harvey’s enjoying a drink in his office going over the transcripts from the depo. Louis comes in and offers to help them out with Daniel. Harvey thanks him, and then hands over the transcripts for Louis to read. He reads through the beginning a little proud of Mike…and then gets to the part where Monica accuses Louis of sexual harassment  He’s in shock, he admits he always had a thing for her but it never got out of control. Later Louis meets with Daniel in the elevator and gives the most scariest Louis speech ever! He basically threatens to kill Hardman if he ever tries to mess with him again.

Scary Louis

In the end, Mike tracks down Monica and convinces her to settle the case. he shows her the other sexual harassment cases Pearson is working on, and if they go through with Monica’s, they will end up losing all the other ones that are actually legitimate. Mike and Harvey admit that they have other witnesses who can admit to Daniel and Monica’s affair…and guess what they don’t have a confidentiality agreement to abide.

Rachel has decided to go to law school…well Harvard. Mike’s slowly beginning to realize she’s leaving and things are going to change in the office. I’m curious to see how the writers are going to deal with this story, is Rachel really going to leave? Will they still have her on the show but in law school? Who knows!

Also, and if you think I forgot about it, I didn’t. One of the final scenes of the episode, Donna and Harvey had a moment! Thank the heavens!! The two are bantering away in their witty style of conversation. All of a sudden, Harvey says ‘you look beautiful’ and Donna’s face lights up as if she’s been waiting for this moment forever…and then we/she realizes Harvey wasn’t talking to her but to Jessica who shows up in the hallway dressed and ready to go out on the town. Really amazing scene…either Aaron Korsh is trying to drive us crazy…or there is something really going on between Donna and Harv. Or it could just be Donna and her feelings for Harvey…waaah what if he doesn’t feel the same way about her!

Donna and Harvey Moment

Looks like we’ll have to find out in Season 3! Boom.

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S U I T S : Blind Sided Recap

Oh Happy Day! If you were suffering from Harvey Specter withdrawal, do not worry because he’s back for the remainder of Season 2, with a more sassy and sexy Mike. (can you use the word sassy for guys?) So this episode is probably one of my faves, it had everything I wanted- Mike and Rachel drama, Harvey being romantical and even Luis doing the dirty with Mrs.50 Shades!

Okay, so let’s start from the beginning.Mike is getting high, what else is new? How do they fake that mary jane…or do they? Anyways, he’s still shacking up with his friend/lover who Rachel caught him with at the end of the mid season finale. He gets to work and the first thing he does is to confront Rachel and apologize. Not a good idea, Rachel is extra bitchy and she has no problem laying it down for Mike. Harvey walks in at the most awkward moment, but what can you do…the boys have work to do.Image

Luis tries to hire a new associate since he’s now a senior partner. Only problem is, the new associate is a Harvard law student, and she’s never heard of Mike before. Donna finds this out and is worried, she tells Harvey, Harvey tells Jessica, and Jessica forces Luis to get rid of the girl- and tells him they’re in a ‘hiring freeze’.

Harvey and Mike are busy with a new case, one that involves a hit and run and a really cute guy (that’s not relevant). So Mike is skeptical at first, he doesn’t believe the 20-yr old client when he says he was completely sober when he hit the man on the road. Mike’s parents were killed by a drunk driver- so obviously this is personal. Harvey asks him to step down for this case, but Mike insists, believing the client’s innocence.

When Mike and Harvey meet with the prosecutor, she has goo-goo eyes for Harvey, but keeps her cool and presents the guys with a felony charge for their client. The next time they meet, Mike arrives solo, Harvey seeing how goo-goo cray the girl was opted to sit this one out. The prosecutor tells Mike she will let her client go on community service, if she gets the opportunity to work for Harvey. Mike doesn’t believe she’s actually bribing him, but he has no choice because he believes his client is completely innocent. 

It seems like passing her LSAT gave Rachel a big pair of cojones because she is giving it to Mike, and making sure he’s as hurt she is. She realizes she’s been hurt by him before, and it’s only her fault that she let it happen again. She admits to having an affair with a married man…I don’t see why she admitted that. Mike is dumbfounded because his innocent Rachel…has been around. Still, I feel Rachel needs to find her own apartment. It seems like she’s always at the office! Even when everyone else is home…she’s at Pearson, poor girl. Maybe she sleeps in the mail room.

