This Week in TV!

With a new year upon us comes an array of new seasons of our favourite television shows. Okay, maybe array was a reach because there’s not a whole lot that’s started just yet. (Waiting on Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder, and of course Game of Thrones)

Memorable shows of the week: Girls, Shameless, Vanderpump Rules


Lena Dunham and her crazy bishes are back for an all new season. Totally forgot how we left off last season, but still totally excited for the girls. Hannah is on her way out of the city for a graduating writing program in Idaho. Yeah, Idaho. Adam has no gained control of their apartment, she’s no longer paying rent so I guess this means she’s gone for good. Or at least until she realizes she’s making a huge mistake, which seeing how there’s only 10 episodes a season won’t take that long.


Adam’s all heartbroken that Hannah’s leaving but doesn’t show it at all at the beginning of the episode. He’s all ‘we have 10 different ways of contacting each other –we’ll be fine’ and then in the end he finally admits he sucks at using the phone. Hannah assures him they will be alright. Nothing like boring missionary sexy (very unlike Hannah/Adam) to guarantee how wrong she is about their fate.

Shoshanna had the best lines of the episode. This is what’s so amazing about the writing of this show. They have about 27 minutes to explain all of everything, and each line of dialogue has to be used carefully. While she’s picking up her diploma we realize how crazy her divorced parents are, she says “Both my parents are named Mel (Melvin & Melanie) it’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. And it was like the first thing that ever happened to me”

Jessa visits Beadie, the woman she tried to kill last season. Let me make that clear, Beadie was on her death bed and begged Jessa to basically feed her a bunch of pills so she could overdose. Welp, it didn’t work and now Beadie’s angry daughter played by (Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne) is back in the city to take her mom back home with her.

Marnie and Desi perform a few songs at a brunch, we find out that Desi is still dating Clementine, but is also still sticking his face in places it doesn’t belong. (ie; Marnie’s ass) Clementine confronts Marnie and apologizes to her for thinking she was trying to steal her man. Oh Marnie, now you’re up against the nice girl! While Marnie sings a song dedicated to Hannah titled, ‘Inward and Outward’ she breaks down crying when some brats around the restaurant start running and screaming. Elijah gives her the pep talk of the decade.

In the end, Hannah is ready to leave. Adam isn’t ready to leave, so he avoids the morning of and Hannah leaves without a real goodbye. As her parents drive of her off, he watches them from the window of their apartment.

Side note: There was a conversation between Shoshanna and Ray, something about her apologizing for making him get into a relationship with her. I don’t even remember that, nor do I care about their storyline. Ugh, he annoys me.

Girls airs Sunday nights on HBO


Shameless is like, probably in my top 3 favourite shows. I love my medieval times, zombie apocalypse genred shows, but there’s something special about the raw/real moments of Shameless. I would definitely consider Shameless a ‘dramedy’ a blend of really heavy dramatic moments with surprisingly refreshing comedic bits. I think it’s a perfect combination of both genres that create really great television show. It’s summertime in Chi-town which is going to make this a little more interesting, majority of the show has taken place over the colder months so I’m excited to see our characters flourish in the atmosphere of bbq’s and pool parties.


Seriously, if you’re not watching Shameless you need to.

Shameless airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

Vanderpump Rules

I don’t even know why I’m admitting to watching this show. It’s like the worst show on television, or at least the worst example of reality television. It’s so ridiculous, and I know it’s all set up drama, but ya can’t help but watching! Especially since everything else is on hiatus right now, desperate times.


I just want to say though, this season has been different, in a good way. Especially these past two weeks for Scheana and Shay’s bachelor/bachelorette parties. You can tell that this group is actually friends with one another and it sort of – almost, reminded me of the Jersey Shore cast. In my opinion, you don’t always have to have fake drama to catch people’s attention. Sometimes the funny moments with real friends is enough to start a cult following!

Which leads me to my next point – Stassi. Okay so why is she on the show though? She no longer works at Sur, she quit, and she loves to remind us on a weekly basis that she would rather die than put on a Sur uniform and work there again. Since the season started almost all her scenes have been when she ‘visits’ Sur, somehow has a heart to heart with Lisa Vanderpump, and bugs all the bartenders for a glass of white wine. Girl, bye! Like why are you even here? Last night’s episode had the most epic line of all time. Lisa Vanderpump having a sit down heart to heart with Stassi inside Sur. After telling Stassi she should just forgive Katie for basically nothing because Katie did nothing wrong, Stassi blows up and storms out of the restaurant. Lisa finally says what we’ve all known, Stassi doesn’t want friends, she wants followers. This is so true, and for the past 3 seasons I’ve watched all her ‘friends’ get into all this drama because of her. I just want to pop in and be like ‘ya’ll could have so much fun without mean girl molly’ and by the looks of the Miami trip, they sure did. VR should take a page from Jersey Shore’s rulebook that clearly stated, if you quit or got fired from working at the Shore Store you were kicked outta the house! It’s time for Stassi to pull an Angelina, take her trash bags and get out!

