The Walking Dead: RECAP ’30 Days Without an Accident’

It is season four of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead…can you believe it’s been four seasons already? We didn’t end off with a supreme cliffhanger in the season finale but that doesn’t mean we weren’t excited for last night’s premiere.

The episode starts off pretty normal, normal as it gets for TWD…the prison has a lot of new people, a pretty little garden, and little piggies. Everyone seems to be well adjusted to life behind bars…I feel like Carl (Chandler Riggs) needs a really husky deep voice and he’s just not there yet. Also, he’s a real debbie downer but I guess that comes with the territory when your childhood gets cut short because of a zombie apocalypse and you watch your mother die as she gives birth to your baby sister. It’s okay Carl, we understand. I don’t know what these people were up to in the summer but obviously everyone found love in a hopeless place because there are couples swarming!


Beth (Emily Kinney) is dating one of the new boys…Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) is shacking up with some white girl…Glenn and Maggie are still going strong…by the way Maggie isn’t pregnant. Carl totally has the hots for one of the new girls…or we’re just hoping so he can finally get a life and stop being a worry wort. Daryl and Carol have this really weird relationship…love them together…but by the end of the episode it looked like Daryl might have a new love interest.

Um okay, so a few people from the group (Michonne,Daryl,Glenn,Tyreese, Beth’s Man, new guy and token alcoholic Bob Stookey played by The Wire’s Lawrence Gilliard Jr) head out to the nearest department store to stock up on some things. This was my favourite and most thrilling scene of the episode…blenders and boom boxes!! There was an endless supply of brand new electronics and kitchen appliances…I was so excited the prison was going to get a bunch of shiny new toys. As the crew make their way through the exciting aisles…a swarm of zombies were hanging out on the roof of the building…a strategy Michonne created using a loud boombox.


Okay, so you just know something bad is about to happen when the new guy heads for the wine rack. I mean, it’s dark in the store, the lights are off, but somehow the dude finds himself in front of the bottled wine..and you can just see the torment on his face. He doesn’t know what to do, take the wine or leave it…just put it in the damn cart!!! I’m sure everyone would love a glass of wine…your four years into the zombie apocalypse you’re allowed to pop bottles. But nooo he’s a total drunk and he attemps to put the wine in his jacket…as if he has room in there…I don’t get these people. So he finds inner strength and puts the bottle back on the rack…except the entire shelf comes crashing down onto him…he’s okay…he’s just stuck under the shelving. The crashing noise wakes up all the zombies on the roof…and of course because there’s a zombie apocalypse…buildings aren’t stable anymore…I don’t get the connection? One by one zombies start falling through the ceiling…it’s raining zombies!

Now the shopping spree has come to an end…I’m super pissed…and everyone is in killing zombie mode. After a few minutes of fighting, Beth’s man goes to pull out Bob the drunk…and he does…Bob and the crew walk away to leave but Beth’s man is behind them…a zombie reaches out and bites his leg…the crew turn back and Beth’s man is already on the floor with a zombie chewing out his neck. It was disgusting but it serves them ALL right for turning their backs and walking away too early. Everyone knows the danger creeps up when you least expect it.

Bob Stookey

Meanwhile, Rick is out in the forest looking for animals to cook. He finds a dead hog? But then some weird zombie looking lady creeps up and starts smelling the animal. At first it looked like she was a walker, but Rick watches her from a distance and you can tell she’s human. She wants to join Rick’s crew, but first Rick demands he meet her husband and ask them three important questions. She leads him back to the camp…which is just a tent…and all of a sudden she turns around and tries to stab him. We see a bag of something…she’s talking to it like it’s her husband. Okay so lady in the woods is obviously crazy…and she proves it when she says goodbye and stabs herself. Her husband was in the bag but was a zombie? This whole scene was really weird. Rick watches and cries…and then walks away. Waste of time.


Carol is the ultimate multi-tasker, she’s the nurse and she’s the librarian/teacher. Love her. She’s reading a book to all the children in the library…one of the new boys asks if he can be excused because he feels sick. Oh you just know something bad is about to happen. Carol lets him leave…and then she stops reading and pulls out a case of knives. The real education begins now. Carl sneaks into the library to find out what they’re doing…Carol sees him and begs him not to tell his father about the new curriculum. Carl doesn’t say anything and storms off.

When the gang return, Daryl’s the one to tell Beth about her dead beau. She doesn’t shed a tear, Daryl waits for her to show some emotion but she doesn’t. All she says is she can’t cry anymore…and then she stands up to change the sign that said ’30 days without an accident’ Then she goes and hugs Daryl and he cradles her in his arms. Awww cute!