ImageHarvey is busy with the love of his life-Zoe. He shows up at her place, sans flowers…which really disappoints Zoe’s niece. (Was that their daughter playing the little girl?) Harvey is oh so charming, and even offers to watch Bugs Bunny with Zoe and the little girl…but hello Harvey who watches Bugs Bunny anymore? It’s all about Dora. The night goes well…why wouldn’t it he sneaks in a smooch 5 minutes into the evening! Oh Harv…

ImageHarvey asks Mike to sign the papers for the hit and run case, but Mike’s high…and shows up to the client’s house anyways. While there, the client admits that he was high the night he got into the accident, this changes everything for Mike. However, it doesn’t change the case because lawyers really don’t care about doing the right thing…and the prosecutor goes along with the original deal…in the end we find out Harvey has offered her a position, and she cares more about her career than one case. You go girl!

This doesn’t go so well with Luis, he got turned down by the 50 shades lady because he let go of the Harvard grad…Jessica told him there’s a hiring freeze, so why is Harvey hiring a new associate? I swear Luis is going to shoot the building up!

Harvey yells at Mike for almost trying to ruin the case, he tells him next time he ever tries to cross the line, he’ll fire him. He also tells Mike to ‘get his shit together’, he really is sexy when he’s mad. Mike and Rachel have another silent glares across the office scene, as Mike’s leaving, Rachel is walking aimlessly, they spot each other through the glass walls…he walks into the elevator and she walks back to her bedroom…I mean her office. Wah! Mike gets home and immediately calls it off with the married girl. While breaking up with her, if you can call it that, he tells himself he needs to get his shit together, and apparently Harvey’s wise words have sunk deep. Really deep. Also, can he move into that gorgeous apartment he bought for his grams?

Harvey is hoping to spend another night with Zoe, this time he’s in normal people clothes and has flowers. Zoe tells him that her brother has cancer and he’s not going to survive. That’s why she’s taking care of her niece, and will be taking care of her niece from now on. OMG I totally cried during this scene, I love seeing these two together, I cannot wait to see what happens. Harvey wants to take her away for the weekend but she can’t…maybe next time?


Such a good episode, can’t wait for next week!!

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Jesse & Gabriel Macht Interview!

If you haven’t seen my interview with brothers Jesse and Gabriel Macht then check out the link below!


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Suits: Let’s Get High

On the summer finale of Suits it seemed like everyone at Pearson & Hardman was trying to find a way to get stoned, or just really wasted. Clearly, they know how brutal winter’s can be in Toronto (Fake NYC). Mike is back to his old ways when he struggles to deal with his grandmother’s death. He gets a little angry at Harvey in front of the other associates, instead of punishing him, Harvey tells Mike to go home, right after he buys a big bag of weed.

We find out that Daniel has won the votes and is now controlling the firm. As the deciding vote, Louis put his money on Daniel, and loses the trust of Jessica, Harvey and of course Donna. Harvey and Jessica try to come up with a plan that will have Daniel out for good. Harvey just wants to leave and start somewhere else. Jessica isn’t having any of that, she refuses to run away from her problems, and is confident Daniel will mess up real soon.

When Harvey threatens Daniel, Daniel recruits Louis to do more of his dirty work and find something on Harvey. Louis digs through Harvey’s office, which has now moved to a much smaller space, and a much lower floor. Harvey is literally fuming with rage, he hates every second of the new changes at work. Since he kicked Mike out, he’s stuck working with Donna. The one thing I don’t like about the Harvey/Donna situation, sometimes they have these awkward moments where you think one of them is going to confess their love for the other, but then there are times where they work so well together, and there isn’t a hint of awkwardness, even though there should be. The same goes for Mike/Rachel, ever since Mike rejected Rachel, they’ve been civil with one another, and it hasn’t been awkward. All of a sudden, while Mike is grieving, he kisses Rachel and they’re back at it again. I feel like it was all saved up for the finale, and lacked consistency, because it really did come out of nowhere.

During granny’s funeral, Mike’s first girlfriend returns…and after trying to hook up with her, Mike finds out that she’s married. Oops! While Mike enjoys another night in with his stash of weed, Harvey decides to pay him a visit. Harvey immediately knows Mike is high, but instead of lecturing him, he smokes with him! Probably the funniest scene of the season. To see Harvey let loose, that is definitely a special moment. The boys decide to prank Louis by peeing in his office, however when they get there, Harvey decides he has another big plan- something to do with the can opener. Meanwhile, Louis is in Harvey’s office totally searching through his things to find something. When Harvey and Mike find Louis, Harvey is raging and almost kills Louis. Mike holds him back, and they let Louis go.