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo on Mondays (US) and Slice on Tuesday (Canada)

Shameless: RECAP

It’s been a crazy few weeks for Showtime’s Shameless. Fiona got arrested for Liam getting into her coke stash and almost killing himself. Note: the coke wasn’t hers Mike’s douchebag brother brought it over when he tried to wish Fiona a happy birthday. Now everyone is dealing with the aftermath of her arrest. Her public defendant advices her to plead guilty and get away with only three years of probation.

Before we get into that, let’s start from the beginning of the episode. First off, I was really hoping to see Mike, he did bail Fiona out which means he might still care about her, but he didn’t make an appearance last night. Ian did make an appearance, finally Mickey decided to do something about his ex-secret boyfriend. He shows up at the club Ian’s working at and tells him he needs to go home. Mickey waits for Ian outside the club, when Ian’s about to leave with a much older man, Mickey beats the guy up and tells him to f off. Ian’s all drugged up, Mickey picks him up off the ground and takes him to his house. While Ian’s lying asleep on his bed, Mickey is just looking over him, Mickey’s pregnant wife appears at the bedroom door and it’s obvious she knows what her husband is really about. Mickey is such a tough character to gage, you never know when he’s going to care and you never know when he’s going to blow up. Obviously he loves Ian but it took him a long time to accept that and to actually do something to save him.


I really don’t have a single favourite character on this show, they’re all so amazing and brilliant. I love this transformation Lip has gone through. He’s really stood up and taken the role of ‘man of the house’. He’s going to school, and he does see the importance of that, he’s just had a ton of drama to deal with at home. He expects Fiona to sort of keep up with her side of the bargain while he’s doing his thing at school, so when she screws up he’s extremely disappointed. He takes Liam with him to school, Fiona tells him she’ll take care of him but he doesn’t let that happen. Lip’s roommate’s girlfriend offers to watch Liam while Lip’s in class. Definitely a different side of her we haven’t seen, she’s always clashed with Lip, now that she sees a different side of him, we see a different side of her as well. Love that.


LipSchoolDebbie’s just Debbie. I love her but I don’t get how she’s friends with those girls. The pregnant one shows off her scars because she’s been cutting herself. She’s all about cooking dinner for Matt but when he gets home he reminds Deb that they’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. They can’t be, she’s way too young and he can get into a lot of trouble. He drives her home and tells her he still wants to be friends, she brushes him off by playing it cool but when she gets home she tries to cut herself! I don’t think it actually works because she just screams out in pain.

Carl is dealing with the Hanson brothers making fun of Liam. They’re calling him retarded and blaming Carl for having a retarded brother. I guess everyone knows that Liam had a coke overdose. Carl is an amazing kid, I cannot wait to see where they’re going to take his character in the upcoming seasons. He punches the Hanson bros in the face and walks off. Later, he watches Liam carefully to see if he’s actually retarded. It was the funniest thing ever. Liam is not retarded, thankfully nothing serious came out of that overdose.


V has a doctor’s appointment, for once Kevin doesn’t make it because he’s held at gunpoint and all his saved up cash is stolen. The doctor tells V that she’s lost one of the baby’s…this usually can happen when there’s a few babies, the stronger ones end up basically eating the weaker one. Sounds friggin’ crazy right? Later when V tells Kev, he doesn’t know how to feel. It’s sad but at the same time they’re now a baby down which will definitely make things easier for them. They literally have no money.

The only thing Frank has right now is his daughter Sammi. She’s all about taking care of him which means she’s totally okay with feeding Frank drugs to numb his pain. She gives him heroin while she goes to pick up her kid from school. Carl notices Frank on the floor of the bathroom, he pooped his pants and is unfortunately…still alive. Lip freaks out at this, at any moment the social services worker could show up and if they see Frank drugged up…it’s just won’t be a good situation. He yells at Sammi that this is all her fault, they don’t need Frank in their lives anymore, he’s her problem now. He tells her to get out of his house, Fiona agrees, and Sammi’s left dragging Frank all the way home. Later, they break into Sheila’s house (she’s away at the indian reserve) and Sammi spends the rest of her night trying to wash her dad in the shower because he can’t even stand up on his own.


Fiona, oh Fiona. This final scene of the episode where she’s in court was just done brilliantly. Fiona was debating if she should plead not guilty and go for a trial. Lip said she was crazy no jury was going to deem her innocent after hearing her story. It didn’t matter if she was innocent or this was her first criminal charge, she’s Liam’s guardian and she almost got him killed. Her lawyer said the same thing, it was too risky to leave that decision in the hands of a jury, and if she lost she would have to do 5 years in jail. On the other hand, if she pled guilty, she would have it all on her record, she would be a felon and basically the judge reads through all of these restrictions while Fiona just soaks up what her life will be like for the next 3 years.