It’s the middle of the night, and the new kid is still feeling sick. Now he looks terrible, so he decides to go take a cold shower. He collapses and the camera pans down and he’s mid transformation. So what I’m thinking is he either attacks next episode..or he infects their entire water supply because he was totally coughing into the water tank. Or both? Either way this is really, really bad.

What do you guys think? And what was the whole point of Rick finding the crazy woman in the forest? And when is The Governor coming back? And does anyone else miss Andrea?

The Walking Dead RECAP “Made To Suffer”

The_Walking_Dead_2010_IntertitleLast night’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead will go down in Woodbury history as ‘the terrorist attack’. Honestly, it was bad enough The Governor kept referring to Rick and the others as terrorists, but for Andrea to get that close to her original posse and not escape with them- brutal!

It was also the Mid-Season Finale, which means we’ll have to wait until February for new episodes!

I’m actually surprised the writers didn’t let Andrea find the others, but she did find Michonne…and it’s the sad truth that Andrea has never heard the saying ‘chicks before *****’ Wah!

Now I don’t want to ruin it all so let’s start from the beginning!

The episode started off with another group of survivors, ones we’ve never seen before. They’re running off in the woods, when they spot one of the guard towers from the prison. They start making a run towards it but one of the girls gets bitten on the arm. Instead of leaving her they take her with them, and decide not to kill her- or chop off her arm.

The Prison crew sets out with Michonne’s help to locate Woodbury and rescue Glenn and Maggie. Maggie’s already given up the location of the others, but Rick is faster than the Governor and they’re crew has already infiltrated the Woodbury walls. Michonne is on some weird mission of her own, she’s become a mute again, and once Rick rescues Glenn and Maggie, Michonne makes a run for it escaping from one of the back doors.

At this point, Woodbury is under attack, everyone is freaking out, especially The Governor because he doesn’t want Andrea to see her old gang. A shootout goes down while Rick’s group is trying to escape, Daryl hangs back to cover them while they hop over the wall…Oscar gets shot, and Maggie shoots him in the head so he won’t come back a zombie, although that would’ve been really fun.

Carl, Hershel and Beth are back at the prison with the baby, they hear a woman screaming on the other end of the prison. Carl decides he’s going to go check it out, he finds the other group battling some zombies, but there no match for Carl and his silencer. The group is shocked to see a kid in the doorway, but it was probably for the best since Carl is the least threatening of the group. He brings the group back near their cell, and once he gets them inside a cell, he walks out and locks the door on them. He doesn’t know if he can trust them yet, but for the time being they have food and water and are protected from all sides. Also, the girl with the bitten arm is slowly dying, but I think something is going to happen during her transition. They wouldn’t keep her on if she’s just going to die a meaningless death. I feel like we’re going to learn something about the ‘transition’ stage. Something that we would’ve learned last week from the old man if it wasn’t for Andrea stabbing him in the brain.

Michonne is hiding inside The Governor’s apartment. She hears a sound coming from the ‘secret’ room. When she goes in and checks the closet, she finds The Governor’s little daughter with a bag over her head. I don’t know why Michonne didn’t realize it was a zombie because she was clearly making zombie noises. She lifts the bag over the girls head and the look on her face when she realizes the child is a zombie. It’s basically the same facial expression she has on all the time, since she doesn’t show emotion or offer a vast vocabulary, Michonne uses her eyes to express her shock. Then she sees the entire wall of zombie heads in the fish tanks, and realizes she’s been right about him the entire time. The Governor pops in and begs her to let his daughter go. Michonne reminds him that his daughter isn’t human anymore, she can’t be saved. We’ve never seen The Governor so vulnerable, but Michonne kills the little girl anyways. Michonne and The Governor have the craziest fight, probably the craziest in Walking Dead history. It looks like The Governor has the upper hand, but Michonne finds a piece of broken glass and shoves it into The Governor’s eyeball! Just then Andrea walks in to save her man, but she should really save Michonne. At least she did let Michonne walk out without harming her, I thought she was going to shoot her.

The Governor

Michonne catches up with the rest of the gang as they wait for Daryl to return. Rick loses it on Michonne and asks her where she disappeared to. Since she doesn’t talk the others assumed she went to get her revenge on The Governor. She doesn’t dispute it, but she does ask them to take her in, after all they do need her.  They wait for Daryl but as it turns out Daryl isn’t coming back.

In the end of the episode, The Governor puts together another Zombie wrestling match except without the zombies. Instead, he calls out Meryl and accuses him of aiding the other terrorists. Which obviously wasn’t true, Meryl has been helping The Governor since the beginning. Then he brings out Daryl in handcuffs, and forces the two brothers to go at each other. All the while Andrea recognizes Daryl, and will probably but the pieces of the puzzle together….we hope.

As for Meryl and Daryl…I don’t think they’ll end up killing each other, but if they were going into battle-Who do you think would come out on top?