The next morning, Louis confronts Harvey with a drug test, obviously he had smelt it on him the night before and knew he would never be able to pass it. Failure to pass the test can get you fired, and failure to complete the test can get you fired as well. During all this, Mike and Harvey were busy trying to prove Daniel Hardman had planted that document in the Coastal Motor’s case. The document that Donna had stamped, but not really. Daniel had devised the entire scheme, and Tanner knew exactly why he had settled. On a side note, I never figured Harvey could look better than in his $5000 suit, but I have to say he looked even more amazing during his boxing match, covered in sweat. Anyways, the board puts a meeting together to basically fire Harvey since he refuses to do the test, Harvey brings up the fact that Daniel planted this evidence, and tried to sue his own firm. Mike walks in at just the perfect moment and hands over a document that basically proves Daniel had something to do with it. The board immediately turns on Daniel, they raise a vote to kick him out, and this time Louis isn’t protecting him.

So, it literally took all of 42 minutes to get rid of Daniel, but that’s definitely not the last time we’re going to see him. Mike kisses Rachel but this time she rejects him. In the end, he hooks up with his ex-girlfriend who is now married, but Mike just needed to get it in so he didn’t care. Obviously, Rachel shows up at his apartment and sees both of them…and that might be the end of Mike and Rachel for a long time.

Suits returns in January with brand new episodes.


Suits: There’s Something About Louis

There’s only one episode left of this season for Suits and this week’s episode left us with a conclusion that will foreshadow next week’s season finale. Things are a little cray cray at Pearson & Hardman while Jessica tries to find a way to get #littup. Yes, Louis Litt has become a popular Twitter hashtag. Harvey wins back Donna, and she doesn’t lose anytime strutting herself back into her old desk.

Mike’s grandmother makes an appearance at the office which she never has done before, it was a little odd because really what point are they trying to make by bringing grandma to the office and getting her to meet Harvey and Rachel. Then all of a sudden Mike decides to look for a place for granny, even though she was living in a nursing home because of her memory loss. Anyways, Mike goes house hunting, well not really he asks Rachel for help. While visiting one of the apartments Mike falls in love with, he also realizes he’s still in love with Rachel. Rachel finds out she passed her LSAT so she’s going to be a lawyer, Mike is very proud of her, mostly because she didn’t have to cheat.

Jessica enlists Harvey to win over Louis, after a romantic dinner Louis freaks out on Harvey, pointing out that Harvey hasn’t taken him out for dinner-ever, and now all of a sudden he’s trying to butter him up. Louis storms off and Harvey doesn’t know what else to do. He reports back to Jessica, Jessica isn’t surprised but this was all in her plan. Unfortunately, Louis freaks out on Jessica as well and doesn’t buy into anything that she’s saying. He basically threatens her, and Jessica comes back with a threat of her own. She says once she gets all the votes- and she will, if Louis is on the wrong side she won’t have any problems leaving him behind. This time Louis gets ‘litt up’ as he’s left with a terrifying decision- seriously who wants to piss of Jessica?

In the end, Louis has a heart to heart with Daniel, it really is a tough call, I have no idea what side Louis is going to take at this point. In my opinion, Jessica is going to lose the vote, and Harvey and the rest of their possy will have to set up shop somewhere else. I think it’s a whole new chapter for Jessica/Harvey/Mike and even Rachel who is now a legit lawyer. It’s a good foundation for season 3…and hopefully many more seasons to come!

As Mike is setting up the apartment for granny, there’s a knock at the door only it’s Rachel. She says the nursing home had been calling the office non stop all day, because granny passed away :(. The closing shot is just of Mike and Rachel holding each other in the beautiful apartment that they will most likely share.


Suits: Bye Bye Donna!

I’ve recently caught up with the last few episodes of USA’s Suits starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. We are smack dab in the middle of the 2nd season and it’s getting hot and heavy inside Pearson and Hardman!

An old case of Harvey’s is brought back into the picture when his arch nemesis Travis Tanner takes on the case. Not only is he re-opening the case with some new found evidence but he’s suing Harvey for always dressing better than him- no really, Harvey is being sued for apparently ‘hiding’ evidence.

While that’s happening, Handsome Harold can’t keep his eyes off Rachel, he offers to help her out by bringing his entire highlighter collection into her office. I really enjoyed how the writer’s orchestrated their storyline in the midst of all the Harvey drama, they manage to make the audience laugh in between the cold stares and dramatic paper signings.