What did you guys think of the episode? Will Frank make it to the end of the season? Will Fiona change her mind and demand a trial? Is it too late for that?


This Sunday was the season four premiere of Showtime’s Shameless starring William H Macy and Emmy Rossum. Absolutely love this show, I don’t have anything bad to say about the season premiere, I’m excited to see what trouble the Gallaghers will get themselves into. Things are a little different now that Carl and Debbie are a little older. Debbie’s changed the most, she’s all about high heels and selling off her virginity for a million dollars. She’s a young woman now (or trying to be) and her character will definitely resonate with a lot of young girls watching.

Carls going through the same thing as Deb- he’s becoming a man and he doesn’t really have a father figure in his life so he’s desperately holding onto anything Frank tells him. It’s really sad.

Oh speaking of Frank, yep he’s back and he’s the same deadbeat dad. No, he didn’t have a moment of enlightenment like we would like to think. Even though the doctors tell him he’s dying, and whenever he takes a drink of alcohol he spits out blood- he still hasn’t kicked his addiction.

Veronica finds out that she’s actually pregnant! After forcing her husband and mother to have sex so she can have their baby- now she finds out she’s going to have her own? Kevin finds out but he’s surprisingly happy even though he knows they have no money to take care of two babies.

What did you guys think about the episode?

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No Shame in Shameless

If I could recommend one must see show this year it would be Showtime’s Shameless starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. The show about an alcoholic father (Macy) who is jobless and walks through life aimlessly drunk and his six children who learn to fend for themselves. The show wrapped up its third season in January…which means I’m stuck waiting for the fourth season which will hopefully resume in January 2014. Emmy Rossum plays Fiona Gallagher daughter of Frank Gallagher (Macy), she is the oldest of six children…she’s 21. She works at random jobs while the young ones (Carl and Debbie, Liam is two) find ways of making money so they can all contribute to the household expenses. useless father who comes in and out of the house whenever he wants. There’s also Philip ‘Lip’ the second oldest, he’s still in high school, and he’s literally a genius. People pay him to do their SATs since he’s done it a hundred times, he completes it with flying colours. Then there’s Ian the third oldest, he’s training in the ROTC to eventually work in the army…and he’s closet gay. But with a house that full and crazy….nothing can stay a secret.


The show is unique and nothing like I’ve seen before. It is a dramedy, adding humour to situations most of us would find appalling and heartbreaking. There are moments where you’re dying of laughter and then 30 seconds later you have tears in your eyes when you realize how brave these kids are. They live in horrible conditions, they see things even adults should never see, yet they can always find the silver lining. For what they’ve been through, and what they’ve seen they turned out alright…well for the most part. It’s amazing to watch them all work together as a family to survive and keep a roof over their heads. They are always in survival mode.

William H. Macy delivers an incredible performance as Frank Gallagher, it’s hard to picture him as a real person…he just embodies everything that is Frank the deadbeat dad who can’t function without a beer in his hand. There’s the mom Monica, but she’s hardly in the show. She drops in and out a few times, each time failing to live up to the mother role she promises her children. Every time she comes back the younger kids believe she’ll change, she’ll finally be the mom they need…but it never turns out that way. We don’t know a whole lot of why Monica left the family, she suffers from bi-polar depression but there’s more to it that might be explored in season 4. I feel like his family had a life before Monica left, Frank might’ve been an okay father, but when his wife left him with 6 kids he just gave up on life. Frank also has two brothers, who are completely normal, the one brother is wealthy…and we find out later on that he’s actually Ian’s biological father.

The third season ended off with a somewhat calm yet sad tone. Fiona’s man Jimmy is missing (kidnapped by a Brazilian drug lord for failing to take care of his daughter). Fiona doesn’t know any of this…well she knows about his Brazilian fake wife, but Jimmy just married her so she could get her papers and make her father happy. The INS locked her up…and now the father has kidnapped Jimmy we have no idea where he is. Fiona accepts the fact that Jimmy is gone, she says one last goodbye to his voice mail on a phone that is 1000 ft below water. Frank is in the hospital, he’s dying because his liver has begun to fail him after all the years of drinking. He refuses to sit alone in the hospital, he gets up and walks out into the cold Chicago air with his hospital gown,loafers, and butt sticking out. He walks and walks…we don’t see where he ends up but I’m assuming he’s making his way home. Hopefully, this is the scare that will change Frank for the better.

So if you’re looking for a show to catch up on this summer…Shameless is my pick. Shameless returns to Showtime January 2014. No official air date has been released.