While Harvey tries to out smart Travis Tanner which seems a daunting challenge in this episode, Mike and Donna are left searching through the case’s old files looking for a piece of evidence that might’ve slipped through. In the late hours, Donna is alone in the file room when she stumbles upon the paper Harvey was looking for. Unfortunately, for Donna the paper was stamped and signed by her! When Harvey asked in the beginning of the episode if Donna had ever seen it, she obviously didn’t remember coming across it, and she immediately knows…she’s dunzo. Rachel walks in on Donna while she’s having a mild heart attack and instinctively knows somethings wrong. The next day Donna tries to hide her panic when she’s caught at the paper shredder by Mike. After Donna admits to him she found the document, he tells her she needs to tell Harvey. Obviously, she freaks out and can’t come clean. Daniel Hardman makes the decision to bring on an outside lawyer who will investigate the case on Harvey and the rest of the firm. Only problem, Harvey and Jessica don’t trust her. After she interviews Harvey, she moves on to the person closest to him which would be Donna. Donna freaks out during her interview and refuses to co-operate. Mike has no choice but to tell Harvey what she found. Harvey confronts Donna in the washroom, and I’ve never seen Harvey get so angry!

In the end, Rachel finds out Donna messed up big time, but Mike tells her Harvey will figure it out. Jessica confronts Donna in Harvey’s office and tells her she isn’t there to see Harvey but to see Donna. She immediately knows she’s about to get fired, Jessica hates that she’s the one to deliver the bad news, but obviously Harvey is to in love with Donna to fire her himself. It was literally the saddest scene that ever took place behind those glass doors…and I was holding back the tears. Donna packs up her desk and makes her way to the elevators as Mike and Rachel watch in disbelief.

Harvey is waiting at the elevators, he can’t say anything to her, she looks at him almost as if she’s angry and dissapointed by him, he calls for the elevator and she leaves! Such a sad ending, I never expected Suits to get so deep, but I like it! Not that I like seeing Donna leave, she is one of my favourite characters, but I suspect she will be back once Harvey realizes he cannot replace her- oh and the fact he’s completely in love with her!

Suits Season 2

The season premiere of Suits premiered almost 2 two weeks ago and I remembered all the reasons why I missed this show! If you haven’t seen this show yet, you definitely have to, it’s like nothing that’s out right now, the writing is really witty, the actors are amazing, and the scenes in a fake New York City are almost believable.

The show is about this guy Mike Ross who is a genius, although he’s never graduated from a college or attended law school, he’s written the LSAT numerous amount of times (for people that pay him to do it ), and he has this amazing memory. One day, he runs into Harvey Spector who is basically the hot shot lawyer in search of his new protege. On a quick drug trade for his friend, Mike shows up at the same hotel Harvey is having his auditions, Mike decides to try out, well he doesn’t really decide it’s just a fluke. Harvey falls in love, not romantically, but with Mike’s amazing memory and knowledge of all the different corporate laws Mike remembers.

So the entire first season was the story of Mike entering this world that he’s always wanted to be in, he’s good at what he does, but he finds it hard to hide his secret, that he actually never went to university or law school. Fortunately, Mike is also a computer genius and hacks into the Harvard Law website and prints himself a certificate. Anyways, him and Harvey get away with this lie throughout the first season, but Mike can’t keep the big secret from his best friend. In the end, Mike and his friend have a falling out, his friend goes to Jessica who is the head of the law firm Harvey works at and tells her Mike’s not really a lawyer. That’s how the first season ends, obviously with other story lines; like a work fling with Mike and one of the paralegals. Also, there is definitely something going on between Harvey and his very quirky secretary, except neither one of them admits anything, well she does sort of, but Harvey hasn’t realized his true love yet.

Harvey is definitely a man of mystery, and I think this season we will get to see a little more about his personal life, how he got to where he is, and what his motivations are for keeping Mike around (why is he being so nice?). Jessica finds out everything at the beginning of Season 2, Harvey admitting to her that he knew Mike’s secret all along. He manages a deal with Jessica, to win a case for him and keep Mike as his protege. She agrees, but she makes it clear that they’re both hanging on a thread with the other partner returning, they could both be jobless if he finds out the truth about Mike Ross.

Mike and his work fling Rachel Zane finally get together, but before it goes anywhere Mike feels like he needs to tell her everything- and how he’s not really a lawyer. He tells Harvey he’s going to tell her the truth, Harvey freaks out and says if he tells her, he’s fired. So, he has to make a decision, and since he’d rather keep his job and keep wearing the fancy suits, he calls it off with Rachel.

Talk about awkward at the office! I can’t wait for this week’s episode.

All new episodes of Suits air on USA at 10/9c.